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YupptV / Sold subscriptions to asianet and arbitrarily cancelled service without refund.

kkk123 on Oct 17, 2017
In May 2017 yupptv sold subscribers in the US an annual package worth $500 which included Asianet, Asianet Plus and Asianet News. In fact these channels were the anchor channels for the service. On October 1, 2017 they cancelled this service and refused to refund, or compensate customer...

Yahoo / news

Laurie Bidgood on Oct 16, 2017
Why do you people keeping putting down the President? I am sick of the false infor you put on your news pages! If you can not tell the truth then don't say anything at all! I do not get on yahoo to hear or see your opinion's! Be a real news sources and report truth real truth know matter...

TV Land / tv programs

Tracey Doolittle on Oct 15, 2017
I'm disgusted about the inappropriate tv programs that tv land has adopted. Example: teachers and younger. Tv land use to be a family channel. I started watching it years ago only because it had good, clean respectable shows. I have raised my children but I myself will not turn that nasty...

FOX Sports / troy aikman

Cindy Smith on Oct 15, 2017
How can Troy Aikman be unbiased? He is not! He referred to himself as being part of the Vikings by stating “us” when comparing the two teams. I am so sick and tired of him and his biased comments. Aren’t announcers supposed to be fair to both teams and not to extol only one team during the...

Ford Motor Company / ford supports players right to protest

Travis Keane on Oct 13, 2017
I disagree and ask that you take back your support. As an employer, you have the right to subject your employees to "rules". If a Black employee were to suddenly say he is protesting the shooting of a Black man in East Overshoe because it was questionable and to stop working and shut down...

Netflix / blasphemy

fedupcatholic on Oct 13, 2017
NetflixToday I opened up my Netflix page and found an image that totally disgusted me. You & "Christina P" are displaying what you feel is a comic rendition of The blessed Mother of God" holding the child Jesus. How dare you. In this day & age when everyone is offended by any little thing, thi...

Cable News Network / CNN / Worst news agency

Holly Loell on Oct 13, 2017
it should have shut down many years ago. The news they publish seems to be fake and ridiculous. Someone has to stop it. I really think that people should avoid reading the information you provide. It's horrible. Those sensations who no one needs, provocative news full of lies... I'm worried...

The Huffington Post / total trash

Ping Zou on Oct 13, 2017
Disappointed. Been with you for several years. You are not what you used to be before. Absolute trash and nothing else. Not interested news, full of political intrigues, articles about Donald Trump... Really, is there anything else in this world besides news about the president? And by the...

Nextdoor / Stay away

Izzy on Oct 12, 2017
Did you ever think of how using this service can be dangerous for you? You have to provide them your real personal information, they won't accept a false one. Can you imagine what may happen next? That's right, your safety will be in danger. I regret I provided all the information and now I'm...

Purolator / delivery route 15b

Elle Mami on Oct 11, 2017
Hi I was excecting a delivery today( 11 october 2017) and I stayed home just for that! Of course the driver just leave the note that "we missed you" How come!? I was home waiting for that delivery and why he did not ring the bell!? Of course the bell is working properly!! Often we hear that...

Zee News / zee news islamic law ka mazak banati hai

Mohammad Shahabuddin on Oct 11, 2017
Zee NewsZee news hamesha Muslims ke khilaf aur Islamic law ko badnam karne ki koshish karti hai. Recently #kattarpanthseazadi troll kar rahi hai. Aur apne zee news ki tv report or facebook par share kiya hai. Iske pahle bhi Bakrid par qurbani ko lekar Muslim ko nicha dekhane ki koshish ki hai. Zee...

Pandora Media / can't cancel my profile

Henriette Rasmussen on Oct 10, 2017
Terrible terrible terrible! I no longer need my account. Unfortunately, I had no idea that deleting it will bring me nothing but a headache. Each time I try to cancel and delete it, it turns me back to the home page and says that cancellation is impossible at the moment, try again later. I...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 6 o'clock news reporting

Sascha12 on Oct 8, 2017
I would like to provide your news reporters some feedback as I am getting very tired of the ageism that is now a constant in your (and others) reporting. Taking yesterday's Sunday night news for example: ''A 69 year old elderly man was knocked off his bike ..." Firstly, 69 is NOT elderly...

Africam.com / photo camera not working in cat-eye

Sigi Zrinscak on Oct 8, 2017
Africam.comWhen I try to take a photo ONLY IN NALEDI CAT-EYE, it always comes up as an error. I have no problems with all the rest of the sites: Tembe, Olifants, Naledi, Nkorho-Pan but cannot take photographs in Cat-eye. What is happening with idube? The camera has not been working almost all Summer...

Quest Diagnostics / customer service

jenndver on Oct 6, 2017
I am complaining about the quality of service at one of your locations in the Stone Oak area of San Antonio, Texas. I have been sent to this facility for myself as well as my children for different reasons. Every experience I have had has been poor and unacceptable. Today, as the sign say...

Tinder / ads you won't believe tinder is posting

Nicola Pasolli on Oct 6, 2017
6 october 2017 Dear Sir, Madam, I just stumbeled on an add while swiping : A fake study about roundup that defends Mosanto that glyphosate is not dangerous, it is even saying indirectly you could drink it and is "unlikely to harm you". So tinder allows and so also defends big companie...

YupptV / yupptv

sainatha reddy on Oct 6, 2017
YUPP TV removed Maa TV without informing to customers like me. The support number 1-866 is not working . The email support@yupp tv one sent couple mails but no response for those complaints. We have paid one year membership and now there is no response from this company. We have renewed for...

YupptV / unethical behaviour/removal of star plus

Manju Mittal on Oct 4, 2017
You have removed Start Plus without even informing us and thats the only channel we used to watch.I paid upfromt for whole year.Your phone is also not reachable.Can we get our refund back. Whats this ridiculous message is that message needs to be 350 characters. Either provide the whole refund...

YupptV / yupptv telugu package

SunilUS on Oct 4, 2017
Starting Oct 1st all star channels have been taken off of the channels list and there was no prior intimation to customers. Magically the Customer care number also stopped working since then. No one responds to chat messages. I have opened 3 Cases with them regarding this issue. I even...

YupptV / tamil platinum package - channel removed without notice

Sub1 on Oct 3, 2017
These guys are useless and cheat people. Take the viewers for granted. They removed the vijay Tv package from my tamil subscription without any notice. Recently subscribed for an year, they had vijay tv until the big boss series completed. Now they removed and they switched off all the...
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