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Charpter Spectrum Time Warner Cable / telemarketing

StopTelemarketing on Jun 22, 2017
I am currently suing Spectrum in Federal District Court in case number 17cv222 in a class action lawsuit for illegal telemarketing. This lawsuit was filed early this year. Then, today, June 22, 2017, I get yet another telemarketing call from Spectrum. I recorded the entire call. Can you...

CardMember Services / telemarketer calls

Sixbits on Jun 20, 2017
Over the years I have received at lease 200 calls from these scammers. I purchased a hand held, pump type air horn and used it in an attempt to scare the geese out of my yard. It didn't work on the geese so I decided to try it on telemarketers. I don't know if it works on telemarketers or...

Thane Canada-MiniMax Unit / minimax charging unit

scottyguy on Jun 12, 2017
Thane Canada-MiniMax UnitI have a MiniMax unit got it from your company last year, I charged it up and left in my car only used the light on this unit, recently I went to charge it up to make sure that it still works.I plugged it in to charge and left it in for over 12 hours, and it tells me that i should see 3...

Telebrands / hurricane spin mop 360

Judith Csernak on Jun 12, 2017
I have purchased 4 spin mops but what keeps breaking is the mop handle. So I now own 4 buckets that are fine but have no mop that I can use since I can't just buy the mop handle. What can I do? I need the mop!!! Please HELP. I called Repentance and was told that I have to purchase the...

Shalom Tel-Aviv / is not a real pr agency!

Brandon.Marlon.81 on Jun 6, 2017
I'm MarCom manager for a multinational organization. Shalom Tel-aviv led by Zamir Dahbash and Rinat Friedman were chosen due to their Enterprise customers portfolio (eg. Facebook) Unfortunately Shalom Tel-Aviv is not a real PR agency- they only handle major crises. However it seems that even...

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank [ADIB] / customer service

Nelie M. Joy on Jun 6, 2017
Dear sir/madam, Good afternoon! I want to complain the one customer service representative in ADIB-Dafza Bank, I forgot to take his name because of my anger. The guy who is seated in the 1st desk. It happened today June 06, 2017 estimated time 11:35am, He don't have respect to me, ADIB must...

IHOP Restaurants / labor going up

Sallygal on Jun 2, 2017
My daughter sat at her job for two and half hours ( keep in mind not the first time ) not clocked in because her boss did not want his labor going up but other servers came in were able to work but shortly after had a head server (Stacy) come tell my daughter she could go home now, she wa...

Vodacom / airtime and data!!!

stuart coerts on Jun 2, 2017
Yesterday i received my monthly airtime of r150 and decided to buy 1 gig 14 day bundle for r99 and received confirmation it was successful, to my surprise i checked my balance this afternoon my airtime balance was r 0 as well as my data bundle, i called vodacom and spoke to zanele who said...

Aeroplan.com / expired points

Campbell.A on May 31, 2017
Their customer service is the absolute worst. My aeroplan card was attached to a previous credit card I had. The email address on file was hacked and I had no access to get my card info or log in. I had to contact my bank to get my previous aeroplan number to reset the account only to...

DirecTV / continuous calls, offer letters and postcards

Shirley Breyfogle on May 28, 2017
I cancelled my directv the first of sept. 1st. When I spoke to the representative in cancellation call, I asked her to put in the account information not to contact me trying to get my business. I told her that I have firestick now and I get all channels available as well as hbo, showtime...

Wifinity / Internet scam

Fov29 on May 15, 2017
I have been here at alan brooke barracks for a year now, and every other week i am here contacting you and complaining that the internet dosent work ITS A DISCRACE you charge people £35 in my case and i have always not even half that speed i pay for the average is even lower alot of days it...

Aeroplan.com / unethical behaviour of customer service representative

noreplay on May 14, 2017
Call date: May 14, 2017. 11am Aeroplan# 764 887 485 I called to notify Aeroplan that my miles from Home Hardware did not show up on my account. Because of this error, my points expired on March 2017. The purchase was made prior to this. My desired resolution was getting my account...

LBC Express / not following the instruction regarding the delivery of the balikbayan box.

susan lalic montero on May 10, 2017
LBC ExpressMay 06, 2017 to the person who has the heart to serve lbc’s client to the fullest: re: tracking no. 1059964775 april 26, 2017-wednesday i called lbc advising them that no one is at the house so i must be advise of the delivery date to avoid inconvenience to the person who will deliver the...

Hands Of Life Massage Boynton Beach Florida / Illegal unwanted robocalls for pyramid scam

Chuck Schumer on May 7, 2017
Fat Heidi Shore makes illegal unwanted robocalls to promote her get rich pyramid scheme business. Fat Heidi doesn't care if you're on the national do not call list. Fat Heidi's pyramid scam web site http://gomoney77.net Fat Heidi also runs a stinky finger massage business in her apartment in...

Altech Netstar / outbound call centers based in garages and residential properties-no due diligence done whatsoever

Annonymous investigator on May 4, 2017
It seems that 1 of SA's largest tracking company Altech Netstar employs the services of any outsoured call center to conduct their business. There is zero due diligence done. No proper security checks are done on these call centers. I have solid evidence that some of these call center...

visionetsystems.com / Need to contribute on your website

Hannah01 on May 4, 2017
Dear Admin! This is Hannah George. I am a freelance writer and know how hard it is to write good quality content. However, I found your website "complaintsboard.com/" suitable for my articles. I need to contribute to your website, Can I have the guidelines and the criteria of getting thi...

Sears Brands / grace creative design pro software

really unhappy2 on Apr 27, 2017
I purchased this software March 17, 2017. At a decent price. It arrived earlier than expected . After researching the item before the arrival I realized this is not the product I wanted. I wanted Grace Designers Creative touch. There is a huge difference between the 2 software's. The one...

Spinnaker Resorts / The "package" included for just visiting a resort is a gimmick!

Noneya Business on Apr 20, 2017
What we were told over the phone is a far cry from reality. Complaint 1: We were told we would receive $150 in dinner vouchers that we could use at popular (national chain) restaurants as well as a certificate for a cruise that could be used for the next 22 months. What we received was a free...

Hands Of Life Massage Boynton Beach Fl. / Unwanted robocalls for a pyramid scam

Don'tCallMe on Apr 19, 2017
Heidi Shore from Hands Of Life Massage Boynton Beach FL makes unwanted illegal prerecorded robocalls to promote her pyramid scheme business. She doesn't care about the national do not call list. She also gives sticky finger massages in her apartment. http://gomoney77.net shoreheidi7@gmail.com (561) 305 0050 Or for a sticky finger massage call (561) 368 9097

247 telemarketing / Telemarketing service

Alexgilber on Apr 19, 2017
Paid him 950.00 about 4 months ago and received nothing.He dodges every call and text or email. No response from William Franklin. Stay away from this person and this company. He will call you about 6 times per day and once he gets your money, you will never hear from him or get updates. Only...
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Credit Card Technology May Mean the End of the Wallet
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