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Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court Lacks Intelligence of Judge / justice neena sharma supreme court dumbest canadian judge

Royason on Oct 9, 2018

Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court Foolish Decisions Made By A Judge who lacks education The association and the city, which provided some funding for the program, appealed that ruling to the B.C. Court of Appeal. On Wednesday, George Cadman, a lawyer for the association, told a...

Aspen Dental Management / jeremy dzingle dds (the dentist)

labteck2 on Oct 8, 2018

Date of service - 9/14/18 I called to have a regular check up scheduled plus a consultation about a possible implant procedure. I must say the receptionist and hygienist was very professional. After getting my teeth cleaned the dentist came in. The first concern I had was, he never directly...

Citibank / notary service

curtatra on Oct 6, 2018

CitibankOn 10/6/18 I called Citibank at 51-10 Metropolitan ave, NY to ask if a notary was available this date at the branch. They said yes and when I went there, the notary refused to notarize the paper saying she isn't have her stamp. Then i went to 89-50 164th street branch an the notary, Sharon...

Youtube / get out the vote ads

Native Jo on Oct 6, 2018

I'm going to point out the double standards of the censorship, bullying, and demonization of content providers. Many of my favorite subscriptions are those who have been demonized. They were told they don't have the content that advertisers don't have interest in. This has got to be a lie...

Moose International / sexual assault

Jamie Slone on Oct 5, 2018

I have been a member in Tucson for 4 years now, and do not feel comfortable going any more because I am constantly being touched and grabbed in very inappropriate ways from officers there I think they think they are untouchable and I bec to find out how to report them. These men once...

LBC Express / documents

Wendelle on Oct 5, 2018

LBC ExpressWe went to lbc ilagan where we supposed to get our document but they said Wala pang nakakarating sa Amin then Wala din Kayo sa list namin, the other week we come back but then again they told us the same answer, we called lbc cauayan and they said hinahanap po is ilagan balikan nyo nalang...

Facebook / facebook incorrectly banning me

Lejan Morante on Oct 4, 2018

FacebookMy post got reported and was removed as violation of community standards. However, facebook apologized for the mistake as my post did not really violate anything. They put my post back and gave me my rights back. It seemed that the post got reported again, and for no reason or anything...

Sheetz / manager

ChefLaw on Oct 4, 2018

My brother has just started about 2-3 months ago at the Sheetz location in Port Allegany Pennsylvania. I have been informed the manager (Judy) at this location has disrespected my little brother. He has a small deformality that consists of a cleft palate lip. She has spoke out in FRONT of...

Costco / rob nunyez

Rebecca wolvert on Oct 3, 2018

I'm in a shopping a membership at Costco's for about 15 years now and I recently lost my ID and I went into Costco's without my ID to ask for a temporary pass and rot loss Rob Union Eunice loss prevention guy you want to come out and he want to grab my shoulder and escort me...

Global Tel Link Corporation / they won't refund my money

HunyBayBee on Oct 3, 2018

I signed up to the wrong company they are so much alike on Google. And I was charged 200 after being declined and then charged I been trying to get get my money back not know this was not the company for my county's jail. I'm so mad right now that they can take your money so easy...

Food City / being assaulted by 2 employees

Victor 1972 on Oct 3, 2018

As I was exiting your store after checking out, 2 employees blocked my path and told me that I had concealed a product and then took it out and purchased it. To which I told them they were crazy and tried to walk around them. They each grabbed me by an arm and tried dragging me backward...

Circle K Stores / employee complaint

Ben Dover and Out on Sep 30, 2018

Circle K StoresSeptember 30, at or around 2:45 to 3:00a.m. I had finally went into the bedroom to go to sleep. I had my window open because it was cooler outside and being on the top floor i get a really good breeze. When entering the bedroom i heard someone yelling outside(i couldnt or didnt pay...

Family Dollar Stores / customer service

Dominique Freeman on Sep 29, 2018

On yesterday I went to store number 4352 as I entered the store I'm assuming it was a manager and a employee standing by the register so I went down the aisle to get what I came to the store to get some steak sauce and a can of green beans well the employee walked up to me and told me that...

Target Brands / woodlands store invaded my privacy and cursed at me

MMC93 on Sep 29, 2018

I had accidently walked out of the store with a headband and when I returned it I was confronted by loss prevention who then called in a cop. I was cursed at, called a liar, and had my purse searched even though I did not give permission for the search. Of course they did not find anything...

Paltalk / hackers cyber criminals death threats

Honky33 on Sep 26, 2018

This is an ongoing thing now at this moment I have some real voice recording of them as they sit and type away. I found out i could hear them to after they'd hacked me to ease drop drop on me it was dumb luck but I have real voice recordings and little bits of other info I need turned over...

Family Dollar Stores / manager

Adubbu on Sep 24, 2018

On 9/24/18 I was in the location (store #7801) and although I intended to make a purchase, the store was very cluttered and when I went to purchase Simply Orange juice, it was expired ot had a sell by date of 8/28/18.I looked at everything in the store then proceeded to leave, without...

Hooters of America / hooters of champaign, il

Rachel Kappes on Sep 22, 2018

I applied to work as a hooters girl and the interview went great! The manager Casey told me to come back the next day to " try on the uniform to make sure it fits" which was a little bothersome in itself. & made me feel uncomfortable because I worked as a hooters girl there before & I wa...

Dollar Tree / store manager

Sheryl Hen on Sep 20, 2018

On 9/20/2018 my African American friend attempted to purchase products from store #3711 and was refused by the store manager. I went in to address the issue and she refused to give me her name, or give the security officer her name. I just left a message with Scott Brown, Regional Manager...

Youtube / they advocate for violence against those that have different political and personal preferences than employees at youtube

Naya11 on Sep 19, 2018

YouTube allows for people to make public threats against those that they do not agree with. These people literally type, "put a bag over your head and tie it real tight". These pigeons are trump supporters who aoorabtky are supported by YouTube and it's employees. These individuals are...

Coles Supermarkets / false accusation on the coles facebook page

Linda P Heenan on Sep 19, 2018

When someone on your Facebook page (Eric Voss) accused people of taking full trolleys through the self serve so they could steal things, I told him it was wrong to say that. His response was to accuse me of theft. Your page manager thanked him for his comment as though in agreement. I feel...