Telecommunications Complaints | Page 9 / Inapropriate advertising ot their website

Dec 13, 2011

Over the last several months I have had spam ads from a company called pop on my computer everyday. I have spyware installed and pop-up blockers, so I don’t know how these ads are making it past them, but I do not like seeing their advertisements. I think they are...

RBD Marketing / does not pay employees commissions or last paychecks

Dec 13, 2011

Beware of RBD marketing a marketing company. They do not pay many of their employees their commissions or their last paychecks. They have a habit of doing this, and of lying and dodging people's phone calls. They have ripped off many employees including friends of mine. They also... / Scamers

Dec 11, 2011

son unos estafadores me an robado $ 30 dolares de llamadas y nunca me pusieron las llamadas y tube que reclamarle al banco que le colecta el dinero que es estos son estafadores. This people are scamers and they don't give any service, but they are using banks like a 'bridge' to take your money, be careful.

NASEBA / Worst Event Organizer Ever

Dec 10, 2011

To Whom This May Concern, We are an insurance company in saudi arabia and had sponsored an event under the organizers NASEBA in Riyadh for SME's and Entrepreneurship summit on the 4th and 5th Dec. 2011. We had been promised as an official bronze sponsor that there shall be 500 people...

Quick Cash Advance / Scam Phone Calls

Dec 9, 2011

I got a call from a lady claiming to be from “Quick Cash Advance” telling me I was going to be sued for a deliquent loan. I never took out a loan from Quick Cash Advance. I believe it is a scam. This lady wanted me to fax her a statement with my name, social security number...

u mobile / custamer service

Nov 29, 2011

i am using u mobile.i want call customer service but when i call them.always one message saying that all re busy...waiting waiting more then 10 min still not able to connect

turkcell / bills

Nov 22, 2011

I cancelled my telephone and internet in alanya in march 2009 because i was moving to another town in turkey.Six months later they started texting me saying I had not paid my bills for 6 months.Despite many calls and visits to both BODRUM AND ALANYA offices they are still texting.The...

MTS / MTS Datacard Fake Promotional Offers

Nov 14, 2011

MBlez (MDN: [protected]) As per SMS received from MTS to get double data benifit with 10 days extra validity on data recharge on 1st Nov 2011. I recharge my MBlez with Rs248/- on 1st Nov 2011 but till now I couldnot get benifit of said offer. 1. When I contact on 1st Nov 2011 with your...

Lencri Communication Company / Original BlackBerry Torch 9800LCD

Nov 11, 2011

Lencri Communication CompanyDear All. Blackberry 9800 LCD 001, 002 Blackberry 9700 LCD 001, 002, 004 Blackberry 9630 LCD Blackberry 9550 LCD Blackberry 9000 LCD 001, 002, 003 Blackberry 8900 LCD Blackberry 8520 LCD 005, 007 Blackberry 8300 LCD Blackberry 9530 LCD Our company supply blackberry LCD for models as above. If...

Primo Communications / Never ever use this company for your calls!

Nov 10, 2011

Charged late payment fees for 2 months in a row. Called to cancel and wasn't able too. Never ever use this company for your calls!!!

etime system / Undocumented workers

Nov 9, 2011

Beware watch out for Philladelphia based information technology company etime system they are employing illegal undocumented workers, . I currently know fo at least three of them that are working without papers, . this company has a history for compalaints and disobeying laws!. Below i...

BGB Luxembourg / Account Charges

Nov 3, 2011

I made a call from Heathrow Airport to USA for less than one minute. This company has charged my account $29.50 FOUR TIMES. Thats $128.00 for a 45 second call! I want my money back. That charge is outrageous.

Solutions Point Limited/Rebel Xpress SIM / Faulty Rebel Xpress SIM given

Nov 1, 2011

Solutions Point Limited/Rebel Xpress SIMHi Good Day I am SINGAPOREAN who purchase an item : Rebel Xpress Sim Card This item was delivered to me from UK. Order#22256, attach Invoice for your reference. Item on Day 1 tested Faulty. Proceed to visit...

