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Caters News Agency / caters news agency employs racists

Apr 3, 2018

Becca Husselbee an employee at Caters News Agency has made racist Tweets about Muslim women as the evidence below shows. This disgusting racist comments reveal Husselbee to be a racist bigot. Husselbee's father Steve...

Jamie Carragher / jamie carragher

Mar 13, 2018

Jamie Carragher should be sacked by sky for spirting at a young girl It shows what type of person he is and how much he hates Manchester United He is no role model for young people and has NO place on TV What he did amounts to child abuse this child will never forget what has happened to...

East Bay Times / subscription term change in middle of term

Mar 10, 2018

I subscribed to and paid for a subscription to the East Bay times. I was notified in the middle of my subscription that the term has been changed. I do not like the new terms as it is less papers per week. It is not what I subscribed to. The East Bay Times should honor the terms that I...

An advertisement / inappropriate sports bet ad

Mar 5, 2018

To whom it may concern, I writing this letter in regards to a sports bet advertisement that was shown on seven mate today, of a man with no cloths saving his genitals. My husband and I thought it be very inappropriate and the time it was showing in the afternoon while my children were...

Shannon Tatera / no place mats for silverware

Jan 23, 2018

Hello, I have already spoken to Derrick of Cheesecake Factory in Rancho Cucamonga CA about my main complaint. I feel you shouldn't lay the silverware directly onto the table; a better, sanitary process would be to wrap the silverware in the cloth or paper napkin. I don't like the idea of...

Jessie Bennet principal at Bennett Web Services and Bennett Author Services / internet exposure

Jan 22, 2018

Jessie Bennet principal at Bennett Web Services and Bennett Author ServicesI met Jessie Bennett and her husband Stephen Burt one night at a Belmont PTA meeting. Jessie Bennett is a web designer and social media consultant, and specializes in providing websites for authors and independent publishers. She was founding editor of Beacon Broadside, the blog for Beacon...

Nikademus Lawman / geo-economic, geopolitical, military & intelligence expert - target of defamation

Jan 7, 2018

Nikademus Lawman is the owner of Illuminati Killers, a reputable alternative media organization that regularly serves as a thought leader in the field of geopolitical exegesis. Besides providing cutting edge analysis, the group was one of the first to cater to a broader demographic (those...

Zion Lutheran Church / yahoo news

Dec 29, 2017

Your headline: white power' hand gesture in photo with Trump Really? What kind of "news" reporting is this crap? It might be a white power gesture? Might not be. This has been debunked long ago. Why not at least mention somewhere that the intern involved is Jewish and has denied it is such...

SocofNews / income opportunities

Dec 19, 2017

SocofNews "", [protected] I have not received payment as promised!!! payments Payment is given when you get $2700 on the balance . date sum to pay out payment status [protected]:44:11 $5400 *little read news or...

Bold media signage / non delivery of service/product

Dec 13, 2017

We paid Bold Media Signage a deposit of R1200.00 on 3/11/2017 for flyers which they had promised to deliver the following day. The owner, Stan did not deliver and switched off his phones the whole weekend and was non reachable besides leaving messages. He then promised to instead make...

Fox 17 News (Cassandra Arsenault) / unethical behaviour/ lies/ definition of character

Dec 9, 2017

Fox 17 News (Cassandra Arsenault)Date of inncodent is 12/23/2015 I was a victom in a craigslist scam but fox news 17 with reporter casandra arsenault made a complete story up and made me out to be a victom and is ruining my reputation as well as putting me up to be the bad guy in this case and fox 17 refuses to remove...

CBS Morning Show / gayle

Dec 5, 2017

I understand how people are all about freedom of speech now and for the 75 years however, some of us watch programs with the intention of being exposed to informative, stimulating information to start the day. Bringing a gentleman on who has interesting ideas about the future potential of...

Warning to all pagans involved in scandal surrounding Pagans Against Plagiarism this group is not recognized and will not be tolerated Wiccan Pagan Alliance / any member of the hateful group pap will be all tarred with the same brush as traitors by pagans worldwide

Dec 4, 2017

Warning to all pagans involved in scandal surrounding Pagans Against Plagiarism this group is not recognized and will not be tolerated Wiccan Pagan AllianceThe Church of the Wiccan Pagan Alliance - Warning: The Pagan World have come together to eradicate "fluffs", bullying, stalking, lies, hate and personal campaigns against real pagans ANY member of this group will be tarred with the same brush as their founder members "the fluffs" Lesley...

