Pets & Animals Complaints


Top Dog Bloodhounds / puppy sales

Apr 16, 2019

I bought a black and tan puppy from this puppy mill claiming to be a respectable breeder. My dog has had numerous health issues that my vet says are due to poor breeding. We have spent thousands of dollars every year to keep our beloved dog as comfortable as possible. Please do not...

Willow Pond / merle great dane pup

Apr 12, 2019

Ms. Leigh was almost too helpful in the process of purchasing my Dane. She always answered my calls and showed the utmost patience and professionalism even when I had the most silly of questions. As a new Dane owner she made sure all the early shots and paper work we're in order. As well...

Ana's Parrots and Supplies / congo african grey died within 2-3 months

Apr 11, 2019

I purchased bird from Ana's Parrots and supplies on 01/06/2019. Based on the picture and texts between Ana Pullman and I the bird was beautiful and healthy. I paid for DNA test, and never got copy of the test, she did say in text only it is Male. I received a different bird, little... / dog rescue

Apr 5, 2019

This dog rescue is completely fraudulent. The owner has over a 100 dogs. She's had the same dogs on petfinder for years. She takes in perfectly adoptable dogs and then puts them in a cage with three other dogs 4 x 4. She says all dogs are better off with her than anybody else. She also...

Leashboss / dog id

Mar 27, 2019

I purchased a dog id tag which attaches to a 1" dog collar on 3/15/19 the engraving was supposed to read: Ayla Dottie McFetters [protected] along with my address I received the tag 3/25/19. The phone number leashboss printed was. 40l-246-0767. When I reported the error to leashboss they...

Willow Springs Siberians / bad cat breeder

Mar 19, 2019

I‘ve had 2 cats from this breeder. The first died from probable fip. The 2nd is currently fighting for her life . She has a severe infection of toxoplasmosis and has the herpes Virus. She will always have problems from these issues and who knows how many others. All three of these disease... / advertising

Mar 16, 2019

I posted some ads on their site and I posted the wrong pictures due to phone problems and internet problems and I contacted their office to let them know that I couldn't fix it because I didn't have power at my house or internet, their was a horrible winter storm. Spoke to a lady...

Shrink-A-Bulls / dog breeder english french bulldogs

Mar 7, 2019

I was lucky enough to get this beautiful little red and white bulldog from SHRINKABULLS back in 2006. I absolutely adored my Shrinkabulls bulldog puppy and am really hoping to be able to get another baby from Shrinkabulls. I named my Shrinkabull puppy Kimora and she was amazing. She was so...

Joyce Yates / dwarf rabbit

Mar 4, 2019

Joyce advertised dwarf rabbits on hoobly. She told me I could reserve one by paying in full. I sent her a check which was a big mistake. She let me know when the babies were born.. I asked her for pictures. She called and yelled at me said she could not send pics and to put my energy into...

Elite Siberians / sick kittens

Feb 25, 2019

I found Lana back in May 2018, when we got our first kitten from her at Elite Siberians. Our kitten, Mila, quickly became sick within two weeks and progressively got worse. It was heartbreaking seeing a little baby kitten suffer, lying on the bathroom floor for hours without moving...

British Bird Control / solar panel pigeon proofing

Feb 21, 2019

British Bird Control are specialists in bird pest control and offer the full range of bird control & bird pest control. From pigeon proofing and guano clearance services including pigeon spiking, bird netting, Avishock, gel and bird laser solutions. British Bird Control as also experts in...

Ragmatical Ragdoll / cattery

Feb 11, 2019

I wanted people to know what they are getting into when buying from this cattery. Zeia has some really beautiful cats and always has a good amount of kittens available. I love how beautiful the kittens are and how easy she made the process to be, by updating her website in time and...

Krossroads Kennels / dog breeding

Feb 2, 2019

I urge anyone who is considering purchasing a puppy from this person to do their research and speak to other people who may have purchased puppies from this person. I hope this review helps even one person avoid the heartache that my family has experienced. My mom purchased two puppie...

Magelike Bulldog Ranch / their dogs

Jan 23, 2019

Purchased a French bulldog puppy from them on an agreed price for full AKC of 4000 so we paid then then went and picked up the puppy we go in the house they have 2 other momma's in there with there babies and I asked how many dogs do you have and Lisa says well we have 28 dogs but we don't...

Sherrone Annette Boudreau / receiving fraudulent donations for ill pet funding and abusive breeding practice

Jan 4, 2019

Sherrone Annette BoudreauSherron Annette Boudreau owner of Sherron's Crafts is know for her attacks on several people in Face Books groups and her Fraudulent Go Fund Me accounts she has open up this lady family draws in six figure income a year $149, 000 dollars but ask others to foot the bill of her rescue pet...

Wiggly Pups / puppies

Jan 3, 2019

0 Votes I bought two pups in May. One of the two grew to the correct weight, the other one of the two grew to be almost 10 pounds, when I was told she would be 7 pounds. Thats a significant difference. My bigger issue is I had her sprayed 3 months ago and have been asking for the offered CKC...