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Nature & Environment Complaints

Dutchsinse / controversial flagging

Lorrieb2226 on Oct 11, 2018

I have a complaint pertaining to a recent video put out from Dutchsinse on forecasting and /or update on World Earthquake activity. I find Dutch to be informative and professional on his presentation and demeanor. How certain events and who is to be affected. He has vast knowledge on hi...

Asplundh Tree Expert / tree murdering, topping trees in hottest part of summer (above 100 degrees)

stevo99 on Sep 19, 2018

Asplundh Tree ExpertAsplundh is contracted by Garland Power and Light, TX to clear power lines. The homeowner is usually required to do this which I prefer because I love my treeline for it's shade and privacy. I saw them starting in my alley and requested they take care with the trees since last time they...

Husqvarna / 576 xp autotune chainsaw

Ladygirl on Sep 11, 2018

$1100.00 Chainsaw purchased NEW with a 2 year warranty (OWNERS MANUAL CLEARLY READS FEDERAL EMESSIONS CONTROL 2 YEAR WARRANTY) Chainsaw only ran couple months and quit. Did not run enuf for first scheduled service. Almost a year later and still the chainsaw is in shop at Husqvarna...

Dollar Tree / corporate lack of integrity for the welfare of employees but customers as well

milly milly milly mandy. on Sep 9, 2018

I tried to email this to the listed email address. Five tries so now this. Dear Mr. Sasser, They say the customer who takes the time to contact the company actually represents up to 10000 people who do not take the time, but they just quit whatever they dislike and this would be shopping...

Budget Suites of America / run down and nasty

Sambot on Sep 8, 2018

When this place water their grass and trees they use way to much water and it runs off about a 1000 gallons or maybe more a day, the ground is hard the water is wasted. They are pine needles all-over he driveway and stinks with mold etc, and they don't fix what the see neither. I would like...

New York State Electric & Gas [NYSEG] / dead trees on my street cause imminent danger

Joanne Pry on Aug 28, 2018

I live at 32 Hickory Grove in Cheektowaga (Hickory Grove Patio Homes). There is a row of dead trees bordering our property and Yvette Ave. All are leaning towards power lines. Does NYSEG cut these down to a safe level if needed?One bigger limb fell off a few months ago and there wa...

Coles Supermarkets / self-serve aisle & registers

Glynn F on Aug 22, 2018

I can tell you in a few short words why so many people are incensed at the phasing out of plastic bags: because NO THOUGHT was put into improving the aisles where we are now being drive by lack of manned registers - the self-service registers. I would suggest you take your management team...

Frontier Communications Corporation / the service (junction) boxes in our neighborhood.

Maria LeVinus on Aug 20, 2018

Frontier Communications CorporationThe service boxes throughout our neighborhood are a very ugly sight. The lids are not secured and the insides are out or come out when it rains. Their are places were lines on the ground are exposed. Our neighborhood was beautiful before Verizon came through. If these boxes were maintained...

Tim Hortons / noise complaint from a franchise controlled device on site.

thierman on Aug 15, 2018

I have lived at my present address 3736 35 ave SW since 1999, and only since May of 2018 have I had this amount of noise coming from the building which holds your franchise. I had been working with the 7-11 regional Manager to try and resolve the problem, and they traced the issue to a...

Von’s 3016 Adams Ave San Diego, CA / dirty outside property of this store

Francine Spadaro on Aug 12, 2018

I love the convince of shopping at this neighborhood store, but can't understand why no pride is taken to clean trash around outside of this property. Can't you hire someone to keep area around and outside of this store clean? This environment is making me not want to shop at any Von's. Please...

Coles Supermarkets / plastic miniatures

Anne Kapoulitsa on Aug 4, 2018

One of your miniatures was slipped into my husband's shopping yesterday. I was going to write that it is unbelievable that you would be producing crap miniatures of your products in PLASTIC. But then I reflect on your completely thoughtless and gutless performance regarding plastic bags and it i...

Jorge Zepeda / netflix shows I like

Jorge Arturo on Aug 2, 2018

My complaint is about the removal of sitcoms such as Two and a Half Men, How I met your mother that they still dont have Lucifers 3rd season, Honestly I had Netflix cos I liked to watch that series, but now im having second thoughts, Netfix is getting a bit too boring. How do you guys even...

CSX Transportation / railroad / flooding from the rails onto my property


I live for the last 10 years close to the tracks of CSX in Polk County, Lakeland Florida. In addition, there is an elementary school where the young students have to cross the tracks to go to and from school. Since the storm of last year and the raining season for now(2018). The community...

DR Horton / destruction of st. augustine wildlife habitats

Tracey Baugher on Jul 27, 2018

DR Horton has been clearcutting wildlife habitats all over St. Johns county for years. Its killing off the wildlife. And the ones that survive are homeless. They come in and fill in Marshland & those habitats. They are overdeveloping this city & essentially ruining it. The overdevelopment...

Waste Management [WM] / trash removal

K08 on Jul 26, 2018

WM has the worst service ever. They have not picked up my trash for the past 3 weeks. I had to contact them on Monday 7.23.18 and today is Thursday and trash is still out in my yard. I have contact them everyday of this week and CS told me the same crap story "it'll get pick up no later...

Cedar Point / Cedar Fair Entertainment Company / cedar point

Kaylee Gwyn on Jul 25, 2018

7/24/18 I would like to discuss the living conditions of the horses on Frontier Trial. I understand these horses add to the aesthetic of cedar point, but it makes me very upset to see a horse tied so close to a tree that he can't even reach down to eat grass or sit. As well, the other...

Eagle Hill Equine Rescue / care of the horses

horsesyes on Jul 22, 2018

Authorities have been contacted about this place before. they cant do anything, there is feed, water, and shelter. but the horses are all dying. there are not enough experienced workers to take adequate care of the horses. i have watched these horses deteriorate and drop weight like crazy...

Roly Veitch Timaru / solar pest reject

Roly veitch on Jul 13, 2018

Hi having just purchased and set up our solar pest reject was so disappointed to see our neighbours cat walk in both directions not even hesitate. Checked the red light is going so batteries are not flat. How does it work on solar does it need rechargeable batteries in the machine .well it...

Michigan Waste Management / oil spots from leaky trucks

Michael Weinberg on Jul 8, 2018

Thank very much for having a power wash team out to clean up our corner this past week. Unfortunately more spots of black oil have been leaked from a truck at just about every stop it has made in our subdivision. The recycling truck came early in the day leaving no spots. The yard waste...

Woolworths Australia / plastic bags

Aileen Bartlett on Jul 3, 2018

You as a company have been advertising for months that you were doing away with plastic bags & we were to bring in our bags when shopping !!! WHAT HAPPENED We now can buy plastic bags for 15c each & told they are different from the single use ones as these are. reusable & a percentage of...