Lowe's 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Fl 33948 / "black friday racial comment by assistant store manager mr. peter thompson

Nov 28, 2017

Steven L. On "Black Friday", me and my wife went to Lowe's at 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Fl to purchase a television for our grand children, since we where informed that Lowe's be selling televisions for Black Friday event. We wasn't able to locate the television, so I asked an...

Bruce Fowler / yahoo mail login

Nov 22, 2017

I am trying to login to my Yahoo mail account. I enter my email address and it says to tap the account key icon and enter the number. I tap the icon and no number appears. It goes around in circles and I am getting nowhere. I am considering changing email address. How can I log in to my...

Jisbod TV Channel / a video published on the 11th of nov 2017, captioned. unbelievable tupac hong kong defeated by his brother

Nov 12, 2017

Dear youtube please kindly remove this video clips posted by JISBOD TV, this wicked ones whom pride in destroying peoples future, the video in question. Mr Donald the Tupac of hong kong defeated by innocent man @ night club yesterday, but this ugly incident did not happened at night club...

Zumbo's Just Desserts / incorrect tv-rating

Nov 11, 2017

The show has multiple instances of inappropriate language that does not fit with a TV-PG rating, including multiple counts of the f-word. In order to comply with the ratings, which are there to ensure that people are watching age appropriate material, and so as not to by pass bad language...

Murder Rap Records / king krimzon name under scammer on web

Nov 13, 2017

Murder Rap RecordsKing Krimzon has never scammed anyone and you guys are putting bad publicity on his name, please remove this fake scammer alert under king Krimzon because Nicholas Guedry is not associated with rap group king Krimzon and you have it as his rap name which is not associated with king Krimzon...

Plenty / function of pof website

Nov 6, 2017

Your website sent me an email requesting that take a look at who were possible matches. When I went on the site and put in my user name and pass word it said that is was incorrect. I know my password and user name, but decided to request a new password. Each time I changed it and put it in...

Premier News / banning order

Nov 6, 2017

I have just been informed that I have been banned from the comment column of Premier News Service. I contacted the site moderator but received no reply. I can only surmise that this is because of what was taken to be a racist remark. The subject was the beating up of a Pakistani Christian in...

Steve Fuimano / vice news

Oct 18, 2017

The show's background music is too loud, I cannot hear the commentator. That's all I wanted to say but I need to use at least 350 characters so I will waste my time and yours to fulfill this stupid rule. I would think that it would be to your advantage to have the comments shorter and to...

Chew Toy For A Corrupt Judge, Inc. / government corruption

Oct 17, 2017

Bill maher and john oliver are the voices of reason for america! Thank hbo! They do make america great... Again and again! More? Okay uuhhh... A corrupt federal judge stole $100, 000.00 from me, changed my [censor]in name and then gave all of my money and my identity to a guy that went to...

Zee News / zee news islamic law ka mazak banati hai

Oct 11, 2017

Zee NewsZee news hamesha Muslims ke khilaf aur Islamic law ko badnam karne ki koshish karti hai. Recently #kattarpanthseazadi troll kar rahi hai. Aur apne zee news ki tv report or facebook par share kiya hai. Iske pahle bhi Bakrid par qurbani ko lekar Muslim ko nicha dekhane ki koshish ki hai. Zee...

Clifford Peterson / north american fishing club magazine

Oct 2, 2017

Hello, my name is Clifford Peterson. My "Life Time" Membership number is 112719. I have not received the NAFC magazine in over (11) eleven years. I keep trying to contact company and leave messages. No response. I notified NAFC of my change of address and still nothing. Can you please send...

Saranzaya Gotov / saranzaya gotov - I hate king of thailand bhumibol adulyadej

Sep 24, 2017

Saranzaya GotovSaranzaya Gotov IS MY NAME AND I COME FROM Mongolia, NOW IN BANGKOK - I HATE KING OF THAILAND Bhumibol Adulyadej Education Bangkok University International College, Entrepreneurship and Management (Business Administration) Thailand, Bangkok, and August 2011- December 2013 Alliance...

Tara Talks Today / tara talks blog

Sep 7, 2017

TARA TALKS Blog Slandering Financial Scene for Payouts I came across a sketchy blog today called Tara Talks – at first it seemed like it is just another scambuster blog, many for which I am grateful because they saved me and my family a lot of money in moments of doubt, but after seeing some...

