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Samira Phone Card / prepaid minutes

Jun 21, 2017

I paid Samira in good faith for services they didn't provide. Samira admitted they received the funds, and I verified that they were indeed taken from my bank account, yet Samira did not forward the money to my husband's phone account so he could make calls to family and friends. Samira...

Telecircuit Communications / unauthorized long distance service

Jun 20, 2017

My name is Ana Zaragoza, Service Coordinator for Oak Leaf Landings a Senior Housing Community. On May 12 an agent from Telecircuit called the telephone number for on not even switched the long distance carrier of my Residents, ( this is not the 1st time they do this) bu t unlawfully they...

total marketing concepts / Not getting job that I was originally hired for.

Jun 16, 2017

Bait and Switch!!! Offered me a Verizon call center position at $10/hr but days before my start date they called to say training classes were moved a week later and offered me to start training for Combined Insurance until Verizon started classes. Into my second week there are still no...

Baumann Ber Rivnay  / old school advertising agency

Jun 8, 2017

This is the most old school advertising agency I have ever seen. They understands nothing about digital marketing- they only know how to create TV commercials!!! Yossi Lovton the CEO of the agency is the only one who understand the digital age but that's not enough! He cannot carry the...

Leonard / telkom feb deal of the month

Jun 8, 2017

I subscribed for Feb Telkom deal of the Month and i requested from the sales rep to exclude all the extras that will cost more than R149.00 a month of which he said he will do that and with the (ALL CALLS ARE ON RECORDS) alert you get while waiting for an agent to pick up, i didn't see any...

Clear Rate Communications, Inc. / telecommunications

Jun 2, 2017

Using a fake telemarketing firm called Singular, Clear Rate Communications prays on the elderly to signup for telephone service. Most of the time, the callers are talking so fast, the elderly on the other line can't even understand what is promised. The calls are high pressure and imply...

Ganci, LLP / voip telecommunication services

Jun 1, 2017

Do not use this provider! We signed up with cbeyond and my law firm became a birch customer after cbeyond was acquired. After acquisition we did not have access to many of the services that we previously provided by cbeyond including portal access to many account features. Despite the...

Brafd / Star wars commander gems not paid and no response given!

May 24, 2017

Hi, I was required to download a game called Battle Camp and complete level 11 in order to get almost 1000 gems in Star Wars Commander. I spent a good 4-5 hrs playing this game over a few days and achieved level 12. When I did not receive my gems I contacted Tapjoy through the game and... / prepaid long distance call services

May 13, 2017

On 4/18/2017 I made a short (less than 2 minutes) call to a hotel in Fiji for a simple question but was billed for 67 minutes! Even after repeated phone calls & emails to customer service to dispute with proof of call log from my home phone service provider, they still won't accept it...

Arkadin / 800 service

May 10, 2017

Arkadin has had a long history and poor billing practices but their latest is the most outrageous. So without any notice, they start charging "environmental fees" for phone service.. So you have to pay a minimum of about $80 whether you use their service or not. Since they are several...

Mohamad Shahmer Bin Sulaiman / Power bank claim & warranty

May 2, 2017

Hi, selamat pagi. Saya nak complain sedikit mengenai staff, outlet & sop untuk perkhidmatan red one. Pada 08/01/2017 kami ada beli power bank 8000MAH di Red One Pelangi Semenyih.Pada mulanya janji 6 bulan warranty tetapi sepanjang pengunaan tidak sampai 2 bulan powerbank tidak berfunfsi dengan...

Intellicall Ops Services / Collect calls

Apr 3, 2017

I am livid!!! Received a bill as follows: 02-04-17 Saturday call 22.0 minutes 98.41 $4.48 per minute 02-14-17 Tuesday call 34.0 minutes 89.99 $2.65 per minute 02-18-17 Saturday call 5.0 minutes 30.58 $6.12 per minute 02-27-17 Monday call 13.0 minutes 62.50 $4.81 per minute Then billed...

Joanniel Amo / Globe postpaid

Mar 28, 2017

I received a call 031717 offering me a globe postpaid line plan of 1799 with iphone6. I asked her to call back the following day since its my wife who will decide. she called the following day. made an agreement, i was transferred to her supervisor for verification. then i was advised to...

