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Pets & Animals Complaints

Dog Pawty / I did not recieve the dog item I ordered and paid with credit card.

Jill Fraley on Dec 10, 2018

Dog PawtyMy order # 666236 was placed weeks ago and has not arrived. The order was for my friend who's dog just passed away. I'm soooo disappointed. I have enclosed a copy of my receipt per your requested information. Please, please get this to me before Christmas. I work with shelters and I would...

Chewy / item # 49210

Glenn Shepherd on Dec 9, 2018

Order #[protected]-1 shipped 12/6/18 I'm tired of receiving cans of dog food that are dented. In an order of 24 cans, six were dented. Two were so bad I threw them away. This will probably be the last time I order through you! I'm much better off just going to a pet store and buying the dog...

POS Malaysia Jernatut / I am complaining about the post man who deliver letters to my home recently

Sivaranjini Asokan on Dec 5, 2018

As he came to deliver letter, he used a lapstick and hit my dogs. My dog even never went to bite him ; but he still does it. What the hell he have done like that ? He don't have such rights to do like this. He should be dismissed from work and he must asked apologised for this. He is a...

Petco Animal Supplies / green conure housing/animals for sale

Millie13710 on Dec 5, 2018

Pet stores should not be selling live animals especially when they aren't even giving them proper care. The housing for the green conures in particular is extremely depressing. A single green conure is housed by itself with one toy and no other stimulation... one of the conures had ripped...

Hoobly / pug puppies for sale

Scammed Puglover on Dec 4, 2018

HooblyOctober ad for Pug puppies, $275. in Boerne, TX. Pups not registered which accounted for low price. Texted number [protected]. Quick & kind response with pictures were texted back. After trying to send $100 deposit via Zelle & Google Pay, I finally sent money thru Cash app to...

PetSmart / customers service

Infantef on Dec 4, 2018

I asked if any cages were on sale I'm told idk they are marked so I find some but I want to know if they are missing peices I'm told idk so I ask for a yes or no and he walks over and says oh this is not on sale it's on wrong self ok fine he takes it and walks off I still need help the...

Petco Animal Supplies / deceptive advertising

Rover Come Over on Dec 4, 2018

Petco Animal SuppliesI take my 10 month old puppy to Petco in Closter, NJ for training and store-bought food. I would be considered a friendly and good customer with reward points. I received an email ad which promised $40 off orders of $100 or more for in store or online products in huge type with NO ASTERISK...

Paws New England / serious vetting issues

Scott Bozak on Dec 3, 2018

Paws, like most agencies, requires personal and veterinary references as well as a landlord reference. I provided all, with full confidence that I would get positive references. Long story short, things did not go well with the dog we adopted. He was advertised as house broken and leash...

Cat Solarium / cat window seat or cat solarium

Catnana on Nov 30, 2018

For what I paid for this item it has not withheld to the weather. I don't believe it is made of the "highest grade materials" as the owner suggests. After less than a year the plywood has begun splitting. It was also muvh harder to put together than the website stated. I sent a message to...

In The Company of Dogs / duplicate charge

Pam Caster on Nov 29, 2018

I ordered two rugs and was charged $100.89. I received the rugs two weeks ago. Today I received an email saying my order was shipped today and my credit card was charged again. I immediately called customer service and talked to someone who said they could not help me and transferred me to...

Hoobly / beware!!! bird not received nor $ money refunded = $844.00

Zebra Michele on Nov 28, 2018

November 21st - today, November 28th, 2018: I contacted and communicated with a client of yours, "Anthony" of "anrlovelybirds" in Atlanta. He had me sign a contract. He, the SELLER was responsible for the shipping and all expenses. He would not take a PayPal payment but, ultimately, had me...

Vanillabelle Ragdolls / animal hoarding abuse neglect

Justice for The Voiceless on Nov 28, 2018

Vanillabelle Ragdolls"Since late October(2018), the Central New York SPCA has been overwhelmed with animals after taking in over 100 cats from a cruelty case involving a horrid breeder of rag doll cats and kittens. Many are sick and weak, suffering horribly from untreated severe upper respiratory infection...

Chewy / 2 boxes arrived open and crashed

Janet Havens Terrill on Nov 26, 2018

Two boxes arrived on the date given. They were dumped outside beside the garage door. Lucky I had put my car inside before the delivery person came. No knock at the door and by the time I got to the driveway the delivery truck had left. Both boxes were crushed. Both were open and held... / fish food

anurag_sr on Nov 26, 2018

Almost a month ago i ordered fish food (Order number -[protected]) - 3 quantity from souq. Must after the scheduled delivery date, i get a message that the order is rejected because supplier is not able to fulfil the order. Its pathetic that order is accepted and is rejected later on...

Woolworths / home brand clumping kitty litter

Teresa Matto on Nov 25, 2018

I have been purchasing HB kitty litter for years. Until recently. Your kitty litter was perfect with the right amount of clumping and Woolworths decided to change the formula. Now I need a jackhammer to get the clumps of litter off the wall of the litter tray. It feels like you've...

PetSmart / groomers not following customers directions

Arlaine Hines on Nov 24, 2018

I took my dog to PetSmart in Savannah on Victory Drive to be wash and groom I specifically told the groomer mr. Eddie not to cut my Schnauzer beard. When I came to pick him up he did the opposite he cut my Schnauzer beard shaved his legs he looked awful. My dog did not look like a...

Waaba Pugs / Timely Pugs / puppy sale

Penny Ann on Nov 24, 2018

This guy just took us for $850 and tried to get more. He is now going by Milton Franks and the web site is now under Timely Pugs. Don't send this guy your money. My husband tried to give him the benefit of the doubt to get a puppy to help me cause I just lost mine a month ago and she...

TJX / T.J. Maxx / guide and service dogs

Jones Hun on Nov 23, 2018

I am a employee at Home Goods. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) states that guide dogs and service dogs must be allowed to all public accommodation. Most guide and service animals walk on a leash and in a few instances are carried. Very few guide and service dogs need to be pushed...

Hoobly / I can’t log in or set up new account!

Maggs53 on Nov 20, 2018

HooblyWhen I try to log into my Hoobly Account - for which I pay, my password does not work. When I try to reset the password - it says it can't find my email address in hooblys data base. When I try to set up new account it says the email address is already in use ! There is no way to contact...

Craigslist / pets for sale

Cathy Mims on Nov 20, 2018

I'm VERY CONCERNED about all the post to sell puppies!!! I feel MANY of them are scams!!! There are DOZENS of them posting under an area (state/city) only to find they are 100's of miles away PLUS many of them use the same story about a very cheap rehoming fee or not one at all claiming...