Software & Games Complaints


Zynga — Zynga world poker

172085 I love playing Zynga Poker and on the 21st of February I was going to purchase a $10 gold coin pack to spend for free coins but when I tried to purchase it it said error and...

Software & Games  · Feb 26, 2020

Miniclip — 8 ball pool

I've been playing this game for some time, I really enjoy it and the community. I have slowly been building coins. Today, without me even touching the screen it put me into a...

Software & Games  · Feb 25, 2020 — Gojek clone, they never gave me what I paid

They do not fulfill what they say and play with your money and your time, do not use their services, I gave them 5 thousand dollars for the application and they never gave me what I paid.

Software & Games  · Feb 25, 2020

VWO / Wingify Software — Girls: beware of Sparsh Gupta if you are joining Wingify

660110 Luckily, I resigned from Wingify, The main Lead of the company Sparsh Gupta was big time hitting on not only me but every Vulnerable woman he seems is alone in the city. He ha...

1 comments Software & Games  · Feb 20, 2020

Zynga — missing chips balance all

172085 Dear sir/madam I had almost 2b chips. Today I logged in again after 1, 2 months in zynga poker app via my tab and all my chips lost. I got only daily rewarded chips rest my chip...

Software & Games  · Feb 20, 2020

Covet Fashion — customer service and the app

599169 If you ever have the plesure to esspecialy communicate with brittany, then you realy are inn for a treat. A month of jerking around with something that could take 2 minutes at no...

Software & Games  · Feb 19, 2020

FunPlus — Guns of glory

575706 I do not have the face book account that was I guess originally bound I believe so I can not get into my account my account is in 306 my user name is $billdoe$ I have c36 and I...

Software & Games  · Feb 19, 2020

Gamefoo — taking my money for nothing!

Money is going from my account a lot for something I don't want! I am on a disability income and I have very little money for this! I have no way to get to gamefoo! Each...

Software & Games  · Feb 15, 2020

High 5 Games / High 5 Casino — Purchase game packages and didn't receive the coins.

I purchase a game package for 19.99 on February 13, 2020 and never received the coins. I tried again on February 14, 2020 to purchase a package for 9.99 and again I didn't get the...

Software & Games  · Feb 15, 2020

Iobit — re installation code for system care

I have been using Advanced system care for years and I think it is a good product. So I decided to buy the full version, very useful and satisfying. Then I had a problem with pc...

Software & Games  · Feb 14, 2020

Zynga — owe me coins 225 billion owed send to my account now

172085 I paid thousand dollars for coins I want my coins restored to my account that was wrong I paid almost $1000 dollars but was separate order ya owe me 225 billions coins to my...

Software & Games  · Feb 14, 2020

Miniclip — disappeared coins on 8ball pool

506061 Hi there An few days I was helping an friend as he had 0 coins left so I let him win 100 games in Jakarta to help him out as I had 102 million coins, I've come on pool...

Software & Games  · Feb 09, 2020

VWO / Wingify Software — fake, scammer, try to touch woman at work, sparsh gupta, wingify

its a crazy place at, the lead of the leadership team Sparsh Gupta, CEO of Wingify and VMO Portal is a scammer and tries to hold woman employee, specially...

1 comments Software & Games  · Feb 09, 2020

Miniclip — 8 ball

506061 I've been playing 8 ball for years and I play your golf game too, they're both great games. Over the years you've bombarded me with ads and I finally purchased the season pass. I...

Software & Games  · Feb 07, 2020

Kizoa — slideshow maker

After many years of using this site to make my slideshows, I am no longer able to view my photos or movies stored there. I know the photos and movies are there but I cannot view...

Software & Games  · Feb 06, 2020

Inspyder Software — web crawling and seo software - scam

Simple, powerful website scammers & seo software Check out these seven scamming tools not amazing tools for seo and web crawling scammers. Sitemap generators, link checker...

Burlington Software & Games  · Feb 05, 2020

Ubisoft — support ticket: [protected]

20488 Bruce Bruce Lawson Computer Services 18 Kurrajong Street Dorrigo NSW 2453 E-mail [protected] Ph 02 [protected] I purchased this game many years ago (see attached pic'...

Software & Games  · Feb 04, 2020

Miniclip — 8 ball pool game

506061 Dear sirs I have had a message on screen saying final warning for giving coins away to my friend that is fair enough I have done that to try to help her pool level didn't know it...

Software & Games  · Feb 03, 2020

Hoyle and Encore — hoyle official card games for windows (download)

I purchased Hoyle Official Card Games for Windows (Download) from two days ago. Although I had no problems downloading and installing the product, I am greatly...

Software & Games  · Feb 03, 2020

Miniclip — 8 ball pool

I have spent 500 coins on a game and in this game I lost because there was a issue with the cue not striking the white ball. The cue icon on side would only pool down so much...

1 comments Software & Games  · Feb 02, 2020

[Resolved] Kudos Interactive — cb automator plugin for wordpress

I bought CB Automator from Kudos Interactive in January. It is a plugin piece of software for Wordpress. When I watched the video on the salespage the video showed the...

Software & Games  · Feb 01, 2020

Wingify — sparsh gupta ceo of wingify is womaniser

Women abuse at work place #Sparsh Gupta, the CEO of #Wingify will make your life hell if you complain about his mischievous nature and physical abuse at Wingify, he calls on...

2 comments Software & Games  · Feb 01, 2020

Covet Fashion — covet fashion

The Coveted Debut glitch caused my fashion house to lose our fancy rally. A few people in the group were helped. I was not. Please answer my support tickets. You keep saying that...

Software & Games  · Jan 31, 2020

CipSoft — tibia

They gutted the good spawns because they were too hard to hunt, and had a payout equal to the hunt difficulty. They want to have a "no child left behind" game. No change to me on...

Software & Games  · Jan 30, 2020

Kizoa — starter account

511084 Hello, I purchased my Kizoa Starter Account end of 2018. When I made my first holiday video with it, it worked fine. End of last year when I wanted to make my second holiday...

Software & Games  · Jan 29, 2020