Scam Contests Complaints

USA Reward Zone / iphone x s

Apr 3, 2019

USA Reward ZoneI have completed all the offers one by one on 3/29/2019 so that it within the time frame. I have screen shot all the offers showing success. Meaning I have completed my 10 offers required, I also have screen shot of the confirmation emails in my two emails from all the companies. I have...

Ananta Developers Kanpur / fraud/faulty/ cheater/ useless

Apr 3, 2019

This complaint is about fraud ishu malhotra, phone no [protected] I want to interrupt you all as I was proposed for a govt. Project and when I saw this website and its owner I was laughing through my bes, why the hell are you giving this review which doesn't even matter as the author of...

The Audible US / unauthorized credit card charges

Jan 31, 2019

Hello, $14.95 was debited from my bank account today (31/01/2019). This is a surprise to me because I never subscribed for any audiobook or do I apply for membership with the Audible US. This is highly disturbing, I want to believe this occurred as a mistake because I have never come...

Ben Yoshiharo Push Wallet (Kickstarter) / push wallet

Jan 28, 2019

Ben Yoshiharo and his wife Xatziri Cruz Salas have raised $755, 000 on the Kickstarter site for these pillows and failed to update backers or ever provide product. At this time backers are filing FTC complaints against her and her company as well as with the Orange County District Attorney'...

Marina Noble (aka Marine Mkhitaryan) / watertown/ma (and west yarmouth/ma) resident marina noble: criminal charges in bristol myer, squibb ct

Jan 24, 2019

All post on this site and other sites are placed by marina noble from watertown, ma, who faces felony charges and has arrest warrants for her contempt to criminal court for her arraignment for her severe harassing and abusive behavior. Marina noble isn't just a cruel narcissist. She is evil...

Maxima Medical, Ltd Company at Indonesia Jakarta / refund from scammer account

Jan 18, 2019

Maxima Medical, Ltd Company at Indonesia JakartaI bought Dental device from Maxima Medical, LTD company at Indonesia Jakarta. Mr Ferdi Airlangga sales manager in the company requested a wire transfere to Mr Darwin the later has an account at your respectful bank. the account details as follow: beneficiary name : Darwin Bank Name: Bank...

Asian Trust Translation Co., Ltd / l am not paid from the company,/ they issued po and did not paid 6 months now

Dec 10, 2018

Asian Trust Translation Co., LtdDo not work for asian trust translation co., ltd vietnam The company is a scam They will send you jobs They say they will send po once you deliver. You have to remind them to send po after, they will not answer for days And if they issue po, they will never pay it Job was assigned in 6...

Yogi Singh walking in Encino, CA / fortune telling scam

Dec 3, 2018

Wow, I'm quite amazed that this scam has happened in so many places. Today at 2pm (12/3/18) the same thing happened to me in Encino, CA. I was rushing back to work after taking my daily walk. I came upon 2 Indian gentlemen both with turbans talking. They were taking up most of the...

AC-Zestads / enjoy lives order no. el9680 (easy fix magic wood)

Dec 2, 2018

I ordered the magic wood easy fix on 11/19/2018. The amount of $19.90 was deducted from my account, thru pay-pal on 11/21/2018. Paid and never rec'd. If i do not get a response from you, i will paste this letter all over facebook and ask all to share. I will ask pay-pal for a refund... / this company offers to buy surplus unused diabetic test strips, but do not pay after receiving the merchandise.

Nov 24, 2018

These scammers are ripping the innocent people. They promised to pay within 24 hours, but they has NOT paid. Do NOT send in your test strips. They do not pay and just take your strips and run. REPORT to Better Business Bureau. *** This company asked innocent people to send in and sell to...

Gitras / Kapo Kasanda and Vitaly Ivanov / jp54

Nov 13, 2018

Please stay away from Kapo Kasanda and Vitaly Ivanov They are both big time scammers. Mr Kasanda sent me a very good FOB procedures for various Petroleum products. He ask me to provide buyer CP before give seller information. I sent him 3 buyers CP. After that I received the below...

Notting Turtle / 6 weeks of 2 week they will be here poppy seed

Oct 25, 2018

Starting 6 weeks ago you said 2 weeks . Then sold a weak poppy for double of a good one. Those 2 weeks went by then you say I'm out of the one now I have a lower grade spanish which I didn't attempt since the one before foamed up and was weak already for double the price. Then you tell...

