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MTA / Access a Ride

Mildred J Coiro on Mar 26, 2017
Once again, or twice in one week Access a Ride has failed to provide timely service to me going from Manhattan to Brooklyn. On Saturday, March 18, a cold rainy day, I was due to be picked up 4:30 PM. I waited and waited. I have a hip problem that makes it difficult to stand for any length...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / GrabHitch

bbbella on Mar 25, 2017
At 3 pm earlier today (25 Mar), I have booked GrabHitch and the driver has accepted and a few minutes later, the driver has cancelled. This is unacceptable as I have waited for half an hour to wait for a driver and the driver had conveniently cancelled the booking when we were already...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / Arrogant driver

Mieska on Mar 23, 2017
Bus 4511 @ 15:40 ftom Killarney via Montague drive to delft drives past passengers and the bus in not full. This driver is arrogant and to top it off he charges customers half price and pockets the money... If you don't have a clipcard he issues u with one and deducts R20 and just politely...

NJ Transit / 709

Jose Pola on Mar 23, 2017
Every morning for the past 3 weeks the 6:25 bus that is supposed to stop at Broughton Ave and Stone st. never shows up. Since Oct service has been sparodic at best. It eould come 2-3 times a week. No one knows why, emails don't get answered, never get anyone on phone. Buses are supposed to...

Careem / Careem cab service in lahore pakistan

Hakeem Jee on Mar 22, 2017
Booking reference : 97348807 My name is Gulzar Hakim. I am an American citizen and was visiting Lahore Pakistan where I used Careem cab very first and probably last time on March 13, 2017. I have just receive a receipt/ bill for Careem cab ride 211 PKR. Hopefully this ride has not been...

Uber / Uber driver

RyanS. on Mar 20, 2017
UberUber did not pay me my driver referal bonus. Initially I was suppose to recieve $1600. Then Uber tells me I will only get $1000, then it went down to $920. This bonus is advertised as a guaranteed new driver referal and in order for me to recieve this bonus, I had to complete 100 trip...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / Taxi service

Vf100r on Mar 19, 2017
Tried to use the app multiple times in Bangkok last month. It never worked, I could never actually get a taxi to actually show up, even though multiple taxis were shown in my area each time I tried to use Grab Taxi. Totally useless and a waste of time. Uber is a much better choice. What...

AccesARide / Pick up/ drop off

Mark Romero on Mar 17, 2017
My elder mother in law is 76 years old, got a couple of procedures and needs constant Dr, check ups, Access a ride is inform within a week notice, the operator says they'll be there in time, which often doesn't happens, and as usual is a whole bunch of excuses, from the drivers been busy...

Intercape / Unethical behaviour

Natassia on Mar 17, 2017
IntercapeI was on my way home from work on the 09th of March 2017, when one of Intercape's bus drivers bumped into my car. The damage was not that bad, but my car has to go in for repairs. I explained to Leanie Heyns that this is my only car, and that I'll have to get a rental to get to work. Thi...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / Bus always arrives late, total inconvenience!

Zimasile on Mar 16, 2017
The bus from Panorama to Harare Via N1 City is always late. it is supposed to arrive in N1 city at 19:30 but it has been arriving late, about 20:00. that is like a whole 30 minutes late. the worse part about it the driver doesn't give a ### about us and the fact that he is late...

Golden Arrow Bus Services / Bus is always late

yonela on Mar 16, 2017
The bus from Panorama via N1 city to Harare is always late, instead of arriving at 19:30pm the bus gets TO N1 city at 20:00pm, then we dont get the inter change bus that we use at total garage Bonjour in Khayelitsha by the time we get there because the interchange bus is already gone...

KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) / Online booking

JRanee on Mar 15, 2017
There is something wrong with the online booking for the shuttle train from JB Sentral to Singapore (Woodlands). For one, the online booking starts between 8.35-8.38. By then, out of 320 tickets, there will only be 220 left. Sometimes, there are only 160+ tickets left. What is more strange i...

TriMet / Driver refused to take on passenger on an empty bus

Mistreated passenger on Mar 15, 2017
Stop ID 7631. 6:09pm. March 15 Bus was empty. Yet driver refused to let me in. He had the door shut and when I knocked he just shook his head. He sat idle at the stop for another couple minutes then took off. What kind of service is this? Is this how Portland TriMet treats visitors? Take our...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / Faulty grab system

Phylistan on Mar 10, 2017
On 11Feb at 1.14am, i submitted a grabhitch request however the grab system notified me that there's no grabhitch available and suggested that i booked for a grabcar or grabcab. My grabcab came and picked me up at Dorsett Singapore but subsequently a grabhitch driver (Eric How) suddenly...

Airasia / Flight rejection - nani

Bong Sumicad on Mar 9, 2017
This is related to the rejection of my Nanny who is from Mindanao Philippines. It took us so many pain to find someone to support our busy family here in Manila Philippines to have one. we were able to find one and booke here a flight to Manila from Davao Airport for a flight today March...

Careem / Captain attitude

Tbadran on Mar 6, 2017
Careemمن كام يوم طلبت رحله جالي كابتن اسمه Mohamed Ezzat, mobile +201228660744. Car is Geely Grand 7, Black, plate ب ص د 836. وصل في المكان بس بعيد شويه و انا واقف مش شايف العربيه كلمت الكابتن اسئله عن مكانه رد عليا انا في المكان المتحدد علي الابلكيشن قلتله تمام انا في وسط الشارع و مش شايفك طيب في...

TriMet / Bus driver distracted and missing stops

redhatsit on Mar 6, 2017
This morning around 7:20-7:50am, bus 12 going downtown (bus number 2521) had a driver who made me feel uncomfortable as a rider. He was engaging a rider in very loud conversation and was so distracted (he also kept opening his mail at every stop light) that he missed many stops and had to...

GrabCar / GrabTaxi / I am complaining about your driver

Malou Abania Tagleong on Mar 5, 2017
Dear Grab. I opt a passenger of your good taxi service. One moment, this driver named Saturnino Simbajon he is driving me insanely, he has different approach compare to other drivers. The bad thing he did, he inserted that i did not avail your promo which is a clear act of lying. It wa...

KTM Berhad (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad) / Late payback for the e- ticket fee

Kong Chee Kei on Mar 5, 2017
I made a purchase of two round tickets on September 2016. That was a successful transaction but no e-ticket was generated. Been to the nearest counter and they said will do auto-debit for the payback within 14 days. Up-to-date, almost half a year gone, I have been to ktmb counters thrice...

Careem / Careem driver is a thief

inaselshennawy on Mar 3, 2017
I took Careem on thursday 2nd of March 2017 with Captain is Sohaib Khalid, +971527327774. Car is Lexus ES350, White, L52571. He called me when he arrived to find my exact location, He put my kid's Plasma car and dog leash in the trunk, after he dropped us home we realized the things are...
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