Manimaran Tharman / [protected]

Mar 17, 2017

I have received digi bill for the month of 16 Dec 2016 to 15th January > 2017. The total bill is RM145.16. I have not subscribed the SMS's stated in > the bill as below:- > > 16/12/2016 16:52:42 Value Added Services 33933 4.00 > 18/12/2016 16:52:58 Value Added Services 33933 4.00 > 19/12/2016...

Venkataramani / Home broadband not working

Mar 14, 2017

My residential telephone number is [protected]. The broadband services at home is not working for the last 10 days. I already registered complaint with Omantel but so far no action is taken. Everyday the customer care confirms that technical team will call me but so far no one called me. I am...

Sabona Freight / Telkom business faults

Mar 13, 2017

Good Day I, Linda from the accounts department at Sabona Freight Services, would like to place a complaint because of the terrible service received from the business faults department (10217). The service is terrible as the matter cannot be resolved as our business telephone line is still...

Consumer Telcom Inc / Harassing phone call/fraud

Feb 27, 2017

Consumer telcom inc called me saying they were the better business bureau. He told me my complaint against consumer telcom inc had been dropped.[the bbb dosent use the phone to advise people of the status of there complaint].He played me a tape of someone saying they was me signing up for...

American Landscape Systems / Unauthorized charges, unethical behavior

Feb 14, 2017

I will start like most others, " I'm not sure where to start..." We ordered 45 phones & 10 I-pads with sprint changing our service over about 4 months ago from AT&T. The porting of the phone lines was a nightmare from the start but ok that's always a tough one, especially...

MTS / Telkom fibre lines

Feb 14, 2017

Our Company decided to relocate last year Dec 2016. I started contacting telkom for assistance in Aug 2016 with regards to either downgrading our account or moving our fibre line. The quotations to downgrade or cancel the Fibre line was extremely expensive so the Directors asked that I...

Sas Group Singh Telecom / Big fraud company singh telecom sas group running in dumdum fake alert

Feb 9, 2017

Sachendra kr singh owner of sas group (Singh telecom) mob; - [protected]/[protected] big fraud person and scamming sober and innocent fresher candidates in the name of job and took 15000 to 20000 In the name of job. Its fake company running in dum dum So dont trust this fake company police...

BBG London GB / Overcharged on debit card for payphone call

Dec 29, 2016

On 29th December I was charged £6 to my debit card for using a payphone by the Centre:MK Shopping centre (payphone outside of phase eight store, MK9 3ES) where I was redirected to an operator and my phone call didn't even go through because it was missing a digit! I would like either a full...

Safex International / Adsl and landline down-telkom complaint

Dec 12, 2016

My landline and ADSL went down on Monday5 December I immediately reported it and received a number 128CRK051261.By Wednesday nothing happened and I mention that my business is now starting to suffer I received and escalation number 927659 .On Thursday afternoon a very unfriendly, morose...

Mitar Marescuk Huawei / Bad person

Nov 29, 2016

Mitar Marescuk of Huawei Technologies Sydney ripped me off in a deal and I ended up losing 2 million dollars. He's an untrustworthy snake. He will screw you over to make a sale. Be very careful when you see this shark selling you something. He's a scammer and a liar. He got hi...

Whycook Pty Ltd / Service

Nov 5, 2016

I went to Chatz Vodacom in woodmead, first 5th October to get my number and business partners number on a Company contract, and also to upgrade to RED VIP. On the 10th October i went to go find out if we have been approved seeing that no one got back to us. They had said it takes 4-6 hour...

1onOne Daycare Center / Emails deleted without warning!

Oct 25, 2016

We have been clients with Telkom for about 3/4 years. Recently I started having problems with sending emails, they never reached the people I mailed to. On 25 Oct 2016 I contacted 10217 to find out what the issue was. The lady then told me that it is because we upgraded to another package...

Nk Debt Collectors Pty Ltd / Scratching of telephone line

Oct 24, 2016

Our company installed a business line in July 2016. Since the day the line was put in, the line has been scratching so badly, that you can not hear the person on the other end of the line. Being in the debt collection business our telephone line is the most important tool. I have logged...

Flash Digital Printers / Data usage

Oct 10, 2016

Account # b0127260-2 Received statement dated 03/10/2016 to the amount of r5814.53, Called in to business customer care and spoke to 2 very rude people who literally told me that they were not going to assist me and would be terminating the call without the issue resolved, My question is, how...

