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Servercenter / fraudulent services

Mar 13, 2019

ServercenterI want to draw the attention of all Canadian and US people, please don't deal with this company, they are totally a fraud. I bought a IPTV and homephone from them and regret for the day, I signed up with them. It never works properly, whenever I called customer support to get the fixed...

Go Surf 50 / I can't extend my promo

Mar 9, 2019

It says that I cant register to an extend because of the double registration which is not my fault but your company's incapability to do better [censored]ing work. Next time, don't make it hard for your customers just because you're stupid at your work as [censored]. Just let me...

Tel3Advantage / long distance package

Jan 30, 2019

Ive been using these guys for many years and they disabled my account with money in account. They said it was inactive for over a year. (By 6 days). Which I know is not true because I used it in August and prior to that to call down south to the Caribbean. I referred about 15-20 people to...

Grab customer service / related customer detail phone no

Jan 25, 2019

I m Suhailah, 42.year old, Kota Kinabalu a mother of Nur Izzatul Syuhada bin Mohd Assan (IC NO:[protected]) have request grab at 3.30am from Bukit Vor Garden Court to KKIA to fly from KK to KL.We need her (Syuhada) the phone number..cause my daughter has run from house at 3.30pm.I have...

UFone 3G and Signal Weakness / low signal strength

Jan 13, 2019

AOA Sir I am Isarulhaq From District Hangu village Darwizi Palosa Hangu. sir we are facing low signal strength in our area called Darwizi Palosa. Unfortunately we are facing signal strength problem its too week kindly submet my complaint for recovering signal strength here in Hangu Darwizi...

U Mobile Telecommunications / billing

Jan 10, 2019

今天要去签umobile以外的postpaid线的时候才知道自己2012年有一个board and outstanding bill。那时我已经跟你们员工说你们线很差,我要取消。结果那个staff没有提交上去!最好笑我打电话给umobile客户说请检查我的usage! 是你们Staff叫我ignore bill还有说会帮我提交取消线。Umobile 线慢也算了,那么大个公司竟然没有几年前的record data usage。在安全制度来讲,觉得很没有安全感。如果有第三者拿了我的名字去签线。Check不到那不是很危险?这是一个漏洞!

Contel / poor service

Jan 2, 2019

Early this morning (Dec 28, 2018), along Dela Rosa cor Rufino, we parked in hazard signal and asked my sibling to purchase our breakfast at Chowking. I asked her to use my PWD card and just stayed in the car to avoid towing. She came back and said that they do not allow discounts if the ID...

Servercenter / voip phone and iptv

Dec 21, 2018

ServercenterWorst ever!! They would be completely out of picture once they receive payment, Once you purchase product from them, they will pull up the hands, there is no any customer support from them. The agenda of sales person is to sell IPTV doesn't matter to them whether buyer get channels of... / needs to be shutdown for life!!!

Dec 9, 2018

thedirtyphonebook.comI'm not complaining, it's just that this dirty website which is used to harass and stalk people shouldn't be existing. Many people from all over this country have been writing complaints about this website. On the daily basis, they get harassed by unknown...

Maxis Centre Sunway Pyramid / 2 lady staffs bad services towards customer, they work at counter no 1 and 2 at 9.30 p.m. yesterday (15.11.2018)

Nov 15, 2018

Maxis Centre Sunway PyramidAs you can refer to the photo I uploaded where I have received the message at 8.39 p.m. and there were 8 tickets ahead of me. I have waited almost an hour for my turn but my number were not call out and appear on the screen. As I heard from one of the staff mentioned that their system or...

iPlum App / customer service, billing

Nov 14, 2018

iPlum AppThis is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Issue after issue and bad customer service. There is no phone number to reach anyone. They communicate by email. Even when you email them, they basically answer short and send FAQ links. I recently downgraded my plan and wa...

Binary Options / binary options

Nov 3, 2018

don't invest in binary options, if you have funds and need to invest, invest using your bank by buying treasury bills with an interest rate of 13% or more and you can keep reinvesting your profits, in a time frame of 1year, you will definitely have slightly more than double the amount you...

Sandvoetjies Kleueterskool / no service line

Nov 2, 2018

To whom it may concern [protected] I had a Telkom line, and from November 2017, I had no service, because of cable theft, after numerous telephone calls, and reporting the fault, nobody assist me with my problem. Know Telkom went and listed me on ITC, but I did not have any service, I...

Smart / customer service of personnel from sm lipa branch

Oct 31, 2018

We went to smart customer center to have our smartbro line cut. We first went to counter 1 and payment to settle all bills. Then we were instructed to go to counter 4. When we were in line we were instructed to go to counter 3 as the person from counter 3 will be the one who will assist...

