Telecommunications Complaints | Page 7 / this company is a scam

Feb 12, 2013

after an extensive search online for various toll free number service providers, I chose to go with simply because they seemed to have all the basic features without monthly fees. After about a week of no activity, I called my own toll-free number to test. Turned out that the...

khan antiques / fake message

Feb 7, 2013

i have receive a message from from a number of [protected] on my mobile to you win pounds in the orange INTL mobile draws in UK. to redeem, send your name and mobile number. is this is fake

Microqual Techno Ltd / Dues not paid for last Six Month

Feb 7, 2013

The company has not paid my dues for last six months, It has been almost six month I seperated from the company, the company has not done full & final settlement & also not paid due salary for last six months, none of the company directors is responding to the calls or the emails written...

Oliver Penter T/a Sourcing Solutions / Scam wire transfer

Feb 1, 2013

He send pictures the stock and than is not from him! we wire and never get product and money back We Find more 5 companies he damaged and we know is many more, please if know someone else or has been hurt please contact us, let us know. [protected] Scammer! we send large amount and...

Oliver Penter - / Scam wire transfer

Feb 1, 2013

He send pictures the stock and than is not from him! we wire $ 30, 000 usd We Find more 5 companies he damaged and we know is many more, please if know someone else or has been hurt please contact us, let us know. Scammer! we send large amount and did not send us product or money back...

Mobile / Cellular Service Providers / Mobile recharge api company

Jan 22, 2013

A Recharge API, Abbreviation for application program interface basically refers to any software which is created for a specific cause of providing online mobile recharge, travel bookings or examinations conducted online and also online classroom sessions. We are experts in conducting such...


Dec 27, 2012

Are they same crooks? Got scammed by them. Watch out, Beware. They are selling Chinese fake components.

Sybase 365 Pty Ltd / My Mobile Telephone Bill

Dec 22, 2012

I noted that my bulk telephone bill from Telstra was higher than normal. I then accessed my billing details on the Internet and found that there have been a number of calls billed to my Mobile Telephone. ( Total Value $55.25 ). This value was apparently billed by the Sybase 365 Pty...

Postal deprtment. / non delivery of speed post letter

Dec 19, 2012

One envelop was sent through Speed post locally on 15.12.2012 vide Receipt No. ED [protected] IN by paying Rs. 17.00 through Postmaster Shalimar Bagh, Delhi-110088 addressed locally to Shri A C Bedi Raghubpura Delhi. 110031, containing urgent letters for further disposal by the address, till...

Global Connection / Scam u out of money

Dec 15, 2012

First of i didnt get to use the phone i paid for because the phone was messed up and took 3 weeks in the 1st place to get the phone on, at first they said it was 25 dollars to start, then i called back to cancel the service waiting and waiting for a hour and they never answered because it...

Xo Communications / Fraud, theft, blackmail

Dec 6, 2012

Xo will cheat you when you try to leave. You give 90 day notice in writing as per the contract. They will say we bill 45 days from port out. So they try to bill you for 1 1/2 month of non service. XO also cancels the original port out date so the new one can only be made 1 to 3 days in...

TelePacific / Deceptive Billing

Nov 28, 2012

Deceptive! Every time the sales person came to compare their quotes to our most recent bill, she never included a monthly $30 admin fee. The two companies were so close in their figures that she gave us a free month and a free install if we would sign with them. If I had known about thi...

Suresh Khanal / SMS from True Move Ltd

Nov 17, 2012

I got a sms via +474645 about the award for my mobile number (+977-[protected]) on the INTL draw by True Move Company Ltd, Thai. Is it just a scandal or what? As I have read many of the complaints regarding this but wasn't able to find out any of the reliable and appropriate comment...

Data roaming / Account and service

Nov 16, 2012

I desperately need help/assistance with a problem I am encountering with MTN. On 7 October I visited MTN Lambton branch to request that my data roaming be opened so that I could access the Internet when in Mozambique. The Customer Care did employee did not provide any advice at all. On 9...

