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Piscataway High School — tv dvr

Recently we decided to stop watching our 2nd TV which is located in our bedroom. This would would mean that we would be...

Piscataway Telecommunications  · Oct 12, 2018

Huayou Construction Dev. Phils. Corp — internet charges /service bizdsl qcg01-[protected]

Dear Customer Service, Greetings. We would like to inform you that early August 2018 we reported our internet...

Telecommunications  · Oct 12, 2018

Convergys Shaw Boulevard — I was terminated for a valid reason

Convergys Shaw BoulevardI was hired and started working in cvg last dec. 07, 2015 for telco account.. As time goes by our team knows as one of...

Telecommunications  · Oct 07, 2018

William Van Rooyen — 5gb data contract

My contract expired 4 months back, I have called the Telkom customer care several times, visited the Telkom shop with no...

Telecommunications  · Oct 02, 2018

Giridhar Tower Pvt. Ltd. — court agreement not complied yet

sir, mr. manoj kumar get money rs. 6100/- in a/c # [protected] and served two written court agreement for 20 years each...

Telecommunications  · Aug 23, 2018

Danny Penalo — a credit inquiry unauthorized

My name is danny Penalo. My email is [protected] My phone is [protected]. Two weeks ago i called hughes net...

Hialeah Telecommunications  · Aug 14, 2018

Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Lte — singtel bizvoice support

Hi Sir After my office moved to new office, our phone number ([protected]) is not functioning . We have been patiently...

Telecommunications  · Aug 10, 2018

Greytown — service delivery

I have applied for a land line a two weeks ago and to date I have received no feed back. Each time I call I spend at...

Telecommunications  · Aug 03, 2018

WorkPlace Interventions — warranty

I have purchased a HP laptop some months ago, since this time I have experienced technical issues which has eventually...

melbourne Telecommunications  · Aug 02, 2018

The BBC — political bias and unethical behaviour

to youtube recently you have deleted a site known as wings over scotland at the behest of of the bbc claiming copy right...

Telecommunications  · Jul 28, 2018

Cancellation of a Contract — smart internet mobile 5g

Account [protected] Mobile number [protected] My son, MJ Bekker ID [protected] works in Germany. He gave me Power of...

Telecommunications  · Jul 24, 2018

Frontier phone company — landline home phone service

We placed the order for new phone service earlier in the month of July 2018. The installation was scheduled for July...

DHL Global — poor service

Please be guided, dhl global forwarding philippines located at wmall in pasay city, philippines. Very poor in handling...

Telecommunications  · Jul 16, 2018

state bar of california — service

state bar of californiaOn June 25, 2018, state bar of california, on 180 Howard street San Francisco, ca 94105, have blocked or have changed...

San Francisco Telecommunications  · Jul 16, 2018

Victoria's secrets credit card — no know

Hi Guys, Could I suggest you add a contact address to the 1st email that you send on new accounts, so that if you have...

Telecommunications  · Jul 12, 2018

Marko Sipka — fake freelancer

We worked with marko sipka on different projects Marko sipka profile: Is totally a scam. He...

Telecommunications  · Jun 20, 2018

Telkom / Openserve — adsl sync and disconnect

this was 1st Ref nr: [protected] .. second Ref nr: ref nr:[protected] and escalation nr 1113608 i wish Telkom / Openserve can do...

Telecommunications  · Jun 10, 2018

Tjaart Pretorius — [protected]

Good Moring This account has been stopped at the end of Feb 2018 when my contract was up and I am still getting billed for...

Telecommunications  · Jun 06, 2018

MYSTC — complaint against for bill amount / landline internet connection was disconnected 10 year before

Dear Sir, I am Mohammed Azhar ID -[protected] my account [protected] and service [protected], [protected], I cancelled thi...

Telecommunications  · May 13, 2018

PinPos CC t/a Intouch Point of Sale — fibre

Fibre installed 7 May 2018. We moved into the office 11 May. Been unable to get Telkom to confirm the IP address for the...

Telecommunications  · May 11, 2018

SCV Services — my home has no internet & scv service since thursday 24 apr 2018 afternoon,

On Thursday 24 Apr 2018, @1745 hrs reached home and when I wanted to logged on to the home internet I found that there...

