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Burlington Coat Factory / Return Policy Receipt

Tanee Forbes on Jun 24, 2017
Burlington Coat FactoryOn 6/24/2017 this afternoon I went into the store to return a hair clip that was broken. The cashier told me that I could not return it because 1) it was not in its original form and 2.) I had no purchase barcode. I spoke to a supervisor who told me same after I asked her to show me on the...

Archaeological Survey of India / failure of security system n non cleanliness in hauz khas fort

Mobin Khan on Jun 10, 2017
Archaeological Survey of Indiathe security system of here is very bad as almost every day non social parties are held and the girls and the boys drink n create problems for the residents and the watchmen misuse of them and extort money from them.From the last 4-5 years all the waste is dumped in a corner of the fort...

LBC Express / delivery

Toby Fox on Jun 9, 2017
I need urgent reply as soon as possible. I ordered a plant that is unrooted and only has a life span of maximum five days. The package should have been received today but the tracker says the recipient is unknown in the area. The area is a government building and there are people...

Allwin Mechanized Bakery / Bakery & condiments products / discharging heavy black smoke & bad smell of condiments

H A Srinivas on May 30, 2017
The said SSI situated in the Residential area discharging Heavy Black Smoke & Very Bad smell surrounding area. We are suffering since, lost one year with this problem. The Black smoke discharging at very lower level I.e., below 7-8 feet to ground level. We are requested the owner many...

Asplundh / harassment/excess cutting

Customer in Ohio on May 23, 2017
Nightmare dealing with employees of asplundh tree company. This company obtained new contract in our area for power company. The first young man, on january 9th 2017, clay long, was polite and professional. The second visit january 10, 2017, included a call to a supervisor, chris, I...

Informatstern / Images in bing

mjhawk on May 9, 2017
Too many images from infomastern. Many of them are taken inside a museum, not from nature. Also the titles on the pictures are not informative. I know that the person taking them is not from America an d may not have a full grasp of the English languages, but please give us some better...

Marlboro / undivided promo

ferby on May 9, 2017
On 5/9/2017 my girlfriend asked me to sign up for your promo so we could check to see what our " free gift " would be so I spent the time to go to your website and register. after going through the registration process the site tells me that they can't verify my age. I then called the 800...

ABX / unethical behaviour

nik naemah nik mustafa on May 3, 2017
Hi, I'm not the ABX's customer but I am not satisfied to one of your dispatch that deliver document to Jaya One today afternoon (3/5/17). He is quite rude. If you want to ask someone for direction or place, you should nice and polite right, but not say something sarcastic word to that...

Pos Malaysia Berhad / staff kurang ajar

AishElanura on May 2, 2017
Pos Malaysia BerhadHi..smlm sy ada pos barang di kaunter pos laju taman melawati..di situ ada 3 kaunter pos laju..kaunter 1 (kaunter pengeposan 1 & 2 barang), kaunter 2 (kaunter pengutipan) & kaunter 3 (kaunter pengeposan - tidak dinyatakan berapa brg boleh di pos). Semalam 2.5.17 dlm pukul 5.20ptg, org tak...

Coles Supermarkets / plastic package and grocery bags in your stores

Angela_Elliss on Apr 20, 2017
I know you have recycling in store and some of your plastic packaging is recyclable, thats not what I am bringing to your attention. I have long been concerned about plastic bags and plastic packaging on food and other products for sometime. The TV show "The Project" recently had a segment...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom pole falling over my property

ayabonga on Apr 13, 2017
I called Telkom December 2016 to advise them of the Telkom pole that was in the verge of falling over my house. I was told that someone will call me back with the reference number. I waited and waited and when no one called, I called Telkom back. I eventually got a reference number...

AT&T / Marking flags

Michael D. Ashley on Apr 9, 2017
Marking flags have been in my yard for months. The property is at 1005 N W Parkway Drive, Muncie, Indiana. The area of concern is behind my back fence along Tillotson Avenue. If these are your flags, please remove them. If they are, or are not, I'll remove them by April 15. Colonel Michael...

LetGo / emekachilaka: grey stones

Brit Burmeister on Mar 30, 2017
LetGoI am a rock and mineral collector and I saw an ad for "gray stones" along with a $6000 price tag so I was curious and I clicked on them and it looked like generic quarts along with a garden rock so I asked the seller to elaborate on the stones and minerals and she literally told me that...

Rural King / Animal care

Brittany N Baker on Feb 18, 2017
I live in Marietta, Ohio. I made a trip to the local Rural King located in Parkersburg, WV to purchase baby ducks, howerver I was more than disgusted on how the baby chicks were being taken care of. The pens were dirty, there was no water available to them, and there were dead babie...

Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc. / Yoga cafe health fitness

SarahP35 on Feb 14, 2017
Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc.When I first Met the Owner, Aleksandra Eifler, I believed that she a "true vegan." Unfortunately when I visited her studio in Miami, called Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, I found out that she was eating a steak burger - disgusting. Disgusted, I decided to not join her class (I could not...

Outdoors Online / 30 oz yeti tumbler

Scammed15 on Feb 4, 2017
I ordered a Yeti Tumbler on December 28, 2016. My account was charged the next day. It is now February 5, and I still have yet to see it. They don't respond to emails and when I am able to "chat" I am told "They have been out of stock and are now in. You should receive it within 5-8...

Vodacom / coverage

A.John Brady on Jan 25, 2017
We have small farm in the Groot Marico area of North West Province. We are located 8 km in a direct line but are receiving our signal from a tower located 9 km to the west of our location. We have an acceptable signal strengthin the early morning (say 05:30) but from around 07:00 the...

Regions (Bank) / Lisa - manager at westside in tupelo

nathan1986 on Dec 5, 2016
I have witnessed this manager being rude to employees, customers, and just plain disrespectful on numerous occasions. I have a friend in that branch and she makes them do things they aren't supposed to do, according to the regions she cuts corners. She plays favorites, makes some do more...

Woolworths / Xmas

pedro1212 on Dec 4, 2016
Very disappointed to see very little Xmas cheer no merry Christmas banners just hanging trees with very small writing while at your competitors every staff member had a t shirt with merry Christmas. Its very sad to see that you are worried about offending about 1 percent of the community...

Wolf Center / Unethical, biased, activist "center" not interested in facts, just propaganda

juan pablos on Nov 22, 2016
This family outing is completely unrelated to the ads and quite UNeducating. This is a propaganda program designed to Blame Europeans for everything again. When it heck do people wake up and get tired of this crap??? The zoo is so much more advantageous for an outing with better balanced...
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