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River Dog Gear / service dog vest and girth strap from river dog gear

Ellen Landy on Jul 19, 2017
I already contacted this CS on etsy once this is my second one. I ordered the vest and girth strap in March 2017. I have had nothing but trouble getting my order. I have emailed, PM'd, and had many one sided conversations with the shop owner. Several times she did not even know who I wa...

Red Poppy Pets / puppies with worms

NBea on Jul 19, 2017
The Breeder of Red Poppy Pets does not check (test) the puppies for worms. She gives the minimum vaccinations and failed to properly deworm her expensive pups. We love our Morkie but find it negligent that when questioned, her response was "They're not bad right? Just get her treated, it'...

Pets4Homes / scottish fold kittens

Anna chapman on Jul 19, 2017
Hi in Grimsby there are some Scottish fold kittens for sale for 500 I bought one of those cats last year it cost me 600 and was a female she sadly died after heart and breathing problems at 9months of age. She was taken to the vet which cost me a further 200 pounds she was put in an oxygen...

PetSmart / grooming - unethical behavior

Tdzurick on Jul 17, 2017
July 14, 2017 1130 AM/ 2430 Walnut St. Cary, NC 27518 I brought my dog in for grooming as I have done several times before. tofu has been getting groomed his whole 5 years of his life. We have never had a problem with grooming. He was brought in in his normal happy go lucky mood. As soon a...

Petco / ferret

Marley13 on Jul 16, 2017
I'm tired of going into petco and being treated as if I have the plague. I own 4 ferret. All purchased in petco. Various states. So I support and use Marshall products as well as other animal products purchased at petco. Only in the one in Gillette Wyoming am I not allowed to touch the...

Petco / dog grooming

IDK2 on Jul 15, 2017
I brought my mini schnauzer to get groomed. I told the girl to leave her beard. she looked my dog over and said she wouldn't need to touch her face at all. I told her the rest of her can be cut. She said she would try to do the same as they did last time, i agreed since it was perfect last...

The UPS Store / delivery

Joanna Rodriguez on Jul 14, 2017
My husband was at home all day. No one came and rang the door bell. I have cameras at my home. All the delivery driver do was place a BLANK slip in my mailbox. No Info of where to pick up or call. How do you expect for someone to keep using UPS when your drivers don't even want to do there...

Cane Island Pet Spa / Lauren's Grooming Katy / dog grooming, she sliced a 3" gash in my dogs leg and admitted it.

PJ Johnson on Jul 12, 2017
Lauren Green is an owner of Cane Island Pet Spa and Lauren's Grooming Katy. When you click on her link, she has 1.5 stars out of 5. When I took my dog to her home, she called me asking to come early to pick up. I found a 3" deep gash in my dogs' leg. Lauren blamed me, saying the dog i...

PetSmart / grooming

laurie pfisterer on Jul 12, 2017
My 11 year old Labrador dog had a grooming appointment on July 4th, 2017 at the Petsmart location in Westminster, Maryland. We just wanted her hair shortened, her toenails cut and a bath. She was not even there an hour, got the call to pick her up. The groomer cut her toenail too short...

PetSmart / sold a sick animal

zwiama90 on Jul 11, 2017
After reading other reviews it seems my complaint must be common! I bought two very young guinea pigs about a week ago. They have been sneezing non stop. Now they're rattling and congested. I'm going to take them both to see a vet today since I suspect its a URI. I hope they both make it...

Petco / crickets

Shannon Callison on Jul 10, 2017
I live in Buckley, and the closet pet store is in Bonney Lake. They are always out of crickets, with no other stores near me. I have to drive 40+ minutes to get crickets. Last week all the Petco in the area were out of crickets, making the nearest place to get them over an hour away. They...

Dollar Tree / natural remedies cat flea & tick

Lori McCain Young on Jul 10, 2017
Dollar TreeI applied this product to my cat per the instructions on the back of the package. With in 4 hours my cats hair, where I applied the product, fell out! He has 4 bald spots now and his skin is red & inflamed! If I can attach photos to show you my cat's pain I would...your company should not...

Cuballama / a refill that my relative in cuba didn't receive

Alicia Ruiz on Jul 8, 2017
On July 4th I refilled my cousin's cell phone number in Cuba and, although the $20.99 were debited from my account, my relative didn't receive it. I have always used Cuballama but if it is no longer reliable I'll have to move to a different company that does not ply with the money of a...

Taco Bell / dogs in the restaurant

Debbie.h on Jul 8, 2017
7-8-2017 This is the 2nd Saturday in a row that there have been dogs in the restaurant. Eating off table and chairs. They said they have dogs in there almost every hour of the day. Health Department will be notified. If they had an area for dogs that might be one thing but to eat where...

Hoobly / siamese kittens - i'm a breeder

Camou flauged on Jul 8, 2017
I wanted to let you know at first that when I tried to contact you to report a customer that has been harassing me here on hoobly, I accidently reported my ad, but I was hoping that I could get ahold of someone. I have a customer from arizona named finnfam14 that is saying a bunch of mean...

Tia Maria Siamese/Balinese / kitten with congenital defect

ReneeIverson on Jul 7, 2017
I wanted a lilac point short hair Balinese so I started calling breeders to see if they had kittens. Maria Ryder of Tia Maria Siamese/Balinese had a litter about to be born, and it turned out there was a lilac lynx point, so we agreed that he would be mine. She sent me videos of him and...

Petco / lack of reptile food

Roy Douglas Widrig on Jul 7, 2017
I went to the Grants Pass Petco yesterday and their reptile food department looked like they were going out of business. No wax worms, no crickets no fruit flies. I don't know what their excuses were yesterday because there was nobody in that department. In fact I only saw three workers in...

Hollywood Feed / deceptive pricing policies; terrible customer service

matthewhirst on Jul 6, 2017
I received surprisingly deceptive, dismissive, and disrespectful service from the Hollywood Feed store in Southlake, Texas on July 4, 2017. When I escalated my store concern with regional manager Cainin Hooks, he was disturbingly dismissive, indifferent, disrespectful, and arrogant. I'll...

Letgo / animal cages

Cindy Binder Carson on Jul 6, 2017
We have two animal cages. One has 1 door and the other has 2 doors. They are different sizes with totally different measurements. I made 2 separate ads for them. The measurements are different, ALL of the pictures are different, and the titles are different. Your company discarded one of...

North Shore Animal League / pet adoption guideline policy

Calvin Francis on Jul 5, 2017
As you are aware most families would love to have a pet to give a great home to, as my wife and I tried to surprise our 3 Daughters with a new addition to the home that dream was crushed by one of the assistant managers at this facility. On July 4th 2017 we were told that due to our...
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