Etislat / Etisalat services and represanatitive

Oct 26, 2011

To Etislat United Arab Emirates Sub:- Complain for transferring the elife and against etisalat Representative Dear Sir/Madam I am just a simple person and un luckly the customer of etisalat which always announce in the advertisement the where ever you are etisalat is there. I don’t...

Phonenumbers4u / failure to provide services after payment

Oct 25, 2011

Phonenumbers4uThis company - one-man-band fails to deliver on what it says on its web site. No one answers you calls after you have gone online and paid until you make a threat - so in the end you get ground down by the lack of service - days become weeks and weeks become months and you still have not...

Joi Phone / Very bad service

Oct 23, 2011

Joi Phone continues to try to rip people off. I had no service for the month of July 2011. I called to report it. The rude service rep. who calls herself "December" could not tell me anything more than that she would submit a ticket. She refused ton let me speak with a supervisor and wa...

JiveTime / Shut them down!

Oct 17, 2011

Drivetimne charges outrageous interest fees at 23.133% It is sad that Virginia legislative even allows this ( not to mention the rip off pay day loans interste rates but that’s aniher story). Drive time CSR is rude, very inpolite, and really believes you owe them something...

MMS / Received from unknown number

Oct 16, 2011

Complaint against MMS received from unknown numbers, requesting for information on how to block these MMS from coming into the mobile phone. I have received some MMS from few days. I dont know who was sending those MMS. I want to know the MMS sender person name, address and phone number if it...

Midwest Communications Product, Inc / Payment

Oct 6, 2011

ALERT ALERT... I would like to ALERT Telecom equipment suppliers about the Company GroupMidwest Communications, Inc. The Companies that operate under Group Midwest are: Midwest Communication Products, Inc., Midwest Digital, Inc., Global Re-Logistics and Midwest Tele-Data. On June 6, 2011...

netappel / il manque 10€ sur compte netappel

Oct 4, 2011

bonjour mon compt bancaire a été débité de 12, 19€ donc ma recharge est 10€ qui manque sur mon compt( leroy8480) de netappel, ily a 2.19 de taxe de t.v.a, il serait possible que me crédite de 10€ pour que je puisse...

One Communications / Support is not worth the savings

Oct 1, 2011

My company put a bid out for 3 phone/internet companies to quote us on their services. Out of all of them, One Communications came in the lowest. We proceeded to sign the contract with One Communcations. We had alot of problems with them starting our phone service & internet services but...

BNS Telecom / Missed appointment

Sep 24, 2011

We have no record of a missed appointment or anything to state we have had a missed appointment. Basically this company bends all the rules when you switch from them they have already had me over by paying on a dual line for 2 years then made me pay up a 3 year contract now they have...

One Communications / Awful from top down

Sep 22, 2011

I am not sure how this company can even stay in business. Their guarantees are crap because they basically guarantee nothing. They allow sellers to post tickets they do not even have! And then you think you have a ticket so you stop looking, only to find out what you put your credit card...


Sep 11, 2011

This company ripped me off by trying to overcharge my account with lines I never ordered! Stay away from this company...Google the the president of the company Victor D'Aurio. His track record of complaints gives a clear understanding of what PATLive succeeds at doing...ripping people off. Buyer Beware

Ecotel Networks / Terrible, Terrible Service

Sep 9, 2011

Terrible Terrible service. Stay away from this company if you want any sort of customer service. Really really poor. Lee Kerr is the Managing Director

Golden 1 Phone / Scam hits Sacramento

Sep 8, 2011

Social engineering is an approach used to gain unauthorized access to or acquisition of information assets. This approach relies on misrepresentation and the trusting nature of individuals, and is often carried out through the use of phishing telephone calls or email. A phishing telephone call...

