Telemarketing Complaints / why can't accept direct credit card?

Apr 6, 2019

I want to buy email list from this company but they says they not acces direct credit card. But in their website says they accept credit card. Wheni asked them they says they accept card via paypal. But I don't want to use paypal so how I can make order for USA email list? I think...

Felix Leads by Fenix Media Solutions / data leads

Mar 15, 2019

I belong from telemarketing company and in need of data day in & day out. I found Felix Leads online while searching a good data lead generation company. My requirement was very clear I need leads with Optin Details, Jornaya Lead ID. While having a conversation with the guy he said...

Telemarketing Numbers / telemarketing calls

Mar 8, 2019

[protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], 0120481153907428101348 These are few of the numbers who are actively involved i irritating telemarketing calls in Delhi NCR. No matter how many times I have blocked them, they manage to call from a different number...

Mr. Gary L Smith / cannot log on

Feb 2, 2019

Yesterday I was told that the profile segments would be limited to 144 characters per segment. I changed my profile to conform with those guidelines. I did not change my logon or password. Today I cannot log on to the website. I did not change my log on or password However not I cannot now...

Did not dispense the cash. Code 68 / atm withdrawal but no money was dispense. epic centre soneike kuilsriver. otm pick a pay soneike no 1

Feb 1, 2019

I've tried to draw my Sassa money with my Sassa card but the ATM did not dispense any money gave code 68. After awhile try again vut still no luck. The tine of tge transaction was at 09:04:35 abd OTM bo. 13176. Try to phone your client service no [protected] Had to gold on for 13 minute... / share market fake calls and looting money over phone calls

Dec 2, 2018

https://www.capitalheight.comhi people this is bhagwat.i am trying to aware you guys there are so many fraud out there who are there to loot you.people who know share market will understand this issue. I am writhing about here only one company but there are so many out there like this company incident happened with me: ... / canon 6d mark ii with 24-105 lens

Nov 8, 2018

cameraeshops.comI ordered one Canon 6D mark ii and now am not getting any confirmation email...most of the people are saying its a scam website. Please help me..i want my money back .what should i do now ? Please help me ...infact i can't search that website anymore...the one who will help me i ll...

RMJB Group / cold callers

Oct 31, 2018

These people call you ten times a day with changing numbers. Even if you answer the calls and kindly ask to be removed from their database they ignore you. Its been months of torment, they are also more than happy to sell your details on without consent. We are now forced to complain to the...

National Dealer Services / unsolicited calls

Oct 29, 2018

I continue to get these irritating phone solicitations from National Dealer Services to extend my cars vehicle warranty. I have asked to be placed on the do not call list, but that doesn't work. I block calls from the numbers soliciting to extend my warranty, but I get a repeat call from a...

Yahoo & Verizon / consumer data privacy "consent" is being coerced

Oct 8, 2018

By 7:54pm sept 27, 2018 email verizon tried to coerce "consent" to new service terms for robo telemarketing calls & pop up ads. Its "privacy control" link to opt out does not work. I can send the email for you to try it. I also have complaints about several other companies doing the same...

www.usarewardspot.cor / complete survey for $1000 visa gift card, yet unable/denial of access to completion!

Sep 30, 2018

09/29/2018: I was told to complete Silver Offer in order to obtain the Gift Card, only to be denied the credit for the purchase. Purchased the same Silver Offer on two consecutive days to verify the purchases and was denied the credit the same way!!! I am paying with a Brinks Prepaid Debit...

Little Shop Folders / not being able to but a folder for little shops

Sep 6, 2018

I have tryed from the start to get a little shop folder for my daughter to put her little shops in and no coles stores have any and I am only after one and I rang and got told what stores has the second lot of folders but when I found out about this they were all gone again this is not... / order not validated remained in cart but transaction paypal payment validated

Aug 27, 2018

Vivatee.comVery urgent Transaction number paypal: 7y9655707e024812t / no. [protected] Mde catherine chabenat... 35 bis avenue andré maginot Res duo appt 204 37100 tours France Hello I placed an order on the website vivatee And payment paypal n ° transaction: 7y9655707e024812t has been...

