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Burger King / Service not expedited

Kristina cahill on Dec 12, 2017
Event at Burger King 260 State Hwy 29 S, Concord, NC 28027 11.56 am at the drive thru i ordered and asked what type of toys were available for kids meals, employee could not understand what was said, then i drive up to pay window and the lady tells me i dont know, takes a few min to find...

Applebee's Restaurants / Applebee Gift Card Refused

Larry Clem on Dec 12, 2017
I purchased a $25 Applebee's gift card at Walmart in Athens, AL. and gave away at a Xmas gathering. The young lady who got the gift card tried to use it last evening (12-11-2017) at the Athens, Alabama store; however, the card was refused at the store. The manager on duty at the time said...

IHOP Restaurants / manager and server

wiliam jo on Dec 11, 2017
the i hope resturant on hamond lousiana the service so bad with atotut and when we aske for the manger they said the service his girle frind her name nure and the manger nathin and one of the server she said he is druge delar and sle druges of the property we felt so bad for the owner but...

Panera Bread / filthiness of booths

ELIZABETH MORY on Dec 11, 2017
I am a regular coustomer at panera near tanglewood mall, roanoke, va. I have been waiting for months for them to properly clean the booths and tables, I emphasize properly. Today I sat in a booth. A server came to wipe the table with a rag which was very wet. The table was wiped, but not the...

Burger King / service at 100pm today

virginia gutierrez on Dec 10, 2017
I went to newly remodeled burger king on side of freeway in corpus christi and placed my order and had 2 wait at least 25 minutes. After that i asked mgr to refund. She said ill take the food back. And refund u. I said give me my cold food and ill go. I think i should have got the food and...

KFC Saudi Arabia / service

Nazmin Jahan on Dec 10, 2017
Dear KFC, I am writing about the KFC in Medina, Saudi Arabia. They have very rude staff who yell and scream at people and refuse to inform us of what the steps are next. We go to KFC for good service, we are paying for food not to be yelled at by members of your staff who were very...

Olive Garden / felt threatened/very unprofessional waiter

Allyce Black on Dec 9, 2017
The Olive Garden in Columbia MD has very unprofessional staff members. After we finished our ok meal and paid our bill me and my fiancé walked to our car and was about to leave when our waiter Jose N. Came out and approached our car and told us to role down our window; he came very close to...

Church's Chicken / received wrong order and ate inside the store

This is Bull on Dec 9, 2017
I was promised a follow-up on my visit to store #555 E. St Louis IL. Turns out that no one behind the counter wanted to replace my order after they gave my order to the guest that order before me. I didn't receive any napkins and there were not any on my side of the counter. I also did not...

Long John Silver's / the service

Haile Joann on Dec 9, 2017
First when I got to the place to put my order in there was no one there to take it so I drive up to the window and no one was there until finally I see a man coming from the bathroom he finally came to the windows to take my order and the I told them that I would pay 30$ and the rest on my...

IHOP Restaurants / customer service

Markesha Woods on Dec 9, 2017
Hello I'm complaining about the customer service at Ihop, My family of 6 and I went in to dine for lunch.. We sat waiting for someone to come and seat us for 20 minutes no one helped us or asked if we'd been help then once we saw an employee pass we asked if we should seat ourselves he...

Olive Garden / poor service

James Cheatwood on Dec 9, 2017
For more than Thirty years my wife and I have celebrated our Anniversary at an Olive Garden facility. Over the many years I have become used to outstanding service. Today 12/09/2017 was an exception to the norm. We weren't celebrating any special occasion and for that I am thankful. we...

Pizza Hut / service

KimberleyK on Dec 8, 2017
We live in Powhatan, Va and ordered from the Pizza Hut at Academy Road. The weather was turning bad, so I called the location to see if they were delivering. They said they were delivering, so we placed our order through the Pizza Hut app. An HOUR later, they called me to tell me that...

Panera Bread / food

Jessica Walbeck on Dec 8, 2017
I ordered a sandwich and I added bacon on it and the lady that made my sandwich put half of a bacon slice and hid it in the cheese. I went up there and asked her politely that there was no bacon on it and she didn't believe me that it was on my recite so I showed it to her and she was rude...

Applebee's Restaurants / terrible service

jenny123_ on Dec 8, 2017
I walked into an Apple Bee's in Center City Philadelphia, PA . First of all we were not greeted nor acknowledged by the hostess. There was only two people in the waiting area and they were about to be seated. Second, the hostess again did not acknowledge us. Even though I know she saw u...

Panera Bread / poor customer service

robinleo1967 on Dec 8, 2017
I visit Panera Bread 3-4 times a week. I spend quite a bit there on a weekly basis from breakfast to lunch to dinner. the franchise closest to me is in Hyde Park Plaza (Oakley) in Cincinnati, OH. The Monday thru Friday am crew is the worst for customer service I have ever seen. I have been...

NJ Transit / "mechanical issues"

Michael Pratts on Dec 8, 2017
NJ TransitHello. I'm a 26 year old male that manages a restaurant in all 3 of its locations; Hoboken, Ramsey & Carlstadt (Rutherford). The pass couple of weeks, trains I've been trying to catch has been delayed/canceled which leads me to be late for duty. I've gotta say, I've never dealt with this much...

Taco Bell / not providing a receipt and missing over half a take out order and we live a great distance away

Bill Crandall on Dec 7, 2017
I am residing off Hartley Bridge Rd., My father in law drove to the Warner robins taco Bell off Watson Blvd. Where We are pretty regular drive through patrons although the drive there and back I kind of costly. (By regular patrons I mean usually at least 2 or 3 times a week). Tonight in...

Burger King / burger

Chris Dugger on Dec 7, 2017
I go to the drive thru and order a double cheese burger ketchup only and I get my food and the Burger I get is not ketchup only plus it's lukewarm as well so I won't go to this location again. There r better locations. and she did not even put it down on the receipt so was she not...

Sonic Drive-In / the rudeness and outrageous outburst by the general manager

Katrena on Dec 7, 2017
The general manager at sonic on stockdale and Allen road in Bakersfield California is absolutely a menace to the public and work force when she can out right be rude and with attitude to a paying customer but if that wasn't bad enough already but she went off on my 15 year old...

Panera Bread / last two visits items were missed (pick-up orders) did not know until back at office

Michael Skacal on Dec 6, 2017
I ordered a pick two (Caesar Salad and Half-Italian sandwich) from the kiosk today (December 6th 2017) which is supposed to come with a french baguette (as indicated on the receipt) but low and behold, no baguette. Last time i visited - my "reward" cookie was also not in there, which I...
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