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CardPool / Never received my check, nor will anyone reply to my emails or answer my calls

andrew brandt on Jan 27, 2017
CardPoolgave them a 250 dollar gift card and expected a check for 217...that was a month and a half ago. im a fricken college student for god sakes, that was my grocery money for the entire month...ive been eating nothing but ramen and cant even afford that now because of the way this busine...

Letgo / iphone

_D3N! on Jan 27, 2017
I have a huge complaint about today. There was a problem. I have bought a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus but I havebt received them at all. So the person basically took my money. And I think you should take down this selling site! Umm also I think it's really bad for this site but also it...

The CuteKid / December contest winner results

Renata Kmiecik on Jan 24, 2017
Hello- I wanted to follow up on December photo contest where I had my daughter entered (Sofia Kmiecik) under People's Choice section and she got a tremendous amount of votes, over 3 thousand to your knowledge. I haven't heard back from anyone or neither did she even get honorable mention on...

Glocell / Customer service and cruise

Ben Reddy on Jan 19, 2017
Took out a contract with Glocell. Mainly for the cruise promotion. Take came to apply for the cruise in November 2016 did the necessary submitted all details within the stipulated period. We then received forms that we filled and returned and then we where asked to as we will received...

Vodacom / Vodacom is scamming me

Pieter Smith on Jan 5, 2017
I got a huewei p8 on contract, 8 core processor and 3 gig ram valued at R 8000, Under warrenty it stopped charging after 6 months of use and i returned it. They say i should take new phone valued at R6500... I am being scammed please help. I want the same phone that i signed my contract...

Footstepsdrawingnear.com / Scam

njsoliere on Jan 4, 2017
My dad was trying to purchase a pair of shoes online from this site www.footstepsdrawingnear.com. During check out my dad was asked for several different credit/debit card numbers as well as other personal and unnecessary information was requested from my dad. He thought this was strange...

Plustocks.com / Scam money fraud

mohsin101 on Dec 27, 2016
hey sir Mohsin i was using Facebook i then i saw a videos of online trading i put i details register it with help supervisor he tell you make money i huge amount and you can withdrawal your deposit soon but that make trade on 22-4-2016 coffee 20$ first time i lost it mistake then make trade...

freshdesk.com / They sell paid links to spread spam online about anything

Latina Jessels123 on Dec 21, 2016
Hi, I am Latin Domitilla from LA, USA. I found freshdesk.com is a fake indian company distributing fake information & charging money to write bad content online which brings fake information to users of google in search result. I called them too & found some weird fake american accent ...

Awards Notification Commission / Congratulations, you have just won $1,325,000

m7scorpius on Dec 20, 2016
Don't fall for this scam! I received an "awards notification" today, indicating that I need to send $11.89 payable to awards notification center (Larry hourd, "executor of awards") to become eligible to win this huge jackpot. Yeah, right, larry... I googled awards notification center and...

Wireless Advocates / Scam rebates

kudlan on Dec 7, 2016
Wireless AdvocatesOn September 1st, 2016 I stop by the Verizon wireless booth located inside of the COSTCO warehouse, physical location: 4849 NE 138th Ave Portland, OR 972303401. The sales agent told that if I will sign up with the Verizon and will purchase a cell phone today, than I will receive a...

Worldwide Courier Services / shipment and hacked to factories in china emails

daina2323 on Dec 7, 2016
Worldwide Courier ServicesThose people hacked to the emails in china factories, they pretend that they are the sales rep' i'm dealing with, they send an email to the rep' that i change my email to a new one, and for me they open a gmail account with and use the same factory name and sales rep' name. for example, the...

Award Notification Commission / Award notification

Kimhook on Dec 4, 2016
I received a letter from them indicating I had won $1, 327, 940 single check or $2, 000, 000 30 year annuity. I goggled because I was suspicious as they asked for $12.99 for a processing fee. Something needs to be done. These people ar making mucho bucks by scamming people. I could not...

Argos UK / All of it

savour faire on Nov 23, 2016
Lies lies lies! You lie about having stock you lie about delivery times you lie about refunding customers you lie about having a 30 day money back guarentee you lie about price match its all lies. You are loosing many customers rapidly. Hopefully you will go out of business very soon. P. S i...

Acquisition International / Acquistion international awards scam

jackielondon on Nov 19, 2016
These people have been sending me scam awards email for the last few years. Now in their desperation they have faked emails to try and get me to purchase trophies for their fake awards. When I said I didnt want it, they have sent a collection agency to collect the money. They are making up...

RMP / RMP is fraud

Sheebasahani on Nov 17, 2016
RMP is not a business it is bullcrap. RMP is all about you buy a cheap product from them in 6000k or 7000k which cost you in market hardly 1500k you people know what i mean and from rest amount they guys will give 500 to 1 or 2 people so it is just a fake and scam stay away from this fake...

Gumtree / I have been scammed

Ellnaz on Nov 14, 2016
I wanted to buy a I phone 6s and I visited gumtree. After a long search I saw a good del that the phone was 6s and it was for £240 so I decided to buy it. I emailed the guy to buy the phone so he told me that he forgot his PayPal so I have to send it by card but because I didn't have bank account...

Outsurance / refrigerator claim

rehobother on Nov 8, 2016
They will do anything to get out of a claim, next they will blame the bad telephone connections as a reason they cannot process my claim. Pathetic. Don't go there, they promise you anything and everything to get you to sign up then they evaporate . You have to spend money making...

Windstream / Unauthorized credit card charges

moxiecat on Oct 21, 2016
I did a survey for windstream in turn windstream let be order garcinia cambogia for the price of shipping and i received it with no problem. Now, a month later i receive an e-mail that said ("my order has shipper")** i didn't order the product.** they used the credit card number when i got...

Paramount Songs / Demo

James McCrory on Oct 20, 2016
To all out there thinking of getting a demo from Paramount-songs think twice I am waiting 87 days and still no demo can't say what the quality is lie but service is useless. They don, t take phone calls there is a phone don't ring it it gives details of website that's it no messaging...

Magnamail.com.au / Ripoff/scam lies

Pamela Korn on Oct 14, 2016
sir, I an sick of receiving your mail stating that i am so close to winning prize money an i am the exclusive person that has the number since 2003 as a member. and not once have i received any money, only cheap jewellery all the time . and why should i order anything if i am in the...
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