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Petsmart / pethotel

Vanessa Alvarado on Sep 20, 2017
After reading all these complaints from around the country we all need to fight together. Our animals are our family. I booked my original reservation for the Pet Hotel located in Secaucus, NJ from July 21-29. When I dropped buddy off on the 21st, his health was intact (I have records). He...

Curbside Vet / veterinarian

Rightfully Angry on Sep 19, 2017
Dr. Sharif Lawendy is responsible for the neglect, abuse, and ultimate death of someone that we cared about deeply: Our beloved dog. He took her into his care promising everything we asked for when she had severe, life-threatening pneumonia. She was very weak at the time, and he promised...

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Fleming Island / customer service, privacy violation, harassment

Mari Bro on Sep 19, 2017
Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming Fleming IslandI had purchased a harness from Woofgang Bakery on the 4th of September 2017 (few days prior to Hurricane Irma). My family and I were forced to evacuate Middleburg Florida due to potential damage and flooding. The harness was too small for my dog. I returned to the woofgang fleming island...

California Pet Pharmacy / Will never use them again

jeni on Sep 19, 2017
Needless to say, it wasn't my first order from them, I just didn't know it was the last one. I placed an order consisted of 3 items for my cat. It didn't arrive within 2 weeks and I started to worry. I contacted them and they said that everything is ok, my order will arrive soon, maybe...

Petco / unwelcoming

Owlgurl on Sep 17, 2017
Hello I just visited the petco located at 9700 midlothian turnpike Richmond va 23235 and let me tell you I am not pleased they should be ashamed how they treat people there was three associates that bombarded me as i walked through the door saying my six week old puppy is too young to be...

Pet Smart / service for a grooming appointment

Linda Guzzo on Sep 16, 2017
On Tuesday the 12th I made an appointment for the 16th at 630 to have my puppy groomed. Today is 9/16/2017, I had an appointment for my puppy at 6:30 pm with Makayla, I called back to confirm my appointment and asked them if they had an earlier appointment and they said let me check. So I...

Little Hearts or Jacqulyn Hutchinson / puppy sales

Pmichaels7 on Sep 16, 2017
I gave $250 deposit for puppy and dog was not released to me. Jackie promised return of funds on 2 separate occasions however still has not repaid the funds. She does not return phone calls (screens calls), phone does not receive texts and is unresponsive to messages on hoobly site. On top...

CanadaVet.com / selling meds illegal to import. you won't get it.

masynyk on Sep 15, 2017
CanadaVet.comI ordered from canadavet because I thought it was being sent from canada. On their webpage it says they are located in vancouver, bc. I am in vancouver, bc so I thought it would arrive in a few days because that's how long mail takes here. After waiting a month I called and asked why I...

Petsmart / customer service and pet hotel at woodinville wa

Darral Broyles on Sep 15, 2017
Do not ever take your pet there for grooming or the pet hotel for boarding or day care. I have had 3 different issues with them, first one was my other dog went to get groomed and when i picked him up and was walking around the store i noticed blood on the floor. The groomer clipped hi...

Petco / grooming

Jodine B on Sep 14, 2017
PetcoTook my Poodle to the groomer at Petco in Homewood, IL at the end of July seeing they are only 5 min away from me. I should have knew something was wrong when we first entered because my Poodle growled at the groomer and initially didn't want to go to her. He has never growled at a person...

Mervar Kennels / golden retriever

Karen Shirk on Sep 13, 2017
Be very careful buying from this breeder. We ended up with a dog with virtually no hip sockets and all she offered "if we give her the dog to sell to someone else" is 25% of the original purchase price. The dog was supposed to be able to be bred to produce service dog puppies and has lived...

Petsmart / pet hotel langhorne, pa

Ellen Shinn on Sep 13, 2017
First of all I have nothing against PetSmart. In fact my daughter worked at 2 different PetSmarts while she attended college and enjoyed it. I dropped off my cat Smokey on September 1, 2017 at the Fairless Hills, PA PetSmart hotel for a long term boarding of 10 days. We had boarded her...

Petco / customer service

philafan03 on Sep 12, 2017
9/10/17 Client number: Unavailable I was going to check out my cat food which was on sale from 34.99 to 20.99. After it was wrung up and the order went through, I noticed that the sale did not come off. When I asked if I could get it for the sales price The woman at the register who wa...

PartsAndMedia.com / quick shipping of aquarium filter parts

StanFrancis on Sep 8, 2017
I placed an order for some aquarium filter parts for my 55 gallon reef tank, and received my items well packed. and much quicker than expected. I wish I got this kind of quick service from walmart and amazon! They never deliver quickly to my location. I was worried because I have a lot of...

Dollar General / everpet scoopable litter

Lee Catello on Sep 8, 2017
I have bought this product for years. I loved the fines stones, lumped well( easy to scoop), odor controlled. Every month I buy 4 containers and it last all month, this month I have already gone thou 3 containers (only the 8th of September), it is so course that it hurts her feet(also more...

Petco / dead reptile

RyanPel on Sep 8, 2017
PetcoI bought a baby chain kingsnake on sale from Petco, Northlake Blvd, PBG Fl. I brought him home still active and healthy and set him in a small container with a water dish, some paper towels to hide in, and left him be for a couple days where he ate a pinkie mouse I got the date of purchase...

Dollar General / Purina bella dog food coupon

Kenneth preyer on Sep 7, 2017
I had a coupon for $3.00 off purina bella dogfood and store i was at didn't honor it. Manager on duty said they couldn't. Overide price . so i had to buy a different brand of food than what my dog eats plus spend more than expected to spend. It states in you alls coupon policy that you all...

Petsmart / unethical behavior

Dawn Rachel on Sep 7, 2017
Petsmart store # 303, Gainesville, FL, 9/7/17, 4:30pm: Had my dog bathed at the grooming salon and while waiting on my dog, witnessed groomer mishandling another dog on the grooming table. Other groomer nearby was talking to me and ignoring the other groomer's behavior. Continued to speak...

Royal Star Acres / Puppy Mill

Tams2299 on Sep 7, 2017
Royal Star AcresI bought a puppy for $950 from this breeder! He was very strange and insisted that we meet at a gas station. He brought two of the puppies and the dad for me to see apparently the mom was out of town with his wife . We picked a baby girl . She had a really weird breathing sound from the...

Dogtra / never ever order

Emily s on Sep 7, 2017
Dogtra is the place where you can order special collars for your dog. I ordered one too and it broke after 2 days of wearing. Contacted their customer service and that's how our conversation looked like: I: telling about my problem, asking what to do CS: ok, where did you buy the collar? I...
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