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Real Estate Complaints

Csi rentals / Withholding Deposit Refund

Zethu Mvunyiswa on Jul 20, 2018

I moved into one of CSI units and stayed there for over 2 Years. I was told the owner of that unit sold the unit and I had a month to find another unit. I asked why i was not given an option to buy but i never got feedback. I promised to take CSI to task as I needed at least 2 to 3 month...

RHB Bank Berhad / RHB Banking Group / call center/customer service sucks

afiq on Jul 19, 2018

Just wanted to asked about my internet banking activation that's all.I have been calling almost 10 times and each time calling i have to listen to 6 minutes of repeating shit or advertisement and ended up telling me to try again later. 10 fucking times for every 6 minutes average cost me... - A SCAM / website leads for real estate -

mewing on Jul 19, 2018

No Leads, No Active Website, No customer service SCAM. They called me 2 to 3 times a day stating they have buyer and seller real estate leads for me as a real estate agent in my area. They provided me with a sample website and walked me through the lead process. I signed up, they charged my... / real estate social media lead generators

Gerald Heron on Jul 18, 2018

Completely dysfunctional. One week in I cancelled the contract and they think they are going to bill me through VISA. Wrong. The Titanic will complete its maiden voyage before that happens. 1) Agreed in writing to a chosen domain name, but they registered a wrong domain then tried to bully me...

Olx / I cannot see my ads from my back end

Damka Nakuru Homes on Jul 17, 2018

I have recently been checking my published ad but can only see one. When i check from the chats thread i can click on the ad from the chat then see it but not from my list of published ads. I trade as Damka properties . All attempts at calling your customer care number in Kenya goe...

TD Ameritrade / my account has been stopped without permissions and I have no clue where my money is..

Shanetta Davis on Jul 14, 2018

SHANETTA DAVIS. SSN 306862830 Someone has made my TD account locked without notifying me changed all my pass codes to login portal has been blocked for no reason and no represetative/ones telling me why. I have legal rights to know about my money ive waited for answers just got disrespected told...

Coldwell Banker / realtor

gek1 on Jul 13, 2018

We are making this complaint in reference to Coldwell Bankers, Waltham, MA office's improper marketing, negligence, and breach of contract regarding the sale of our home Massachusetts. Our agent, Dave ** did a CMA and priced our home at @$619, 000 to $629, 900 in May 2017. We wanted to know...

Ralphs Grocery Company / empty store

Ingrid Dimas on Jul 12, 2018

A ralphs store was closed down years ago, in Norwalk, CA. It has come to be known that you, Ralph's owns that piece of property and will not allow any other grocer to occupy this vacant property, as to not cause "competition" to your sister company Food 4 Less. This is not only greedy and...

Build-A-Bear Workshop / pay your age day

Amanda Spangenberg on Jul 12, 2018

Drove 45 minutes to Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton CA. Waited on line and finally was informed that the store was shut down. Gate closed. Customers still inside. At 3PM! Someone half assed handing out coupons but $15 off is NOT a $1 bear that I expected my daughter to go home with. Manager...

Cymraes / means lady in welsh - cymraes's corner aka lesley ann jackson uk fraud

claire nicola on Jul 10, 2018

I know this woman personally for years and am ashamed to admit that I was a part of her fluffy bunny group. Lesley ann jackson hails from wales and now resides in sth yorkshire! We gathered together in a group and shamefully stalked and bullied under troll names. Lesley jackson trolled...

Yes! Communities / refund of security deposit

shamara56 on Jul 9, 2018

We moved out of Falcon Farms, Port Byron, Illinois community on May 31, 2018. We were told three (3) times by the manager, Jessica, that our security deposit would be refunded after 30 days...or in other words on July 1, 2018 in the total amount of $365.00. On Thursday, June 23, I phoned...

SandStone Infra India / fraud company

Bhaskarbandla on Jul 9, 2018

Hi Team, I want to raise a complaint with full details and proofs against sandstone infra. Recently i thought of booking a plot luckily got droped by looking at sandstone reviews and personally met some people who were cheated. Customer was in a deep trouble that the company cheated him taking...

JAVED ALI - TEAM ALI / dishonest/disreputable agent

I.Wan on Jul 8, 2018

This agent is horribly dishonest. He does not disclose what he is obligated to. He has had complaints on RECO for his bad business practices and is known for selling houses which are LEMONS. Do NOT trust him. He has a terrible track record of misrepresentation. He is unprofessional, ha...

Keller Williams Realty / realtor services

Jimenez23 on Jul 8, 2018

I'm currently working with Kristi kenney in arizona. As a co owner I'm experiencing a lack of communication and information being provided to me. Dates and time of the selling process not being reported to me but the co owner is being informed. Ive noticed this behavior more than 3 time... / I won a house but not same as pictured

Timothy parrish on Jul 5, 2018

The house pictured on the website and the house I won was defferent. The official address was wrong also. The house was in another naborhood. I called and they said read the contract and if we have the wrong house or address it's ok as long as we have the right legal...

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. / unethical behaviour

Jimrchrdsn on Jul 3, 2018

I presented the following attachment to the monte vista village resort office addressed to brenda rosa (the resort manager) on april 3, 2018. This was my response to several issues which occurred during the 2017-2018 season with the final issue being encore's change of the pet policy from...

Rawson Property Group / deposit not received

Stumboz on Jul 3, 2018

Good Day, I was renting a flat in trichardt, secunda, mpumalanga through Rawson. We moved out on the 26 May 2017. Inspection was done and no faults were found and we were told we will receive our deposit within 3 weeks because its in a trust fund. After 3 weeks we didn't receive anything...

Verizon Communications / service

Kimberly Ortiz on Jul 2, 2018

I decided to change from comcast xfinity to verizon fios. My first phone conversation was with a fios rep. Who set up my order and then told me to go to any local verizon store to pick up the set top boxes. We made a trip to go to our local verizon store, only to discover they did not...

Invest Four More / service

Freddie Clarke on Jul 2, 2018

We got our home in may 2017 and have always issues since then. Our closing date is always being pushed back a few times, which pissed us off because we were staying with colleagues, with our four kids and it was an enormous burden to all asking numerous times "we'll stay possibly 14 day...

Keller Williams Sold Us A Meth Lab / keller williams sold us a meth lab

Tubbs Family on Jun 30, 2018

Keller Williams Sold Us A Meth LabKeller Williams Sold Our Family of 9 a House Contaminated with Meth. On July 20th, 2017 we bought a house from Keller Williams' realtor Jody Draper, who was also part owner. We were excited to move into the old 4, 000 sq ft house, with indoor pool, 60'x60' shop with an...