4g Cellular Center / 4G Cellular center scam

Nov 13, 2012

I was in the Bronx New York for vacation in October 2012 and wanted to get a two cell phone that where unlocked to bring back to the Caribbean. I visited a Store called 4G Cellular Center on 133 E Fordham Road, NY 10468 TEL-[protected]. I entered the store and engaged the store manager in...

1-877-hi-mom-dad / Not made aware of rates/charges

Nov 3, 2012

I made an emergency call to my wife from Orlando Florida using 1-877-hi-mom-dad it of course asked me to input my debit card number, which i knew(i had no choice it was 3:00 a.m. and no way to get change). I was not made aware of any rates/charges that applied of course that's a red...

Dish / Frontier / Misleading information

Nov 1, 2012

Frontier communications and Dish satellite are sending out mass mailings for phone, TV, and internet bundles. The problem is that you go through Frontier with its generally poorly trained sales people who provide incorrect information, prices. In my case, they also messed up the account...

Fixed Line / Change of Email address

Oct 25, 2012

Dear Sir, I am having fixed line (broadband) connection no. [protected]. I have tried to get changed my Email address making complain so many time to air tel 121 but of no use. Every time I have received verbal assurance that Email will be changed within a day or two but till date I am...

USBI / USBI uses deceptive sales practices

Oct 5, 2012

USBI uses deceptive sales practices. I am wondering if anyone else is having a problem with them. They are a long distance phone carrier that call people out of the blue and not give them ALL information needed to make an logical decision. They prey on elderly people, I believe. So, who in...

Jail Call Services / There is no phone number to be able to talk to anyone

Sep 28, 2012

On september 15, 2012 i was looking for the phone services to have an incarcerated inmate to be able to call home. So i googled the calling services..I was looking for global tel link..I thought the actual link was what was on the screen. So i clicked on it. “jail call...

Titan Communications,Inc / Public Pay Telephones

Sep 25, 2012

In an emergency when I have to use a PPT I can't anymore, they're all damaged and non working. The people who are in charge of repairing them, instead remove them. I lost 50 cents in one, I complained to 311, who relayed this to the Dept. Of Information Technology And...

zamil ac / SAWA Prepaid line

Sep 19, 2012

I have changed my mobile line postpaid([protected]) to prepaid (SAWA) 10 days back, but up to now it"s Doesn"t have network connection. I have keep on visited to STC office but up to now they could not solve this problem, and also I have given many complaints to STC technical support...

City Tele Coin / Phone service for inmates is too costly

Sep 14, 2012

My daughter was arrested and we deposited $100 in our checking account so that it could go on a prepaid account so that she could call us to let us know when she was released and okay. She made only ONE call to us on this prepaid account before she was released. I called the company back...

Freebox / No service or tech assistance

Sep 14, 2012

Following a storm almost 3 weeks ago our phone & Internet connections amond other things that are associated with Free stopped working. After numerous calls to the company from a mobile phone we are no closer to getting the problem resolved. They are unable to fix a time for a technician...

Ryan Scott Jensen Scammer Not Molester / Ryan Scott Jensen of Black Box Firm is Telemarketing Scammer

Sep 8, 2012

Ryan Scott Jensen Scammer Not MolesterRyan Scott Jensen (or Ari Schwimmer, which is his name now), is many things. He is a scammer, a telemarketer, and a loser. he takes advantage of little old ladies, steals money from invalids, makes handicapped people max out all their Visa cards with vague promises of making tons of money...

IOS Telecom pay phone / overcharging

Sep 5, 2012

My husband tried to call me 4 times from a pay phone using IOS Telecom and even though he did not reach me he was charged $41 to $48 dollars. I though pay phones were only .50 cents to use. I am glad there are people somewhere that can afford that price.

Actionvoip / log on error

Aug 13, 2012

ActionvoipDear sir/madam I have a problem with actionvoip id : jhonefiroji, i cant able to log on in software and website both . i don't no also what is problem with my id . I sent every day massage to actionvoip customer service, but i got only auto reply from actionvoip website. my last...