Consumer Insurance Association / unsolicited call for insurance

Aug 6, 2018

Received a phone message and I asked for phone number to call back. I was hung up on. Called again, received a female. I asked to find out who called me as they hung up and she gave me a sales pitch that they use insurance companies like State Farm to save me money. I asked to take my name...

I called technical support. / internet

Jul 25, 2018

My internet has been down 5 times. I pay for the extra support people to come out and they got me. A new motum. Of course on suddenlinks side they said it looks like it is working and I said well it's not on mine and she clearly kept saying all she can do is send someone out and I asked...

Virtual Marketing / alison virtual marketer

Jun 18, 2018

I love using letgo and have done well but as of 2weeks ago I'm constantly contacted by ALLISON virtual marketer wanting to help sell my goods. I don't need her or want her aggravating me. I've blocked her and still I will get up to 30 messages at once time. She needs to go or I'm deleting my app. I will be so sad to go but this is ridiculous. Thank / a company using 5 star program for allstate agents in va, md, me, ma, ny, fl, tx, co, ut, ca, nj

Jun 10, 2018

TryLocalPage.comHi, I hope you are doing great today. We were the one who set appointment regarding the offer on how to establish reviews in google, yelp and facebook via Localpage Company owned by Mr. Tua Lino. Prior of agents signing up - We have been receiving tons of complaints from Allstate Agents a...

hptechsupport360 / fake hp support

May 16, 2018

While using my computer, I clicked the link considered it as an HP support service link. But, after a click on such domain, my computer gets to hang and freeze. Somehow, I managed to repair my computer, but then the domain starts showing me inappropriate... / training

May 7, 2018

What a joke. This guy is selling sales training and he is late for his own podcast. I can only imagine once he scams you out of your money. And he jokes about his being late for his own podcast. My advice is stay away from this scam artist!!! You are going to give thousand of dollars to a...

Home Shopping Selection / pill organiser x 2

Mar 29, 2018

I ordered two pill organisers on 21st march 2018 paid for by credit card and the sum of money was debited from my bank account 22nd march 2018 however I have not received any of these two items or any information as to their whereabouts. unless they are in delivery I would like a full refund of £15. 97 mrs b a taylor [protected] / online data collection by luring amazon $100 / $1000 card

Mar 21, 2018

They are scam and very annoying, if we continue with consent we receive spam phones, if we don;t consent we don;t get gift card for which we took survey. I am very concerned that I gave my address and DOB etc. I am really worried they gathered so much data from me among with is about not having...

Dream by Genie and Walmart / $50 walmart gift card option

Feb 23, 2018

When I ordered the Dream by Genie bras, the customer representative tried to up-sell approximately 4-5 other options. I finally agreed to the Value Plus which would reward me with a $50 Walmart gift card and "could be cancelled at any time". She told me there would be information in my...

PH Media Group / hidden renewals

Feb 23, 2018

Please be aware of this companys underhand ways. I was visited in dec 2015 and offered this amazing one off deal to reduce the contract from 3 years to 2 years at £96 p/m. I decided there would be little to lose in giving this ago I signed my name after being told I was signing to agree...

Genesis E&P, David Glass / alleged oil and gas drilling scams

Jan 1, 2018

We are currently comprise 17 victims of David Glass of Flower Mound, Texas and Genesis E&P, a Texas based oil and gas scam. We have been defrauded out of $1.5 Million by David Glass. Our money was apparently laundered through, among other banks, BBVA Compass Bank of Flower Mound, Texa...

Gambler Tobacco / what's in the product

Sep 23, 2017

Last year I found newspaper pieces and you could see the letters on it where they had stuck it in the machine and made it into what it look like tobacco today I find on the 23rd of September my daughter's birthday I found plastic in the bag I had just bought from the store unopened until I got home I'm over this what are they putting in their tobacco / prize

Sep 23, 2017 is a website where we have to collect points and order prize in exchange of them. I have collected enough points to order a prize I am from india and I have ordered a prize on 7th july there ( terms and conditions it was written that they will send prize...

Instaboost Media, LLC / telemarketing

Sep 11, 2017

Instaboost Media, LLCInstaboost Media, LLC is a Californai LLC with Chris Doan as the head spam telemarketer. It is a violation of 47 USC section 227 for Instaboost Media, LLC to use an ATDS (robo-dialer) to call people on the DNC registry. Bad company. The failed to scrub their list against the DNC. Don't hire...

