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Nature & Environment Complaints

Von’s 3016 Adams Ave San Diego, CA / dirty outside property of this store

Francine Spadaro on Aug 12, 2018

I love the convince of shopping at this neighborhood store, but can't understand why no pride is taken to clean trash around outside of this property. Can't you hire someone to keep area around and outside of this store clean? This environment is making me not want to shop at any Von's. Please...

Jorge Zepeda / netflix shows I like

Jorge Arturo on Aug 2, 2018

My complaint is about the removal of sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men, How I met your mother that they still dont have Lucifers 3rd season, Honestly I had Netflix cos I liked to watch that series, but now im having second thoughts, Netfix is getting a bit too boring. How do you guys even...

CSX Transportation / railroad / flooding from the rails onto my property


I live for the last 10 years close to the tracks of CSX in Polk County, Lakeland Florida. In addition, there is an elementary school where the young students have to cross the tracks to go to and from school. Since the storm of last year and the raining season for now(2018). The community...

Roly Veitch Timaru / solar pest reject

Roly veitch on Jul 13, 2018

Hi having just purchased and set up our solar pest reject was so disappointed to see our neighbours cat walk in both directions not even hesitate. Checked the red light is going so batteries are not flat. How does it work on solar does it need rechargeable batteries in the machine .well it...

Michigan Waste Management / oil spots from leaky trucks

Michael Weinberg on Jul 8, 2018

Thank very much for having a power wash team out to clean up our corner this past week. Unfortunately more spots of black oil have been leaked from a truck at just about every stop it has made in our subdivision. The recycling truck came early in the day leaving no spots. The yard waste...

Premium Black Oil Sunflower / more sticks and trash than seed

BrendaJE on Jun 18, 2018

Premium Black Oil SunflowerPlease peruse the enclosed photos of what is supposed to do premium seed. It looks more like the floor was swept and then put in bags to sell. I buy and feed the birds all year long, and therefore purchase a large amount of different seeds. This amount of trash is totally unacceptable. I'm...

Ironwood Tree Services / ironwood tree services

H.Bellows on Jun 4, 2018

Ironwood Tree ServicesIssue: This Spring (2018) Ironwood Tree Services began cutting down the tops of trees on East Valley Road, Alfred Station, NY that were designated as interfering with NYSEG poled wires. The tops of several trees were cut down and piled on my property. The tree debris was left as it fell...

Kmart/Hershey-Lebanon, PA / air conditioning

Jan Liles Whary on May 31, 2018

My complaint is about how uncomfortable it is to shop in the stores. They are entirely too warm, which makes shopping there not fun and unbearable. I, myself, cannot get through the store without breaking out in a sweat as if I were working out. It is that bad that the checkouts have fan...

Ozark cooler / 73 quart cooler

Jennakirsch on Apr 29, 2018

We got an Ozark cooler... Paid 100$ for this thing. Stating it keeps ice for three days. So we thought perfect for camping! Just leaving camping for the first time with the cooler and it never held ice. We had to get an additional bag (only went for two days) and even after getting a bag...

Black Magic and Ayurveda / illegal promotion of animal parts

ANAND007 on Jan 10, 2018

Black Magic and AyurvedaSir/mam, This is to inform you, Two channels in youtube is elligaly promote and sell animal parts elligaly through youtube website by name of channel BLACK MAGIC AND AYURVEDA i send you channel link and also NAme ARNA SALES...

Young Living Essential Oils Philippines / essential oils philippines (young living)

Edrianne Dela Cruz on Jan 8, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils PhilippinesProduct: Young Living Essential Oils Location: Manila, Tagaytay, Cavite, Luzon, Philippines Contact number: [protected] Site: Aromanila Facebook: 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Young Living Essential Oils While we are very happy with the health and wellne... / heider pro (zoom) magnification power

mohamed othman on Aug 14, 2017

dear Sir I would like to inform you that I have ordered a 27 Jul2017 the above-mentioned telescope and paid $129 through PayPal Transaction code 7s3861098W361421T till now I didn't receive the mentioned article. please inform me under my eMail:[protected] why til now you didn't... / tree

boyboat on Jul 5, 2017

Ordered a sour wood tree in Aug 1016, was billed that that time and told it would be shipped in Nov 2016. About Nov. 17th, still had not received my tree and we had already had at least one frost. Once I emailed them saying I had not received it, it was shipped. I got it several day...

Thendral Nagar Lake Depth To Save Water / thendral nagar lake depth to save water

deiv on Jun 25, 2017

I'm living in thendral nagar, Gopalapuram, pattabiram chennai -72. our location comes in the municipality of Avadi. In our area lake is there but it is filled with grass, sand and mud so water is not staying properly so water stagnation is not happening so in this summer totally it become...

Allwin Mechanized Bakery / Bakery & condiments products / discharging heavy black smoke & bad smell of condiments

H A Srinivas on May 30, 2017

The said SSI situated in the Residential area discharging Heavy Black Smoke & Very Bad smell surrounding area. We are suffering since, lost one year with this problem. The Black smoke discharging at very lower level I.e., below 7-8 feet to ground level. We are requested the owner many...

Informatstern / Images in bing

mjhawk on May 9, 2017

Too many images from infomastern. Many of them are taken inside a museum, not from nature. Also the titles on the pictures are not informative. I know that the person taking them is not from America an d may not have a full grasp of the English languages, but please give us some better...

Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc. / Yoga cafe health fitness

SarahP35 on Feb 14, 2017

Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc.When I first Met the Owner, Aleksandra Eifler, I believed that she a "true vegan." Unfortunately when I visited her studio in Miami, called Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, I found out that she was eating a steak burger - disgusting. Disgusted, I decided to not join her class (I could not...

Frontiers / FIx a block on [protected]

Hennie.greyling on Nov 8, 2016

Fica block on accout although all relevant paperwork signed etc by two directors. acc no [protected] Account now locked for almost two weeks. Please unnblok this account. Urgent transfers to be made. / French bulldog puppy

Leslie Borys on Oct 26, 2016

littlebullies9wixsite.comFrench bulldog puppy I purchased from this website located in Calgary the puppy came with kennel cough and then a nightmare after that it's sick continuously it has stomach issues it's constantly vomiting these people do not sell health guaranteed puppies do not purchase puppies from these...

Aashna International / Dell backup & recovery

Kumud Sheravia on Sep 7, 2016

I purchase by your Invoice No. AKD-[protected] Dt: [protected] by reference number [protected] . My computer is carpeted so i need urgent link to recovery to start my computer. My activation code is : DUYLL-BDFWIN-F9F70-FFZBN My purchase date [protected] by Care & Customer Code is [protected]