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Telecommunications, By Most Complaints | Page 4 / Fraud recharge company

jantasewa on Mar 15, 2014

chor comapany hai bhai koi eske chakar me nahi padna warna kahi ka nahi rahoge me esko achi tarah se janta hu mera balance ka paisa kha gaya bolta hai company se nahi mila aisa kavi hota hai kya pahle MLM me mujhe luta ab esme v luta.

Nextel Partners Inc. / I'm forced to pay three months of cell phone bills that I haven't used


I have had numerous unfriendly interactions with the customer service department with Nextel in the 2-3 year course of my contract. On several occassions I have been made upset and dissatisfied, nothing had ever upset as much as "David" did in retention on July 17th 2006. On several...

Net 10 / Prepaid Wireless / No minutes and no refund!

After approximately five hours on my landline, discussions with 2 supervisors, and four or five customer services persons, they were unable to remedy what should have been a simple problem...(1) minutes purchased over the internet were not credited and (2) minutes purchased via air time...

MCI / Billing problems

To: MCI Dear Customer Service, I'm inquiring about my billing account. Sent payment of $74.60 bringing account up to date. In going though old files I found that my service charge started @ $39.99 including all features w/the exception of phoneguard. It has sky-rocket to $41.99 plu...

PowerNet Global Communications / Lack of knowledge and service


PowerNet Global Communications - I have a complaint against Power Net Global. I tried to use them for long distance coverage and they switched my long distance from my home, cell phone, and a business phone that was a contact number without authorization. They never did get the...

Southern Magazine Promotions / don't take their crap!!!


holy crap, these guys are persistent. thanks everyone for posting the crap these horrible people are pulling. i was so close to giving them my debit card number, but i told them to call me back so i could do a little research and this is the only sight that let me know it was a scam...

CSW: Ringers / Scam and cheating


I too was charged on this months sprint bill for this service after is "sucked" me in for FREE ringtones. When is requested my cellphone number it send me a text message and asked me to respond "yes" if i wanted FREE ringtones. When I relized that it was first going to cost me 9.99, I... Sucks / Don't Use Calling Cards calling cards look like they offer great rates, so I was definitely going to try them. They advertise their low rate to call Sweden at just under one penny. This card looks good on the surface but it has more fees than a Hospital. Besides an outrageous weekly fee of nearly one...

ymax international phone provider / in ad show rate inreality 5-10 higher


Most of the tims i call in 3 countries: Germany, Israel & Russia. ad rates are very attractive however in reality only calls to Germany fits to ad other from 5 to 10 times higher. No ymax phone number or website is available. why and what ymax hided?

Reliance Money / Silver coin not received

I opened an dmeat & trading account with RELIANCE MONEY at that time they launch a scheme that from 1st march to 31 march who applied for dmeat & trading account they give a gift of 5gm silver coin but yet I do not receive any coin from them. Their sms I got on my mobile that you will...

FSB Telecom / Missold product

We nearly joined the FSB (Federation Of Small Businesses). We were "sold" a freephone number and telephone service that would NOT AFFECT OUR BT LINE but would merely give us FSB discount. However on consideration of FSB and the fact that although they are meant to be for the smaller... / services don't work

There services they are selling don't work. The calls don't go through and the callers get disconnected or dead air. I purchased 6 month of service upfront and am now 3 weeks into my service and it is still not functioning properly as was sold to me. The customer service keeps telling me that the problems are fixed but nothing changes.

Esbi / Verizon / Verizon phone bill


Same as others. Charges on Verizon bill for "enhanced services" ( voice mail ) which I do not have have ; never signed up for; on my Verizon bill. After 20 minutes Verizon rep finally found a # for me to call allegedly for ESBI. No answer there for 15 minutes . Called back and Left v mail...

BrightHouse / slam/cram


I had an issue with my cable box so I called customer service to get the problem resolved. Because we were not turning our TV and cable box off in the right sequence it caused a problem. (gee never was told there was a proper way to turn off my tv and cable box) While I had "customer...

iphone & Cell Phone / Fraud


Hello I want to file a complaint against a company in London. I paid for a product they are not ready to send after the payment has already been. I have no idea what to do the company name is "phone alone limited". I have all of our conversations. Now they say they have already paid duty...

Tele Circuit/USBI / Unauthorized switching of phone companies

I have also recently been the victim of a scam involving a company called Tele circuit/USBI. My phone company is AT&T and handle all my telephone communications needs with AT and T. Somehow, Tele Circuit hijacked my phone service so to speak, and is charging me for calls that I would have...

Preferred Long Distance / they were higher the Qwest


Was told they would save us money by switching to them over Qwest but the were 20 to 30% higher when we switched back the held hostage our 800 number until we pay current bill which we paid and the 2 weeks later another bill came in with credit that were applied on the 1 bill now added...

Dmc Discount Mobile Centre / upfront chque Bounse


I have two contract and cashback chques were given upfront with post dates and last chque of big amont 377 pounds got bounse with account of issuer got closed,

StreamTel Corporation / Non-delivery of equipment

In October of 2008, The Cable purchased electronic equipment from StreamTel Corporation, Viale Europa 13 – 21100, Varese, Italy EU in the amount of EUR 46, 600.00. The equipment was to be delivered by the end of November 2008. The funds were wire transferred from ScotiaBank, St...

Capanis Networks / Worst company ever


Capanis Networks, located on Lafayette street in New York, is, unfortunately, one of the worst telecom providers that I've ever had to deal with. Their network goes down more than anyone's should and what's worse is they don't have 24 hour tech support and they...