JOSOMI Telecom / Prepaid service not given

Sep 7, 2011

John L. Fotso, asking me to prepaid a voip service, 5675 USD, and never give the right service, now I'm asking him to pay me back and he refuses complmaining on my behavior !!! This guy is a crook.

CBE / Harassing Phone Calls

Sep 5, 2011

CBE calls my house several times a day. Even before 8am and after 9pm. They are looking someone other than me, yet the phone calls persist.When I told them is do not know the person they hung up on me. The phone calls persist to this day!Something needs to be done to these people. There should be a large fine for harassing innocent people.


Sep 2, 2011

Pat Live is a scam company! They are currently set up in Tallahassee FL as a fly by night company. They have had several reports to the attorney general of Florida for deceptive business practices!Pat Live attempted to charge my credit card in the amount of $50 on two separate...

Titan Telecom / Dreadful Customer Service

Sep 2, 2011

My wife and I were brief customers of this firm - they are a telecom service for the 'business user'. We were persuaded to switch by my wife's ex-employer, (a small independent marketing firm) for the purpose of her working from home, tele-marketing TITAN TELECOM phone...

Connecting India Communications / FRAUD COMPANY connecting india communicaitons

Sep 2, 2011


Tel3 / Refund refused

Aug 28, 2011

I have used Tel3 for several years to call internationally to Guatemala. In the last year or so, the quality of the calls has decreased markedly and the number of dropped calls has increased dramatically. It's gotten to the point where Tel3 no longer meets my needs. I've given...

Techoni Technologies Pty Ltd / service and

Aug 18, 2011

I placed an order for a simple mobile case cover then 2& 1/2 weeks later product not received, ring techoni the lady does not understand english properly, ten tells me that my order has not been sent yet, it was out of stock, but someone forgot to let me the customer know?? I then askto...

seri maya globel trading enterprises / fraud company not delivered my material

Aug 17, 2011

I have bought some material from malasiya and i have paid money by Bank TT to companies given bank account after that i have received shipping documents but now i am not reeceiving responce from the exporter and shipping company also. can any body helps me.

Vacuba / Llama a Cuba y habla 30min X $10usd

Aug 10, 2011

Vacubaservicio de llamadas a cuba con lo siguientes precios: lunes - jueves = 30min x $10usd viernes - domingo = 20min x $10usd

Globe Services In Sm Lipa Branch / TOO SLOOOOWWWW

Aug 9, 2011

the services they offer really SUCKS!!! it will take you HOURSSSSSSSSSSS to get a attention it take me 2.5 hour waiting alone to pay my bill it is not busy hour/day. many of the consumers really piss for the long line yet globe telecom personnel of SM LIPA were just chatting texting...

Onebox / Misleading

Aug 9, 2011

Dear Mr./Madam, I am japanese living at work in Brazil. There are several friends in US that I would like to talk more frequently to. So, I reactivate my NYC phone number and arranged to "ONEBOX.COM" to forward all call that I could receive to my cell phone number in Brazil. Well, for...

Fonality Voip / Horrible SYSTEM - TERRIBLE support!!!

Aug 8, 2011

I have had the worst expirience with this company!!! About a year back I switched from Five9 to fonality and all I have is problems with these people. EX: Cannot pull call reports, systems automatically deleting my saved voicemails. ( in every extention.), setting/revising the schedule...

Omniat Telecom / Scam

Aug 5, 2011

This company is obviously about to go bankrupt. I have been a customer for 5 years and have been unable to use my account the last 3 months. I called to request a refund and was informed that might account has expired ( with over $200 left in it). Operator stated that this is a policy...

Unlimited Call Pakistan / £15

Aug 3, 2011

[protected]-Unlimited call to pakistan totally fraud Hello Brothers and sisters i would like to introduce you a typical pakistani fraud company, i have paid them £25 more than a month. They promised me you will get unlimited calls on any five no's to pakistan. they have not given...