Sports & Recreation Complaints


Zando — incompetence

I ordered something but cancelled it the same time, zando ships my item after 5 days despite me cancelling the same time. Item arrives a week later. I then had to wait another 16...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 13, 2020

GolfNow — booking confirmation was not honored at the course. I was still charged

I booked tee time in cabo san lucas at the cabo san lucas country club. When I got to the course they said my conformation number did not exsist. I had to pay again and wa...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 11, 2020

Fox TV — super bowl 2020 halftime show

I'm a young mom of a five year old, and I found the superbowl halftime show this year inappropriate, offensive, and utterly unsuitable for many, many viewers. I'm shocked that...

5 comments Sports & Recreation  · Feb 04, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — halftime show

Our family quit watching the Super Bowl many years ago because of the ads, which have so much agenda-laden nonsense that we could not watch with our kids and did not want to...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 04, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl liv halftime show

What a horrible half time show to put on in prime time when families are watching the game with young children in the room. That show was better suited for a late night talk show...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 03, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl halftime

Very disappointed in the half time show. This is a family event during family hours and to present a show that is sexually charged is very discouraging. We had a house full of...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 03, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl halftime show

I had to leave the room; the halftime show was pure debauchery. Since the majority of viewers are men, the boldness of the sexually thrusting, scantily clad women, to give...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 03, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — superbowl halftime show

I would like you to know how appalling the Superbowl half-time show was.. It was lewd, sexually explicit, and did not showcase the talent of either performer. I expect the...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 03, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — the nfl ad during the super bowl

You super bowel ad was total uncalled for and total junk. You were not there when the incident happened and you believe what the news tells you. All your ad did was stir up the...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 03, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl scientology advertisement

We have been watching the big game and a Scientology commercial was aired. I don't know if it was local advertising or if that was national. Either way, I think that was wildly...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 02, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — super bowl feature

I am shocked and appalled by your honoring OJ Simpson as part of your pre-Superbowl celebration of 100 years of NFL competition. Surely you could have found someone more worthy of...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 02, 2020

Fox TV — super bowl ads

Very disappointed to find out you've accepted a gun control add, but denied a pro 2A and pro life add. I didn't realize Super Bowl adds were used to make political stances which...

Sports & Recreation  · Feb 02, 2020

Super Bowl — commercials chosen for the super bowl

I am sickened and angry that FOX has cow-towed to the LBGQT community over the rest of us. You have decided that celebrating and giving preference to an alternate lifestyle i...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 31, 2020

Seven West Media / Channel 7 — coverage of the australian open tennis

Channel 7 should strongly discipline John McEnroe for his offensive actions at the Open with his on-court banner designed to denigrate Margaret Court. He is not even an...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 29, 2020

Revolution Golf — tasco range finder

When I shoot the same target 4 times in a row, I get 4 different distances. Moreover, when I compare the distance I read with the Tasco to my buddies' range finders, it gives me a...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 27, 2020

Under Armour — customer service

Dear UA, I am so upset with your customer service that I am pretty sure that even this message will be overlooked, so that I am going to make sure I put this on all customer...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 24, 2020

Beachbody — apparel

I purchased a compression tight (item #MDAPGBP13311SM) for my daughter on November 18, 2019 and when she received the gift on January 10, 2020, the tights were not comfortable to...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 16, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — referee ruling

In the divisional playoff game with the Seahawks vs Packers. There we a few calls that were bad for example, Arron Jones with a helmet TD, the Face Mask on Jadeveon Clowney face...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 12, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — the nfl refs

What the refs just did again for the Green Bay Packers on national TV is a disgrace. I have been a fan for years. This year, I am done. Unless you do something about the quality...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 12, 2020

[Resolved] Activity Superstore — voucher zath-601-528

182365 We contacted you in November with regards to struggling with dates and a place to use my voucher. After a disagreement with the ending validity date. You gave us a couple of...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 06, 2020 — o t rules

You need to change the ridiculous rule that allows a team that is just lucky to win a damn coin toss to start ot to win the game if they score a td and other team doesn't get a...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 05, 2020

Machi Information Technology Co., Ltd — flying tent, hammock & poncho - blue

I purchased and paid for a camping hammock . It arrived and was nothing like the advertised pdroduct so wanted to return it and get a refund. i would like to return the product...

Sports & Recreation  · Jan 05, 2020

National Football League [NFL] — referees

The refs this season have been terrible. So many teams have been losing games they should have won. They call what doesn't happen but never call what does happen. They need to get...

Sports & Recreation  · Dec 29, 2019

Seven West Media / Channel 7 — cricket commentators

No 1 rule in cricket not talk as bowl being delivered. TEST: Slater and female English commentator (not sure of name) continually talk over balls. Suggest they...

Sports & Recreation  · Dec 27, 2019

National Football League [NFL] — honoring a monster

NFL, How is it possible that the NFL would even let a monster such as Michael Vick continue to play much less condone and honor this inhumane waste who actually enjoyed torturing...

Sports & Recreation  · Dec 27, 2019