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Fox TV / nfl

KrazyDave on Sep 26, 2017
I will not be watching the NFL Football games this year. I do not believe they should be using there working and performing environment to relay their views and beliefs. I am a Veteran and it bothers me so. I fought for their right to do this. It is my right not to accept it. It is not...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / nfl sponsorship

LCDR Mike Hawkins on Sep 25, 2017
Anheuser-Busch CompaniesI am a retired Navy Veteran and have been a long time consumer of your products. Now, in light of the extremely offensive and disrespectful protests by NFL players who refuse to stand for our National Anthem I can no longer support Anheuser-Bush as long as it continues to sponsor NFL game...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / sponsorship

Patti Hays on Sep 25, 2017
We will not support anheuser-busch products until support for the NFL has been resolved. NFL is going against their own written regulations by condoning the disrespect of the National Anthem and the American Flag. By your continued sponsorship of the NFL, you are condoning this as well. My...

Canadian Tire / returning bicycle tube that did not fit; wrong size

MRasiah on Sep 25, 2017
My teenage son bought a bicycle tube to replace a punctured one; had to return the next day because wrong size. It was a 10$ item and he did bother keeping the receipt. We just wanted to replace it with one that fits. It was in original box and in 100% perfect condition. But Customer...

Eastbay / poor customer service

Todd Suehring Suehring on Sep 24, 2017
ordered $130 pair of football cleats for Son, turns out they were too big, so I reordered the correct size, and sent back the pair that was too big. 3 weeks later I received them back again with no explanation. When I called eastbay, the rude, and poorly trained customer service person...

Fox TV / direct tv no broadcast

TimEllis on Sep 24, 2017
I live in Defiance, Oh. When I went to watch the Lions football game today, I saw that your company has pulled your programming out of DirectTv. That is horrible customer service! Whatever your dispute is with them, we are the ones suffering because of your greed. Please resume the...

Dick's Sporting Goods / very poor customer service

Laua on Sep 22, 2017
Today 9/22/17 at 12:30 I went into Dick's in Roosvelt Field Mall. I was looking to buy cleats for my son. They were very busy but I waited my turn patiently. When the sales boy was up to me I asked him if he could measure my son to see what size cleat would be best. He told me that they...

Thunder Shot Exploding Targets / exploding targets

winnipegfarmer on Sep 22, 2017
Thunder Shot Exploding TargetsWord of Warning I bought some exploding targets off a guy in a gravel pit called Andrew. They were called Thundershot. He seemed trustworthy and claimed he made it locally. He assured me it was safe and when I asked him about distance, calibres and fire etc. Anyhow the first target didn't...

HockeyMonkey / buyers beware!

MartinWong on Sep 19, 2017
Never thought I would ever encounter something like this in my life. I used to order from them several times and everything was fine. The quality, colors, sizes and so on. But one day they shipped me a wrong item and I decided to return it. Didn't expect it would be tough to do. First of...

Pulte Homes / "approved" complaint vs. "disapproved" complaint involving sun city georgetown

C.H.Sandlin on Sep 18, 2017
Since my complaint, direct to the Homeowners / Developer board was disapproved (i didn't give 5 stars), I will direct this to Pulte Homes. First, I visit Sun City several times a year to golf and relax with my brother and sister-in-law. The whole experience has been enjoyable for the...

Superstartickets / online sports tickets

Brian Andrews 2 on Sep 16, 2017
I ordered 2 tickets in May for a football game in September on Ebay. Superstartickets indicated that I would receive the tickets 4 days before the game. I did not. When I tried to go back to them on Ebay, they are no longer there. I had to file a complaint with Paypal. Because I did not...

Hibbett Sports / unpleasant shopping experience

Sallycole on Sep 14, 2017
I typically have a great time shopping with Hibbett Sports as it is my go to sports store. However, today, my experience was unlike any other was greeted at the door by an associate named Kelsey. She asked if my family and I needed help and we did. Our son is starting soccer for the first...

Viagogo / cannot get in touch with viagogo for refund

Meri P on Sep 13, 2017
We purchased 5 tickets to a soccer game being played in Madrid, Spain. Original date for soccer game was 9/30/17 and is now on 10/1/17. We fly back to the USA on 10/1/17. Cannot find email to contact them. Since the date was changed we'd like our money back. I have tried to email them at...

LBC Express / cargo day 1

Arnold Ibana on Sep 13, 2017
LBC ExpressGood day, I AM complaining about the fishing rod I sent ti my friend last Sept. 5 2017. When he received my packaged the fishing rod tip was broken and the handle was cracked. I put the fishing rod inside a pvc pipe so that damage would be impossible to happen. Unfortunately when my friend...

DHGate.com / international order to australia

Ron Blondell on Sep 13, 2017
Hi, I placed an order and paid $26.71 US Dollars on 2017-07-29. The sellers listing was for 1 lot comprising 6 items. The Order Detail # 340486273. The seller contacted me advising there was a web site problem and that they were sending me 4 items instead of 6. I replied that the deal wa...

Marriott International / marriott sponsorship of nfl

NoFootball on Sep 12, 2017
You really should withdraw as a sponsor of the National Football League. The on field displays of anti-Americanism by many of the players is wholly unacceptable and should not be connected in any way with Marriott. We've been loyal Marriott hotel and Visa customers for 40+years, but there are...

Ticketbis / buying for tottenham vs dortmund

Joel1710 on Sep 12, 2017
I bought tickets days ago and they have still too be available to download I asked the online chat staff multiple times when they would be available and they kept telling me the next day I'll receive a call The next day came and still no call so I asked again. Each time I got the same...

Yahoo! / links not working in yahoo homepage

subho1234 on Sep 12, 2017
-9/12/2017 - The links to several news articles do not work properly.. One example is the below link : https://www.yahoo.com/news/m/54e8150a-3fde-3084-94ad-5d26a3832d4e/ss_why-aren%27t-there-any-indians.html I read yahoo news pretty regularly and find it extremely frustrating when I click on the...

pooldeals.com / pool cover

Jimh64 on Sep 11, 2017
pooldeals.comDo not purchase from this company. I have just been in contact with Reggie who claims he is a Manager. I received a defective pool cover. It had a hole in two places. I found this out the day I was closing my pool when I opened the box. I sent him the same pictures that I have attached...

Hard Working Citizen / stolen items being sold by breanna olson in edmonton, ab (everything is stolen)

micheal shawn on Sep 10, 2017
Hard Working Citizen*stolen*stolen*stolen*stolen*stolen*stolen*brianna olson* brianna olson * brianna olson * brianna olson Beauty_love_656@hotmail.com * beauty_love_656@hotmail.com She is jobless and so lazy she can't even make it to the welfare office to apply for welfare. Her boyfriend stole everything that...
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