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Cooperative Communications, Inc.-Voixis / Voip Phones

Jun 2, 2016

BEWARE, Unethical behavior, wolves in sheep clothing. Sold us a horrendous VOIXIS VOIP system. Unreliable, erratic phone system, loud noises, dropped calls, sometimes phones did not work at all. Sales, management and engineer are posers...semi- masters of deception. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THIS COMPANY!

Tata Communications / Rip off & fraud

May 18, 2016

I have been a LOYAL Tata Photon customer, who is VERY upset with the service provided by TATA communications!! I have been using Tata Photon net setter, since 2012. I recharged my Photon net setter on May 10th 2016 for 9GB (INR 1499/-. However, I am unable to utilize the service, as I am...

MCS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. / Their fake paid training process

Mar 7, 2016

Hello people, if u r here to read and know something about MCS Technologies u have done a right thing, well I've already taken training in this MCS and as they said they will provide placement after the completion of the course, they have taken like 4...

Legacy Int'l Inc. / Rip-off price on collect call from LA airport to Las Vegas handphone

Feb 26, 2016

Legacy Int'l Inc.Sunday Feb. 7, 2016 noon time, I received a call from a phone operator saying there is a collet call from LA airport and asked if I would accept the collect call. Knowing it is the time my cousin would arrive at LA airport from overseas, I said "yes". Immediately I was connected to my...

Smart Communications / Postpaid service

Feb 15, 2016

Smart service is horrible. I've been using smart gold for 2 years and 5 months now. I'm having issues with my data, whenever I turned on data I'm getting connection lost every 2 minutes. I can't even use it properly though I'm paying for it and I have to use my...

Odori Tech / Unauthorised subscriptions

Feb 11, 2016

Odori Tech provides mobile content on behalf of Opera Telecom who has an agreement with Vodacom to provide WASP services on Vodacoms behalf. Odori Tech provide this 'content' and your account is debitted. When you challenge the subscriptions no one can help you except Odori Tech who i...

TPG. Internet Services Poor Standards & Rip Off / Adsl2 installation

Dec 21, 2015

About 1 month ago have contacted PTG based on their fake ADSL +2. everywhere for a home internet bundle for Gold Coast unit. Technically for internet via Telstra line need 1 ph. line .TPG force me to have a ph. line and land line = charlatans TPG poor staff qualified inform me that will...

Globe Business / Employee

Dec 11, 2015

12/12/2015 [protected] Talked to Amir Employee ID 93027 (not sure if its accurate) from Globe Business Activation 12/12/2015 Saturday morning around 10:00AM to 10:30AM. I was asking for help to activate my SIM included on my bundled service for Globe Business Home and Intenet 1599 Plan. I...

TPG / Customer service

Nov 28, 2015

Dear All, Let me share my ugliest experience with TPG Customers Care team and Ms Aprillove Altoveros who I understand is a Telephone consultant with a title of Compliance officer highly unprofessional, rude, aggressive who owns extremely poor communication skills. She is very good at...

Portalinks / VoIP rate

Nov 21, 2015

Web site announced a rate to Nicaragua for USD 0.13 then I funded my account but I was billed, after making calls for a USD 0.22. I made my complaint to portal inks but they answered that rate was not approved, which means that they would not refund extra charged amount

Nour Energy / Air Conditioner 272449

Sep 20, 2015

Hi, Subject is my last complaint number (272449), dated-16-09-2015 but till now no one contact me. i try to call several time at jeddah branch service dept [protected]) but there is also no one pick the phone, in this hot session how many days more we wait for Al-Zamil services.My cell#...

Moretti Enterprises / J2 Efax

Sep 6, 2015

I was not notified of a subscription hike and when I saw the new charge I tried to contact them to cancel my account for the second time. The phone # connected by the connection was fuzzy and choppy couldn't really understand anything. I called back a second time from a different phone -...

Subrata addy / Choice number reallocated without consent of consumer

Aug 26, 2015

Mr. Anand Sahai 25th August, 2015. The Chief Executive Officer Vodafone Kolkata Dear Sir, I would like to bring to your kind notice that I was using a Vodafone Mobile connection with a premiere number [protected] for some years. Due to some reason, I was not using the same frequently...