Quidco / Quidco cashback

Aug 2, 2012

I purchased a new Vodafone contract for a cashback via Quidco. I see my cashback being denied, when I try to open a case with quidco, there is on response now for more than 20 days. I am trying to find their email /phone number to chat about this, but not able to find it. Just for this cashback...

PC Expert 247 / sent many spam letters to all my friends and business partners

Jul 30, 2012

Company called PC Expert 247 hacked my e-mail and sent many spam letters to all my friends and business partners. Now all my friends are scammed too and business partners want to dissolve the agreement.

Dial2Global / Service disconneted without notice

Jul 24, 2012

Hi There, I joined Dial2global aka Hello Global in Feb 2012 used the service with minimum dollar value then got call for the specials for which I topped up with 100 dollars. Just few days back could not make call using the access number and support line dead. No replies to emails. Do find...

universal carpet care / poor customer service

Jul 17, 2012

Purchased a htc wildfire in may 2012. The battery lasted only aprox. 2 hours. purchased from Radio Shack. It was 1 month and 1 day that i returned to the store, and they would take back the phone because i was 1 day late in taking the phone back. I called Virgin Mobil and sent the phone...

Doubletree Hilton Alburquerque / collect call fees

Jul 17, 2012

Whilst on an overseas business trip in Alburquerque May 2012 I made 3 international calls the maximum lasting approximately 36 minutes to may family in Scotland. I used the hotel room phone at the Doubletree Hilton and had to go throught a switchboard who made the connection they asked if...

Tangoe / incompetent

Jul 12, 2012

complete total waste of space incompetent ###s after using this company for business purposes they continue to be incompetent do yourself and your business a favor; deal directly with Sprint or AT&T Tangoe is a worhtless middleman and they rip you off and have incompetent customer...

Fun Ringtone / No Fun ring tone

Jul 4, 2012

My latest Verizon Wireless bill had an additional charge of $9.99 on it. After calling Verizon I ascertained that this charge was a “3rd party” charge from a company called “Fun Ring Tone”. The billing claims that I accessed this company and incurred the additional...

PSPC / Poor Service Response

Jun 29, 2012

On 6-27-12 a trouble ticket (NN00J061)was reported against our prime line [protected]) with your [protected] Trouble Reporting Desk. Your associate was informed as to the critical nature of our business and that this line is a Lead Number in a two number hunt series as well as our DSL... / Bunch of thieves

Jun 22, 2012

I applied for VoipSwitch service at but after I’ve used it for a while it was clear to me that this company is stealing minutes one after another. After I discovered that I contacted them immediately but nobody came back to me and no refund was issued.

Sanjeev Kumar Dwivedi / Non Bailable warrant pending

Jun 20, 2012

Issued cheque for refund of payment taken earlier on wrong promises, it got bounced and non-bailable warrant pending in Ongole court, A.P. Address not traceable now.

Cricket Vesta Portland Orus / unauthorized charges

Jun 8, 2012

i was charged $95 without authorization & i dont know wat the charge is for. I would like to find out how you receieved my card number & why are you charging me $95. I would like to get this resolved as quickly as possible because its a real inconvience

M1 Fibre Broadband / Poor Service / Lack of Training

Jun 1, 2012

I recently applied for M1 Fibre Broadband. The technician was supposed to come on a weekday between 9am to 1pm to install the router and ONT (I took off work to be at home), the person never showed at all. So I called up customer service and complained, their response was a million...

tigo tz / kujitoa huduma ya game haraka

May 30, 2012

naomba kujitoa kwenye hii huduma ya tzgames haraka maana sina faida nayo kwa sasa kutokana na kunikata salio langu kila niongezapo salio.naomba mnitoe kwenye hii huduma haraka sihitaji kwa sasa. asante ni mimi mteja wenu kwenye huduma ya mawasiliano