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Playster / Playster affiliates dept / publishing manager colin stratchan ignoring cease and desist letter, false and misleading advertising,183+ dmca complaints

PlaysterPlayster is a new company formed in 2015 that prides itself on values and working with independent authors. However, they have a serious problem that they appear not willing to address, namely that a lot of their revenue comes from Russian based affiliate marketing agencies that refer...

AMC Theatres / Concession prices

Jeffjjjjj on Feb 18, 2017
As I'm sure all of you reading this realize that after buying popcorn and a drink at theater you need to get a second mortgage. Well while taking two nephews (one who is autistic) and a niece to see Lego batman we were getting things for the movie. My one nephew doesn't drunk sodas so we...

Yahoo! / News

Gaye Livesay on Feb 17, 2017
I have kept Yahoo as my Home page for years. I am now changing over to Google. I NEVER thought I would say that. You want a client #, etc..., all I can give you is this. Your so-called news journalists are a joke. For several reasons. And I don't believe I am the only one who thinks so. 1...

Cable News Network / CNN / CNN's Dishonesty

Dan Hickman on Feb 16, 2017
Your reporter asked President Trump today if calling CNN fake news is not corroding the confidence that people have in the news (or something along that line). You bet it is, because your organization's constant attacks, hatred, and dishonesty has by itself lost the trust of the people...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / Billing/account

Yolande Vosloo on Feb 14, 2017
Last year on the 18th of March 2016 I made an annual payment for my dstv subscription and was advised that they will only be required to pay again in March 2017. On 26th of January a debit order ran on my account for an amount of R658.71 - when i called them on the 27th the lady told me...

Corporate Image Cape Town South Africa / Sheri cohen

iamfickle on Feb 11, 2017
I received bad poor service from Ms Sheri Cohen at a company called Corporate Image in Cape Town!!! Her service was bad and she was rude and unhelfull to me and my business!! I would not use her services again and I tell people to go to other companys if you can!! There is no escuse for...

TJMaxx and Marshals / Unethical, bad practice

Jean D'Amato Stanley on Feb 10, 2017
I am completely appalled and disgusted with the latest news that tjmax and marshals decided to allow politics into their stores. Have you lost your minds?? What are you thinking??? Ivanka trump is an intelligent, successful, classy woman who has an amazing line of clothes at an affordably...

Yahoo! / News

Neville Porteous on Feb 6, 2017
In recent months I have seen the Yahoo! news feed increasingly dominated by input from a shockingly low quality source called Snappa. Their writing is abysmal (my 12 year old has better writing style), their content entirely subjective and opinionated, and their political bias so...

Yahoo! / Ability to select/block what appears on yahoo news screen

Terresa Cornelius on Feb 5, 2017
In the past, I was able to set the newsfeed stories on my Yahoo Home or Yahoo News page to hide or limit certain subjects--Kardashians/celebrity gossip, for instance. As a teacher and parent who has their screen visible when kids are around, this is important to me. I am no longer to keep...

RT News / RT News Russian Putin State Government News Service

iscreamforyou on Feb 4, 2017
On the Apple App store I left a polite but negative & factual review of RT News app. Within a few minutes they immediately Black Listed me from all RT News reviews. It turns out that Apple gives 1st right of refusal to black list anyone the app maker wants to blacklist. My RT News comment...

Yahoo! / News article ethics

pk.carnahan on Feb 3, 2017
Yahoo!wtf Yahoo! 2/3/2017 #1 You have news articles on your home page that are total BS opinion pieces run to look like actual news. Even the main source of the story, on Huffington Post has removed the story from their website. #2 Please explain to me why you have an uncensored image of the...

Fox News / The 5 fox news rothschild luciferian jews of the apocalypse

user1633881 on Feb 3, 2017
The 5 foxnews rothschild luciferian jews of the apocalypse Periodically, whenever the other relatively good, honest conservative newscasters over at foxnews get “on a roll” and actually start spewing non-stop, true blue conservative, and straight up good old fashioned american or libertarian...

Judge Jeanine Pirro / Has a serious anger management problem

Judge Jeanine Pirro Has A Serious Anger Management Problem How this angry psychopath with the quivering lips was ever a former Westchester County District Attorney or Judge is truly a mystery in modern American jurisprudence. Her obvious anger management issues and almost homicidal rage...

Periodicals / Magazine subscriptions

jeff ga on Jan 30, 2017
Harassed my wife into ordering then won't cancel claims she has to pay over 500 dollars to cancel wife and i are both disabled and i handle the finances we really can not afford this if they want file suit they can just scam artists working a con on older people and kids told me she only...

Top Trending Tech / Youtube channel / community guideline strike

Top Trending Tech (T3) on Jan 30, 2017
Yesterday, i got a community guideline strike on my YouTube channel, and that too on a playlist i created with name As " top trending tech : Hardware " I don't know what the problem is there with the word hardware, or what kind of issue is there for that i got community guideline strike for...

Fox News / Jesse Watters: sociopathy goes mainstream

Dick Buttkiss on Jan 29, 2017
Foxnews’ Jesse Watters: sociopathy goes mainstream If there was ever a newscaster whose face simply inspires one to want to slap it, FoxNews’s Jesse Watters would be it. Ironically enough, this ### was “discovered” by Bill O’Reilly, who is merely just an older version of this man, who...

Yahoo! / News

Gordon Stewart on Jan 28, 2017
I noticed your lead story was "World Leaders Concerned About Trump's Muslim ban". This is ridiculous. Trump is not banning Muslims or any other religious group. There is a "temporary" ban on refugees from "countries" where there is a significant amount of terrorists until we can come up...

Pastor Ed Watson Edward Watson North Carolina / Slander wolf, devil, pervert, corruptor

John1976 on Jan 27, 2017
Pastor Ed Watson Edward Watson North CarolinaRecently this guy was slandering some people I don't even know but something didnt' seem right so I researched. First of all, Ed seems to flock with people that are known to be completely false which was the first thing that made me wonder. Plus my discernment was sensing that this guy ha...

Yahoo News / Yahoo news

D Law on Jan 25, 2017
Why in the world would you include such a blatantly ridiculously biased article as this PLEASE stop Politics Donald Trump's Profound Laziness Is Already on Full Display gq.com Mon, Jan 23 6:27 AM PST http://www.gq.com/story/donald-the-lazy/amp There is too much of this kind of crap without...

http://www.youtube.com/dutchsinse / The constant buffering and shut downs for no reason.

Chrissy Kinder on Jan 24, 2017
25/1/2017 10pm cst. everytime Dutchsince does his live stream, he gets shut down or the stream buffers. why is this happening all the time.its his work and no copy writing any where..please stop shutting him down.he has an awesome following .dutchsincse isnt hurting anyone.quite the...
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