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TapJoy / Make Money

Stephen Taffy Jones on Feb 23, 2017
Scam site scam site as if it's not then why haven't you payed me for the egg i cracked for £100 i have been in touch with my local newspaper and there are happy to put an article in the newspaper about the apps that are scam apps and you don't get payed from them even when you...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / Scam letter/award notification

dsonger2 on Feb 21, 2017
Received letter in the mail today, "Official Form of Tender No: 13570" stating that I "Have just won $1, 325, 000." Upon reading further, it also states that "An acquisition FEE for Premium Offer is due and must be enclosed as required for $12.99 payable to the office of ANC." It's a bunch of...

Body Lab / Deceived by body lab consultants

Fikile Mzolo on Feb 16, 2017
My name is Fikile. I have been a victim deceived into signing a supposedly free trial contract with Body Lab. I am so disgusted, appalled and deceived by the manner Body Lad does business, their sales consultants are so dishonest. I work in a retail environment where I am always at work, I...

Real Canadian Superstore / Scam

Loonieless on Feb 14, 2017
Every single time I am at any Real Canadian superstore, this sadistic company would rather watch me struggle to carry my groceries than offer me a cart. I am sorry that my career does not pay me in loonies (i have requested but they refuse) so i am unable to rent a cart. As i attempt to...

Awards Notification Commision / Scam sweepstakes

Christine Kira Lamson on Feb 14, 2017
Hi, I received this letter in the mail today saying I supposedly won 2 million dollars if I only sent in $12.99 for processing. I believe this to be a scam as I never entered any contests/sweepstakes and it clearly states "further provided your valid entry # is returned and matches the...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / Claiming that I need to send $ immediately or else I'll lose $$$$$

Annettes on Feb 14, 2017
This company is at it again!! Back in 2006 ( I believe) this so- called company tried to get $ from unsuspecting folks. All you had to do was send $5 and they will be sure you are in line for $12 mill. Rich Brady is the individual (director) who signed the letter (LOL!! love the name) The...

Yahoo Help Internet Phone Line / Scam $100 in itunes

Richard Lyon on Feb 11, 2017
YAHOO I FORGOT MY PASSWORD Yahoo I Richard Lyon was scam $100 on iTunes cards, by on line Yahoo help phone number. (1-855-777-5686 USA) and New York call center phone number (1-347-732-5254) on internet. I talked to a person name Jeffery Danes Exton number ( 113 ) Jeffery told me on Feb.08...

Rapid Fulfillment / Skintek mole remover

onir on Feb 10, 2017
I ordered this item once and it did not work. I called this # 1-844-688-6198 in the lady said, Here is the # so you can able to ask question etc. The no. that they gave is 1-844-347-0748. The lady said what is your first name and last name, they can't able to find me, she ask me do you...

Stop The Abuse Of Visa Program / Stop the abuse of h1b other foreign worker programs

http://protectusworkers.org/ and petition here at Abolish H1B Visa program: http://www.petition2congress.com/7637/abolish-h1b-visa-program -1B program is flawed beyond repair. It should be abolished in favor of something smarter. Corporations have no place being immigration middle men...

ExxonMobil / Job offer

jm.worrall on Feb 5, 2017
To confirm the recent screening process, which was conducted by the screening department of Exxonmobil (usa). we are pleased to offer you an initial position as the. Position: hse advisor Job location: texas, usa. Starting date: march 6th 2017 on this date, you are to report at 9:00 a...

Snogify / Scam

Lopez22 on Jan 30, 2017
Been chatting to a women on snogify called Molly Malone been chatting for months now she keeps saying we will meet up soon never happens She seems very keen on me please don't really to this woman is at scam Don't use snogify.it is a scam most of the profile fake.they are what snogify call...

CardPool / Never received my check, nor will anyone reply to my emails or answer my calls

andrew brandt on Jan 27, 2017
CardPoolgave them a 250 dollar gift card and expected a check for 217...that was a month and a half ago. im a fricken college student for god sakes, that was my grocery money for the entire month...ive been eating nothing but ramen and cant even afford that now because of the way this busine...

Letgo / Iphone

_D3N! on Jan 27, 2017
I have a huge complaint about today. There was a problem. I have bought a iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus but I havebt received them at all. So the person basically took my money. And I think you should take down this selling site! Umm also I think it's really bad for this site but also it...

The CuteKid / December contest winner results

Renata Kmiecik on Jan 24, 2017
Hello- I wanted to follow up on December photo contest where I had my daughter entered (Sofia Kmiecik) under People's Choice section and she got a tremendous amount of votes, over 3 thousand to your knowledge. I haven't heard back from anyone or neither did she even get honorable mention on...

Glocell / Customer service and cruise

Ben Reddy on Jan 19, 2017
Took out a contract with Glocell. Mainly for the cruise promotion. Take came to apply for the cruise in November 2016 did the necessary submitted all details within the stipulated period. We then received forms that we filled and returned and then we where asked to as we will received...

Vodacom / Vodacom is scamming me

Pieter Smith on Jan 5, 2017
I got a huewei p8 on contract, 8 core processor and 3 gig ram valued at R 8000, Under warrenty it stopped charging after 6 months of use and i returned it. They say i should take new phone valued at R6500... I am being scammed please help. I want the same phone that i signed my contract...

Footstepsdrawingnear.com / Scam

njsoliere on Jan 4, 2017
My dad was trying to purchase a pair of shoes online from this site www.footstepsdrawingnear.com. During check out my dad was asked for several different credit/debit card numbers as well as other personal and unnecessary information was requested from my dad. He thought this was strange...

Plustocks.com / Scam money fraud

mohsin101 on Dec 27, 2016
hey sir Mohsin i was using Facebook i then i saw a videos of online trading i put i details register it with help supervisor he tell you make money i huge amount and you can withdrawal your deposit soon but that make trade on 22-4-2016 coffee 20$ first time i lost it mistake then make trade...

freshdesk.com / They sell paid links to spread spam online about anything

Latina Jessels123 on Dec 21, 2016
Hi, I am Latin Domitilla from LA, USA. I found freshdesk.com is a fake indian company distributing fake information & charging money to write bad content online which brings fake information to users of google in search result. I called them too & found some weird fake american accent ...

Awards Notification Commission / Congratulations, you have just won $1,325,000

m7scorpius on Dec 20, 2016
Don't fall for this scam! I received an "awards notification" today, indicating that I need to send $11.89 payable to awards notification center (Larry hourd, "executor of awards") to become eligible to win this huge jackpot. Yeah, right, larry... I googled awards notification center and...
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