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Vodacom / upgrade???

Badish on Aug 16, 2017
On the 4th of August I engaged with your Woodmead franchise to conduct upgrades on the 3 contracts I already have and to open a 4th. At the time Juanique Viljoen made me aware that the iPhone stock was on back order and she would advise me when it would arrive. By the 15th I had heard...

Marriott International / the most pathetic behaviour of manager miss gayle and housekeeping executive mr justin king at frantz road dublin mariott residence in columbus ohio

Manish talreja on Aug 14, 2017
I don't know y am I writing this even. but this is way too necessary as today for the first time I felt major major major insulted and moreover me and my wife were treated as we have come from a low background and have no manners to stay in a hotel. Though i've been staying with mariott...

Belk / "heil hitler" mannequin display

Concerned Cary Citizen on Aug 14, 2017
BelkWhile shopping in the boys section at your Cary Towne Center location in Cary, North Carolina, I immediately noticed three mannequins with their arms in the exact position (see picture). Before leaving the store, I put the arms down. This is not a complaint, but a plea to take action...

Facebook / tons of advertising

Nguyen on Aug 14, 2017
Please, stop showing tons of advertising on home pages. This is really irritating. And speaking of it, it's just flooded with my friends' likes. This is really not interesting to see as well as their comments on everything. Maybe people should choose what they want to share? Maybe there...

Youtube / disappointed with YouTube

S Mareno on Aug 11, 2017
I think that their providing content is inappropriate. Just look at recommended videos and you'll understand. I've got tons of terrible examples to show. Why do you actually allow this to show up on the screens? What about advertising that comes on without warning? Is this written in your...

Hamilton Sundstrand / tv ads

Steppenwolf on Aug 10, 2017
Please! Please! Please! Enough already with those 2 idiot guys in the car in the Sonic Resturant commercials. They weren't talented at the onset and the're just getting more and more annoying each and every time one of your commercials come on. It's gotten to the point when they come on I...

Yahoo! / news article: jogger pushes women in front of bus

Paul McRae on Aug 8, 2017
Highlighting this article on your home page and offering customers the opportunity to see a woman being pushed to her death just defies belief. The thought process behind this can only be: an innocent person's terrible death is entertaining and will generate hits for Yahoo. This is not...

Youtube / inappropriate advertising

Ruth Mundy on Aug 7, 2017
I want to complain about an ad that I just had to watch, a trailer for the film Annabelle. It's the middle of the afternoon here in NZ and I could so easily have been watching with my young niece and nephews, although that's beside the point - as someone with post trauma mental health...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / advertisements

Cathy Modlin-Wills on Aug 2, 2017
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, but it appears in very poor taste to photo shop, ext, the Original Colonial (who is dead) in your latest commercials. I've seen many tacky things this, but this is extreme! Your system won't allow me to send this, because I haven't...

Yahoo! / untrue news articles on yahoo home page

Joe Bohn on Jul 30, 2017
Please review news stories and validate them, before allowing them to be presented on the Yahoo Home Page as REAL news. If you find a media outlet such as CNS news or InfoWars to be consistently spreading lies, please stop running their stories on your Home Page. Showing lies as news i...

Yahoo! / inappropriate, insensitive content on yahoo news

guest1234567890 on Jul 30, 2017
On 30 July 2017, I saw an article showing a severed arm that might belong to a victim of a plane crash. https://sg.yahoo.com/news/human-remains-found-mont-blanc-may-belong-air-191453143.html The photo might disturb some viewers who know the victims of the crash. I hope yahoo could have a...

Twoo.com / delete my netlog account

ItSaGoOdBoy on Jul 29, 2017
Hello, my netlog account (nl.netlog.com/ItSaGoOdBoy) is really old and I want to delete it, but if I login to Twoo and I select to delete it, it only deletes my twoo account, but not my netlog account. Is there any way to fix this? At least if it doesn't get fixed, maybe make the page...

Youtube / double standards and racism against black youtubers

Reginald Stalling on Jul 28, 2017
You tube has turned to rat [censor], they support all kinds of vile videos from the white hybrids, but when it comes to real news by black YouTubers they do everything in their power to shut us up, but the beta male coons like Stephen a smith Jason turdlock and other African hybrid...

Yahoo! / yahoo news on my mail,

Emanations on Jul 27, 2017
I am disgusted by what I am bombarded with every day whenever I want to open my mail. Constant stream of storys on rape, violence, murder, suicide, paedophilia. Is this what you call "need to know news"? Nothing on politics, the enviroment, education, science. No just a constant stream of...

Dr. Alan C. Hueth / clarion project removed???

Alan Hueth on Jul 25, 2017
I just heard from the clarion project that you are going to remove/have removed the clarion project's youtube presence.in the interest of honoring the 1st amendment of the constitution and the fact that the mainstream media do not include the information that the clarion project provide...

AZ Republic / article

Krista Robbins on Jul 24, 2017
Their article has a biased misleading statement that should be corrected. Anyone who has ever come across Phranq Tamburri knows immediately that he is and has always been a Libertarian. He has a radio show about it! He has been in politics for many years as a Libertarian. AZ Republic...

Google / search engines

Prem T Sawlani on Jul 21, 2017
Google may have earned billions of dollars but they also have received billions of curses around the world. i am one guy who has cursed google bosses because they dont care anybodays privacy including mine. i have cursed google that one day there will be black day for them. without finding the...

Netflix.com / f is for family

Gillette Pat on Jul 21, 2017
I am disgusted and alarmed that a well- known company has decided to allow a blantant disregard of the scared and and religious icons of the CHRISTIAN religion in the series "F is for Family" To allow our Jesus, Mary, and all of our Biblical persons to be the butt of jokes to the...

MegaPrint Co. / forecast sensationalism

David Hoffman on Jul 21, 2017
Your recent tactic of proclaiming a number of people that are "at risk" from a potential weather event ("80 million at risk of rain " e.g.) is pure ratings sensationalism, false and misleading. These numbers are meant to provoke fear and worry in viewers that are no more "at risk " than...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / channel 7 news

Padraic O'Se on Jul 21, 2017
I am most disturbed at the News Promo's today (21/7/2017) which state that euthanasia is about to be legalised in Victoria. This is 100% incorrect, misleading, and gives the impression Channel 7 is promoting euthanasia. The legislation is yet to be written, tabled, debated in the lower...
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