Sports & Recreation Complaints


channel 7 afl coverage / appalling camera work at afl game

Apr 20, 2019

I made a rush trip home to watch the Dockers play GWS game today. Firstly, it's poor that we get a delayed telecast in WA, but the most frustrating part of the game broadcast was the camera work. I can only assume that the camera operator(s) were doing the job for the first time, or had...

Sky Sports / Jamie Carragher / football commentary

Apr 6, 2019

I am writing to complain about Sky Sports decision to put Jamie Carragher on the commentary team for the Southampton v Liverpool game on 5/4/19. I was appalled at how unprofessional he was throughout the game and so clearly completely biased. I and many other fans of so many sports pay...

AZ West AllSports / customer no service

Apr 5, 2019

I should have purchased a Honda but the closest dealer is in Kingman. My local dealer is a high risk transaction. They are all friendly and nice during the purchase but then you become chopped liver and neglected. This attitude comes from the Owner and trickles down through the store...

Olympus Youth Baseball / olympus youth baseball - cole vandenakker

Mar 23, 2019

Olympus Youth BaseballRecently I was asked to help coach little league baseball for the Olympus Youth Baseball league. I received an email from the president Cole Vandenakker who stated that because there were so many kids that had signed up they were looking for more coaches. When I expressed my willingness to... / no customer service

Feb 3, 2019

So, I just listed an item there and a few hours later it was reported as spam, probably by a local gun dealer that uses armslist in houston. Total bs and never received any correspondence regarding my classified ad before they marked it as a scam. Well fu armslist!!! Oh, the number that i...

Yezi Outdoor Store / 3x28 magnifier glasses style outdoor fishing optics binoculars telescope

Jan 17, 2019

Good morning, I have paid for this product on ali express, actually in july 2018 and I didn't get my order. I have discussed with the seller many times and they said that I should wait with patience. Actually I did, what they said until this week (july 2018- jan 2019). I also contacted ali...

The Forge Yoga Centre Totnes / hosting musicians involved in homosexual peodophile slurs, mocking witnesses to courts as mentally sick and deranged, death threats

Jan 14, 2019

The Forge Yoga Centre TotnesHomosexual peodophile slurs drug trafficking scandal the forge yoga centre totnes. Hosting musicians involved in mocking transformational teachers as mentally sick and deranged, disgusting abuse, death threats Hosting musicians disgusting abuse, death threats, mocking transformational teacher...

ESPN / the rose bowl split screen presentation

Jan 1, 2019

The 5 pane presentation of the Rose Bowl is an abortion! I am not a bookie or a coach watcher so why to heck do you want to interrupt the presentation of a good football game with a bunch of meaningless crap. I would prefer one screen as traditional but two might work if I had a 50 inch...

Prevail Realty / 2018 thor freedom elite

Dec 27, 2018

Prevail RealtyI purchased a new unit which apparently had been on the dealer lot for 14 months. Which was not disclosed to me. It had a leak. At time of delivery the dealer"fixed it" yet getting it home 2 days later with rain again the leak got worse. I attempted to return it to the dealership for I wa...

Kuwait / I am complaining about a staff who deny me to buy a bicycle

Dec 23, 2018

I came in Wednesday the 19 of December to buy a bicycle and the philipino told me it is already sold and he will bring a big car to carry the bike and I said ok. Today the Sunday 23rd of December I saw the bike and I told the saleslady I want this bike she said ok but I need to call my... / rc 3 piece toy set

Dec 7, 2018

I placed an order for 3 remote control toys on your app on my phone on Nov 10/18. I just received the parcel from China yesterday and it was only two very small toys worth about 0.10 and only about 2 inches long. And certainly not the remote control ones advertised. You claim to prevent...

Fitoos / basketball hoop net ring wall mounted outdoor hanging basket

Nov 24, 2018

FitoosI ordered a standard basketball hoop that included a basketball net along with it, the picture that was provided for the product and the actual product itself were two different things i.e. they falsely advertised the product or perhaps I got a wrongly manufactured one. For one, the number... / these low life thieves sent me a defective and used airsoft sight.

Nov 1, 2018

snitactical .com also sells on dhgate .com These low life thieves sent me a defective and USED sight. They are impossible to deal with via dhgate messaging and sent them proof pictures 4 times and they said not received, chat rep sent and assured they did get yet they still claim not...

Brooklyn Kayak Company / advertising misleading consumers on craigslist / phishing for leads and contact and personal info

Oct 29, 2018

Puts ads for used kayaks on Craigslist for sale by owner all over the country at ridiculously low prices bc they know people will respond. They don't allow you to email only text or call. A free way to generate leads and get your personal information. Also highly unethical and a terrible...

