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Charter/Spectrum — rising costs of bundling service

I began Internet, TV, and Voice service in 2017. My bill was $128 per month. There are no contracts, but you supposedly...

Telecommunications  · Nov 11, 2019

American Telephone and Telegraph AT&T — final bill overcharged

I had a triple play package for TV, Internet and Line phone (acc# [protected]). After promotion has expired my bill wa...

Telecommunications  · Nov 06, 2019

Juvanne — internet mobile

My mobile signal always suffering bad network connection specially when im in inside a building which is im not...

Telecommunications  · Oct 23, 2019

Telefund Inc. — political fundraising

Telefund Inc. has called my home at least 8-10 times a day for the past 7 days straight. I'm registered on the National Do...

Telecommunications  · Oct 19, 2019

Globe Telecom / Prepaid Home Wifi — home surf subscription

I registered at homesurf 199 (12GB) Friday 1:38pm. The next day at around 9am Saturday, I only have 7.7GB. At 1:30pm...

Telecommunications  · Oct 06, 2019

MTC Optical Laboratory Inc — Pldt fibr/internet and telephone connection

We send a letter request for transfer/relocation of our PLDT Fibr/Internet and Telephone Line Connection with an Account...

Telecommunications  · Sep 02, 2019 and — Amount freezed on Api and not working services and crowdfinch.orgThey have stucked my amount of Rs-80000/-for last 3 months and not resume my services still.Allway giving diffrent type...

Telecommunications  · Jul 02, 2019 and — someone got my email address but then got my contact list.

My account says both my old and my NEW PASSWORD that you said I needed are not recognized. Now I can't get into my...

Telecommunications  · May 28, 2019

Beox LLC — voip service and solutions

BeoX is one of the largest VoIP carriers of international voice traffic in the world and a leader in direct voice...

Telecommunications  · May 10, 2019

Bayantel/Globe — internet /phone

Internet not working for more that a month. They said something about faculty issue cannot give err. Was offered to...

Telecommunications  · May 02, 2019

Tel3Advantage — long distance package

Ive been using these guys for many years and they disabled my account with money in account. They said it was inactive for...

Telecommunications  · Jan 30, 2019

Grab customer service — related customer detail phone no

I m Suhailah, 42.year old, Kota Kinabalu a mother of Nur Izzatul Syuhada bin Mohd Assan (IC NO:[protected]) have...

Telecommunications  · Jan 25, 2019

UFone 3G and Signal Weakness — low signal strength

AOA Sir I am Isarulhaq From District Hangu village Darwizi Palosa Hangu. sir we are facing low signal strength in our...

Telecommunications  · Jan 13, 2019

U Mobile Telecommunications — billing

今天要去签umobile以外的postpaid线的时候才知道自己2012年有一个board and outstanding bill。那时我已经跟你们员工说你们线很差,我要取消。结果那个staff没有提交上去!最好笑我打电话给umobile客户说请检查我的usage! 是你们Staff叫我ignore bill还有说会帮我提交取消线。Umobile 线慢也算了,那么大个公司竟然没有几年前的record data usage。在安全制度来讲,觉得很没有安全感。如果有第三者拿了我的名字去签线。Check不到那不是很危险?这是一个漏洞!

Telecommunications  · Jan 10, 2019

Contel — poor service

Early this morning (Dec 28, 2018), along Dela Rosa cor Rufino, we parked in hazard signal and asked my sibling to...

1 comments Telecommunications  · Jan 02, 2019 — needs to be shutdown for life!!!

thedirtyphonebook.comI'm not complaining, it's just that this dirty website which is used to harass and stalk...

1 comments Telecommunications  · Dec 09, 2018

Maxis Centre Sunway Pyramid — 2 lady staffs bad services towards customer, they work at counter no 1 and 2 at 9.30 p.m. yesterday (15.11.2018)

Maxis Centre Sunway PyramidAs you can refer to the photo I uploaded where I have received the message at 8.39 p.m. and there were 8 tickets ahead...

Telecommunications  · Nov 15, 2018

iPlum App — customer service, billing

iPlum AppThis is one of the worst companies I've ever dealt with. Issue after issue and bad customer service. There is no...

2 comments Telecommunications  · Nov 14, 2018

Binary Options — binary options

don't invest in binary options, if you have funds and need to invest, invest using your bank by buying treasury bill...

Telecommunications  · Nov 03, 2018

Sandvoetjies Kleueterskool — no service line

To whom it may concern [protected] I had a Telkom line, and from November 2017, I had no service, because of cable...

Telecommunications  · Nov 02, 2018

HashMicro — fraud company / online marketing services

Let me tell you about my horrible experience with this so called company (Hash Micro It was Aug...

Telecommunications  · Oct 30, 2018

Comverge Sdn Bhd — poor connections

Good day Maxis. We are paying Maxis, RM 135 per month (postpaid) to use maxis line and internet service. We couldn't...

Telecommunications  · Oct 19, 2018

Hancock. Colorado Springs, CO. — pre paid phone cards

When trying to remove the strip on the back, part of the 15 number pin code was covered with adhesive that would not...