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Public Transportation & Taxi Complaints / out of stock golden cards

Pieter C on Jan 18, 2019

Like in the previous week, I have this past week every morning morning paid the full price on Golden Arrow (R24 from Parow to Cape Town and afternoons before 16:00, R13). This whole week Golden Arrow did not have Gold Cards available at any of its selling points. This means that Golden...

KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu / women coach!!!


Assalamualaikum, bahagian mana yang malaysian ni tak faham coach perempuan untuk perempuan, dan kenapa mesti ada lelaki? Coach memang takde siapa kisah ke? So? Buat apa buat coach wanita kalau penuh lelaki? Im currently in the train (pulau sebang) nak ke seremban, jam 7.28 pm, nobody care...

NJ Transit / bus 780

Nikki 1 on Jan 16, 2019

I wait for the 780 bus going towards englewood every morning and the bus never shows up. I call saddle river to find out what time the bus will be arriving and they always tell me the next bus will arrive within 2 hours. I always get told the buses broke down or they have no bus available...

NJ Transit / nj transit bus 154 at jfk and 51st in north bergen, nj

ernesto guevara on Jan 15, 2019

Today at 7:55 am and 7:58 am 2 buses did not stop for me to board. Both drivers waved to me as if saying that their buses were full. I have a bus pass and want my compensation, this is not the first time this has happened. How do I collect my refund. I bought the pass on my iPhone, this i...

MTA / customer service within train station

Auntie_Pammy on Jan 14, 2019

I was just on the b/d lime at the newly renovated 167th street station. The booth clerk refused to assist me. She stated that she would not use, change or check my metrocard in "her machine". I have very limited funds and am essentially stranded with money on my card. The card was bent and...

MTA / bx 39 route

Ant Rod on Jan 14, 2019

I am wondering who can I speak to to advocate for this route to work 24hrs? It is very difficult to travel to the last few stops after 12am. The Bx 36 runs 24hrs. Even if its in half hour or hour increments at the start. This needs to be addressed. Please advise as to whom I can speak with...

Putco / safety

Kobus Pretorius on Jan 14, 2019

PutcoThis morning of 14 jan 2019 at about 08:19 was this putco bus with registration plate kdk 276 gp turning into witch-hazel at oak ave in centurion. He he had no indicator lights at the back of bus and nearly took out a car white mercedes in front of us during his attempt to turn. The attach...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / grab bike in vietnam

Will5 on Jan 12, 2019

Grab Bike Plate No.: 36B6-451.12 Driver Name: Lê Thị Hoài Linh Date: 5 Jan 2019 This driver cancelled the booking without informing me, acted like he knew how to reach the location I was heading to but actually don't, and demanded a huge payment compared to the original Grab fare (4 times more...

FlixBus / FlixMobility / deceptive and private charge for luggage

HFX on Jan 11, 2019

Today (11 january 2018) we (2 persons) took flixbus (n260 budapest) at 18:25 from berlin tegel. The upper limit for the luggage is as follows: the large (20kg), the small (7kg). We only have one large luggage (24kg) for 2 persons. But the older staff (2 staff altogether) shouted to us very...

MTA Subways / stinking trains

Art Tom on Jan 10, 2019

Why must we always get into a train that really stinks, sometimes its so stinky that you can barely breathe, you must correct this and must be correct this right away? It seems like the mta could careless if the train stinks or not but we have to suck it and deal with this every morning...

Careem Networks / unethical behaviour

Sadaf Nasir on Jan 10, 2019

I booked a ride with careem on 8th jan 2019 and was picked in white corolla by captain Mohammad yousuf khan, during ride he was polite and told me that he sells automobiles part time.if i ever needed to buy a car and gave me his card with cell number.reference number of receipt i...

Megabus / injury

ShadaW on Jan 9, 2019

I took a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas Nevada June 8th leaving Los Angeles at 12:45 arriving in Las Vegas at 6 35 I believe and I would like to report an injury I tripped and fell yesterday and I injured my left ribs. As of today January 9th it is 11:53 a.m. my ribs is still injured...

MTA / b13 bus driver skips picking up customers.

Newyorkerinqueens on Jan 7, 2019

On January 7, 2019 at the Fresh Pond Road stop, A bus driver driving bus number 6506 at 4:45 pass several customers who put their hands up to hail him. He just looked at everyone with a big smirk on his face and passed everyone by. There were only five people in the bus. To make thing...

KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu / waiting long time in ktm station under hot sun

mun311 on Jan 6, 2019

KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu* 7 Jan 2019 at KTM Kajang Station. * Passengers have to wait for the train in the KTM station for more than 45 minutes under the hot sun. The awning in Kajang Station is not able to shade the sun during AM, thus resulting many passengers are exposed to hot sun. There is no other shade...

Eldo Coaches / bus service

Ruchelle Pretorius on Jan 4, 2019

Good day. Today at 2:30 am I got on one of your coaches in Springbok heading to Potchefstroom. We bought two tickets as we were two travelling together, there was no other seats available next to each other except for seat 1-6. As the bus pulled away one of the staff members sat behind me...

Renault / service

Chris2904 on Jan 3, 2019

Hi, I bought a Renault Clio car in the UK that was previously registered in Australia in August 2018. I contacted my local Vehicle Agency (DVLA) in the UK to get it this car registered, they asked me to get a Certificate of Conformity from Renault Australia. I emailed Renault Australia requesting...

KTM / Keretapi Tanah Melayu / refund not receive after submit the refund form since 11/12/2018

Jessie Lee Cw on Jan 1, 2019

KTM / Keretapi Tanah MelayuI have filled up the refund form due to system error on 11/12/2018 at KL Sentral KTM counter at 10.10pm. The officer in charge, Ms Rozana confirmed that the two transactions that I buy were not successful. Thus, she helped me to buy another ticket immediately over the counter for the same...

Long Island Rail Road [LIRR] / conductor

gloria s on Dec 30, 2018

On sunday December 30th, 2018, i got on the 9:45pm train in Jamaica going to Babylon. i had a long day standing from activities so soon as i got into the train, i sat in the smaller side of cart near the conductors station. i was in one of the last 3 carts where i stretched my cramp leg...

Grabcar Malaysia / unethical behaviour

Tourist1 on Dec 30, 2018

Hi I want to report one incident with grab car in penang.i was a tourist in malaysia and went to penang for visit. On 27th december i ride a grab car and the driver was very impolite. He took 100 RM extra from us saying our kid damaged his window sticker where nothing happened like this. When...

NJ Transit / nj transit service dec 29, 2018 northeast corridor train cancellations

Theano Muzithras on Dec 30, 2018

I am extermely disappointed with your train service or lack of train service on Dec 29, 2018. The 9:01pm and the 9:57pm trains were cancelled leaving thousands of people pushing, shoving and tempers flaring to get on the 9:14pm train. Needless to say, I was not able to board and had to...