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Sports & Recreation Complaints | Page 4 / kayak which is 10 years old sold by a shop as new!

ACG Group on Oct 6, 2018

WARNING - selling products which may potentially cause direct life danger ! Maybe a good shop if you buy cheap items and you do not care about quality. But if you buy more expensive ones and such have a deficiency - it gets into an unpleasant experience. Have purchased online from a...

Cnidaplay / Content Roots / afboeken van rekening

135 on Oct 4, 2018

Ik krijg € 42, 50 van mijn rekening afgeschreven voor iets dat ik niet besteld heb. ik heb een keer waarschijnlijk jullie site bekeken om iets te zien dat gratis was en heb mijn credit card nummer in gevuld. omdat het gratis was maar uiteindelijk niks gezien. ik heb al helemaal geen abonnement...

Reserve America / cancellation policy

Travis Marcotte on Oct 3, 2018

If someone wants to cancel a spot more than 48 hrs in advance they should get a full refund. We reserved 4 spots for a weekend that turned out to be forecasted for bad weather. The weather was to continue for the whole week. I get on the Wednesday before to cancel and it tells me no refund...

Canadian Tire / rude service

Amatthews on Oct 3, 2018

At CT in West Saint John NB today. Was going to buy a deer hunting licence. No one was working the counter in the hunting section so found a woman who paged someone. After more waiting I was approached by a second woman dressed differently, likely management I presume. Again told her I wa...

National Football League [NFL] / officiating

LE Harris on Oct 2, 2018

If ever there were questions regarding officiating neutrality in nfl games I think the MNF between the Chiefs and Broncos showed that there are some zebras in someone's back pocket. Three major non-calls swung the momentum of the game to the Chiefs: The obvious pass by Mahomes beyond the...

JRS Dream / it's actually a store that is closed

Jrcostilla1978 on Oct 1, 2018

I recently purchased a few items from a store that says it is closed and doesn't exist and I was told that they may be updating the system and everything will be going again soon but it still has not opened and still says the same message. I have not had any luck with your customer...

Yahoo! / news

orville11 on Oct 1, 2018

Yahoo, Why must viewers observe a football player flipping the bird? Your news is raunchy and lewd. I hope that you will improve your decency and style of journalism. Furthermore, Yahoo news shows bias reporting and attempts to persuade the American people that the Democratic Party has the...

Fox TV Sports and Entertainment / browns vs oakland

Timothy Russell on Sep 30, 2018

I am complaining forcefully not being able to watch browns Oakland game. I cannot believe we were denied the choice of watching this game due to the interest in this area. I understand you even denied channel 9 cbs from carrying this game locally. Instead having to suffer through New...

Sky Sports / football commentary

Andy Brown on Sep 30, 2018

Tired of listning to Andy Walker putting down Glasgow Rangers players at every oppertunity. Has he got a problem with Morelos ? He constantly derided the player at every tackle that broke down but whe he won a tackle even beating three players at one point not a syllable was uttered. Every game on...

Kogan Australia / dji spark

Michael Ratcliffe on Sep 30, 2018

Kogan Australiahi I purchased a spark drone back in july I have been carefull not to fly it in unfavourable weather so have flown it about 5 times, it now wont take off no matter what I do as it cant find gps signal so it spends more time on the ground that in the air I would like either a refund of my $...

Puma / pulisic jersey

Greatestdoc on Sep 29, 2018

PumaMy son received this great Jersey for his birthday. The Jersey was hard to come by in his size and finally found it! Very disappointed to report that my Sons pulisic Jersey has letters peeling off of it after only washing twice. Turned inside out and did not put in the dryer. Really make...

Redbox Automated Retail / returning movies

Teri Stallings-Scott on Sep 28, 2018

I tried returning movies 3 times this week and the machine wouldnt accept them! I am disabled and dont drive. Getting a ride is a big deal. I live in the country and its a long drive. Now, I have 2 movies, my account will be charged horrible fines, and my idea of renting a movie to attempt...

Nike / nike air uptempo 96

Willis88 on Sep 27, 2018

NikeMy sole to my sneakers is separating I barely wear these sneaker and this is a typical issue I seem to keep having in size 13 products the craftsmanship is sloppy and messy glue everywhere I will not keep supporting the #justdoit brand if I can't get an understanding to why a loyal...

Viagogo / we wrestling tickets

Samar Ibrahim on Sep 26, 2018

Dear _? I refer to the email I sent on the 24th of september 2018, subject [protected]. I have taken the tickets off resell. I am disappointed that this was the only solution offered to me by your company as the price I paid for these tickets are not to their accurate value of $190 each and...

Sky Sports / kelly on soccer special 25th september

Josh17 on Sep 25, 2018

Kelly has been commentating on the Manchester United v derby game throughout the evening and I believe that she isn't fit for the job. She has limited knowledge on commentating on penalty shoot outs. I feel that other pundits including Tony cottee had to help her out a lot and explain to...

Youtube / stop and step

JC83 on Sep 24, 2018

The Stop and Step account is unacceptable. You have suspended it twice and it still comes back. He is an affiliate who shows gambling videos on fixed odds betting terminals. He provides links to online gaming sites where he makes money in which people them gamble. The two main reasons why...

National Football League [NFL] / officiating

Schultzmeister on Sep 24, 2018

The NFL has finally found a legal way to control the outcome of a game. With the new rules they have created a team of totally inept old men that are ruining the game. I don't know how others feel, but I'm personally done spending my Sunday afternoons watching yellow flags every other...

Fox TV / bears vs cardinals game

Disgruntled bears fan on Sep 23, 2018

Children watch football. I watch football. I refuse to watch football where you show a player flicking me off. Completely unacceptable. Everyone watching should be compensated for your trashy broadcast. Children should beget double. PG rating only for all NFL games and if you can't...

Sky Sports / mark petchey commentating

William McBride on Sep 23, 2018

I am attempting to enjoy the Sky coverage of the Laver Cup. Can nobody stop Petchey talking? He clearly suffers from verbal bowel problems and is spoiling the tennis. For someone who never actually 'made it' in the game, he is one of the most opinionated mediocraties on Sky Sports. I...

National Football League [NFL] / referee calls on quarterback

myapples on Sep 23, 2018

The calls on the Packer/Redskin game are ridiculous. The call on Mathews for the Packers on the penalty to the quarterback is now becoming biased. They have singled him out twice now for a call that is wrong. Mathews clearly tackled/sacked the quarterback but yet gets penalized. Watch the...