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DHL Global / poor service

Jul 16, 2018

Please be guided, dhl global forwarding philippines located at wmall in pasay city, philippines. Very poor in handling documents. Import department and cashier, do not care much with regards to quality service. Procedures of dhl are for them to educate processors or representatives of the...

state bar of california / service

Jul 16, 2018

state bar of californiaOn June 25, 2018, state bar of california, on 180 Howard street San Francisco, ca 94105, have blocked or have changed the numbers of checking status of case complaint in automated machine on toll free number [protected]. They blocked it to prevent people to get information from them and...

Victoria's secrets credit card / no know

Jul 12, 2018

Hi Guys, Could I suggest you add a contact address to the 1st email that you send on new accounts, so that if you have the wrong email address, you can be corrected. I'm getting many emails from you, leaking information about a customer of your Victoria's secrets credit cards. I'm in the UK...

Marko Sipka / fake freelancer

Jun 20, 2018

We worked with marko sipka on different projects Marko sipka profile: Is totally a scam. He stole money and he should never be trusted. He is stealing money from clients and employers, used to fake presence and lie. Do not...

Telkom / Openserve / adsl sync and disconnect

Jun 10, 2018

this was 1st Ref nr: [protected] .. second Ref nr: ref nr:[protected] and escalation nr 1113608 i wish Telkom / Openserve can do their work properly .. i logged a call on 6 June 2018 ( my issue started before that ) my adsl line keeps losing sync every 20 - 30 min .. when logging the fault wa...

Tjaart Pretorius / [protected]

Jun 6, 2018

Good Moring This account has been stopped at the end of Feb 2018 when my contract was up and I am still getting billed for it as you can seen we are not using it and I have been reversing the payments so I suggest you stop billing me and clear this account before we are going to get into a...

MYSTC / complaint against for bill amount / landline internet connection was disconnected 10 year before

May 13, 2018

Dear Sir, I am Mohammed Azhar ID -[protected] my account [protected] and service [protected], [protected], I cancelled this service 10 years, I keep paper upto 5 years after that I through this papers, I received message amount 394.96, and they (STC) said my name was black listed, I visited...

PinPos CC t/a Intouch Point of Sale / fibre

May 11, 2018

Fibre installed 7 May 2018. We moved into the office 11 May. Been unable to get Telkom to confirm the IP address for the router for 2 days. We ran an IP scanner to get it. We can ping the IP but it is unreachable on the web portal. I've been told it is a portal issue is an authentication problem...

SCV Services / my home has no internet & scv service since thursday 24 apr 2018 afternoon,

Apr 30, 2018

On Thursday 24 Apr 2018, @1745 hrs reached home and when I wanted to logged on to the home internet I found that there was no internet connection/service and no SCV service. Despite I attempted to to re-set the system or and SCV, it was of no avail. @1800 hrs, I then used my home phone...

Misleading advertising / april big data deal

Apr 30, 2018

I went to Shelly centre this morning to get this deal because it is the last day. After waiting more half an hour the consultant informed me that the system will not take R199 only R469. He said it is not a problem he will just make a note. I cannot sign a contract if the price differs. I... / toll free number

Apr 19, 2018

This company has refused to cancel my service, even though I've asked repeatedly and followed up daily for 2 weeks. They responded to my initial request asking if they could do anything to keep me as a customer. When I explained I simply didn't need the toll free number anymore, they...

Voipswitch, VoipServe / international calling app and dialer

Apr 2, 2018

Complaint for fraudelant service and failure to deliver To : VoIP industry and Telecommunications corporation‘s worldwide Re: Regarding VoIP Switch Berkeley House 18-24 High Street Edgware, Middex. HA8 7RT, England My name is Adam Farina and I am the President of Social Communication...

Verizon Fios Customer Service / fios tv and internet renewal order fiasco

Mar 27, 2018

Verizon Fios Customer ServiceI'm not requesting any formal action on this. Merely posting how a renewal order for Verizon Fios TV and Internet got really messed up and what I had to go through to get it corrected. On 12/18/17, I renewed my Verizon Fios TV and Internet service via the Verizon web site for the same...

+Serv / hopeless waiting time

Mar 20, 2018

+ServThis the 2nd time I at at +Serv at Orchard Central to collect my router. I renewed my Internet contract last week and came to collect my router. My waiting que says estimated time is 3hr and I have to leave cos I have another appointment. Today I returned to a larger crowd with an...