Antonio Del Core / heider cfx super power [protected]

Sep 11, 2017

Cher monsieur Comme vous savez, j'ai commandé une Heider CSX Super Power [protected] le 21 Juillet et j'ai payé 94, 90 $ via Visa! Le 9 Août vous m'avez donné le code 3stgoc9061727 pour suivre sur le web Là j'ai vu que mon adresse n'est pas correct: il y a: AVENUE DU...

SZI Technologies / web design and web development

Aug 31, 2017

SZI TechnologiesSZI Technologies is a scam IT company scamming people across globe by using different names like Zoom Web Meida, Xoom Telecom, ZWM Technologies, etc. This web design and development company targets a country, using a particular name and creating a website with the same name. They take...

3W Solutions Inc / fraud merchant account company

Aug 29, 2017

Hi, The company based in Coimbatore Tamilnadu with the address of No.8, IVth Street, Tatabad Coimbatore – 6410012 India and United States as 1900, Camden Ave San Jose California – 95124, USA Its a fraud company run by MR Chinnasamy Swaminathan in Coimbatore. This guy offers Merchant...

TELCO100 / app

Aug 24, 2017

I thought I was dreaming when I received phone call to place my business on the local Real Estate Agents Website. I had been ripped off 18 months ago by a business called App Nation and could not believe that the same business were offering me including the flight tickets for this App, but...

TELCO100 / app (real estate)

Aug 23, 2017

Telco100 was App Nation who have ripped off so many businesses through this country. They went into liquidation in March as App Nation and started up again as Telco100, they are that smart they offer me another app with the local real estate under another name forgetting they had already...

Red Copper Pan / brownie bonanza pan offer

Aug 9, 2017

I ordered the Brownie Bonanza Pan Offer: Received a confirmation of the order and printed it. It showed that I would receive 2 Brownie Bonanza Pans and 1 donut pan along with 2 Recipe Books. When the order came, there was 1 Brownie Pan and 1 Recipe Book. When I called the company, they...

The Swarm Group / live transfer leads

Jul 27, 2017

We came to an agreement with Jason Brown, Founder of The Swarm Group in May of 2017 to buy their live mortgage leads. Aleksander, a Sales Rep from The Swarm Group contacted me through a Mortgage related group on Linkedin and connected me to Jason Brown. Upon execution of the agreement, a...

Bell & Howell / light bars

Jul 10, 2017

The automated answering service took my information. I printed out the conformation and it states that I'm supposed to receive three light bars, however I only got two. The item number was76723201725522003. The conformation number was [protected]. It was stated on the conformation as 2 light bar...

Retone NZ / toner

Jul 2, 2017

I got a phone call about buying some printer cartridges for my OKI C301 printer. I was shocked to find out that their price is more than double from other supplier. The invoice showed some different names, like: Retone NZ WCP Supplies Pty Ltd I'm definitely not happy to pay more than...

Quality Home Renovators, Inc. / telemarketing

Jul 1, 2017

These people do not know when to stop. I expressly told them over a year ago to stop calling me. Then, today, 6/29/2017, I get another rude and harasssing call. I am shocked. It is a violation of 47 USC 227 to telemarket phones registered on There are at lot of other...

CardMember Services / telemarketer calls

Jun 20, 2017

Over the years I have received at lease 200 calls from these scammers. I purchased a hand held, pump type air horn and used it in an attempt to scare the geese out of my yard. It didn't work on the geese so I decided to try it on telemarketers. I don't know if it works on telemarketers or...

Thane Canada-MiniMax Unit / minimax charging unit

Jun 12, 2017

Thane Canada-MiniMax UnitI have a MiniMax unit got it from your company last year, I charged it up and left in my car only used the light on this unit, recently I went to charge it up to make sure that it still works.I plugged it in to charge and left it in for over 12 hours, and it tells me that i should see 3...

Shalom Tel-Aviv / is not a real pr agency!

Jun 6, 2017

I'm MarCom manager for a multinational organization. Shalom Tel-aviv led by Zamir Dahbash and Rinat Friedman were chosen due to their Enterprise customers portfolio (eg. Facebook) Unfortunately Shalom Tel-Aviv is not a real PR agency- they only handle major crises. However it seems that even...