I talk telecom / Cold calling via local number rerouted to Indian call centre

Sep 29, 2016

14 Sept call from I talk. 15th Sept call to citizen advice referred to trading standards. Ref. [protected] Phone [protected] Called echo and Dorset police. 14th Sept. At 6-17 this evening I had a [protected] call. Local OK But it was an Indian call centre  She had very poor quality...

Fast Trak Inc / Company is a scam

Sep 15, 2016

Fast trak inc is a multi level marketing pyramid scheme. All the information you need to know i wrote on fairfax underground. I included multiple resources and links proving this fact. I am not the only one, if you go to my post on fairfax underground you will find links to multiple site...

Telekom Malaysia/Streamyx / Termination

Sep 7, 2016

i filled in form to terminate my line and streamyx on 2.9.16 at Sadong jaya, KK.I called 100 for further info on 7.9.16.I been told that i will get penalty of rm350 as my 1 year contract due on march 2017! I applied this land phone line and streamyx since 22.3.2010, i never upgrade or change...

Personal - Home / ADSL or package

Sep 6, 2016

A few months back (14 Feb 2016) Telkom was in the process/drive to upgrade their line infrastructure from copper to fibre optics. Although we could bear with inconvenience - one could not think it will lead to the beginning of my life as a beggar. 1. I have made at least 5 enquiries logged in at...

Godfrey Mkhonza / Data account still not cancelled ( [protected])

Sep 5, 2016

Good day My name is Godfrey Mkhonza, I had data account that I no longer needed then went to cancel it with the East gate branch, They took all my information and fax it trough then told me that I will get a call and it will be cancelled by then but I just picked up that up to so far i...

Gallant Consulting / ADSL Line

Aug 31, 2016

Gallant ConsultingSince October 2015 we have had this problem with our ADSL line. First the line only worked if I took the landline of the hook. Calls was locked: 143CTK131115 156ATK161115 Escalating 783410 When the technician came out he told me it is the splitter box that needs to be replaced. Done that -...

Du Plessis Motors / Receiving no statements

Aug 24, 2016

Good day May this year my ADSL line was suspended due to non-payment. I made it very clear that I have not received any statements for the past 3 or so months. If I do not a receive a statement I cannot make payments and I have too many suppliers to pay to remember Telkom. I gave my email...

ICCLine Inmate Communication Centre Line / No payment

Aug 7, 2016

ICCLine Inmate Communication Centre LineICCLine and their team is fraud!!! Beware of them before working for them!!! So they contacted me to design their website for ICCLine and made me the part of their project on zoho projects where the company is registered under username as infiniumlink (id - hrod, sbuda etc.). I had...

priti pimpalkhare / Message services poor

Aug 3, 2016

Hello, Priti Pimpalkhare [protected]( mob no) I am having postpaid GSM plan of reliance services. I am facing problem while sending text msg to other mobile numbers. One every attempt, I get notification that "your msg has not sent". But at the same time if I use my vodaphone services then the...

Vetkoek Chef Sasolburg / Extremely rude arrogant intimidating unprofessional service

Jul 30, 2016

To whom it may concern. I have a business in Sasolburg. Vetkoek Chef [protected]. We have had numerous problems with our Telkom Line: The line sound very much like a cellphone call where it would fade away. Scratching noise. And customers have reported to us that they sometimes when calling...

Raven Govender / Upgrade application

Jun 25, 2016

I have done an upgrade application in store in the month of March 2016. I was advised that the Mi-Fi device will be ordered. Three months later after constant updated from the consultant apologizing for the delay and the inconvenience cause due to them locating a device for me. I have sent...

P1 - Packet 1 @Webe Staff / Unethical Behaviour

Jun 23, 2016

One of the officer in P1 by the name Mohd Izudeen Mohd Idrus [email:izudeen.[protected]] totally misbehaved to his vendor during a UAT session by just calling her STUPID by name and told her to GET OUT from the room, although she in the midst of explanation. These were the exact...

Looped In / Misleading. False advertising.

Jun 15, 2016

I received a voicemail today from Brandi in HR at 50/50 communications about the Administrative position. I tried to google the company (b/c I always look for reviews from current/previous employees before calling back) but I found not one single thing about any 50/50 communications. I...