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The Salvation Army Womens Shelter / homeless services - for women and children!- the worst shelter ever! in waterloo, iowa.

pqnforjustice on Dec 9, 2017
Don't ever come here if u are homeless woman here in waterloo, iowa! Or a single homeless woman with children!!! And if u are a good christian and clean!!! And drug free!!! This would be the wrong shelter to go to for help! If have nowhere else to go! The homeless women here who are single...

Fox 17 News (Cassandra Arsenault) / unethical behaviour/ lies/ definition of character

Debra Ronning on Dec 9, 2017
Fox 17 News (Cassandra Arsenault)Date of inncodent is 12/23/2015 I was a victom in a craigslist scam but fox news 17 with reporter casandra arsenault made a complete story up and made me out to be a victom and is ruining my reputation as well as putting me up to be the bad guy in this case and fox 17 refuses to remove...

Twoo.com / can't delete old netlog account

Uliks Dardania on Dec 8, 2017
I want to delete my old netlog account (en.netlog.com/u_lik_s) because it is very embarrassing and a threat to my career. But I can't because Netlog is now Twoo therefore I cannot login to my netlog account. I also forgot my email adresse and password, plus Twoo dosen't respond to my...

Cable News Network / CNN / news content

Wanda Conner on Dec 8, 2017
CNN used to be my go to station for every kind of current news stories. However I can no longer tolerate the 24/7, 365 coverage of politics. There are so many other important things going on in the world that are ignored by CNN while you sit and wait for the next political piece of drama...

DirecTV / billing

ressa04 on Dec 7, 2017
I am writing this email because my services were disconnected on 12/06/2017. When asked for service restoration, I was met with a barrage of no and unfortunately's over a past due 1 month balance of $145. Jack the the so called supervisor was very unwilling to assist with this. This i...

CBS Morning Show / gayle

Father Edwin D on Dec 5, 2017
I understand how people are all about freedom of speech now and for the 75 years however, some of us watch programs with the intention of being exposed to informative, stimulating information to start the day. Bringing a gentleman on who has interesting ideas about the future potential of...

Netflix / membership cost

Gloria Berryhill-Sims on Dec 5, 2017
The cost of netflix is 20.64, this includes a dvd rental cost to which I haven't used in years. When I asked to be refunded for all those months and years I was given 1 month refund which was $10.32. So you just made a considerable amount of money from me. Now how many other people have...

Warning to all pagans involved in scandal surrounding Pagans Against Plagiarism this group is not recognized and will not be tolerated Wiccan Pagan Alliance / any member of the hateful group pap will be all tarred with the same brush as traitors by pagans worldwide

Baird (swampwitch) on Dec 4, 2017
Warning to all pagans involved in scandal surrounding Pagans Against Plagiarism this group is not recognized and will not be tolerated Wiccan Pagan AllianceThe Church of the Wiccan Pagan Alliance - Warning: The Pagan World have come together to eradicate "fluffs", bullying, stalking, lies, hate and personal campaigns against real pagans ANY member of this group will be tarred with the same brush as their founder members "the fluffs" Lesley...

Home Box Office [HBO] / hbo’s lack of respect to its greatest show g. o. t

Angry&confused on Dec 2, 2017
I, like many others, will cancel my subscription as soon as game of thrones is done! I do not know the problems with production, writing, or actors. But I know one thing, Game of thrones was one of the best series with the biggest fan base, why would the producers or corporate manager...

LA Fitness / tv channel for msnbc is seldom working

Robert Colón on Dec 2, 2017
For a number of months, the LA Fitness gym at 1801 NE 123rd St. #200, (786) 718-1789, is unable to provide the news channel for MSNBC/DirectTV to its members. I am specifically referring to the TV monitors on the cardio machines. All of the channels work fine with one exception, the New...

Dollar Tree / clerk did not provide all of product purchased

Tania75 on Dec 2, 2017
My son went to store 1324 on 12/2/17 to purchase 2 newspapers, the clerk handed him the papers however she did not provide him with the coupons that come with the paper. I called the store and the person who picked up was told about this mishap, she stated that there was nothing she could...

Orbit Showtime Network [OSN] / fraud action, negligence and careless attitude

Ahmed Abdel Hafiz on Dec 1, 2017
Dear OSN team, Let me share with you the worst experience I faced since longtime ago. On the 19th of November, 2017 I received an SMS from your side that OSN packages have been modified and prices were changed, therefore I contacted the call center same day to inquire about the new package...

ITV / waspicoverage

Maria Peden on Dec 1, 2017
I am writing to complain about the complete lack of coverage over the plight of the WASPI women, although there has been many demonstrations throughout the country and countless debates in the house of commons I have yet to hear anything about it, it is time that the news channels start to...

Youtube / not receiving notifications re: jimmy dore show

dreamerBoy on Dec 1, 2017
I have clicked the bell, I have subscribed yet CONTINUALLY I have to dig around to see the latest Jimmy Dore shows. I would like to have alerts as soon as a new show appears. I want to have a Jimmy Dore panel on my home display (I am not getting this either.). Is it because you as a...

Youtube / videos being removed without violations found, only 1st amendment being violated

cnnrotatingsquare on Nov 30, 2017
I have been posting videos about the little boy in Aleppo, Omran Daqneesh. No video ever has had any vulgar or violent content. Yet, you are removing them. WHY ! I feel you are deliberately violating my 1st Amendment rights of free speech. Whenever I appeal your removal, you never say what...

Yahoo! / news

Gentry2020 on Nov 30, 2017
I really dislike the "viewers responses" to news headlines, they can be very nasty and are often by internet trolls. This demeans the integrity of the journalists. It gives a platform to nasty minority views much like Mr Trumps recent tweets. I have changed to msn after nearly 15 yrs of...

Lowe's 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte Fl 33948 / "black friday racial comment by assistant store manager mr. peter thompson

lowesracial on Nov 28, 2017
Steven L. On "Black Friday", me and my wife went to Lowe's at 2000 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, Fl to purchase a television for our grand children, since we where informed that Lowe's be selling televisions for Black Friday event. We wasn't able to locate the television, so I asked an...

Astro / pvr decoder installation

zaharah bahanuddin on Nov 27, 2017
Hi, In regards of the title of my email, I'd like to lodge a complaint of the messy system that you have for installing or changing new PVR decoder at my parents' place for account number: 0850056305. Initially I called in to change my PVR due to promotion to change it for free. That wa...

Ster-Kinekor / online booking for movies

Haffy666 on Nov 27, 2017
Good day. Trust that you are well. On the 25th of November 2017 I booked seats at Cinema Prestige at The Zone in Rosebank to watch Justice League at 20h00. When i collected the tickets from the self help computer they were dated as 18th of November 2017. The seats I booked were thus double...

Youtube / essieberry

Myia TheBoss on Nov 26, 2017
YoutubeMy sister has a mental illiness and has for years. I was sent several links to essie berry website. She has been posting videos of a women claiming to be whitney houstons daughter, and leolah brown stole bobby christina dna. Thr most recent one is rena Houston is a scam artist. I have...
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