TV, Music & Video Complaints


Youtube — A song on my channel is not mine

15345 I am a musician, you can find me at ( TAYLOR-LEIGH TOPIC) on youtube distributed by (TUNECORE) there seems to be a song on my channel that is NOT MINE but sits on my channel under...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 25, 2020

Sky Sports — Nick Dougherty unrelated golf commentary

Watching the golf from Mexico on Sunday night I was disgusted at the unrelated commentary from Nick Dougherty who is paid to commentate on the golf not the personal life of the...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 24, 2020

Omegle — banned

date: 20/02/20 i was just talking to people and skipping past the weird people quickly when all of a suuden i got banned and this is like the 6th time for the same thing and now i...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 22, 2020

ITV — Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (22/02/2020)

I have sent the following complaint to Ofcom...The performance by the Pussycat Dolls on the the above programme was nothing short of pornographic...this is on a show that pride...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 22, 2020

Family Feud — Family Feud-not watchable

Over the past year or 2, we see a sad trend toward questions and answers that focus on sex, bowel issues, and other vulgar content. This is not necessary. For example, if the...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 22, 2020

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV — bad service

I've assistedby 4 consultant today regarding the wrong payment, I've send and Email with the proof of payments even now my account still suspended. Spoke to different consultant...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 20, 2020

History Channel / A&E Television Networks — omission of "so help me god" from washington oath of office in series.

In your new series Washington, why did you omit "So help me God" from the script of Washington's presidential oath of office. Several researchers have credited him with adding the...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 19, 2020

Fox TV — Deputy tv show

Love the show but keep your trangender "woke" political [censored] from ruining good tv. No hardass law abiding sheriff is going to be ok with illegals running around period. No...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 19, 2020

Direct TV/ATT — sent to collections, even after they confirmed I had returned all of their equipment

After experiencing bad customer service I cancelled my Direct TV Service. I was instructed to return the equipment. (Which I did on December 2019) I called to confirm if they had...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 19, 2020

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV — extremely slow allocation of transfer of funds by the finance department

Date of payment: 15th February 2020 Client Number: [protected] Complaint: Why does it take so long to do an allocation to the correct account ??????? Description: Unfortunately my...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 19, 2020

Channel 7 News — news report

Regarding the coverage of the Stirling station attack. Why were two two young men who A) fought off the other five teens and then B) assisted with making the victim comfortable...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 19, 2020

Sinclair Broadcast Group [SBG] — selfish and greedy

Sinclair Broadcast Group is selfish and greedy, because they don't wanna add Charge!, Stadium and TBD to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin DTV market!!! They don't wanna add...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 16, 2020

Sinclair Broadcast Group — milwaukee, wisconsin is supposed to get charge, stadium and tbd on dtv

Sinclair Broadcast Group won't add Charge, Stadium and TBD to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin DTV market!!! Sinclair Broadcat Group is avoiding and ignoring Milwaukee, Wisconsin from...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 16, 2020

Canadian Tire — rca 55 inch 4k tv

I went to purchase a clearance RCA 55 Inch 4K television. I was told from an associate that there was no box, and he spent an hour searching for the remote with no luck. I asked...

Mississauga TV, Music & Video  · Feb 14, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl halftime show 2020

The Super Bowl Half-Time show was totally inappropriate and trashy. It was degrading to ALL women and a disgrace to Americans. What happened to real talent performing at these...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 11, 2020

Omegle — the website banned me for absolutely no reason

So. i was just casually on omegle and stuff and i wasnt doing anything wrong like i was just talking to people nicely, and then randomly omegle banned me for no reason. So i...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 09, 2020

Emax / Max Electronics — delay in despatch of tv

We have booked the Sony TV at emax, Hamdaan branch in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It has been almost 4 days now from the date of booking and still awaiting the delivery. Can anyone look...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 08, 2020

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV — billing

On 2 january 2020, I wrote to dstv help to request a downgrade of my package from dstv compact to dstv access. On the same day, I received a response stating that "we have...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 07, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl halftime so called show

Nfl please stop the degrading of woman in the half time shows. I agree [as should all christians] sexual stimulation is reserved between a married man and woman! Sexual...

2 comments TV, Music & Video  · Feb 06, 2020

NFL — the superbowl halftime show; oversexualization of women

My family enjoys watching the Super Bowl, but we were very disappointed by the over-sexualized Halftime Show this year (and the past few years). It was degrading and objectifying...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 05, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl halftime show

I am writing to voice concern over the negative messages that were sent by the Super Bowl halftime show. The show focused on the objectification of women, and even preparing...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 05, 2020

Makro Online — mi box s

Reference: MAk2309841. Escalation reference: 500899 I ordered this device on 13 December 2019. I did not receive the device or receive feedback in december. After contacting makro...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 05, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — half time super bowl show

This is empowering women? Bumping, grinding, crotch close-ups? Wow! I am a woman and I am horrified that this is what you MEN call empowering! This is degrading to all women, a...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 05, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — terrible halftime crap

What a disgusting, immature, immoral, no talent, halftime joke! What happened to real talent. This year was an all time LOW, but even previous years have been bad. This was a...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 04, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — stop treating women like prostitutes

"An internationally televised grooming session." I am a teacher and have seen yearly sex abuse awareness trainings, where grooming and gaslighting are discussed. I have...

TV, Music & Video  · Feb 04, 2020