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Roomster / billing

Bodio Ganbat on Dec 12, 2017
Hi I have been using for roomster only short term. I have paid for $7.95 for 5 days. Only used for the first day. Then I found out that it's the worst app I have paid for. And on the 11th of December, I have noticed they have charged me $24.95 from my bank account. There was no...

Arizona Jean Company / arizona jean co the original

Matthew Wilson 1001 on Dec 12, 2017
Arizona Jean CompanyHello, a few months a ago, I purchased a pair of your Jeans from Jc penny's I've enjoyed the comfort so far but yesterday I was walking with a customer at work and the croch seam started to rip with in a few hours the seam had riped right up to the belt on both front and back, a little...

Yahoo! / national equity release trust

Mark Lewczynski on Dec 9, 2017
The advert says How much equity can you release from your home? Use our free calculator and find out right now. This is not true - they don't give you an immediate answer. Instead they send you an email a minute later with the following Dear Mark Lewczynski, Thank you for enquiring on the...

Home Junction / this company lies...

JML1179 on Dec 8, 2017
Developers and Agents beware of Home Junction. They do not know what they are doing. Their leadership will tell you what you want to hear. Once you get under contract you will find it's an entirely different game. They are at best a Word Press Plugin provider. They are not a Data Aggreator...

Investin PLC / real estate scam!

Charles D. on Dec 8, 2017
DO NOT BUY FROM INVESTIN PLC! It is a SCAM! Ask them to confirm if they own the property they are selling. They do not own anything! They put a fraction of a deposit to reserve a property from a legitimate developer and then try to sell it on for a massive profit! I exchanged on a flat...

Affluence EDU / attend

Mr. BG on Dec 6, 2017
I wish that I read these before I went to the class. If anybody is looking into this real estate company, do yourself a favor and stay away. They promise you the world in the first meeting and in the next meeting, you find out that it's all a lie. They tell you how great their real estate...

Mitchell Real Estate and Auction Co. / real estate co.

Tonden on Dec 5, 2017
I hired Lisa Garrett of Mitchell Realty to sell my house. She not only never showed the house she would not be there when someone else wanted to see it. She lies, she does not return phone calls and she stole several things from my house and refused to return them or to properly reimbursed...

Allstate / failure to pay flood insurance claim in a timely manner

Halljf on Dec 5, 2017
Home was flooded on 8/28/2017. Claim account was initiated by policy holder on 8/30/2017 (Claim#0472948132). Adjustor did site visit to inspect/scope damages on 9/13/2017 and 9/19/2017. Policy holder responded to subsequent information requests from Allstate via telephone and email. All...

Century Communities Silver Oaks, Dallas GA / customer service and final product

Paula McKay on Dec 4, 2017
I have been a realtor for 22 years and have assisted buyers in purchasing hundreds of new homes from site selection through completion. Let me say that the experience with the "po-fessionals" at Century Communities was without a doubt not only heartbreaking for my client but certainly...

Keller Williams Realty / unethical behavior real estate agent

David11* on Nov 22, 2017
As an experienced and successful business person, please do not support or do business with this organization, specifically Jeff Gray. Very unprofessional in his conduct with prospective clients. Any business that would deceive a Retiree and Veteran is about as crooked and unethical as you...

Wells Fargo / release of deed of trust lien

Walker Holland on Nov 22, 2017
Please send me the name and address of the party to whom I should write in order to get a release of deed of trust lien on a real estate lien note that has now been paid in full. An e-mail address would be great. The lender was Bank of North Texas that is now part of Wells Fargo Bank and...

Timothy A. Rhoten Red Carpet Realty and Rentals / brokerage firm/realtors/rental properties/sales

Anne Stein on Nov 21, 2017
Tim rhoten's greed lost me plenty of $!!! Stay away!!! They are located at 3078 n. Elston in chicago, il. 60618. Timothy a. Rhoten has limited knowledge about the real estate market!!! Please do yourself a favor and find someone who actually knows the market, and knows what they are...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / mailman broke my gate lock to come in my property

AlexisC. on Nov 21, 2017
United Parcel Service [UPS]Mailman broke my gate lock to come in my property! I want a refund to buy a new lock! This is trespassing and your mailman shouldn't be coming in my property. He should ring the bell instead! There is a doorbell right next to the gate but he did not ring it. Instead, he broke the gate lock...

LoanCare / LoanCareServicing.com / illegal foreclosure attempt

Mrs.Arnold on Nov 19, 2017
I have not received a notice of default from loan care last check the bankruptcy had made all payments, my husband and I have made payments and plus they kept money from the MIP Surplus of $2000. But Just sent me a notice that I was in foreclosure with a notice of default and I believed...

Keller Williams Realty / real estate

jsmith5915 on Nov 14, 2017
Fellow Veterans, Retirees and Service Members. I am a retired COL in the Army. Please do not support this organization. Any business that would deceive a Retiree and Veteran is about as crooked and unethical as you can get. Do not utilize Keller Williams to sell your home. They are...

Real Canadian Superstore / restocking shelves is worse than before they renovated the campbell river store

Billy George Williams on Nov 13, 2017
Hello: It seems that no matter what time I go into superstore campbell river store, they don't keep the merchandise stocked like they use to. For example I go there specifically for pc no name brand chips, 5 for 5.00 dollars, and they don't have all the brands there. Furthermore, I go to...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / horrible customer service from the manager rhonda

Fashion Girl on Nov 13, 2017
This is the second complaint I have filed against this store specifically the manager on duty Rhonda. This happened saturday 11/11/17 at 4:30pm. I shop at all TJ MAXX including out of state. I'm very familiar with the return policy. I had a current receipt exactly 1 week old. I purchased...

Your Move UK / do not use this company under any circumstance

Maisie Gamarra on Nov 9, 2017
I am very angry. Don't know how to express what I have inside. They are nothing but scammers. So many additional fees I wasn't aware of! I decided to stop showing my property on the website and it wasn't for free. It was more than just expensive. It cost me about 300 pounds to do...

Keller Williams Realty / unethical behavior

Stan Wagner on Nov 7, 2017
Not only has the broker from the Keller Williams Hudson Valley Realty office posted our property without a properly executed contract and incorrect information, he forged my brother's signature on the contract. I am asking of all Google/search engine links be removed. You have to deal with...

Globe Telecom / globe telcom erected a steel post in the middle of my lot frontage.

Engr. Rañeses on Nov 6, 2017
I am expressing my complaint regarding the Globe Telcom erecting a steel post structure in the middle of my lot frontage, located at Taliban, Pagbilao, Quezon Province. The lot is Infront of Shell Gas Station near La Suerte Supermarket. Globe Telcom even without exerting effort to ask...
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