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OmanTel / Complaint about customers service

Shabir Albulushi on Feb 1, 2017
Earlier we were using adsl internet and recently changed to fiber optic and we were suppose to receive a head set which were not given. We have called 1300 more than 10 times and they asked to visit near by office i went there and told them thr whole story and there reply was to call 1300...

Telkom / ADSL not working since 16/1/2016

Fabcote on Feb 1, 2017
We logged a fault at telkom on 16/1/2016 for our adsl line not working and till date it has still not been sorted out. Each time we get told a different story of whats going on and then promises that the technician will call us. We are a business and cant carry on like this. Please can...

Telkom SA SOC / ADSL and Landline

Telkom - Tell Who on Feb 1, 2017
I have had the same issue since October 2016. My ADSL line cuts off every time it rains. I have reported this issue any number of times and logged the fault. I was told that Telkom technicians don't work in the rain. Now here's the problem - my ADSL line cuts out when it rains - your tech...

OpinionOutpost / prj-258397-qx5t4_32 and others relating to the television surveys i get every morning

Bette Slutsky on Jan 31, 2017
To Whom it May Concern: Every morning I get this survey to take, for the past 3 weeks when I start the survey I answer the questions and all of a sudden "Unexpected Error has Occurred" In the past I have sent 10 emails, spoke with customer service, emailed member services and keep getting...

Telkom SA SOC / Telephone line (011) 979 4343 ref: 614crk201216

KoosdV on Jan 31, 2017
Waiting since 20 December 2016 to have ADSL line resolved and now since 17 January 2017 line completely dead. Phoned on20 December 2016, 3, 4, 10, 13, 17, 25, 25 and 28 January 2016 to report fault, get progress, plead, cry and threaten, without any success. The technician only appointed...

Star TV India / I'm complaining about namkaran serial on star plus.

Diyaa on Jan 31, 2017
I started watching Namkaran mid way this year and i have to say that this serial where kids play a character that involves so much of planning of revenge serves no good to the community.Kids need to be a role model and need to inspire the young generation. How to kill someone is not what...

Telkom SA SOC / Service on telkom router

V Moatshe on Jan 30, 2017
My Telkom Router was booked into Carnival mall on 13 Dec 2016. On the 4th of Jan, I got an sms letting me know that the Router was dispatched from the warehouse and I should receive a call in 4 days from the store to come and collect it. On the 11th of Jan, I visited the store, and they...

Vodacom / Technical assistance

Steve Jansen on Jan 30, 2017
I am trying for 4 days know (since 27 January 2017) to get somebody at Vodacom to assist me with two technical queries. I want to set-up a VPN between 2 laptops. The queries are: 1. What is the IP address of one of their DNS servers, so that I can use it to finalise a static IP addre...

MetroFax Unit 3.1, Woodford Business Park Santry, Dublin 17 Ireland j2 Global VAT Number: IE 6399517U Registration Number: 379517 / Efax service

volker schmoe on Jan 29, 2017
I had signed up with Metro Fax for a triel to see later there is no way to cancel for the service. I wrote several times to the company and was told to cancel it had to be via phone, I live in Canada and the company is in ireland. I want the service canceled and returned 2 month of payments taken...

Digi Telecommunications / Digi Bill -0123711703

Manimarant on Mar 11, 2017
I have received digi bill with SMS which i have not agreed. Please delete those sms. The same happened last month and the bill was revised. Can you please permanently STOP all the unnecessary SMS that I have not agreed, It is a real nuisance. The bill below was sent to me after sending...

Telkom SA SOC / ADSL and phone line

Eybert Tromp on Jan 25, 2017
Fault 974CRZ051216 logged for line 0114531637 on Monday 5 December. No progress to date andand as a reult, no solution. To this day lines are still inactive. Only response is that it is a "cable issue", even though our Neighbours' line is working perfectly fine. Not once did a technician...

Telkom SA SOC / Wifi router

Charisse Allie on Jan 25, 2017
In December 2015 a sales consultant came to my work place and offered the staff Telkom packages I took a wifi router, but when I received it I was struggling to connect the router after 6 months of querying and back and forth battling the contract was eventually cancelled. Telkom refunded...

Digi Telecommunications / Product I am complaining about

Nurfatimah binti garasik on Jan 25, 2017
Digi TelecommunicationsOn 30/12/16, we have made digi bill payment And have received reward from digi which is one free chatime drink. We feel very delighted with the reward and decided to claim it on the 25/1/17 at chatime imago kota kinabalu. But when we want to claimed it, the chatime's staff informed us that...

Telkom / ADSL router replacement

Erhaldo on Jan 25, 2017
On Friday January the 13th - I complaint that me rooter where down and stood in a que at the telkom shop at College Crossing Bloemfontein to have my rooter replaced. I needed to get a new rooter so that the technical team could come out and test me system. I was told, sorry no stock -...

Dex Media / Duplicate accounts

Kevnfrich on Jan 24, 2017
Twice in the last two years this company has created duplicate accounts for my company. Each month I get 2 statements - one with an amount owed and another with a credit. Last year I canceled the account and continue to receive the invoices. Again this year I have called their Customer...

Telkom SA SOC / Faulty phone delivered and delayed repair services from telkom

Leigh_Sedi on Jan 24, 2017
I ordered a phone online with Telkom mobile. The iPhone 7 which the contract amounts to R 699 per month for the free me 1 gig. The phone was delivered to me on the 16th of november 2016. I opened the box, switched on the phone then the battery was low and tried to charge it it would not...

Charter Communications / Internet/phone

Shannon Crabtree on Jan 24, 2017
I called in Dec/2016 to check on internet and phone for my business, and was told I was in a area they did not service. I called back shortly and was told that they could check it and may take a few days. I was called back and discussed at length what it would take cost and all aspects of...

Telkom / Telkom billing

Rietjie on Jan 24, 2017
Since September 2016, we langue a complain with Telkom regarding wrongly billing on our account. We declared a dispute with reference no 28097058 at Telkom - Telkom referred us to Trudon. Trudon gave us every month an amount to be deducted from our account, but the credit never reflects on my...

Vodacom / Penalty charges without responding to my emails

sheldonjar on Jan 24, 2017
I have emailed on 6 Dec, and 8 Dec and 12 Dec and 13 Dec and 4 November 2016 to the following adres: vspdocumentmanagement@vodacom.co.za to stop my debt order i will pay by eft before the 7th of each month, i went twice to a vodacom shop to stop my debt order!!!until today no one responded...

Telkom SA SOC / New contracted ported to telkom mobile

Natural Getaways on Jan 24, 2017
Since the inception of my contracts, Telkom staff could not, port my number successfully the first time and gave me the run-around, capture the correct information for billing, nor could anyone fix the problem since inception. Algernon Matthews (LG), who has also promised on more than one...
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