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Yahoo! / casey gutting (writer)

concerned parent SD on Feb 22, 2018
Read the article about Canadian that was upset for earning Silver and made a display worth reporting. However it is in extreme bad taste to copy and paste a twitter response which includes the word "f[censor]" in it. I understand news is all about sensationalizing these days but my...

Craigslist / flagging of all my ads

Malena1 on Feb 21, 2018
Someone is taking down all my ads of used Disney stuff and kids clothes and what have you. None of those ads is against any rules. They are totally harmless used items, mostly children's things. I contacted CL several times, but I never received an answer. The problem is that those flagged...

Facebook / telling me you "uncluttered" in my groups.

Donna Szewczyk on Feb 20, 2018
I was shocked to see you have decided to take it upon yourselves to remove some posts which YOU considered "clutter". This is NOT your decision to do and have me reset my settings to the former one. It's solely "My business" which I choose to handle in my own way.. if any. Please get "your...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / olympic coverage

Downhill on Feb 15, 2018
How about when you advertise the men's downhill skiing as coming up next that you actually put it on next 15/2. Now I've gone to bed late and cranky and I have to get up early in the morning and operate a motor vehicle. I'll probably also spend heaps of money tomorrow because I've just sat...

NYC Housing Authority [NYCHA] / defective stove gas leak

Nevolget on Feb 15, 2018
I got injured February 20, 2013. Stove blew up in my face. Now this year November 2017 toward 2018 same problem I took them too court Mr Gonzalez housing assistant disrespectful I had to stay at someone house he harassed my family members instead of fixing the issues. He called me had...

Netflix / the series: suits

Ruth Angela Irwin on Feb 12, 2018
I am watching series 7 of Suits. I am very upset that episode 6 and 7 have suddenly introduced the 'F' word. This has not appeared before in all the other series which is one reason why we were happy to watch them. Why is this necessary? It has really spoiled it. There was some swearing...

Yahoo! / unwanted and reported ads

Rand Al-Thor on Feb 8, 2018
Yahoo!Hi, I have a Yahoo account for my e-mail, address todell@ymail, and I have multiple times reported numerous ads that I find offensive using the dislike option on Yahoo. These ads are sponsored content on the Yahoo homepage and feature titles such as "The Worlds Most Attractive Female...

Youtube / dictators using youtube for political influence.

Elard de Boer on Feb 8, 2018
I just saw an ad from TRT world (media outlet controlled by Turkish dictatorship) which gave a very bias and quick information about the recent reports of a Turkish offensive in Syria. -To summarize what they said: They blame Western countries for supporting Kurdish militants which are...

Youtube / anti ypg advert

Ludovic Scott on Feb 8, 2018
Hi, I just had an advert forwarding Turkeys case against the YPG and how the west have trained and armed them pop up after a music video. I am a British citizen with no ties to either kurdish or turkish viewpoints. However I do take issue with how one dimensional this advert is. It clearly...

Netflix / same shows over and over

Sando28 on Feb 3, 2018
Netflix has a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system. This is the only way to get rid of shows you have already seen from being suggested. The problem is that other similar shows are then ignored as a suggestion. It is ridiculous, a waste of time, and just a way for Net Tricks to scam...

Yahoo! / news

Maria de la Pena Torres on Feb 1, 2018
I am so very tired of ALL articles on President Trump being negative. I am sick of it. Sick of the lies and the perseption being created by the news. I also am tired of the notifications sent out to my email; address. I am not interested in the crap being printed about my President. I am...

Vox Media, Inc. / the moderation on your media site, bloody elbow

ralphmustafa on Jan 30, 2018
An Audrey Stone sent an email to the personal account I used to subscribe with that instructed me to return to the jungle from which I came and banned me. I never posted anything offensive and thought it was a hack but it turned out to be very real and very disgusting. I contacted the...

ITV / tom bradby condescending

Grumpy Steve on Jan 29, 2018
Please ask Tom Bradby to stop being so condescending in his delivery of the News at Ten. On Monday 29th January 2018 he presented the decision of the 27 EU members had been made in 2minutes, does he really think we are all naive enough to believe this & they hadn't considered this in previou...

Yahoo! / new information - current stories

LB1962 on Jan 29, 2018
Yahoo has become so left wing biased that I had to change my homepage. Sad, I do not like the others available but your homepage has become ridiculous. What every happened to objective reporting? I guess that is long gone. Too bad you do not want to be viewed as a leading source of true...

Sun Tan City / employee

Katrinamakar on Jan 28, 2018
I am at the glenstone location in Springfield mo and I have waited in line for 10 minutes and waited for a bed for 30. The employee is not using her time to get the resisting customers taken care of. I also witnessed a fist time tanner have a really negative experience and the employee...

PissedConsumer.com / fraud scam site that needs to be shut down

BobbyIV on Jan 27, 2018
PissedConsumer.com is a scam site that destroys very core of American Society by extorting from small businesses. Shut down pissedconsumer ASAP. Pissedconsumer.com is a defamation website that is designed to extort from small businesses or destroy them. Pissedconsumer.com violates our...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / billing and call centre personnel

Sarah Mullin on Jan 25, 2018
I took over a friends DSTV decoder and completed change of ownership forms. I HONESTLY thought that if I do not pay it ends at the end of the month you have paid for...the reason for this is that I had not paid at the end of one month and i received an sms saying they regretted to inform...

Shannon Tatera / no place mats for silverware

Shannon Tatera on Jan 23, 2018
Hello, I have already spoken to Derrick of Cheesecake Factory in Rancho Cucamonga CA about my main complaint. I feel you shouldn't lay the silverware directly onto the table; a better, sanitary process would be to wrap the silverware in the cloth or paper napkin. I don't like the idea of...

Be2 / cannot cancel, steal money from your account

Joff3s on Jan 23, 2018
I did a trial subscription for this site, I have been trying to close my profile for a while now, but end in an endless loop and cannot cancel this useless site, now I have been charged 179.94 euro for something that I have been trying to cancel, who the hell gave them the right to steel...

Canada Post / I am complaining about delivery service

Carmen Estrela on Jan 22, 2018
Hello, The postman that delivers our mail does not ring the bell to our office when he has registered mail. We have a screen and we see him put the mail on the floor. He writes on the notice that he rang the doorbell and no one answer. He does this all the time and this is unacceptable. He is such...
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