Netway solutions / Deducting unusual balance

Aug 18, 2015

dear sir/mam, I am using netway solutions promotional sms. during sending sms the writebox shows no. of sms 3 but after sending sms balance deducted for 7 sms. I call many time on [protected]. A lady take the call and everytime she says that wait for 10 minuts or wait fo half an hour after... / No refund

Jul 18, 2015 my $59 bad dream Charged my credit card for strange and unmentioned fees, promised a refund back to my card but got nothing after 2 months. Gave me a story about another company does billing and so cannot refund. no good, would not recommend to a friend to say the least. dont walk, run from

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, Du / Scam

Jul 10, 2015

This is a warning for all Du Mobile Subscribers!!! Please meticulously check your Du mobile subscription bills and avoid being a victim of a SCAM. For several months now an additional charge of AED 30 is appearing on my monthly bill. Upon verification from Du Customer Service...

MTS / Deducted Rupees for unknown reason

Jul 10, 2015

Dear Sir, I am a customer of MTS. My mobile no. is [protected]. My MTS service providor deducted rupees again and again repeatedly. They duducted rupees from my balance till today about Rs. 40/- without any reason. For this reason when I wanted to help abot this fact from MTS Customer Care...

Times telecom / Money back

Jun 30, 2015

Times telecomLast april 13, I accidentally paid $500 dollars to times telecom, then i called td to reverse the payment... TD bank had an investigation about that and requested to reverse the payment on my behalf. They sent a refund form. But this company did not return the requested funds to td and...

Lapu Block / Etop up block

Jun 19, 2015

Dear sir meri airtel company ne 2 sim block kar di hai or dono sim mein total 50, 000 / - balance hai or vo log bol rahe hai k abhi chalu nhi hogi maine inke distributor ko poora payment bhi de diya hai or abhi mein 5 din se inko phone kar rha hu tho ye log badtameeji se baat kar rahe hai...

Restored 316 Designs / Scam

Jun 16, 2015

Lauren Gaige of Restored 316 Designs has a long history of attacking other people who make genesis child themes because she's not very talented and is evidently quite jealous of people with more talent than her. Lauren likes to try and kill off the competition because she's not...

WMACTL / Fraudulent charges

May 29, 2015

My husband, a long distance truck driver, had an emergency at a rest area in the mountains of West Virginia. There was a pay phone with NO signage on the phone. He used his Capital One card to call long distance for 30 seconds -- only long enough to give me a call back number. We got billed...

WMACTL Palo Alto California / Fraudulent pay phone charges

May 12, 2015

Husband is a long-distance truck driver. he was stopped for the night in the mountains of West Virginia -- no cell phone bars; no cell service at all. Called from a payphone to just give me the number of the cell phone so i could call back. Used a credit card. NO WHERE (and this is key) on...

SingNet exStream BroadBand / Poor Router, Poor Services

May 11, 2015

Poor Router, Poor Services We subscribed to SingNet exStream Broadband on Fiber 200m Unlimited Service mid-March 2015 and after installation completed and services activated on 11 April, 2015, we found the wireless connection speed of this broadband, with using the router Aztch...

Network Technologies Inc / Great company to work for

Apr 24, 2015

This is ran by a great CEO. He gives lots of perks. I started 5 years ago as a Electronic Technician and couldn't be any happier. Great people work here and we work as a team. I have no problem with this company. Awesome pay and we get raises every year with a high increase which...

O2 Broadband / Missold product

Apr 15, 2015

This is a copy of a complaint made through to O2 but as it only deals with the UK, I am lost as to what to do next. The issue and details are covered in the following statements. Dear Customer Service, Account Reference: +[protected] I am contacting you to make a formal...

umobile sdn.bhd. / deception at highest level

Apr 1, 2015

umobile is truly a disgrace to any telco company. I don`t know where it gets its ideology from comigimunism, dictatorialism and any isms. digi telco was so gracious to waive charges for goodwill to make another customer happy. but umobile cannot do it. It keeps on antagonising customer...

umobile sdn.bhd / deception at highest level

Apr 1, 2015

My complaint about umobile sdn. bhd. I don't know how to tell you this, but innocent children have been brainwashed by umobile sdn. bhd.'s salacious agendas. Before I launch into my rant, permit me the prelude caveat that umobile sdn. bhd.'s inveracities are based on a denial...

