Magazines & Newspapers Complaints


Magzter Inc. Advertising / magzter unauthorized charges

Apr 16, 2019

I am a account holder in PNC Bank. This offer was not confirmed by me, I reviewed the information only. Which now I've been forced into a payment plan unauthorized. I have no contact information of this product to, to stop all my personal PNC Bank identification with this magzter inc...

People Magazine In Style Magazine / magazines

Mar 26, 2019

People Magazine In Style MagazineI received a bill for $36.00 for magazines I neither ordered nor received. The letter is signed by 'Lois Jones' in subscription services This is not my bill... I am the new business owner & DO NOT have magazines billed!! After Google found the Meredith Company for me, because they give NO...

Magazine Discount Center / charge on my paypal account from magazine center that I did not make

Mar 21, 2019

On March 20th I found a charge on my Paypal account to Magazine Discount Center. I did not make a purchase nor did I authorized anything from them. I would like a refund on my account. I don't know who this company is and don't believe I have ever used them to purchased anything before...

Urban Publishers, Inc. / paper city magazine

Mar 3, 2019

Urban Publishers, Inc.For years, this company has bundled a bunch of useless articles with advertisements and forced them upon consumers who don't want them. Until recently, they contracted a delivery service that would simply toss this magazine into people's yards. Now they use usps saturation mailing so they...

Food Network Magazine Automatic Renewal / poor customer service

Mar 1, 2019

In 2018, my Food Network Magazine subscription was started with an automatic renewal provision. I was assured to read that I would be receiving a notice prior to the next period's renewal. The magazine is always sent in sealed plastic to ensure that any inserts remain intact. This would...

National Home Gardening Club / lifetime membership

Feb 21, 2019

I too, like I see many in the same boat; have a lifetime membership I paid for and can not get in touch with anyone. How can a company offer lifetime memberships and then shut down. Shouldn't there be some kind of restitution? I moved and also remarried and I forgot to change my...

Cook's Country / magazine subscription

Jan 28, 2019

I purchased a one-year subscription in 2016 or 2017 and paid by check (purposely so that there would be no question about whether I had ordered a perpetual subscription). The magazine wasn't what I expected, and I didn't intend to renew. After my one year was up, they started to send me...

7 West Media in Western Australia / misinformation in support of farmers

Jan 18, 2019

Channel 7 Perth & the West Australia continue to support desperate farmers in their defense of the cruel horrible, inhumane live sheep export trade, - farmers, the farm lobby, politicians have known about this horrible trade since 1985 - its been in the Western Australian courts since...

Herald and News Newspaper Klamath Falls, Oregon / vacation stop delivery

Jan 11, 2019

First off this newspaper is not worth paying for. I called in a vacation stop delivery on Dec 28 and finally got it stopped on Jan 11th. Not good if a person is going out of town. It took 4 phone calls and 9 emails to accomplishment this which is poor customer service for such a simple...

National Geographic / magazine subscription

Dec 29, 2018

Good afternoon As per attached emails, I have contacted your organization several times via email and additionally on another several occasions via phone. I was told in the first number of calls back in september that the magazines had been posted and to continue waiting. After another 2 call...

NMX Newsmax Magazine / year subscription to newsweek magazine, has turned into a never ending automatic renewal that I never authorized.

Dec 17, 2018

approx. 12-17 was for one year of News week magazine. Today I received in Mail [protected]) a charge on my master card credit card for $42.95 for what appears to be another year of Newsweek Magazine which I did not authorize. AS I spoke to personel, it appears Newsweek Magazine took the...

Magtzer / subscription for outlook business

Nov 25, 2018

MagtzerI subscribed to Digital copy of Outlook Business for one year on 29th Jan 2018. But suddenly I am unable to read the magazine from last month. I am appending the contents of mail I received from Magtzer. I am also attaching the image the message I get in the Magtzer app when I open...

Star Ledger Newspaper, Newark, NJ / appallingly inept subscription, delivery, recovery service

Nov 22, 2018

I subscribed back in feb-march 2018 — they failed to deliver my print copies (thursday, sunday, andimalso gad so any login/password problems, My "10-week" deal was extended another 10 early sept my paper bill add a$2 fee for paper bill (w/o advance notice!) and included $4.00 for...

Magazine Direct / gift card offer

Nov 19, 2018

I bought Egglets over the phone August 2018. I was asked if I would like to buy three magazines and if I bought the magazines I would receive a $50 gift card. I waited until October for the gift card and never received it. I called the number associated with the gift card offer and wa...

Urban Nation / door-to-door magazine sales

Nov 10, 2018

I was impressed and sucked in by the salesperson's dynamic and friendly demeanor and ended up writing a check for $210 for a 2 year 2 mag sub. I highly empathize with these sales people because they are just trying to make a living, but the preponderance of bad word-of-mouth online and...

House Beautiful / magazine subscription

Nov 5, 2018

I received a invoice for House Beautiful magazine that I didnt subscribe to. I have never subscribed to this magazine and would never do so. I am not sure how they got my information but I am not paying for this subscription. It says my account number is [protected]. They are trying to get...

Caters News Agency / rebecca husselbee is a racist.

Nov 1, 2018

Caters News AgencyRebecca Husselbee who is employed at Caters News Agency in the UK is a racist and sexual predator who sexually harrasses Muslim women online. Cowardly racist Rebecca Husselbee has tried to hide her racism but it can be exposed...

Winners Readers Magazine Services / “final bonus” scam

Oct 26, 2018

After almost 6 years of getting scammed by this company through sly phone calls and "grocery coupons" and "freebies" choices I finally took a loan from my 401k to pay them off once and for all., almost 900.00 dollars for three different accounts I wasn't aware of., and now they call me...

Magazine Publisher Service / being billed for magazine that I did not got

Sep 24, 2018

My account number is 1300548 I got a phone on july the 16th stating that I would get a greet deal on their magazine thay told me that I could get their magazine for 3.99 per week so I agreed. They told me that I would only pay 57.70 every three months anyways thay have been taking 64.00 a...

Chicago Tribune RedPlum Delivery a Service or Lack there of. / my redplums sales papers.

Sep 19, 2018

I live at 4421 South Rockwell and am a Chicago Tribune subscription family. We don't get our Red Plums on a regular basis. This is now the second week of no red plumes. They used to come on Wednesday and then Thursday, and now no day! I base my food shopping on these adds and would like to...

PKM Subscriptions / receiving magazines I did not order

Sep 7, 2018

I noticed a charge on my bank statement for $29.95 for magazines I did not order. I am on a very limited income. I want them to cancel my subscription and return my money. How do I get the company to give me a refund. This is not a good way to do business. I have never heard of them and...

Veranda mag by Hearst Magazines / entered to win contest with veranda magazine and do not want mag but to win trip.

Aug 31, 2018

Veranda magazine is giving a chance to win trip and you give info and you are signing up for a subscription to magazine . This is very u nfair and I want to cancel this immediately. I do not want the subscription to Veranda on this 8/31/18. I request that this be cancelled. I was only...

Hello Magazine / none delivery/late delivery

Aug 18, 2018

I have not received my hello magazine this week. It has always been delivered on monday or tuesday. I have had problems during the past few month with late delivery sometimes on wednesday, sometimes on thursday, but always by friday. There is nothing more to add. If there is, what more...

The article in yahoo. on why this American converted published on 9 August / article

Aug 10, 2018

Article is both misleading and a religious propaganda material questioning the basics of faith of Christian faith. While there are 1000s of people convert to Christian faith voluntarily every year even from the faith mentioned in the article, even when they are persecuted to death, why...