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Law & Civil Rights Complaints | Page 6

Target / profiling due to physical disabilities

Mickey Parker on Aug 5, 2018

After 30+ years of shopping at Targets in Las Vegas (and never stealing so much as a toothpick), I'm not welcome at T-0850 because they don't like my autistic/mongoloid facial features! Shoplifting is a terrible problem for retailers, but profiling customers as "suspicious" for no valid...

Pos Malaysia Berhad / poslaju sungai petani operational services

Amira Nabihah on Aug 5, 2018

With regard to my reference number here: EP527878855MY, I would like to complaint about operational services at Sungai Petani PosLaju Kedah. My parcel was arrived in Sungai Petani office at 5/8/2018, 6.57am. However, the customer service staff said they cannot deliver out that parcel...

Nextdoor / racist posts; posted photos of a minor

Katherine Bell on Aug 5, 2018

NextdoorIn the ongoing saga of Sacramento leads being clueless, I am now making my third complaint to you. While there is not a lead telling me that advocating lynching does not violate ND guidelines, the subject of my first complaint, this thread is nevertheless disturbing. I was marginally O.K. with...

Nextdoor / leads allow their own bias to censor others

Judy Tormey on Aug 4, 2018

A reopening of an historically controversial small zoo in the area was posted on I was cautiously supportive but concerned about its past history animal welfare abuses. The other comments were denying or trivializing these concerns. I posted evidence to the contrary. All my...

McMillan Law Firm San Diego / law scam


McMillan Law Firm San DiegoSan Diego attorney Scott McMillan, The_McMillan_Law_Firm at 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, lost two major lawsuits he appealed to the Ninth Circuit. During oral argument a Ninth Circuit judge called his lawsuit "silly", resulting in Scott McMillan pursuing a case that was lost when it wa...

GetDivorcePapers / never do it again

BenKi on Aug 1, 2018

As a well-qualified private lawyer, I deal with different cases every day. As a rule, clients want to prepare the documents for the divorce as soon as possible and I try to help them in time. Three days ago I had an unbelievable case when a new client called me and claimed that she had...

Extraspace Storage / extraspace storage

Lola Bishop on Jul 30, 2018

I Lola Bishop concern about my storage I really don't understand how I was a customer since 2014 paid on time I also have been harassment defination of character calling police on me the staff has went into my storage without my permission I've been beat out of my money in 2017 Christma...

GetDivorcePapers / wanna waste some time??

Tom_L on Jul 30, 2018

Yeah, OK, I really want to divorce quickly and to do it online. I`m ready to pay for it. If you do your job well, it's not a big deal if it costs 150 or 250. But why need to hide the part of fees?? Its kinda cheap ad trick, you full with pettiness!! Uhh, and one more thing - you end up not...

Youtube / breach of uk copyright law/political bias

copynaire on Jul 28, 2018

YouTube has today closed accounts supportive of Scottish Independence, after the BBC, alleged copyright breaches due to videos on these channels showing clips from BBCNews and other programmes. Pursuant to the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988, it is lawful to use copyrighted material...

Dairy Queen / violence/ assault in the restaurant

Jennifer001 on Jul 28, 2018

My 16 year old daughter, Mycah Reiland, is an employee at Dairy Queen in Muscatine Iowa. Recently, while at work, she was physically assaulted by another 16 year old female Dairy Queen employee, Gloria Neda. Gloria ripped Mycahs headset off, grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the...

GetDivorcePapers / wanna waste some time??

ToOwen on Jul 27, 2018

Yeah, OK, I really want to divorce quickly and to do it online. I`m ready to pay for it. If you do your job well, it's not a big deal if it costs 150 or 250. But why need to hide the part of fees?? Its kinda cheap ad trick, you full with pettiness!! Uhh, and one more thing - you end up not...

Skout / dark nebula

antonia07 on Jul 25, 2018

Hello I have been threatened by some one who uses the name Dark Nebula though your site. He came on to my live one day and was so inappropriate so I blocked him. That was six months ago. I returned back to you site three days ago and yesterday in front of everyone he said on a friend...

Walton County DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) / walton county dfcs

Crystalc2412 on Jul 24, 2018

They will destroy your family, your children, your relationship, and you personally. I am not going to say I am a saint by no means, but I didn't deserve what they have done to me nor my children. I have jumped through their hoop and did their song and dance for over 20 months now. I...

Wv C.P.S.#1 state in whole nation to remove 9,453 kids in 2018 / #1 in nation for removal of our children on fasle alleged allegations, lies,..

Devestaed Mom Wv cps on Jul 19, 2018

× close ad South charleston forum Wv cps #1 in nation for stealing poor parents kids please read Posted in the south charleston forum Share your thoughts Stop tracking Hurt mom in wv 5 hrs ago Help the innocent parents fight for our gifts from god. Mom in charleston wv 2 min ago Fasle...

Kroger / about a assistant manager at store 53. will

Ad77579 on Jul 19, 2018

I was a former employee. I loved my job.. the people that worked there and shopped there I always went out of my way for customers my osat comments shop speak for its self people called coprt for me say how I made there child's day or alderly perancets I mad eyes there day and I always got...

GetDivorcePapers / a money wasting company

Paul Sa. on Jul 19, 2018

They promised to prepare my papers within one week, but unfortunately, they didn't. I was waiting for their reply for 3 weeks and when I finally received my documents-they contained lots of inaccuracies!!! There was even another address. No apology from them. No refund. Only negative...

CPS Kanawha WV / cps false allegations, lies, no help from any cps..

Wvmomcpshurt. on Jul 17, 2018

CPS Kanawha WVI am single mom of three beautiful kids. 15, 11, 10 2 boys and girl. Anyways they show up stating alleged drug use . Well for my 2 lil ones my oldest in my mom's cus. They got her for medical negelct . Well three days later there removing kids . Before any proof of me on drugs, no drug...

Shoppers Drug Mart / about your name

Khawaja Xain on Jul 16, 2018

Dear Shoppers Drug Mart, I am a 10-year-old and I am a patient of asthma and I would like to tell you something about the name of your store. I used to live in Quebec and in Quebec Shoppers Drug Mart was called Pharmaprix. When I moved to Brampton my first thoughts were that you sold drug...

Panera Bread / manager

PrincePreston on Jul 16, 2018

Hi I was at coral gables panera bread and the manager(Danny) was very rude he wouldn't acknowledge me as I was at the register.He wasn't wearing gloves when he was getting food, he was treating me with no respect "maybe because I am black".He was yelling at one of his associates very badly...

Massage Envy / refusal of services u warranted

Levmicmar on Jul 16, 2018

I have been going to massage envy Costa Mesa for years. I was accused of being on drugs and intoxicated by assistant manager Tia and or Skyler with absolutely no reason given and no basis for such claims. I am sober. When confronted and after much discussion, they realized a mistake wa...