Telkom Secunda / service

Mar 6, 2018

After strugling with telkom to install an ADSL line at my house from last year September 2017 open serve came and changed a cable that was faulty in my street 40 metres away from my house. They changed the cable on the 28/02/2018. Today is 06/03/2018, no installation. Another payment went...

Telkom S.A. / telkom adsl

Mar 6, 2018

On the 9th of october 2017 we gave telkom notice that we want to go over to access, they acknowledge our request and inform us that we have to wait 21 day to be transferred to the waiting pool. We did weekly, monthly follow-ups, each time a new story why we have to wait another 21 days. On...

Tiada Coverage Digi Dikawasan Ladang Felda Sahabat 09, Tungku, Lahad Datu, Sabah / coverage problem

Mar 3, 2018

Dahulunya di ladang felda sahabat 09, tungku, lahad datu sabah line digi ada akan tetapi mengikut maklumat beberapa tahun lepas coverage digi sangat susah.Masalah saya sekarang saya telah berpindah tempat bertugas dari ladang felda sahabat 22, tungku, lahad datu sabah ke ladang felda...

Isabel Sánchez Marcos / smartphone oukitel mix 2 order: [protected]

Feb 26, 2018

I bought a Smartphone for 182 € ($216, 40) The order [protected] has never arrived, I payed extramoney for Express transport and you promise in your website that time to arrive was 3-5 days. I payed $216, 40 last February 18th and the smartphone is not here. It supose to arrive...

Spinnables / rogers bundle

Feb 21, 2018

I am a 58 year old guy with both of my folk`s in a nursing home. That costs $5800.00 a month. I have ADD and PTSD and I can`t work and have to go on disability. Netflix have charged me without my approval. I have never watched Netflix. Roger`s have cut off my phone for non-payment. Now they...

C Plus Electronics / electronic semiconductor parts

Feb 20, 2018

On March 2016 Froilan Becerra Cochez from Tustin, CA, USA who was a sales contractor for my company manipulated and orchestrated a scam to steal more than $40, 000 from purchase orders previously awarded to my company. Mr. Becerra contacted the customers with lies and made up stories to...

Total Sports/ Foschino Finrite Call centre / cell phone insurance

Feb 19, 2018

On the 2nd Of February I took my phone to Total Sport as it had fallen and started malfunctioning. With the people in-store we called Finrite in Roodeport to know how long it takes or what the procedure was. I personally wanted to take the phone in but they said to follow procedure fill...

Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless / phone calls

Jan 9, 2018

I have been receiving calls from numbers in the Phoenix, AZ area for the past 3 months. Never leave a message but I received as many as 4-5 calls/day. I block the numbers but does not help as they call using other numbers. Contacted Verizon & they are not responding to my complaint...

TPG / unethical behaviour/owe me money

Dec 15, 2017

tpg took money out an account which I did not give authority too specifically, they proceeded to take out $120 from this account. I complained and we came to an agreement that $120 will be restored to this card as long as I give my card details. so I did receive this invoice of $120 and...

Globe Billspay TAGUIG / unauthorized charge to my checking account

Nov 24, 2017

This is a copy of the charge to my checking account: Account USAA CLASSIC CHECKING ********. Trans.Description GLOBE BILLSPAY TAGUIG . Merchant Information GLOBE BILLSPAY TAGUIG . Merchant Type Services - Telecommunication . Trans. Type DEBIT CARD PURCHASE . Card...

Kyle Penning / telkom - connection

Nov 19, 2017

A fault was acknowledged by Telkom in our area on the 30th October at 10h14 - ref 260Ewk191117. I have phoned in repeatedly to Telkom to complain about the fault and they have informed me that they are aware of the issue. For the first time this evening 19 November have they actually...

Johan Vorster / samsung s7 edge

Nov 7, 2017

Samsung claims that the S7 Edge is "Water resisted" for up till 1.5m and for 30min, dropped my phone (not a year old yet)in rain water not even 5cm deep and not even for a minute, I took my phone to Samsung in the Groove mall in Pretoria and before they even assessed the phone, said it...

811030035570 / pakej guru yang tersembunyi syarat2ny.

Nov 6, 2017

811030035570Sy ada melanggan pakej red one utk pakej guru..dan sy ditawarkan 2simcard. Agen redone menyatakan simcard yg tidak aktif tidak dikenakan bayaran. 》Simcard 1 sy aktif dan tiada tunggakan dan bil bulanan dihntr dlm email pada sy. 》simcard 2 sy tidak aktif, tiada bil bulanan dan tiada...

