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Pets & Animals Complaints

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PetSmart Muskegon Michigan / grooming

Michelle1976 on Apr 24, 2018

PetSmart Muskegon MichiganMy first and very last experience at PetSmart. I have a cat that I adopted from PetSmart last year. He is a long haired very fluffy boy. From the beginning I have brought him every other month into a groomer for a bath, brush, blowout and sanitary trim. He is quite used to this and hi...

Bettys Yorkie Teacups / buying a puppy never receiving it

Britnyh on Apr 23, 2018

We bought a very expensive puppy from Bettys teacup yorkies and she assured me everything was legit and we were all set to go, then never responded never wrote me back never took any of my calls emails etc! I have filed fraud with my bank and PayPal I don't know if I will be able to get...

Petco Animal Supplies / grooming department

Whitney Liggett-Brown on Apr 22, 2018

Petco Animal SuppliesI took my Shih Tzu to the Elmwood grooming center to get groomed and he has been groomed before just not here. I explained that he never had been groomed before, but in fact my dog had been groomed before. When I picked him up he was terrified like he was hit or something, he had big...

Tagged / my tagged gold is suspended please remove my block thanks

Cobraa Snakee on Apr 22, 2018

TaggedMy tagged gold is suspended and i want to remove my frozen tagged gold to normal to play my pet games back to normal.i was trying to convert my gold in cash told me that my accounts was suspended .and i realy dont understand what i so .i am realy disapointed i can not buy pets or convert...

LQ at Los Angeles Airport / roaches in the re-renovated room

Learn “Vegan” Hebrew on Apr 22, 2018

4/21@9pm I got great csr when book'g this room I passed the hotel due 2renovations; no clear signs But I just saw a roach-I'm still in shock I've been w/LQ for years & have never seen a roach! Hotel said 2b booked No other rooms said 2b available-though another was slightly offered 81yr old mom still sleep; roach was on my bed This so disturbing TY

Better Homes and Gardens / better home & garden wax warmer

Ashley Trent on Apr 21, 2018

Better Homes and GardensI am contacting you to complain about this product because I believe it is a danger not only to humans, but to animals as well. Today I turned my wax warmer on when I began cleaning my home around 3:00. I took my dogs outside on a walk and came back inside. I left my dog inside our room for...

Petsmart / grooming

DEBH20S on Apr 21, 2018

Prior to my 4/20 appt. they said it would be two weeks before they can setup my 3 dogs, because they were having staffing and turnover issues (something I've heard very often over there). Come in for my appt. and the grooming person said "I have this dog and another in the back and I wa...

Mastiff puppy / mastiff puppy

Jennifer Lynn Gerdeen on Apr 20, 2018

Mastiff puppyI bought a English mastiff puppy from a lady who I need to report. The puppy was severely sick with hookworm, sinus infection, eye and ear infection. The animals were claimed to be taken care of from breeder doing over the counter items. When I have told her about this she said it was due... / unethical tampering of communications/information

L.A.G. on Apr 20, 2018

As a highly rated dog sitter/walker I did not always find rover customer service to be fair, responsible, practical, far-seeing, ethical, forthcoming/transparent, or good at listening. Their website communications could be misleading. For example, clients' last names, addresses, and actual...

Petsmart / grooming

Phoebe Kurriss on Apr 20, 2018

I scheduled a grooming for my cat online at the store in Johnstom, RI. I scheduled her for a bath which included a brush through and a sanitary trim among other things. I took the day off to bring her in and got all the way there and was told the woman who does the sanitary trim is not in... / puppie named anita

Penny Henderson on Apr 16, 2018

I first contacted this person on April 13 about her female Maltese puppie. he/She replied with the cost ($500.00) info about the pup and photos. The puppie was just what we were looking for. I needed he/her told hold the pup for 10 days and told her I would be happy to pay a deposit. 32...

Boardwalk Buy / dog playpen-scammers

JamieMP on Apr 16, 2018

I ordered a dog playpen before my dog gave birth. I selected Boardwalk buy because they guarenteed shipment in 24 hrs. A week later, nothing. I called the contact number and no one answers. I emailed them amd they said the order was not shipped. So i said to cancel it and refund my money...

Rachel Rhodes Paws2Consider / dog training

Nths on Apr 10, 2018

I sent my dogs to Rachel for training. Dogs were extremely thin and in poor condition as reported by the vet. Vet recommended reporting her to Humane Society for poor care. Filthy boarding conditions and operates without a license. Aggressive dog attacked my dog while boarding and my dog...

Alaska Akitas / sick & dying puppies

Viki Gourley on Apr 7, 2018

In March 2016 I bought a puppy from Alaska Akita's & named him Tucker after a dear friend. Tucker & I were together 24 hours a day 7 days a week. He was my constant companion. Tucker had medical problems from the first month that I had him. Before his very short life was over...

Belk / dogs in the store

Nora Bowling on Apr 7, 2018

I'm a loyal customer of Belk for MANY years. However, due to the increasingly lax policy of allowing pets in your store I will not be able to return to Belk. I'm highly allergic to cats and dogs (have taken years of allergy shots to no avail) and have asthma. There needs to be a sign...

Gumtree / kittens for sale

Poppy2018 on Apr 7, 2018

I purchased a kitten from gumtree norwich. The AD said weaned litter tray trained flead and wormed. The kitten couldn't eat kitten food so i had to buy substitute milk and bottles also a trip to the vet costing 48 pounds. The kitten went back to them and was fed by it's mother. 2 week... / no verify code texted to my number

Clare J brown on Apr 5, 2018

I'm trying to access my hoobly account and they're asking for a verify code. The code should be texted to my phone and hoobly customer service says it's been delivered and received however I've gotten no text from hoobly. I've contacted customer support countless times and nothing is being... / service vests for dogs.

Niya Fihn on Apr 3, 2018

Hello. I love your site, but I have found several listing for vests for dogs being sold that include the stickers to turn it into a service animal vest. It is illegal to sell service animals vests unless you are a certified trainer. Selling these vests is promoting the fraudulent use of... / egg incubator

Chantale Cyr on Apr 3, 2018

Bought 4 of them for school project. Received end of December...ordered in November. We just started using them 5 days ago for school. 3 of the 4 are no longer's motor gave out, another melted and a third smells like burnt plastic! Two reasons for my email... First I would...

Petsmart / grooming

Murk on Apr 3, 2018

I have a Newfoundland, so they told me they call me back to schedule an appointment for grooming and when they could fit her in. Then all sudden I get a phone call where am I at for my appointment, nobody ever called me back with the appointment. So I waited 6 months later I tried them...


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