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Mr Price Group / MRP / unacceptable bad service

Yolla on Apr 25, 2017
Good day, I took in a few items that was poor quality and asked the manager to send it to the factory to check it out about 2 months ago and I have 3 more items that is like that, that I am taking in today. BUT after 2 months and 4 visits NO ONE has come back to me with any news. They said...

Planet Fitness / staff service

702local on Apr 24, 2017
I was treated very rude and disrepectful by the staff at the East Flamingo location in Las Vegas. I showed up in my gym clothes ready to work out ready to sign up for a membership and I was denied entry. I submitted to the staff my debit card, credit cards, state issued ID, my insurance...

Canadian Tire / product not as advertised,parts missing ,poor customer service,

kimmacintyre on Apr 24, 2017
Canadian TireI too am very angry about the advertised stand up paddle board (april 20 -23 flyer ). I phoned the Maple Ridge location at 9am opening on Thursday April 20 morning to ensure they were in stock. I wanted to purchase 2 boards. My call went to voice mail. No one returned my call. When I went...

Virgin Active South Africa / membership - cancellation

Florence Malongane on Apr 23, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam Membership cancellation with immediate effect. I have cancelled membership in March, but up until now, my membership is said to be active. I spoke to Eugene on Tuesday, Last week who spoke of another promotion which was only running on that day. I realised after I spoke to him...

Ticketbis / real madrid vs barcelona

CaliColombia on Apr 22, 2017
I bougt one ticket for the game real madrid vs Barcelona I paid $1, 448.54 for one ticket but when the ticketbis send me the ticket by email this morning, it was a completelly diferent location than the one I choose. I went to the stadium Santiago Bernabeu to confirm my seat location and...

Nike / Nike trainers

JosephA on Apr 18, 2017
Good day, I have always loved the Nike brand and have always been a loyal member to Nike. The quality of Nike running shoes have dropped substantially, the two pairs that I own have gone flat and the soles started falling off. It seems like knock offs.They have been bought from a leading...

Kemin Xiao / Bathing suit

Margaret Slettevold on Apr 16, 2017
Kemin XiaoI ordered a onepiece bathing suit, but received a two piece completey different model. Apparel (SC3315BL1L*)(6F169-1) Sender' signature and data signed: 2017-03-19, received 10 April 2017, untracked 82781325318 Sent from no. 1208 Baise Road, Wishstorehouse, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China...

Telstra Australia / telstra australia football league subscription to watch live.

panjaporn on Apr 10, 2017
Made payment to this AFL watch live, not realising that the Live Pass can only be used in Australia. I stay in Thailand for most of the year, and therefore I'm expecting a refund. Payment made on 9th March 2017 to Telstra Corp. $89.99 Made complaint to Telstra 10th March, when I realised...

Hooters of America / Service of my food

Ron Robinson on Apr 10, 2017
I was at Hooters 28975 Daphne, Al36526 (251)625-3910 My server:Rae date: 4/8/17 table 71/3 I order a Baja Shrimp Tacos, the young lady ask what type of sauce? I said nothing spices and told her I don't like spices food. She brought my food to the table and had a sauce on the side of it. I...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / afl broadcast

Richardgraves on Apr 9, 2017
Your failure to cover the West Coast Eagles V Richmond game is one of the worst decisions your station has made in its entire history. Free to air coverage was slowly dieing but you have closed and nailed the coffin with this ridiculous move. What ever profits you made from this deal you...

Ladbrokes / Betting grand national

I put on three bets with ladbrokes glasgow in argyll st at the entrance to central station I gave the cashier called Rebecca 2 special grand national slips 1 had a £2 e/with on one for Arthur. .. and a slip for 5 horses ...selections 50p e/w... definitely red . One for Arthur. Sapphire...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / afl

PhilSharman on Apr 8, 2017
I find it disgraceful that the West Coast Eagles AFL game in Melbourne is not being televised live this weekend on free to air TV, 8th April. There are multiple Channel 7 channels, I dont understand why both the WAFL (Peel vs Subiaco) and the West Coast vs Richmond games aren't played live...

Youtube / Kickfighting films

louispapas on Apr 5, 2017
I am very disappointed and unfair that my channel is suspend with only 2 strikes in 5 years, with a clip called chinese massage that was available on you tube through creative commons and allowed to reuse, i have money owed to me by Adsense, what happens to that, how long is my account...

Keepshooting.com / No customer service/bad product

MaterielGeneral on Apr 4, 2017
In my opinion and experience do not purchase from this company you will regret it. I have made several purchases with no problem. keepshooting.com does get some good deals but you are playing Russian roulette with this company. There is zero customer support. My last purchase was a 12ga...

Canadian Tire / Bike

Brian Cull1 on Apr 2, 2017
i bought a nitrous super cycle on Mar 26 2017, i took it out for the 1st time on April 4 2017 and the ####ing think broke. So i took it back to the 700 Lawrence ave west store to be told there is no refunds are you ####ing kidding me? For 1 your #####ic staff is the one who assembled it...

Letgo / Service complaint / seller complaint

Jeremy Dewey on Mar 28, 2017
I was interested in buying a automatic airsoft gun. From Bob B in Canton Oh. He had listed the item at $10.00. I asked if the price was negotiable. He said yes. Then when he found out I wanted it. He stated that someone had offered $10.00 already. So if i gave him $15.00 he would sell it...

Letgo / A review under review

Cameron Hall on Mar 24, 2017
I have a negative review that I would like to edit to a positive one. The buyers name is Joe, our transaction has been completed with his purchase of several items. I put the review under review so it is frozen from any updates. We agreed once I change my review he will change his to a...

Alain Burrese - Survive and Defend / Unethical behavior

JackFrederickson on Mar 22, 2017
Alain Burrese - Survive and DefendAlain Burrese makes false claims about himself and his business! He says that he is many incredible things. But I had a private detective do some research on him and his company before I attended his teaching seminar at the Korean Arts Festival. Here is what I found out... * He call...

Gumtree / My ad removed and my money for posting it not refunded

Alex DK on Mar 22, 2017
Today I uploaded an ad for 10 paintball tickets I bought which I am unfortunately no longer able to use anymore. This ad was then removed, I checked what you can and cannot sell on your website and there was no mention of selling tickets for an event. E-tickets were mentioned but I was not...

Medicus Golf / Customer service is terrible

TomH2 on Mar 21, 2017
I bought a wedge that had a website from Medicus for instructions and a video. It was incorrect. When I called customer service, they claim it works. They refused to send me the link they claimed was good - even said they could not email. They just don't care. They said I did not purchase...
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