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Sports & Recreation Complaints | Page 9

Yahoo! / removing nascar

Dawgbit on Dec 15, 2017

Our NASCAR team was home base for 30 people to stay connected. We will be looking to Fox, ESPN and The Golf Channel for all of our satellite leagues if we don't see NASCAR renewed. Aside from the 30 or so who have been connected for years, we also enjoy racing with the other 'close to 100'...

Pro Direct Soccer / black new balance boots.

Eddiekennedy on Dec 15, 2017

Approx 6 months ago I bought a pair of new balance boots from Pro direct soccer and there's a massive hole on the side of the right boot now it's not repairable what so ever. I have to say normally pro direct quality is top class but I'm very disappointed in these boots as they cost me €220...

Extreme Pie / Internet Fusion / Terrible experience

Tiffany Manitte on Dec 15, 2017

What kind of service is that? They don't stand behind their service.. behind ANYTHING AT ALL. I ordered several items from them for my trip to Indonesia and I haven't received anything. Had to go to the nearest store and bought similar things. Moreover, I went to Indonesia for 3 week...

Penny Skateboards / Absolute Board / displeased

Gavin white on Dec 15, 2017

What I received wasn't like it was pictured. I ordered a board with green wheels and the board itself should be blue. The board I got was yellow with black wheels. It looks like a long thin bee, lol. But anyway, it's not what I initially wanted and obviously, I won't use it. Called them...

Zumiez / extremely disappointed

Kelly Donovan on Dec 15, 2017

That was a very disappointing experience. I ordered 8 items 400 dollars in total. Several days later they canceled half of my order and shipped only 3 out of 8 items. No one informed me. I found it out when I was checking the order status on the website. Willing to know all of the detail...

Boombah / shop elsewhere

Anna Dals on Dec 14, 2017

Use a more honest, useful, helpful and service-oriented website, even if it costs more. Because Boombah is the worst place for buying anything. They don't stand behind their customers and don't try their best to make them happy if something goes wrong. Saying this as a runner of a small... / Evolucion Innovations / lying to me about the delivery

Manuel Birba on Dec 14, 2017

I don't regret I paid extra money for getting a tracking number and now I will say why. I bought pants from them, received and put them on. They looked terrible on me, so I decided to return them. I contacted customer service to get their help regarding this question. They said that the...

Dick's Sporting Goods / bad service

Patrick Silveira on Dec 14, 2017

I want to know what's going on. I try to order items, but each time I do it, it gets canceled. I would understand it if it rejected my credit card, but I can't even pay. At first, I thought that maybe the items I tried to order were out of stock, so that's why I called them. But they...

Sportsman Guide / taurus revolver

James M. Smith Jr. on Dec 13, 2017

I was shopping on line for a Revolver and I spotted one that i liked. The price was $418.00. Then when it went thru the next day they charged me $495.00. I would never have paid that for it. So I called their customer service and told them what had happened and they told me it had never been...

JC Penney Company / item purchased from jc penney online order

cynthia kenon on Dec 12, 2017

I ordered a Franklin Sports Deluxe Soccer Sack-Item#847-0545F, from JC Penney online on 12/01/17 and I have yet to receive the correct item. The original order was shipped to my home and upon opening the package, I received the incorrect item. I went to a near JC Penney to return the item... / product not received, unable to track shipment, site does not indicate product is coming from china

OutEightyBucks on Dec 11, 2017

Ordered a hockey jersey through this site on 11/17/17 after checking out the site on the Internet and not finding any negative postings on it. The site indicates a location in Illinois. A week later on 11/24, I received an email that the order had shipped. The email included an USPS... / running cares - event request ignored

runn11 on Dec 11, 2017

I attempted to sign my company up for a running event sponsored by RunningCares in Davie, Florida. The first event was called, Strong Against Cancer, and it was unfortunately cancelled. I attempted to receive a refund but was persuaded otherwise to instead transfer my reservation to the...

SGY YD / wrong item delivered

Gourdant on Dec 11, 2017

We booked and paid Saucony shoes - We received a total different color of the one ordered and the phone number does not work. The oder number is 69560 - it has been delivered one week ago. Ordered shoes were gay and sweet pink. W received orange anda green one. We pai around 70 Dollars for...

FedEx Corporate Services / product not delivered to address left 2.5 miles away cannot be found

Kenneth P Nelson on Dec 8, 2017

Please read the chat I had with Caren S case number 1206794610 chat#10526209. This product was supposed to be delivered to my house not 2.5 miles away when I went searching for it the night of the delivery I could not find it. Yesterday I was leaving our ranch and Caren called me and said...

Camping World / what a disappointment

Terry Pittman on Dec 8, 2017

First of all, I have to say that this website is not the cheapest one. Moreover, most of the items are obviously overpriced, so if you need something from them, find another website with the same or similar items. Next thing that has to be mentioned is their slow delivery. That's something they...

CampSaver / terrible experience

Kim Horton on Dec 7, 2017

They have let me down. I ordered a backpack for my trip to Europe in the middle of December and it never arrived. I didn't mention, that I bought it at the beginning of November. I honestly have no idea what exactly takes them so long to ship this darn backpack. The website says that this item...

Sports Collectibles / The Sports Mall / I want my money back

Robyn Moffat on Dec 7, 2017

Things go wrong each time I order something online. This time is not an exception and after this time I will stop shopping online and will shop at local stores. Tired of sneaky and shady online businesses. Something happened to their system and my order wasn't placed, however, their buggy...

Cabala's of Oklahoma City / wichita kansas to oklahoma city gun purchase

Bruce Utt on Dec 6, 2017

Once more!! a train wreck experience dealing with Cabala's gun section. I was in Wichita Kansas at Cabala's over Thanksgiving to purchase some ammo and a B-day gift for my son. I am a member of a Gunfight Reenactment group here in Oklahoma, so while I was there I started looking at what...

Cabela's / cabelas refusal to honor purchase

User4444 on Dec 6, 2017

I bought a Benelli shotgun online from Cabelas on a sale last week. They took my payment, processed the order, etc. then I didn't receive any more information via email after they sent the invoice. Went online to check order shipment status and it says "cancelled". No notice, no alert, nothing. I...

National Football League [NFL] / the officiating in the bengals/ steelers game on 12/04/2017

Andrew J. Sanders on Dec 5, 2017

As a lifelong NFL fan, I am furious about the obvious bad officiating in the above listed game. The calls were so bad that they reversed the outcome of the game. The Bengals had the game won, until the Steelers were gifted what would amount to 11 unearned points giving them the win. If...