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Petco / Pet Grooming

Mirta G on Feb 27, 2017
PetcoOn February the 26th 2017 I took my pet for grooming appointment at Petco / 9:30 am The grooming manager told me that they will start with the bath and then trimming. Ten minutes later I received a call and then they told me that I had to come back to pick up my lovely pet Milo because he...

WorldStores / A dog cushion bought on sale

Artiar on Feb 23, 2017
Ordered items during christmas sale and at the time the items were showing "in stock". The order was not delivered and instead I was told to wait a month because the items were actually not in stock. I agreed, however having checked on the website it transpired that the item was in stock...

Puppyspot / No akc number provided on a puppy I was interested...

Ghggp on Feb 23, 2017
I was interested in a puppy and asked for the AKC number of the pup so I could do some research. Wanted to see both parents and the breeding facility where they were raised! Instead of giving me the information I requested I got a hard sell.. "this puppy won't last long! You need to move...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / Kirkland signature healthy weight dog food

stmuci on Feb 20, 2017
Why change the packaging paper? It's hard enough to lift and pour a 40 pound bag into the container. What brilliant person thought to package a 40 pound bag of dog food in a high gloss slippery paper. The little slit I made spilt the entire bag open as I attempted to pour. Then it slipped...

Petco / Sale associate foe aquarium

Mink76 on Feb 20, 2017
PetcoPetco#2763 the reciept barcode is 2763016012898201702200000000003 the sale associate at the aquarium is so rude and Bad attitude with me. I went in for exchange the argrassive fish I bought. He keep tell me that fish not argrassive. Why I hsve to lie for a fish that he told me $1.99 why?...

Letgo / Bad review from a buyer who didn't show

Lauren ** on Feb 20, 2017
Letgogot a bad review from a buyer who did not show. I message him prior to meeting. He said yes he can meet at noon. I messaged him a couple times asking him how long once it was a few minutes after 12. He said he was on the way. He was mad because I left him a review for a no show. I don't...

Petsmart / Adopting

Soccer10 on Feb 18, 2017
So me and my sister were going to get a cat and we went in and said we're going to get something to eat for dinner and we will be back and the lady said ok so we came back from eating and the lady said sorry no more adoptions for today the humane society is closed so that's what happend...

Destiny Papillon Pups / Papillon puppy (234) 231 - 4550

Papillionlost on Feb 18, 2017
Destiny Papillon PupsDestiny papillon is a fraud. He ask for money sent and does not delivery, $550 sent by money gram he picks up money within 10 minutes. Then delays shipment with a promise. Then comes back asking for insurance money to fly the dog. Again by money gram, he again picks up the money within 10...

Hoobly / Golden doodle puppies

WEH1 on Feb 18, 2017
I emailed a breeder in Greensboro NC under the email maggypuppieshome.com. She said she had just sold the puppy we were interested in and that the guy that bought them was changing jobs and needed to find them a home. So she gave me his contact information pastorjesse2000@gmail.com. I...

SomethingsPhishy / Fish came in dead

amber-blanton on Feb 17, 2017
Ordered 143.00 worth of fish. Ups dropped them off the next morning. When I opened they the water was nasty and stunk and the fish were dead. I immediately called and emailed them. They would not honor the fish or refund me. Said ups had dropped them off under carport and they had been...

Hoobly Classifieds / Furripaws member

Redmn on Feb 16, 2017
Hoobly ClassifiedsPurchased Persian kitten from Hoobly member 'furripaws', Kaye Williams, in Arlington, TX. Less than a month and the kitten was dead from congenital heart disease. Kaye refuse to offer replacement or refund, or even an apology. Enormous vet expense trying to keep kitten alive. I loved thi...

Puppyspot Puppy Spot Puppyspot.com / Puppyspot.com brokers.. Read reviews here

May80 on Feb 13, 2017
3 horror stories here. By honest people scammed by puppyspot Luigi. Ciuffardihorrible store and horrible st... Horrible store and horrible staff!!! I can not express how much damage this store has done to my family and I through their sleazy business. To begin, we purchased a supposedly "healthy"...

Wish / Wish promo codes

I've never had to use a promo code on any of my orders. And I have a new credit card and all of a sudden I have to wait for three days to tell me nothing. I want my order processed or I'll never shop with your company again. And that would a real shame. I have provided you with...

Destiny Puppies Home / Puppy scam

Alanww221 on Feb 11, 2017
I was seeking a papillon puppy to be part of my family as a birthday gift. I saw a website on line and found a picture of an adorable puppy. I emailed the seller name harvey lowe and ask about the puppy's information. Next day I sent $550 western union to the scam site listed above on feb...

Polar-Air Cargo Transportation Specialist / Pet selling scam

nsiotto on Feb 6, 2017
Polar-Air Cargo Transportation Specialist4th Feb 2017 I respond to an ad online that gives Beagles dogs for adoption (as I am searching for one). The reply didn't delay, in fact next day the so called lady replied with the attached mail. The response was so convincing, oh my. I totally felt into the trap at first. After...

Gratitude Farms / Outrageous fee for my puppy!

Have a Wonderful Day on Jan 31, 2017
I am so upset about this person's ethics, (or the lack thereof), lack of compassion, rudeness, and out right greed, that I am beside myself! I am a 53 year old, disabled, retired teacher, (taught emotionally and behaviorally disturbed children for 27 years). I was a victim of a terrifying...

Petco / Refused grooming service

YoungEun Park on Jan 29, 2017
I went to local Petco store in Livingston, NJ for my dog's nail trimming on 1/29/2017. My dog was refused the service because she does not want to walk in to the grooming area due to insurance reasons. My dog is old and her nail got to long and the floor was slippery, and she does not want...

Scott Foster and Ainslee Munro / Selling unhealthy puppies

Jamie Blackmoore on Jan 29, 2017
We recently bought a puppy from the Ainslee and Scott. We were told both mum and dad had hip scores and were healthy. Within having the puppy for 3 months she has developed sever hip disease in both legs. We contacted the sellers and they said only the father was hip scored even though the...

West Coast Malinois / Belgian malinois puppies

Curtis Philipsen on Jan 28, 2017
Please beware of the breeder named Reggie Moore located in Diamond Bar, CA. He claims his puppies are working dogs but actually buys his puppies from different breeders and then sells them for very expensive prices. This breeder doesn't actually sell his own puppies, just resales dogs from...

T and S Kennel / Purchased a puppy

KrisDub on Jan 26, 2017
Purchased a puppy via internet. Their website clearly states to take the puppy to vet within 72 hours which I did. And that they won't cover any medical issues unless it's internally and anything to do with the puppy's organs. Well the breeder put shredded paper in the kennel which the dog...
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