Reliance Prepaid Gsm / notice for complaint against your company

Mar 11, 2015

Sir/madam, I am custumer of your company relaince in prepaid gsm in punjab circle. My no. Is [protected]. I have port out this sim card from videocon to your company last month. I first recharged my with rs 64 to get talktime of rs 50 + some other benefits as per your plani. But i dont get...

Body Temple Fitness / SHADY BUSINESS

Feb 21, 2015

Roy Ashford the owner of this "fitness facility" is all about the dollar and that's it. Very unprofessional, and his "gym" is filthy and not a real gym at all. He will leave you stranded if a perspective customer comes in the door while he's supposed to be training you by...

Preferred Long Distance / Dishonest and misrepresentation

Feb 20, 2015

I was contacted from a guy, representing himself as a representative from Century Link Reseller. He stated he was contracted by Century link to resell and issue better pricing for Century Link customers. He stated he was calling on behalf of Century Link. He said he was calling all of...

CES USA, INC / Bad Business Practice

Jan 28, 2015

we entered into three year contract with XO communcations. I called to find our contract termination and they told me It ends May 2014. I switched to AT&T. I called XO to terminated my phone line. Now XO is telling me that my contract is renewed for three more years. This is extremely a bad business practice ripping off customers

EXTRAIM / Fraud, non working services, SCAM

Jan 27, 2015

Dear All, Kindly beware is a fraudent company, when you buy their service, they tell you this is the old version (Even though their website is never updated) and they omit lots of the services claiming this is only for the newer version which costs more and then they start...

shine2employment / Froud

Jan 21, 2015

Contact no- Phone: +[protected](Pooja / sunena/ Sneha), +[protected](Arohi), +[protected](Ayan/Rohan) His Honaur Name: Ankit [protected] from Surat Gujarat. shine2employmentplacement service who are associated from cheated me. Once they get my resume in... / Phone cards

Jan 9, 2015

TipidTalk.comToday, January 9, 2014 at about 1:30 in the afternoon, I tried to purchase Barkada phone card $3.99 each. I was trying to purchase 2 because they won't allow only one. So I keyed in all my personal and credit card information in there. At the last part of the checkout process, you...

Time Warner Business Class / Voicemail system

Jan 7, 2015

I signed up for Time Warner Business class telephone service for my businesses a couple of years ago and I wanted to let potential new customers know how horrible their voicemail system is before they sign up. Mainly because you can't try it before you sign a contract. Here is the...

UnitedLayer LLC / UnitedLayer Review

Dec 9, 2014

UnitedLayer LLCUnitedLayer team and their newly named CEO, Abhijit Phanse promise you the world to get you and then will do anything to empty your pockets and screw you in the process. Since the re-branding of the new company, UnitedLayer ( has been nothing but worst service and Worst...

Vijay TV / Super Singer Judges shower for Mano and Chitra

Nov 28, 2014

This is for Mano and Chitra: For their wonderful judgements and absence of favouritism towards their favourite contenstants, , we would like to convey our warmest, sincerest, noisiest shower of errr .. gas, aka ‘gas shower’. Our shower, unlike theirs, would tend to stick with...

Bell CA / Bell CA not honoring contracts

Nov 20, 2014

Had a contract for introductory offer from Bell CA for 12 mo free service that they are now refusing to honor. Have contract that states clearly that promotion was for 12 months free service and have produced same. Their customer service didn't care.


Nov 8, 2014

Last Nov. 6, 2014, I went to SMART TELECOMMUNICATION INC. CEBU SM BRANCH, to renew my 500 plan. I opted to avail the SONY XPERIA M2 UNIT because I love it. Though it was not listed in my plan as free phone, I decided to have the Unit because I really love it, & opted to pay for cash out of...

Owtel / telephone service

Nov 4, 2014

I am a new customer of yours, trying out your service. I called on Oct. 14, 2014 and I was having difficulty in talking with the other party. Both of us were having difficulty hearing each other and often times we would hear cracking noise that made it difficult to hear or understand each...