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Nature & Environment Complaints

Tytyga / Nursery

Jucileide Cepolski on Jun 15, 2018

I recently bought 4 plants from TyTyga. Upon receiving the package I noticed immediately one tree missing. I took pictures, and contacted them on Monday. I sent the pictures and never heard back. I contacted them again, this time they replied that they could not open the pics, for me to...

You Tube / videos

Jae Dax on Jun 11, 2018

I tried to watch into the universe with stephen hawkin. There are plenty of higher resolution videos with subtitles but if you want to watch without subtitles we only have poor resolution videos. Is it so bad to be English these days that we're not worthy of decent copies of anything - at...

AutoNation / lies

Luis Saura on Jun 6, 2018

I bought a 36, 000 GMC 1500, and they told me that they'd send me a remote control and a key. This happened about a month ago. The manager, Nate King, and the seller, Jessica Smith, assured me that I'd receive it within two weeks. Now every time I call the dealer, I get the run around. The...

Ironwood Tree Services / ironwood tree services

H.Bellows on Jun 4, 2018

Ironwood Tree ServicesIssue: This Spring (2018) Ironwood Tree Services began cutting down the tops of trees on East Valley Road, Alfred Station, NY that were designated as interfering with NYSEG poled wires. The tops of several trees were cut down and piled on my property. The tree debris was left as it fell...

Kmart/Hershey-Lebanon, PA / air conditioning

Jan Liles Whary on May 31, 2018

My complaint is about how uncomfortable it is to shop in the stores. They are entirely too warm, which makes shopping there not fun and unbearable. I, myself, cannot get through the store without breaking out in a sweat as if I were working out. It is that bad that the checkouts have fan...

Crunch Fitness / loud obnoxious music

Kkkssmm on May 25, 2018

The Long Beach, Ca Crunch, Play as loud obnoxious horrible music during operation hours. No tranquility in that gym. As a senior citizen I feel the music creates a an unpleasant atmosphere for older people. I am requesting that soft music be played, pleasant to all people to enter the gym...

Backwater Reptiles / successfully canceled an order, but never received a refund

Welovejesus on May 1, 2018

Backwater ReptilesOn Friday, April 27 I made a purchase through Backwater Reptiles. The purchase was an error and I immediately (within the hour) cancel the purchase. I attempted to contact the company by phone, this was unsuccessful. I then sent an email explaining the situation. I continue to send email...

Ozark cooler / 73 quart cooler

Jennakirsch on Apr 29, 2018

We got an Ozark cooler... Paid 100$ for this thing. Stating it keeps ice for three days. So we thought perfect for camping! Just leaving camping for the first time with the cooler and it never held ice. We had to get an additional bag (only went for two days) and even after getting a bag...

Waste Management [WM] / service agreement

Walton PH Church on Apr 17, 2018

Waste Management [WM]So we (walton ph church) have been a faithful customer of this company for over 15 years, over the last 2 years or so they began to go up on there monthly charges little by little, $380.00 a month to empty a small dumpster twice a month, we decided we could not afford them any more, so we...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / forged in fire

Rachelle Leblanc on Apr 5, 2018

Hello I recently discovered this program which I really enjoy watching. What is upsetting though is that animals are being killed for no reason. The animals are only used to test the the contestants finished weapons. Can you please consider refraining from killing animals just to test the...

MultiChoice Africa / DSTV / access to bbc earth for premium subscriber in namibia

Howard1988 on Mar 10, 2018

Dear Multichoice 10.03.2018 Client #: 2014020 Name: Howard F De Klerk Cellphone number: +264812031187 Email address: Access to BBC Earth in Namibia as I do not understand why we can't get access to this channel. I would like to request BBC Earth in Namibia, as there...

Cracker Barrel / cashier and manager refused to accept a legal $100 bill

Greg Falls on Mar 7, 2018

Tried to pay with a $100 bill I just got at my bank's ATM. The cashier called the manager to to front, where he proceeded to hold the bill to the light, put on bill scanner, then ask me for another type of payment, upon which time I produced my debit card and paid my bill. He wa...

Dick's Sporting Goods / anti gun decision

CrSs on Feb 28, 2018

While I acknowledge that Dick's may support any policy it pleases, I strongly disagree with this decision and the ill-informed position the business is taking. Despite their political preferences, most everyone cares about people, especially children, being killed and would want to prevent...

Walgreens / no corporate responsibility for recycling

Naomi Marty on Feb 26, 2018

I passed the pack of the building and saw that the Durango, CO store has no recycling bin. Instead, I saw that the garbage bin was overflowing with cardboard. It was disgusting and heartbreaking to know that this store isn't doing anything to make an effort to recycle any of the shipping...

History Channel / A&E Television Networks / swamp people

Barbara l Jackson on Feb 12, 2018

I very much do not want to see offensive commercials for Swamp People depicting disgusting acts of cruelty to wild animals by despicable, horrible people. PLEASE remove these ads and the show, too. The show may be about ignorant, uneducated people who derive twisted pleasure from capturing...

Dollar General / no concern over the safety of your customers

themom1 on Feb 7, 2018

I live in Athens Mi. you are the only store in our little town, why can't you plow the drive or clean the walk way? I have talked to the manager she say's she called, but was told it can take up to three (3) days to get your plow guy here. Why can't you hire someone local to plow? There are...

Vodacom / coverage issue

Kobievrb on Jan 11, 2018

I phoned a couple of weeks/months ago and spoke to a consultant called Michael. He logged the coverage issue on the telephone number 0768941923 (Elijah) I gave him two other numbers also on the farm experiencing little, to no coverage. The owner is not always on the farm, but he and hi...

Black Magic and Ayurveda / illegal promotion of animal parts

ANAND007 on Jan 10, 2018

Black Magic and AyurvedaSir/mam, This is to inform you, Two channels in youtube is elligaly promote and sell animal parts elligaly through youtube website by name of channel BLACK MAGIC AND AYURVEDA i send you channel link and also NAme ARNA SALES...

Young Living Essential Oils Philippines / essential oils philippines (young living)

Edrianne Dela Cruz on Jan 8, 2018

Young Living Essential Oils PhilippinesProduct: Young Living Essential Oils Location: Manila, Tagaytay, Cavite, Luzon, Philippines Contact number: 09985523493 Site: Aromanila Facebook: 10 Reasons Why You Should NOT Use Young Living Essential Oils While we are very happy with the health and wellne...

Netflix / 72 dangerous animals

Turner Hollis on Dec 23, 2017

I find it disturbing that you have a new series about "dangerous animals". Haven't you learned yet that humans are the most dangerous animal? Why do you need to make humans even more afraid of their natural world? These animals are just trying to survive with their amazing adaptation...