Rainmate / air purifier

Oct 4, 2018

I entered a contest on 09/29/2018 to win a rainmate air purifier. I just got a text from a Debbie saying I won and it's mine free of charge. She Sked if I would allow her to do a demonstration. No problem. Set up time to come out. I get a call asking if I had a demonstration 2 year...

Phone Scam / phone scam using a google phone number

Oct 5, 2018

I am the Director of Security for Feed The Children we have been receiving several complaints of a caller claiming to be with Feed The Children and offering money and fake jobs they are using the phone number [protected] using the name of Mike Hogan. Can you please look at this number...

Arend Safaris LTD Arusha Tanzania Tom Kilongola / $ 9,633. oo usd scam

Sep 22, 2018

I wired $9, 633.00 to Arend Sararis on 05/01/2018 On 07/23/2018 Arend Safaris canceled the Safari and promised a refund on 08/28/2018. On 09/13/2018 i requested a new date for the refund. Arend Safaris has not respond to any of my emails Should I contact US Embassy in Tanzania ? Arend Safari'...

POF A15768 / I believe this man may be a scammer

Sep 6, 2018

I was in contact by messaging he had a picture of a nice looking guy who lives i burbank as we are talking he says he lives in michigan but moving ro burbank cause his father left him more money that he could ever spend then i notice the next day the profile picure was that of a different...

Lithia Ford / car purchase

Aug 24, 2018

I will be 80 years old on October 18, 2018, so when my son and I visited Lithia Ford on Monday, May 14, 2018, I had no interest in buying a new car. My 2008 Kia Amanti, in excellent condition, with 58, 201 miles, was paid for, so my only purpose for coming into Lithia Ford was to collect...

Pepsi promo scam / pepsi fund scam I think

Aug 11, 2018

MY name is Maher, I got a email saying I won a price, But then they said it will come by courier company. I Realized it is a scam. I gave them my personal details so I am worried and hence writing here for giving the information. This is what they sent me: We are in receipt of your...

Huddersfield / hublot watch

Aug 1, 2018

HuddersfieldHi, the shipment date of my item was estimated on the 28th June 2018 till the 26 July 2018.It is the 1st of August and I have received nothing at all witch I am very concerned order number is [protected] and the payment has been confirmed but also not been received anything at all.I...

Investment Properties Mexico / pages on your website about investment properties mexico

Jul 30, 2018

Hi good night Searching on Internet I found some links that talk about Investment Properties Mexico and this information is wrong. These articles were written by Sean O'Neal who is a disgruntled ex-employee who is trying to extort money from his previous company. Sean Ryan whose real...

offers / not receive credits

Jul 21, 2018

To whom it may concern, I play Design Home and if we need diamonds we can earn diamonds of offers now I have completed several offers and providing proof and I get no response just close out and "saying they did not hear back from me " even though I did respond and have proof by emails so...

Sabse Smart Kaun Game show on Star TV / Sabse Smart Kaun Game show prize money thru paytm

Jul 13, 2018

I have downloaded the hotstar app in my mobile as directed in the Sabse Smart Kaun Game Show in Star TV for playing the game. I am playing Sabse Smart Kaun Game show regularly since one month and scoring points. Yesterday also, I scored more than 35000 points but I have not been credited...

Bioline247 (Galanov Andrey and Angelika) / vitamins and medicine for dogs

Jul 11, 2018

Bioline247 (Galanov Andrey and Angelika)Do not buy from them! They stole my money. I order 10 bottles of medication for my dog and each bottle cost around $14. They send me only 6. Previous order 5 month ago I have also issue, two bottles is broken, I emailed them right away and they never replace it. I never will order again from... / spam emails

Jun 18, 2018

I have at least 70 emails a day from these people - the more you block, the more you try to unsubscribe the more you get. The content of these emails are not suitable when my 8 year old daughter has access to this account. Unfortunately the variety of emails from perverted emails to online dating to loans etc. Some of the sexual ones can be very explicit

@CompleteSaveUk / money taken from my account

May 28, 2018

I have noticed that £15 has been taken from my bank account and I have not signed up to anything from your company I need a refund of this please have you a contact number I can call please as money is tight and this is affecting direct debits that I actually have signed up to I am very annoyed by this so a quick reply will be appreciated Chloe Ross

Roy DeFranco of Hudsons Bay Company / why does he hire hookers like nicole matties

Apr 10, 2018

Why does Roy DeFranco hire prostitutes from like Nicole Matties who the whole world knows is a big blowjob queen? Well I guess the answer is quite obvious. The funny thing is this [censor] Nicole Matties hoodwinked the entire federal government when she got a TN Visa a...