Telecommunications  · Apr 30, 2018

Misleading advertising — april big data deal

I went to Shelly centre this morning to get this deal because it is the last day. After waiting more half an hour the...

Telecommunications  · Apr 30, 2018 — toll free number

This company has refused to cancel my service, even though I've asked repeatedly and followed up daily for 2 weeks. They...

Voipswitch, VoipServe — international calling app and dialer

Complaint for fraudelant service and failure to deliver To : VoIP industry and Telecommunications corporation‘s worldwide Re...

Telecommunications  · Apr 02, 2018

Verizon Fios Customer Service — fios tv and internet renewal order fiasco

Verizon Fios Customer ServiceI'm not requesting any formal action on this. Merely posting how a renewal order for Verizon Fios TV and Internet got...

Telecommunications  · Mar 27, 2018

+Serv — hopeless waiting time

+ServThis the 2nd time I at at +Serv at Orchard Central to collect my router. I renewed my Internet contract last week and...

Telecommunications  · Mar 20, 2018

Telkom Secunda — service

After strugling with telkom to install an ADSL line at my house from last year September 2017 open serve came and...

Telecommunications  · Mar 06, 2018

Telkom S.A. — telkom adsl

On the 9th of october 2017 we gave telkom notice that we want to go over to access, they acknowledge our request and...

Telecommunications  · Mar 06, 2018

Tiada Coverage Digi Dikawasan Ladang Felda Sahabat 09, Tungku, Lahad Datu, Sabah — coverage problem

Dahulunya di ladang felda sahabat 09, tungku, lahad datu sabah line digi ada akan tetapi mengikut maklumat beberapa...

Telecommunications  · Mar 03, 2018

Isabel Sánchez Marcos — smartphone oukitel mix 2 order: [protected]

I bought a Smartphone for 182 € ($216, 40) The order [protected] has never arrived, I payed extramoney for Expre...

Telecommunications  · Feb 26, 2018

Spinnables — rogers bundle

I am a 58 year old guy with both of my folk`s in a nursing home. That costs $5800.00 a month. I have ADD and PTSD and I...

C Plus Electronics — electronic semiconductor parts

On March 2016 Froilan Becerra Cochez from Tustin, CA, USA who was a sales contractor for my company manipulated and...

Tustin Telecommunications  · Feb 20, 2018

Total Sports/ Foschino Finrite Call centre — cell phone insurance

On the 2nd Of February I took my phone to Total Sport as it had fallen and started malfunctioning. With the people...

Telecommunications  · Feb 19, 2018

Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless — phone calls

I have been receiving calls from numbers in the Phoenix, AZ area for the past 3 months. Never leave a message but I...

2 comments Telecommunications  · Jan 09, 2018

TPG — unethical behaviour/owe me money

tpg took money out an account which I did not give authority too specifically, they proceeded to take out $120 from thi...

Telecommunications  · Dec 15, 2017

Globe Billspay TAGUIG — unauthorized charge to my checking account

This is a copy of the charge to my checking account: Account USAA CLASSIC CHECKING ********. Trans.Description GLOBE...

Telecommunications  · Nov 24, 2017

Kyle Penning — telkom - connection

A fault was acknowledged by Telkom in our area on the 30th October at 10h14 - ref 260Ewk191117. I have phoned in...

Telecommunications  · Nov 19, 2017

Johan Vorster — samsung s7 edge

Samsung claims that the S7 Edge is "Water resisted" for up till 1.5m and for 30min, dropped my phone (not a year old...

Telecommunications  · Nov 07, 2017

811030035570 — pakej guru yang tersembunyi syarat2ny.

811030035570Sy ada melanggan pakej red one utk pakej guru..dan sy ditawarkan 2simcard. Agen redone menyatakan simcard yg tidak aktif...

Telecommunications  · Nov 06, 2017

CELL ONE — delay in picking up the order

Dear, I am trying to complain due to we are newly registered sellers in, we had 22 orders now and 17 are ready...

Telecommunications  · Nov 05, 2017