Pets & Animals Complaints


PuppySpot Group — Follow through

My experience initially was very good. The information, follow up and interaction on finding the dog I was looking for. Once I made the decision on the dog I wanted to purchase...

Pets & Animals  · Feb 14, 2020

Cable News Network / CNN — review of the westminster dog show

J Berman and A Camerota should NOT make complaints on TV about things they obviously know NOTHING about. "Mutts are not allowed", OF Course! Because a mixed breed dog does not...

Pets & Animals  · Feb 12, 2020

Baxter Family Pugs — unprofessional business practices

Do your homework on them ... I emailed Baxter Family Pugs through their website and Vickie Baxter (formerly Pait and Canales) emailed me stating she had a litter due 12/2019. She...

2 comments Pets & Animals  · Feb 11, 2020

PuppySpot Group — puppy purchase

I contacted PuppySpot concerning purchase of a English Golden. Someone contacted me and he could had a difficult time speaking English language. I asked questions relative to the...

Hollywood Pets & Animals  · Feb 08, 2020

PetSmart — fish department

Hello, As of today I will never ever set foot in this or any other PetSmart stores for any of my pets based on two recent experiences. The first experience happened a few week...

Syracuse Pets & Animals  · Feb 05, 2020

Hoobly — dog

544153Was talking to a lady about a FULL BREED cane corso and she said (still have the messages) she is ICCF registered. Paid 1k for her and we took her home. When we got to the vet...

Pets & Animals  · Feb 03, 2020

Frenchie scam — Hoobly frenchie scam

Messaged back and forth about buying Frenchie from him spoke with him and wife on phone and thru text. Said they would meet came time to meet and they wanted a deposit to meet...

Pets & Animals  · Feb 03, 2020

Hoobly — scam for money - selling frenchie

544153Messaged back and forth about buying Frenchie from him spoke with him and wife on phone and thru text. Said they would meet came time to meet and they wanted a deposit to meet...

Pets & Animals  · Feb 03, 2020

Next Day Pets — I signed up for one time billing use of 5.95

I have been billed twice for it within 2 weeks and cannot find anything on the website to cancel subscription. I see many people are having the same issues as myself.

Pets & Animals  · Jan 31, 2020

Hoobly — Dog sellers

These ad is a SCAM! They need to be taken down or reported to the police. They've stolen thousands of dollars and continue to get away with it!!!

Pets & Animals  · Jan 30, 2020

VCA Animal Hospitals — careclub payment

Yes, i think I took My dog Tippie to our local VCA Greater Savannah Animal Hospital for her cough and was showed an e-xray of her body! She said that she had a little touch of...

Savannah Pets & Animals  · Jan 29, 2020

PetSmart — store #1233 animal care

12569Chinchillas are not being treated the way they should be. In fact they are being taking care off . but the conditions are NOT proper for chinchillas. Chinchillas at this store...

Austin Pets & Animals  · Jan 28, 2020

PetSmart — animal care

12569This store has 3 chinchillas living in insufficient conditions. Their bedding is of a brown paper and not healthy at all. Chinchilla's will eat paper bedding which gets stuck...

Austin Pets & Animals  · Jan 28, 2020

Ruff House Rescue — dog adoption

I adopted a dog through ruff house rescue and the dog was involved in a car accident and tragically passed away I was accused by them of being negligent and would be put on a do...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 27, 2020

PetSmart — grooming services

Erin (and I don't know her last name but will find out) is abusing animals. Do not take your pet there. They have a camera in the front grooming area where they trim nail...

Latham Pets & Animals  · Jan 27, 2020

PetSmart — grooming and attitude!

I took my dog to PetSmart Saturday and told them that she had a few knots that needed to be shaved or cut out and to make her hair as even as possible. well I have anxiety so I...

Dickinson Pets & Animals  · Jan 23, 2020

Oakland Mall — the mental state of the great dane puppy we purchased - aggression issues

We purchased a Great Dane puppy from the Oakland Mall store last January 2019, and the dog had not only severe dirreah but food and water aggression that down the line turned into...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 23, 2020

Hoobly — bernese/lab puppy

544153Beware of this seller!! There is a puppy mill owner that continues to advertise on Hoobly with a location of Walled Lake Michigan or Hartland Michigan. All pups are $550 and they...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 20, 2020

Crystal Ragdolls — purchased kitten

bought a kitten from kristen avila she was former beauty ragdolls based from my own research and found so many complaints about her. she gave me a sickly kitten which i only...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 17, 2020

PetSmart — pet grooming

01/17/2020 When I asked for grooming for my basset hound, there was one customer picking up and two people working. They said they had time to wash my girl and clip her nail...

Cartersville Pets & Animals  · Jan 17, 2020

Feathered Friends Avarie — bird rescue

659455I am writing to complain and warn people about Tamara lows owner of feathered friends avarie in belleville Ontario. She takes in animals and resells them sick or near death. She...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 16, 2020

Backroad Rescue Brigade — pet rescue and adoption

651887Attempted to adopt a dog from them. Went through the whole adoption process, provided references, let them speak to my veterinarian and was approved. I was told that Zeus, the...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 16, 2020

Cat Breeder — wunderfolds scottish fold cattery

Buyer Beware, I had a terrible experience with Wunderfolds. Scottishfold Cattery. The Owner Ginger Troutman-Pains located in fort mill, SC, [protected] is the worst...

11 comments Pets & Animals  · Jan 15, 2020

PetSmart — employment application

Their application is very invasive and I have concerns about their confidentiality agreement. Here is an example of a question I consider a bit invasive for a low paying non...

Manteca Pets & Animals  · Jan 14, 2020

Petco Animal Supplies — purchasing of ferret.

We went in petco searching for a ferret and found one. After asking the associates about the animal and weighing out our options, we decided to purchase the animal. After telling...

Pets & Animals  · Jan 14, 2020