Misuse of Train Horn, Harassment / union pacific

Mar 27, 2018

Now the other day, I actually seen the train not blow the train horn going through intersections but yet when there are no intersections they blow the horn. Now I am not a certain schedule but I have noticed bathing and anytime I have my clothes off the damn horn sounds off, even bathing...

National Consumer Surveys / product

Mar 22, 2018

National Consumer Surveys is a website with a big scam. It gives you prizes that they don't even have for you and will scam you for it. You waste money on offers and deals on stuff that you don't want. The website doesn't even verify that you completed all the offers immediately even if...

Scam Prize of $ 1 Million and Honda Car / scam prize

Mar 6, 2018

I have received email from Diplomat Marcus White telling to give ₹ 27, 500 for airport checks. And I would be getting $ 1 million and Honda Car. Please help me. I am in trouble. Is this real or a fake scam? I am not able to concentrate on something else. I hope to get a solution to...

FBA Stores AKA Amazing Wealth Systems / 100% money back guarantee not honored

Mar 5, 2018

On July 30, 2017 I invested $34, 995 with FBA Stores ( AKA Amazing Wealth Systems) after a 3 day training held in Carson, City NV to teach me how to be an Amazon Seller. As an inducement, the company offered a 100% money back guarantee in writing. It became apparent that it was impossible...

American Citizen Cash Award / phone phishing scam associating themselves with readers digest

Feb 16, 2018

February 15-16th, 2018...David Washington(Jamaica) called and informed me that I had won the second place prize of $350, 000 and to await his call in the morning. [protected] and [protected]... I felt amused and listened to the BS for the next hour. He proceeded to give me the...

Publishing House / scam

Feb 15, 2018

Publishing House-February 5, 2018 - A certain "Ravikukrejghfga" sent a personal message on for a job that I had applied. (see attached picture) -An email has been initiated by me, as I sent out a message on the email address that he has given to me. (see attached picture named: wilkinsonbell4) -I made...

Nos Llew-Blaidd be warned real name John Smith / stalks women and threatens them real name john smith

Jan 7, 2018

Meet a man who has written on a womans page and in several places all over the net "this bun is always watching you" he trolls and stalks his real name is john smith and he is dangerous He admits himself "he was bullied as a child and suffers from manic depression" -...

Miss Face of Humanity / beauty pageant

Jan 5, 2018

The purpose and intention of this pageant is great but the organizers have not shown justice, equality and fairness towards the contestants and not enough professionalism as an organization. This pageant was a total scam from the beginning, waste of time and money they would pressure the...

Adugba Ebenezer / an iphone 7 plus and a macbook pro

Dec 21, 2017

Adugba EbenezerToday dated 21st of 12 2017, this items where send from UK for me in Nigeria, so I got the waybill document, which am sopost to use and get my items, this fraudster send me an SMS from an unknown location, telling me that my goods have arrive and am to come and get them so I told them the...

Wessels / I have been told by sms that I have won r450 000 in the samsung yearly promo 20/17 but I want to confirm that this promotion exists.

Dec 13, 2017

First sms 11/12/17 I am concerned that this is a scam of some sort. I was told that had won R450 000 in this promotion. Payment not received. Willem Smith has been dealing with me - an employee with Samsung, or so he says Yesterday and again today, I have got numerous phone calls where I have...

Yahoo False Message / the matter of receiving false message as if rendered by the yahoo admin service

Dec 7, 2017

On 07/12/2017, I had received a scam message which has been sent from [protected], by which the sender has used Yahoo Logo and has informed me a false information regarding the upgrade to a new version of security maintenance system matter for security purpose, and the...

Fini Dom / mail fraud

Dec 7, 2017

Dear Sirs My name is Miloš Praščević am owner and executive director of company FINI DOM from Podgorica, Montenegro. I have my mail address [protected], someone else has open mail account [protected] And is sending mails and questions to...

Branded Surveys / Mint VIne / complaint

Dec 1, 2017

I have been doing surveys on-line with Mint Vine. The company recently changed their name to Branded Surveys. I believe that I have been the victim of a SCAM. When you try to cash out your points to get paid it is impossible to get paid. I have read many comments from other people with...

Metro Photography / Apple Models / payment scam

Nov 26, 2017

I paid £500 for my daughters portfolio for modelling from the company apple models. My daughter was 13 at the time and extremely excited, we arrived at metro photography they did her hair and makeup, there was nothing suspicious that it may be fake as there was a lot of other people there doing...