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Jeff Light / Jeff Light arrested in California child-trafficking sting

Black Cube on Mar 28, 2017
Jeff Light arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting . Jeff Light - Editor at The San Diego Union-Tribune arrested In California Child-Trafficking Sting . Hundreds of people were arrested and dozens of sexually exploited children and adult victims were rescued across California during...

JCPenney / Commercial

Ingland37 on Mar 26, 2017
I find it very disturbing to only see commericals that advertised interracial relationships that consist of black men with white women. If you're going advertised interracial relationships, consider black women and white men relationships as well​. I think it's insulting and bias and the commercials​...

AARP Services / Commercial

Ingland37 on Mar 26, 2017
I find it very disturbing to only see commercials that advertised interracial relationships that consist of black men with white women. If you're going advertised interracial relationships, consider black women and white men relationships as well​. I think it's insulting and bias and the commercials​...

CBS Interactive / Broadcast interruption

ern1952 on Mar 23, 2017
You people need to get your act together. The Big Bang Theory is scheduled for 7PM CST and instead you put Basketball on. Everyday The Young and the Restless comes on at 11:30 AM followed by The Bold and the Beautiful @ 12:30PM. Instead, last Thurs and Fri., you put basketball on. Can't...

ITV / Live coverage of the westminster incident.

ray parfitt on Mar 23, 2017
While watching the aftermath of this terrible incident unfold ITV had a so called security expert Glenmore Trenear Harvey voiceover giving his take on the events. I couldn't believe my ears when he referred to "PC Plod". These officers risk their lives on a daily basis, as indeed did the...

ITV (TV network) / ITV News Report

JohnWallace1971 on Mar 23, 2017
On this afternoon's ITV news report, during the interview with the late Joe Cox's husband when he was talking about extremist groups and terrorist why did the news show a clip of people with SNP and the St Andrews cross flags? I am very unhappy that the report should show a peaceful...

All of them / Advertisements

user1649256 on Mar 22, 2017
Why in new zealand are we getting two ads per video view? It is bad enough to get ads without the chance to turn it off with one ad but two??? What is wrong with your system? I’m going to give you 24 hours of it and then…. If I cannot stop or skip the ad within the time required…e. G 4...

Yahoo! / News

Julias123 on Mar 22, 2017
To Whom It May Concern: As I have a mail account with Yahoo, I frequently read Yahoo news. I am a proofreader by profession and very often encounter spelling and word usage errors in your news items. So much so, errors are to be expected when reading your news. With so much press scrutiny...

Yahoo! / Comments on uk news feed

Morlo on Mar 20, 2017
Yahoo!The 'Report' function on users comments is broken and has been for some time. 'An error occurred' is not an acceptable reason for not accepting reports when trying to submit a report on obviously offensive, often clearly racist, insulting language being used. There would appear to be no...

Yahoo! / Yahoo news

Lara100 on Mar 20, 2017
I have contacted you previously, but with no reply. I'm writing to complain about the complete lack of moderation on Yahoo news message boards. The vast majority of responses are shockingly racist, xenophobic, homophobic or sexist comments. I feel increasingly upset by the crude level of...

L. A. Times / Overbilling and refusal to cancel my subscription

David Hill on Mar 19, 2017
On thursday, march 16, 2017 I called the la times to cancel, forthwith, my subscription to the print and on line versions. Here it is, sunday march 19th and I am still getting the print newspaper. What the heck? I told the woman no less than three times I was cancelling, cancelling...

Yahoo! / News stories

Leslie Parker on Mar 18, 2017
Can you give us the option of reading news stories (or not) at your webpage? Many of the stories, including the headlines, are so horrific that I have stopped going to your webpage. Dead babies...severed heads...kidnapped fiancees etc. Please consider this. I understand headlines "sell"...

jennifertaylor@songwritingopportunities.com / Evaliuation of lyrics poems for hit song

Theresa Jonathan on Mar 17, 2017
Sir, I am submitting the copy of the payment for the service which I have never been replied to. I am an aspiring lyrics writer and would appreciate if I am assisted to get a feedback of the services I paid for. I live in Lesotho, Southern Africa. My contacts: theryjonathan@gmail.com. Mobile number: +266...

Jack Keane & Ralph Peters / Portraits of 2 fox news luciferian zionist neocon warmongers

user1647591 on Mar 16, 2017
Jack Keane and Ralph Peters - Portraits of 2 FoxNews Luciferian Zionist Neo-Con Warmongers There are 2 ace #### warmongers regularly appearing on FoxNews who are no doubt remnants of the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, who are literally beating the drum for stupid wars all across the globe on...

Bell Canada / Salesman

Lesley Smithers on Mar 14, 2017
I would prefer that u stop doing door to door salemans there are way too many scams a fraud out there yesterday a salesman came to my door 4 TIMES !! This sollisting !!! and there's no reason anyone should be banging on someone's door that many times in one day for this .. I once was going...

Raghubir Goyal / Raghubir goyal

Fukboy Jones on Mar 13, 2017
This a-hole is apparently part of the major Press Corps but he dresses terribly and he always talks like he has a mouth full of ###. His shirts are always wrinkled and his collars look like he just yanked his head out of a donkey's ###. His hair is always totally disheveled and...

Yahoo! / Commenting

thunderspeak on Mar 11, 2017
I am really tired of commenting on an article and having to later search through legions of others comments. You should put the users comment at the top or in a visible place! IN ADDITION, if anyone replies, no notification! I just have to check to see. I don't even see the point of being...

Yahoo! / News page

InResponse To This on Mar 10, 2017
Please put an end to the auto-play videos. Some of us do NOT have unlimited internet and when these videos start automatically, it uses up resources much faster. It's fine for people who have unlimited access but people in the USA don't always have this because of cable companies choking...

Fox TV / Fox news

Dickie Carville on Mar 8, 2017
I just saw a report on "Special Report" 3/8/17 exposing the fact that are Military is basically at an all time low as far as readiness. Although this may be true, I don't feel we should be broadcasting this info. Anyone with any commonsense would not confirm to their enemies, that if you...

Youtube / YouTube news censoring.

John Robert Abens on Mar 7, 2017
Savage Nation, Michael Savage is an important news and comment channel that I listen to almost daily. I have not heard anything from this channel that I would consider offensive nor anything that would violate anyone else's copyrights. I believe that the policy of political censorship i...
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