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Yahoo! / Message board

Howard Desper on Apr 25, 2018

Why are terms like "crap" and "wtf" censored? These are words to AVOID curse words. Also terms like "KKK" and "Nazi" are not allowed unless they are describing republicans. It's hard to have a decent argument for historical context when normal words are censored. I'm sure the "n-word" i...

Dex Media / print and internet advertising

philvallem on Apr 25, 2018

Dex will not close our account. They auto renewed without my consent or knowledge. I have left messages with our account rep since august of last year. I have instructed them severel times to close account. No one will send the paperwork to do so or close the online advertisement. We...

YouTube / youtube censorship and its political bias

Cy Wol on Apr 23, 2018

Please treat this as a formal complaint. You are censoring videos promoting the World Naked Bike Ride campaign, which promotes healthy lifestyles and attitudes around the world. I have just had three popular videos restricted so clearly some repressive force of evil is trying to stifle our...

Yahoo! / your news items

JBman on Apr 22, 2018

all i see on yahoo home page is leftist complaints about the President. I think he is great. Pro jobs, pro life, pro America. How about some straight news instead of socialist commentary? How about all the people happy about more money in their pockets? How about progress on North Korea...

Your Political Bent. / your political bent.

dstrut on Apr 21, 2018

You people are such a joke. your bashing on Trump and his lovely and gracious wife make you a JOKE. You have ZERO political credibility. You don't give a damn about this country. You would be much more suitable for North Korea or the Old Soviet Union. Quit highjacking the news with a... / St. Paul Pioneer Press / billing and harassment

anniezuko on Apr 21, 2018

I canceled the Pioneer press over six months ago and continued to get bills in spite of not receiving the newspaper. I have contacted customer service over three times. They have reassured me that I am not to be receiving any additional bills. But yesterday I got another bill. This i...

Cable News Network / CNN / london only getting 1 hour instead of 2 hours of don lemon.

simone kline on Apr 21, 2018

Dear cnn, I am a journalist and I depend on don lemon, anderson cooper 360, and new day for accurate, up to date news. Don lemon's show is broken into every night at 4a. M. By amanpour, who has already been repeated twice. I find this insulting!!! Does cnn think that no one is watching at...

Robert Therrien / dining room

Robert Therrien on Apr 18, 2018

I am a regular to wendy's, frequent there 2 to 3 times a week, always satisfied. However, today, april 18, 2018, I left the ayer, massachusetts facility very upset and most offended. I ordered lunch located a seat so I could watch the tv. Cnn was on, they were assaulting trump again. I've...

Yahoo! / news is biased and political

MHogan on Apr 18, 2018

I am extremely disappointed with Yahoo's continuous news those is both biased and political. The news is designed to be non-biased and should never be biased against another political party. I have tried very hard to overlook it but it is not truely news if it is one-sided. I know I am not...

Beats By Dre / ryan satin @

Fidelito LLedin on Apr 15, 2018 For several years now Ryan Satin, owner of Pro Wrestling Sheets and Pro Wrestling sheets podcasting has engaged in "Troll" like behavior. His Partner Erica Steiner also has engaged in this behavior recently accusing "Ric Flair...

Ace Hardware / decision to resume advertising on laura ingraham's program

Diana Buchanan on Apr 13, 2018

I wish to state my disappointment with Ace Hardware's recent decision to resume advertising on Laura Ingraham's program. Due to this decision I will no longer be able to do business with Ace Hardware and have requested my name to be removed from all Ace Hardware mailing lists. This was a...

Yahoo! / yahoo news

ken p on Apr 12, 2018

Why is the ICON to e-mail news stories disabled, not working since just before Verizon took over? Anyone reading Yahoo News could always e-mail a selected news story to a friend or contact. No longer possible! Please address this. This is a major problem. It degenerates Yahoo New...

Netflix / netflix suits

Jameshindal on Apr 12, 2018

Quite simply I can't support a company that supports crooked politicians like Susan Rice. We know she was the biggest mouthpiece for four Americans killed in Benghazi when she came out and said it was a video on YouTube. Now she's caught up in the fisa warrants issued to take down our...

Arby's Restaurant Group / political boycotting

Lynn T. Knavel on Apr 9, 2018

BOO ARBY'S! It is perfectly legitimate for an individual consumer like me to refuse to eat at a certain restaurant, shop at a certain store, or refuse, for any number of reasons, to buy products that sponsor a tv or radio program. On the other hand, when a company or business publicly...

Cox Communications / tv

Kbbbear on Apr 9, 2018

Fox News Channel (51) has been silenced for the second time in my home! All channels work perfectly, both audio and video. Only on Fox News Channel is there no audio. We watch Fox News almost all day. We have 5 televisions. This is the second of our receivers to lose channel 51 audio. A...

CBS Interactive / cbs this morning

dianalcooper on Apr 9, 2018

How come when your news people reported about the Trump building fire this morning all they talked about is how Trump opposed the sprinkler laws. Why didn't they go in more depth in reporting how many buildings in New York that don't have them? What about those owners? Why didn't they say...

DSTV / repetition of movies

Roxanne 2 on Apr 4, 2018

This is ridiculous the amount of movies that is repeated. Also channels that we have no interest in but it is on the compact package. All the movies that they show is just repeated every week I don't know when was the last time that new movies were added on. Even with catch up the...

Caters News Agency / caters news agency employs racists

StopRacismAndHate on Apr 3, 2018

Becca Husselbee an employee at Caters News Agency has made racist Tweets about Muslim women as the evidence below shows. This disgusting racist comments reveal Husselbee to be a racist bigot. Husselbee's father Steve...

Yahoo! / canceling yahoo

Julie A Ketler on Apr 3, 2018

I have used yahoo for many years and enjoyed good service. However, yahoo's choice for a top news story yesterday (April 2, 2018) has caused me to decide to switch to another service. The top story was concerning a police shooting. The picture portrayed a frowning policeman and a smiling...

1986 / kfc on the corner of broad street & 13th street in phenix city, ala. 36867

Chrismcclellan on Apr 3, 2018

I personally love the chicken that KFC is known for. But the restaurant closest to my house (the above mentioned) is the nastiest food I've encountered ever. I'm not raciest at all but I suspect that it's whites targeted in believe it or not, food poisoning. I challenge whom ever reading...


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