Private Individual / illegitimate censorship

Aug 24, 2017

The United States of America is a country founded on the idea of free speech and thought. Taking that right away from individuals who wish to use your platform as a means to express that speech and thought is essentially taking away the rights of not only the individuals expressing their...

Hamilton Sundstrand / tv ads

Aug 10, 2017

Please! Please! Please! Enough already with those 2 idiot guys in the car in the Sonic Resturant commercials. They weren't talented at the onset and the're just getting more and more annoying each and every time one of your commercials come on. It's gotten to the point when they come on I...

Dr. Alan C. Hueth / clarion project removed???

Jul 25, 2017

I just heard from the clarion project that you are going to remove/have removed the clarion project's youtube the interest of honoring the 1st amendment of the constitution and the fact that the mainstream media do not include the information that the clarion project provide...

MegaPrint Co. / forecast sensationalism

Jul 21, 2017

Your recent tactic of proclaiming a number of people that are "at risk" from a potential weather event ("80 million at risk of rain " e.g.) is pure ratings sensationalism, false and misleading. These numbers are meant to provoke fear and worry in viewers that are no more "at risk " than...

Natalie Seldon / never received my 15% off email after signing up to newsletter

Jul 17, 2017

Hi there, I've bought toms from you before and was going to order more but was surprised to see recently you are now charging delivery even when spending a large amount. I signed up to newsletter, now receiving marketing emails, but still no 15% off. Please carry out your promise for thi... Giuseppe Macario Antonio Russo / unethical behavior scam lies fake news deviant site

Jul 16, 2017 Giuseppe Macario Antonio RussoPresto. news is a deviant fake site harassing women, students and universities in Italy and the United States. The owner has been identified as Giuseppe Macario aka Antonio Russo an Italian man who posts fake credentials on various profiles pretending to be a professor. Giuseppe Macario...

John Lilyea / fake news - ransomware-malware-theft of personal information

Jul 9, 2017

Be aware that the website, is a fake news website!!! All information on this site is fake and is used for you to click onto the site. uses cookies and malware to infiltrate your computer and steal your information. John lilyea then sells your...

IDGB, LLC. / service

Jun 28, 2017

IDGB, LLC.I’ve never spoken badly about any company or past employment where I’ve worked. It’s not in my nature and I don’t like to burn bridges, but I should share my experience and save someone else the trouble. I left a really good digital marketing position with high pay, great benefits, and an...

New Trading Way / stock market tips

Jun 27, 2017

New Trading WayDont't register with this comapny..pakka fraud company.All this company people dont know how to eat food on their own. sonali, rahul...especially their phone numbers are WWW.NEWTRADINGWAY.COM @9719712334 WWW.NEWTRADINGWAY.COM @9627008886 ================================== Call Sonali...

Steve Pulaski - Movie Critic / unethical behavior in reviewing films

Jun 17, 2017

Steve Pulaski, a movie critic, maliciously lied about a movie in his review. He maliciously attacked an actor in a faith-based movie and lied about camera equipment all over the movie - of course there's camera equipment as it's a sports movie. I've sent an email to the...

Eddie / bill maher / real time

Jun 5, 2017

I have always watched and respected HBO for being one of the longest and best run movie channels. I even watched Bill Maher for the opposing view enjoyed Jack Kingston as a guest and others. All the stupid [censor] anti- religious banter is not humorous but I watched. After the comment...

HNGN / online writing

May 17, 2017

They are denying to pay the payments for those writers who have been terminated from the work. But, for others everything is fine. HNGN is their mother site and they handle many other sites under them. for example, I was working on Mstar News and The Classical Arts. Our pending payment...

MSN / New page lies being posted on home page

May 16, 2017

MSN is so irresponsible to allow such garbage on it's news pages. The idea is to get news to people not the lies & drivel that are being posted as truth. The Washington POst article was broadly renounced as pure anti-trump and leaks from someone who will soon be in jail. How...

Outdoor Outlets / Yeti 20 oz coffee mug

Apr 25, 2017

Apparently I am not the only one who paid for a yeti cup and never received it. I ordered the cup on march 18 and have yet to receive it. I emailed 4 times and never recieved a response. The 1800 number is disconnected. What a bunch of scamming #. I hope these # get caught and spend some...