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Advantage Multi for Dogs/Cats / rebate scam

MaryMB on Feb 17, 2018
I purchased the required 6-month supply of Advantage products and was told to turn in the rebate form and a receipt showing the date and purchased products. They were running 2 rebates at this time - one for $35 and one for $20. I qualified for the $20 rebate. My vet gave me 2 receipts with the...

Petsmart / pet adoption

Maryah k on Feb 16, 2018
I very recently tried to adopt a cat from Petsmart in Sudbury, ON. I waited patiently for nearly two days to get a response from the adoption center regarding this particular cat who needed a good home. I've had two cats for nearly 12 years who are loved dearly and very happy. I wa...

Petsmart / Moorestown New Jersey Store

SarahConnor101 on Feb 15, 2018
I shopped at the Moorestown NJ PetSmart for my dogs food for a long time. Recently, i'd say 5 to 6 months now i noticed a huge difference in the store and its worse than ever. There used to be alot more employees that cared. There were managers that listened and cared. I go in there now...

Woolworths Casuarina N.T. / harmony wild bird lorikeet and honeyeater powder.

Keith Sauerwald on Feb 14, 2018
Woolworths sell a 500 gram bag of this product for $9.16 per bag. Big W. sell a 2 kilo bag of the same product, same manufacturer, etc for $19.00. A 500 gram bag costs $9.16. FOUR 500 gram bags will equal 2 kilos. $9.16 multiplied by four = $36.64... A whopping price difference for the same amount...

Well & Good Ear Wipes / I was sold a product that expired 10/20/2016! it’s 2018

Sophmom03 on Feb 13, 2018
Well & Good Ear WipesLast night I went to the chattanooga tn petco and grabbed the well & good ear wipes. Today I used them and thought they weren't as moist as the last pack... Low and behold the best by date was 10/20/2016. I called the store advised them of this and that they might want to check the rest...

Gwen Johnson / you have suspended me why

Johnson pet services on Feb 12, 2018
I have been dealing with hackers for 6 months I finally get it straightened out and now you have suspended me, I sell my puppies on here I need my account back please. Not only have I had problems with my account. Someone has messed with my account they have put all these weird things on...

Rural King / a pallet of horse food

Lanie Davis on Feb 11, 2018
I ordered 60 bags of horse food and had it put back until my husband got home to go get it. Today we took our horse trailer and went in to pick it up. When we went to get it, I noticed it was not wrapped in plastic but I didn't say anything due to it being on our horse trailer and if it...

Rural King / poor customer service or lack thereof

Wjf76 on Feb 11, 2018
I'm in rural king usually weekly to pick up horse feed, supplements, dog and cat food and other miscellaneous items. I'm always loading horse feed myself never an associate around to help load and the few times there has been they just walk by like i'm not even there. I lug it thru the...

Pets4Homes / account on hold

M444ria on Feb 11, 2018
Hello there how are you. The reason I am contacting you today is because I am really really upset about the way I have been treated from yourselves. I posted an Ad sometime in october last year trying to re home 8 puppies. Sometime in December my ad has been continously reported by 1...

Arm & Hammer / Church & Dwight Co. / arm and hammer / pet fresh carpet odour eliminator

Fabian Pantoja on Feb 10, 2018
Arm & Hammer / Church & Dwight Co.I recently purchased the pet fresh arm & hammer odor eliminator, I used it twice within the first week. We starting noticing bumps on our dogs back the first time. One day we came home form work to find open sores along his face from him scratching hard, we thought maybe he ate something...

PetPackers / petpackers flying pet nanny is unprofessional, scary and unreliable beware!

Thai Dee Maew on Feb 10, 2018
PetPackersWe had a very bad experience with PetPackers transporting our kittens to their new family on January 28th and 29th, 2018! We no longer ship our kittens by cargo for various reasons, so when a repeat client of ours in Massachusetts bought two more kittens from us this year and they weren't...

Craigslist / pets las vegas

Pam Tipton on Feb 8, 2018
I responded to an add on Craig's list looking for an AKC Yorkie puppy on 02/03/18. I don't have the exact verbage of the ad, but the contact number was 702-763-7030. I believe the ad said 1 male Yorkie puppy. I met with a woman who said her name was Margarita on 02/05/18.She had with her two...

Paw Prime / payment

Jamie Casaus on Feb 8, 2018
I have tried to get into contact with Paw Prime and no response at all! They have charged my account already. The number that is listed is disconnected so there is no way to get in touch with these people besides their email address but yet you wont get any response!! This company is such a...

Dog Pawty / unethical behaviour

shirley lampley on Feb 8, 2018
back in January I ordered the dog bracelet and have never received you took 7.00 dollars out of my bank on January 11th.i have nicely tried to get ahold of you to no avail .if you are not going to send the bracelet then return my money I am 78yrs old and don't need this also have heart...

Petsmart / job in darien il

Petsmart video on Feb 7, 2018
Went for job at petsmart as groomer. Petsmart all they care about is videos I never finish watching. There video its about forklift what do I care about forklift. Were the fork should be when there no load on it. Or how check battery on forklift. Then they ask about pet hotel what do I...

Bridges Farm / cannot get on the website

mbridges1941 on Feb 7, 2018
I went in to post a pet and site says my email and password are not right, they have not changed, I have tried everything. Keeps telling me to TEXT a number and I don't TEXT dont even have a cell phone. What do I need to do I have been using Hoobly to advertise for several years and have...

Petsmart / very rude behavior

ModiniKiran on Feb 5, 2018
I placed an order in November 2017, got an email that due to unavailability my order got cancelled. Almost 2 months later, got another email that reads "Thank you for your order" and I see my card charged for that. A week later one more email came in that reads "Thank you for Picking up"...

Yahoo! / pitbull commercial during super bowl.

gabrielle92583 on Feb 4, 2018
Who the hell do you people think you are. Pit bull's, along with other large dogs become dangerous because of stupid, two-legged bias [censor] as yourselves. KNOW THIS, I will all that I can to voice your stupid, bias lies on other webs, included ALL alternative news stations that...

AliExpress / cat collar

Pim6244 on Feb 1, 2018
AliExpressDear whom Concerned, My order number 89283672488830 Store Name Roommate Store I has order cat collar total 30 pieces with different size and colour and They send me yesterday so I click recived delivery but once I check in product most of them is wrong size and colour ! So I sent text...

AliExpress / 89283672488830

Pimmy on Feb 1, 2018
AliExpressDear whom Concerned, My order number 89283672488830 Store Name Roommate Store I has order cat collar total 30 pieces with different size and colour and see what your seller send me ; Order : Collar Red, Size M 4 pieces Sent : Size M 2 pieces, Size XS 2 pieces!!! Order : Collar Black Size...
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