HashMicro / fraud company / online marketing services

Oct 30, 2018

Let me tell you about my horrible experience with this so called company (Hash Micro It was Aug, 2018 when I have worked as a freelancer for the company on the website. After 37 days of completion of work, I asked for payment, they told that it will be processed...

Comverge Sdn Bhd / poor connections

Oct 19, 2018

Good day Maxis. We are paying Maxis, RM 135 per month (postpaid) to use maxis line and internet service. We couldn't utilities Maxis service at Jalan 6E/91, Shamelin Perkasa, Kuala Lumpur. We cannot make and receive any calls. Kindly check your line and internet coverage at these area. Please...

Hancock. Colorado Springs, CO. / pre paid phone cards

Oct 14, 2018

When trying to remove the strip on the back, part of the 15 number pin code was covered with adhesive that would not come off. Tried to enter the number as best I could, the response was that it did not recognize the pin. In trying to clean it, the card disintegrated. Either the pin wa...

Piscataway High School / tv dvr

Oct 12, 2018

Recently we decided to stop watching our 2nd TV which is located in our bedroom. This would would mean that we would be left with exactly 1 TV, and 1 cable box. My husband returned this 2nd cable box to the optimum center near us. After a while, when our cable bill did not go down, my...

Huayou Construction Dev. Phils. Corp / internet charges /service bizdsl qcg01-[protected]

Oct 12, 2018

Dear Customer Service, Greetings. We would like to inform you that early August 2018 we reported our internet connection. It was no longer functioning and despite of repair schedules given, nothing happened and many follow-ups was done from August to September nothing happened. We decided...

Convergys Shaw Boulevard / I was terminated for a valid reason

Oct 7, 2018

Convergys Shaw BoulevardI was hired and started working in cvg last dec. 07, 2015 for telco account.. As time goes by our team knows as one of the performing team and I am one of those individual who perform duties well as far as I know. I didn't remember any lates nor absences without valid reason. And that'...

William Van Rooyen / 5gb data contract

Oct 2, 2018

My contract expired 4 months back, I have called the Telkom customer care several times, visited the Telkom shop with no avail, I am being billed and not being furnished with Data, the unit has been unplugged and even gone as far as cancelling the stop order through the bank. Telkom...

Giridhar Tower Pvt. Ltd. / court agreement not complied yet

Aug 23, 2018

sir, mr. manoj kumar get money rs. 6100/- in a/c # [protected] and served two written court agreement for 20 years each dated 29-09-10 and dated 10-10-10 on behalf the companies: (1) the director, giridhar tower pvt. ltd. mathuradas road, kandhi wali, west mumbai-400088 (2) the manager...

Danny Penalo / a credit inquiry unauthorized

Aug 14, 2018

My name is danny Penalo. My email is [protected] My phone is [protected]. Two weeks ago i called hughes net to find out about product and services. I never said i wanted the service at this time i just wanted information. The person on the phone asked my all my personal...

Magicsoft Asia Systems Pte Lte / singtel bizvoice support

Aug 10, 2018

Hi Sir After my office moved to new office, our phone number ([protected]) is not functioning . We have been patiently logging the complaint and explain the issues to Singtel technical support. The problems is that they keep telling us the line keep working well until today. It had been 3...

Greytown / service delivery

Aug 3, 2018

I have applied for a land line a two weeks ago and to date I have received no feed back. Each time I call I spend at least 20 minutes on the phone waiting for someone to assist. They keep on telling me different stories. I shoudnt call so often or i should just wait. Or that they are...

WorkPlace Interventions / warranty

Aug 2, 2018

I have purchased a HP laptop some months ago, since this time I have experienced technical issues which has eventually gotton worse over the months. After visiting the store with my laptop I was sent away and informed that it sounds as though its due to not doing updates. This did not...

The BBC / political bias and unethical behaviour

Jul 28, 2018

to youtube recently you have deleted a site known as wings over scotland at the behest of of the bbc claiming copy right infraction. This action is purely political and unethically motivated to silence freedom of speech in scotland and to blanket the internet with biased anti scottish...

Cancellation of a Contract / smart internet mobile 5g

Jul 24, 2018

Account [protected] Mobile number [protected] My son, MJ Bekker ID [protected] works in Germany. He gave me Power of Attorney to deal with TELKOM to renew a mobile 5G contract for me and my husband so we can stay in contact with him. My son paid the contract. This was February 2016 To be...

Frontier phone company / landline home phone service

Jul 24, 2018

We placed the order for new phone service earlier in the month of July 2018. The installation was scheduled for July 20th, 2018. Checked on service July 22nd, 2018 was told by frontier that the technician completed the service. But we don't have a dial tone on the phone. I looked around and...