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Elagoon Digital aka elagoondigital.com / Illegal telemarketing - harvesting data from domain registrations

v3g on Feb 22, 2017
I am getting telemarketing cold calls from this company. The numbers show up as coming from 469-294-3890 and when you talk to their agent all you hear in the background is a group of women making illegal telemarketing calls. They harvested my phone number from a recent domain registration and...

Bell Canada / Door to door vibe salesman

Disgruntled Widow on Feb 20, 2017
Bell CanadaI am an elderly widow and have posted a very clear sign that says, "NO SOLICITING: Your identification will be taken and police will be called." The following young man rang my doorbell and insisted on telling me about Bell Vibe, even after I pointed the sign out 2 times. He only desisted...

National Reply Center / Unannounced home visit

Debra Jacobs on Feb 19, 2017
About two months ago I sent in a post card as I was curious about the scam. I purposely wrote a fake phone number, expecting no reply - and no promised Walmart gift card. This company sent a man to my house unannounced. I was appalled. I kept my screen door locked as he repeatedly indicated...

Microsoft Corporation / Phone calls

Thomas Foster on Feb 1, 2017
My name is Thomas Foster..My email is midnitesun26@yahoo.com I am getting repeated phone calls from people claiming to be a Microsoft Representative and asking me to update my profile..they know my email address and my phone number. I have told them I do not give out information over the...

iYogi from India / Scan and upgrade

Yis Lev Kohn on Jan 30, 2017
I told iyogi before I don't want them because they put bugs and scam in my computer before. I don't trust them. They are criminals who want to steel from americans. They use a scam phone from this guy: Charles l arceneaux Bellsouth landline 110 e martial ave apt 6214 Lafayette la...

Wish / Pagamento

Johnny Nunes Menezes on Jan 28, 2017
WishAo finalizar compra sou direcionado ao tela onde pede xerox do documento de identificação e comprovante de endereço, ate ai tudo em, mais quanto tento apresentar cartão de credito e / ou fatura da ultima compra o campo fica em branco e não consigo finalizar, já mandei esses documento...

Eminence Management / Interview

hjg05 on Jan 26, 2017
I was scheduled an interview for a Marketing Director position with Eminence. I asked very specific questions on the phone before I took time off to attend an interview and they lied about the position it's self, the job duties, the benefits offered, the pay offered and the hours required...

Defy Appliances / Reward campaign - what a joke!!!

PJgia on Jan 23, 2017
Purchased a toploader machine, september 2016. Have submitted code, proof of purchase etc. Tlc marketing replied once to say 'bookings not yet open'. Now impossible to get hold of anyone. Phones and emails remained unanswered. What is the point of the campaign? Defy - get on board and...

Courts Malaysia / Customer service zubaidah arifin biadap

gadis on Jan 18, 2017
saya mendapat panggilan private number yang memperkenalkan dirinya sebagai ZUBAIDAH ARIFIN dari courts melaysia. dia menyatakan bahawa BR1M dan kesemua account bank saya akan dibekukan atas sebab saya tidak membuat bayaran dan mempunyai bayaran tertunggak di courts malaysia. sedangkan...

C & N Imaging Products / Scammers

Duerell Delano De Pontes on Jan 11, 2017
I bought a cartridge from these scammers via a telephonic conversation. The cartridge lasted a month... I made just over 60 copies. I get a phone call a month later from an "attorney" threatening me to order a 2nd cartridge or else he will summons me. The rudest man I have ever come...

Corporation For Character / Breast cancer vaccine underway-close to the cure - donate now (1/10/17)

Breast Cancer Survivor on Jan 10, 2017
I live in Southern California & was phoned around 7:45 pm. 1/10/17 Sorry I did not have time to get the name of the female telemarketer. I refused to donate to a group I did not know & already donate to City of Hope. Telemarketer pressured me. I asked for a mailing or emailing so I could check...

Telkom SA SOC / Service/repairs

Anja Venter on Jan 4, 2017
Telkom SA SOCI logged a complaint on the 28th of november 2016 after 3 weeks of calling everyday to get them to fix the problem they closed the fault without fixing it. I re-logged the complaint on the 3rd of december 2016 and they closed it. Again I re-logged on the 21st of dec 2016 and still waiting...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Service to customer very disappointing.

Marius Jansen on Jan 3, 2017
Customer: marius jansen Customer no: 30164059 I. d no: 6505265040081 I was contacted by one of dstv’s telemarketers or sales person on the 12th dec 2016 with a promotion deal on the new explora2. I was told that for r100.00 a month for x24 months I can get the new explora2 with smart lnb ...

Deal Man / Product

Arulrex on Jan 3, 2017
Still I didn't receive my respective order Sent from my iphone 6s On dec 16, 2016, at 8:11 am, deal man wrote: Thank you for placing your order with deal man! This email is to confirm your recent order. Please review your order details to ensure they are correct. Deal man cannot be...

John King Hot Springs AR / Unwanted robocalls

NoKingCall on Dec 26, 2016
John king of hot springs ar uses unwanted robocalls from different phone numbers to con poor dumb people into his phone scam business. He doesn't care if your on the national do not call list. If you leave a number after the recording on one of his robocalls he will call you back with hi...

Big Dawg Storage Hot Springs AR / Unwanted robocalls

norobo on Dec 24, 2016
Big dawg storage in hot springs ar is a front for john kings robocall phone scam business. King uses many different phone numbers to make his unwanted money making scam robocalls. If your dumb enough to leave your number with the robocall king will call you back from his real phone number...

Globe Telecom / Plan 1199 - landline concern

Victor JV Justin on Dec 20, 2016
Dear Globe Telecom, We have our newly (less than two weeks old) installed Plan 1199 (internet and landline) in our home. We were made to understand by your representatives or agents that the landline could be used for any local landline subscribers such as PLDT, Bayantel, etc. without...

SingTel / Everything sucks

Lee1234 on Dec 17, 2016
I seriously can't wait to terminate my phone line with singtel. Nothing is good. Forever down. Forever bad service. Or should I say worst service. Never I once gotten a good service. I don't understand how you guys hired staffs. Everyone is fooling around, know nothing. Don't bother saying...

USAFIS / Unauthorized credit card charges

Piret Emily Hion on Dec 7, 2016
----- Original Message ----- From: Piret Emily Hion [mailto:piret.hion@gmail.com] To: amy.james@usafis-mail.com Sent: Mon, 5 Dec 2016 17:23:23 +0200 Subject: Re: GC Application User Number: 111614376 I declined USAFIS Green Card services, telemarketed by phone earlier in the day, in...

Just Dial / Just dial is making only money no care what customer want

Be Aware from Just Dial on Dec 6, 2016
Be aware About Just Dial Contract kindly Do not make any contract with just Dial they will not stop your contract even you will face any problem ethier you closed the bussiness infact they will play with words and will say you need to pay us for one year so make distance and kindly do not...
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