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Rural King / Animal care

Brittany N Baker on Feb 18, 2017
I live in Marietta, Ohio. I made a trip to the local Rural King located in Parkersburg, WV to purchase baby ducks, howerver I was more than disgusted on how the baby chicks were being taken care of. The pens were dirty, there was no water available to them, and there were dead babie...

Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc. / Yoga cafe health fitness

SarahP35 on Feb 14, 2017
Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, Inc.When I first Met the Owner, Aleksandra Eifler, I believed that she a "true vegan." Unfortunately when I visited her studio in Miami, called Vita Infuse Yourself With Life, I found out that she was eating a steak burger - disgusting. Disgusted, I decided to not join her class (I could not...

Outdoors Online / 30 oz yeti tumbler

Scammed15 on Feb 4, 2017
I ordered a Yeti Tumbler on December 28, 2016. My account was charged the next day. It is now February 5, and I still have yet to see it. They don't respond to emails and when I am able to "chat" I am told "They have been out of stock and are now in. You should receive it within 5-8...

Vodacom / Coverage

A.John Brady on Jan 25, 2017
We have small farm in the Groot Marico area of North West Province. We are located 8 km in a direct line but are receiving our signal from a tower located 9 km to the west of our location. We have an acceptable signal strengthin the early morning (say 05:30) but from around 07:00 the...

Regions (Bank) / Lisa - manager at westside in tupelo

nathan1986 on Dec 5, 2016
I have witnessed this manager being rude to employees, customers, and just plain disrespectful on numerous occasions. I have a friend in that branch and she makes them do things they aren't supposed to do, according to the regions she cuts corners. She plays favorites, makes some do more...

Woolworths / Xmas

pedro1212 on Dec 4, 2016
Very disappointed to see very little Xmas cheer no merry Christmas banners just hanging trees with very small writing while at your competitors every staff member had a t shirt with merry Christmas. Its very sad to see that you are worried about offending about 1 percent of the community...

Wolf Center / Unethical, biased, activist "center" not interested in facts, just propaganda

juan pablos on Nov 22, 2016
This family outing is completely unrelated to the ads and quite UNeducating. This is a propaganda program designed to Blame Europeans for everything again. When it heck do people wake up and get tired of this crap??? The zoo is so much more advantageous for an outing with better balanced...

PetSmart / Fish

tia clarke on Nov 11, 2016
So I recently moved and my fish didn't make it, I have too fish and I have a 3 gallon tank. The employee working by the fish area gave me no attention didn't ask if i needed help and ignored me when I finally got someone over he was completely rude about the fish I wanted told me my tank...

Frontiers / FIx a block on 4074993754

Hennie.greyling on Nov 8, 2016
Fica block on accout although all relevant paperwork signed etc by two directors. acc no 4074993754 Account now locked for almost two weeks. Please unnblok this account. Urgent transfers to be made.

littlebullies9wixsite.com / French bulldog puppy

Leslie Borys on Oct 26, 2016
littlebullies9wixsite.comFrench bulldog puppy I purchased from this website located in Calgary the puppy came with kennel cough and then a nightmare after that it's sick continuously it has stomach issues it's constantly vomiting these people do not sell health guaranteed puppies do not purchase puppies from these...

Consumer Energy Mi / The forestry branch of consumer energy

Cathy Ellison Rhoades on Sep 9, 2016
They cut a tree down they killed last year, I miss the shade tree but I will deal. There is still part of that first tree they need to address. I was trying to ask them about cutting another dead tree down that could fall anytime. If it does it will take out the power lines. But they have...

Aashna International / Dell backup & recovery

Kumud Sheravia on Sep 7, 2016
I purchase by your Invoice No. AKD-73648778545 Dt: 11-7-2016 by reference number 94376545 . My computer is carpeted so i need urgent link to recovery to start my computer. My activation code is : DUYLL-BDFWIN-F9F70-FFZBN My purchase date 13-1-2016 by Care & Customer Code is 40021202

American Made Solar " Wind / Selling chinese solar panels that dont meet usa regulations and scamming the tax payers

“America Made Solar and Wind” Ripping Off America By: Pissed Off “REAL” Solar Contractors - Vote For Trump American Solar and Wind is a lie from the first word “American”. Let’s talk about that. “Mardel Souza” or “Alex Pena” is from Mexico and he buys his junk solar from China. So what...

Autozone / I returned products, unopened and intact but they have not credited my account in 30 days.

tkinder on Jun 4, 2016
I purchased some products my mechanic said it turned out I didn’t need. I returned them to AutoZone, got a return receipt, but after 30 days the $79.38 still hasn’t been returned to my account. I called the customer service number and Ron, a pleasant guy, took my information, transaction number...

Dream Keepers Kennels / William Marshall DOGO Puppy Mill

JJsnelling on May 18, 2016
This particular breeder is from Alabama. He's a DOGO breeder but is running a puppy mill out of his home. He breeds DOGO's and then hands them over to his "Brothers" to house until they sell and do that he can breed more. These dogs are inbred & have several health issue...

Swamp people / Television show

Kathy 213 on Apr 11, 2016
Being titled the History Channel, I'm curious as to why you would broadcast a show that shows the slaughter of animals. I used to watch your channel every day. I loved the educational shows that were aired. Now to see a bunch of ignorant people slaughter animals for money is disgusting...

Mango Airlines (FlyMango) / Rude and loud behaviour

shaskitch on Feb 8, 2016
I was booked on flight JE 245 on the 6th of Feb at 7.10. I arrived to check in at 6.30 and was rudely and loudly told I was late, the lady then asked her co worker how many people still to board and the reply was 38 but I was told to go to the Mango help desk where I was told again I am...

Alibaba.com / Beehive frames.

Zaurbek on Feb 7, 2016
Alibaba.comI ordered assembled hive frames from China on Alibaba.com. The seller was Kaifeng Best International Trade Co., Ltd. Paid using bank wire transfer. After a month received frame parts, not frames. Absolutely not what I ordered. Tried to get help from Alibaba but they told me that "thi...

Eskom Lethabo / Ash discharge

PlayerOne on Feb 2, 2016
During the past two months I have suffered from burning eyes every few days, sometimes two consecutive days, sometimes it would skip a day. It becomes so bad that it feels as if the only thing that helps is to keep my eyes closed. This is not possible, obviously, and different eye drops I...

GingerGreen / Disregarding for SA laws - Spam - POPI Act

Radein on Jan 23, 2016
Do not trust this company with any personal information. Not only do the steal your personal info from other to spam you with marketing crap they are also very arrogant went ask to remove your mail from their databases. You will simply get another email from another domain - I have...
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