CELL ONE / delay in picking up the order

Nov 5, 2017

Dear, I am trying to complain due to we are newly registered sellers in, we had 22 orders now and 17 are ready with us since last week. I keep on asking [protected] and other representatives on this matter. However, they are always saying solution will be there but it ha...

Penrissen Food Court / business plan

Nov 2, 2017

I was wonder why i will received a discount offer letter from Digi, our company business line all got 11 line . a person called James contact number [protected] from business plan offering our all company line on 7th December 2016 in a conversation said that will change all the plan to u...

Global Telecom / fraudulent claim

Oct 25, 2017

Lincoln called me with a heavy Indian accent and claimed to represent Dish network and did an upgrade to my receiver and charged me $165 to another company called Streamline Techno. Then "lincoln" called me back and told me he made a mistake and I had to dispute that charge and send him a...

StanTheMan1 / no complaint just your help for setting up my own selling app using your affiliate voip

Oct 23, 2017

Need to talk to customer support by phone (If you give me your number) to help me setup my own Voip name for my Caribbean Island customer using VoipDiscount rates with some rates adjustments . When can I call and talk with someone that's willing to help me set it up. To start asap. I've...

Unity Media / internet and phone

Oct 6, 2017

I have had a 2 years contract with Unity media In Germany. Due to moving from Germany I have had cancel my contract with the Unity Media 8 months before ending my contract. I have send them several times my request and all the supporting document that shows that I have left Germany. Unity...

Boa Electronics LTD / fake telecom and electronic appliances company

Sep 14, 2017

Boa Electronics LTDDear Sir My name is Ahmed and i am reporting a fraudulent company which is being runned by an American lady by the name of Miss Loretta swain santos i met her on a social dating site she claims she loves me and asks me that she will visit me when i search the net i came to know out thi...

APT Recharge / good multi recharge business platform

Aug 19, 2017

Main aptrecharge ka sath 3 sal se kam kar raha hu janha kohi problem nehi aya, aptrecharge har time mere ko support deta raha, ek khas bat aptrecharge wallet service very fast deta hai, recharge service bahut fast hota hai, margin thora kom hai lekin jenuine recharge service keu ki hor...

Next Renewable Generation / telkom business

Aug 10, 2017

Our company has recently moved offices, 1 month before we moved, we sent letters to Telkom requesting our fiber line to be moved. We where told that it won't be a problem, we waited 60 days, only to find out that there is no infrastructure for Fiber at the new office. So we decided to...

Ooi Chung Chor / wireless wifi in router no light signal

Aug 4, 2017

I have made a few complaints to Maxis customer service regarding no wireless wifi signal has receiving from router, despite my few attend complaints to service center to sent technician to resolve my problem but no immediate action was taken .Kindly take serious action and report to...

Petr Ophichal S.R.O. / contract violation - lie, cheat, steal and go behind your back

Aug 1, 2017

Petr Opichal s.r.o. with company ID (ICO) [protected] Registered in the Czech Republic. Blatantly violates a very clear contract of confidentiality, non-disclosure (NDA) and non-competition. After developing our relationship with an exclusive and existing customer to our company, which Mr...

Maestros Electronics & Telecommunications Systems Ltd / delayed delivery of my parcel

Jul 21, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam, This is Ganesh Nadar from Maestros Electronics & Telecommunications Systems Ltd. We have imported a material via UPS AWB no 1Z6684896761733453. The material was shipped on 30th May 2017 but till today we have not received the material. My shipment is with UPS since 45 day...

Unik Public Image / unik public image is a joke

Jul 12, 2017

This small PR agency led by Nissim Douek is a joke- and not a good one if you ask me!!! Nissim, a former journalist at Yedioth Ahronoth, think he’s on top of the game, but he doesn’t understand that Public Relation is an entirely different playground!! And on top of everything he continue...

Postal / registered letter

Jul 12, 2017

Res officials I have send some clothes by a registered letter no RP51953P785IN on 12.05.2017 from punjab to the addres: Baljinder Passi, 9 sandy lake mb winnipeg r3t4t2 City manitoba - r3t4t2 Mobile +[protected] The above said article is not yet deliverd. Kindly help to track this article n...