Under Armour Online Store / sock quality; poor customer support from under armour

Oct 10, 2018

Under Armour Online StoreI bought a pair of Under Armour socks in the Central World store Thailand on September 22nd. I have found since the first usage that the two sides are not the same (see the attachment). The right side seems to be bigger. I just want to change the low quality product. When I got back to the...

Carlton Oaks Golf Course / management of tee times and groupings of golfers

Oct 8, 2018

Here is my confirmation: Stanley cook [protected] Confirmation #: [protected] Golf course confirmation #: 1e6zmik7c3424 Tee times were late, no starter, no course marshal, twosomes not grouped together, 2-3 groups on one hole at a time, mismanagement of the course in terms of play I left... / kayak which is 10 years old sold by a shop as new!

Oct 6, 2018

WARNING - selling products which may potentially cause direct life danger ! Maybe a good shop if you buy cheap items and you do not care about quality. But if you buy more expensive ones and such have a deficiency - it gets into an unpleasant experience. Have purchased online from a...

JRS Dream / it's actually a store that is closed

Oct 1, 2018

I recently purchased a few items from a store that says it is closed and doesn't exist and I was told that they may be updating the system and everything will be going again soon but it still has not opened and still says the same message. I have not had any luck with your customer...

NFL Sunday Football / who you are showing to my market

Sep 9, 2018

Today you chose to show a NFC east game to a AFC West Market. Gee thanks. I could care less about NFC East but would love to see my Broncos play. The bits you are showing me shows it is A a much better game and B in the right market. Just because you call it the game of the week does not... / hot selling!!! camping hammock with bug net and suspension system × 1 blue+orange+green save$10

Aug 31, 2018

Placed order 7 Aug 18. Paid with credit card. Order accepted and credit card debited. Suppose to ship 7-15 business day. Also was suppose to be notified when items shipped. Sent 4 emails to any address I could find on emails confirming purchases. No replies as of this date. Threesquirrel shop Service...

Commercial for NFL / programming

Aug 22, 2018

I've been seeing a commercial for the NFL where a father comes in to talk to his son. I strongly object to him telling his son that no one likes a snitch. With all the shootings in schools and some that could have been avoided if someone would have told an adult. How stupid was it to...

Jamie Carragher / sky football

Aug 13, 2018

Why has that disgusting individual, Jamie Carragher, be aloud to creep back on to Sky Sports again. The spitting incident showed a total lack of judgement as well as a total lack of respect for other people. It is a bad example to youngsters and teens showing there is no penalty for...

Decathlon Turkey / complain about internet shopping in turkey

Aug 9, 2018

I bought a tent from decathlon website on the 4th of august. My order number is TUR3689236. In the web site it is written that orders are supposed to ship within 2 days. It's been 5 days so far. Today I have written over whats up about my orders last situation and the answer I got wa...

Sports City (Karachi) / football barca

Aug 7, 2018

Sports City (Karachi)The product is not the one ordered as shown on website and is defective. We are regular customer of daraz and also encourage others to use it. This is the first time we have sent a complain and it is a valid complain. We recieved the product yesterday evening 7th August and immediately...

TV Shop / abs pro

Aug 1, 2018

See following correspondence received after notifying the TV Shop on 26/6/2018 that I wanted to return the items. I didn't receive a call or email advising me of a return number. I have had numerous phone calls and emails from Brand developers asking for payment. I have explained the...

Rebelbirds / f350 6.4

Jul 27, 2018

I have been a ford man ever since I got my licence I am now 50, all I have ever owned was a ford. Ever since I bought my 2008 F350 6.4 diesel it is in the shop multiple times a year for different issues costing a lot of money things like heater quit working on drivers side, radiator replacement...

Richards Bay virgin active / using the squash courts for yoga

Jul 27, 2018

Richards Bay virgin activeManagement maid a decision to use the sqaush court for yoga classes, we have all complainted about this, saying that it is wrong. Now the court is in such a bad condition, doing joya with black marking shoes and leaving all their equipment on the floor maid it impossible to play on that...

Commentaries / sky sports arena

Jul 25, 2018

25/7/18. This is a general complaint. I am sick and tired of listening to commentators, incessantly talking during tennis matches. Comment occasionally, yes, but we don't need to hear about, what we can obviously see with our own eyes. I have been watching tennis on tv since 1953. I don't... / item I ordered is not the item I received

Jul 21, 2018

On 07/03/18 I ordered a Inflatable Waterslide from a website This Waterslide was decribed as 16 Foot Long 15 foot Wide and 10 Foot tall when inflated and is was supoose to come with an Air Pump. I purchased it for $120.00 with free shipping. On July 9th I received an order...