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Dollar Tree / customer service / discrimination

gerge on Nov 9, 2018

The family goes to the Dollar Tree in Santa Maria Ca.. The one on north Broadway to be more specific. My Daughter just got a service dog and took it into the store.(The dog did not have a vest but does have tags). The manager on duty at the time (Sylvia) informed my wife and daughter the...

Channel 7 / channel 7 news

Golda_Divine on Nov 7, 2018

ACMA file reference: BM-4132 Please refer to the ACMA file reference number Incitement of Public Hatred, Provision of False Information, Spread of False Rumour, Slavery of the Media, and, Overdrive inhumanity, are problems I have been having with the media. I am in a situation where I...

Bank Negara Komuter Station / card

SPVicki on Nov 6, 2018

Bank Negara Komuter StationHi Whom to be concern, Please take note that, why do i have to buy card for no reason and not always taking the train to Batu Caves. Yesterday(6/11/2018), from Batu Caves manage to get token to Bank Negara. Now, my question is why need to pay extra for the card. This is unfair. It is not the about money but cheating. Let's take this consideration

Family Dollar Stores / Racist abusive Manager

DonnaLFB on Nov 3, 2018

Family Dollar StoresSavannah, I just submitted the Following complaint on Family Dollar's website: To Whom It May Concern: A manager at the W. 130th Street location in Cleveland, Ohio wore a costume yesterday (10/31/18) that perpetuates racist stereotypes toward Native Americans. The costume was fake buckskin and...

Yes! Communities / my contract on my land

Ashley1411 on Nov 1, 2018

Iam try to reach corp office to talk tp someone i want to move my home !! When i brought my home here at the park i paid cash for it at palmharbor i didnt have land at the time .. I bought some land n taught my lot conctract was up well when i sind it i ask for a one year lease well the...

Florida Department Of Revenue / administrative support order

Stanch on Oct 31, 2018

I am a father of 3 beautiful children who I have always supported. Three years ago my children's mother moved to Florida and a year after that applied for food stamps lieing about how much I was paying her and my address. I have never missed a childsupport payment since we have been...

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting / marina noble abuses azniv shahverdyan and sophia noble

Azniv_Shahverdyan on Oct 31, 2018

My names is Azniv Shahverdyan and I am 28 yrs old. My mother molested me from age five to age fourteen. She also abused me and cut me a few times. She too molests and bruises my younger sister Sophia and prostitutes her in front of old rich men to make ends meet. Please help us. Our mother...

LBC Express / customer service

shotypua on Oct 30, 2018

LBC ExpressI recently went to the Santolan/West Crame branch to have my package shipped. It just so happens i dont have a smaller bill to pay for the shipping. The girl asked me if i did have a smaller bill. I didn't. She continued on to say that they didn't have change and that the LBC/Palawan...

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation / racist employee

Myanka Henson on Oct 28, 2018

Six Flags Entertainment CorporationOn 10/28/2018. Me and my two 10 years old boys was kicked out of the park... After some employees kicked them off a ride stated they are too short... Which was a lie... I complained to the nasty supervisor on the skull castle ride... At the park who called there racist guards... Who told...

Dollar Tree / management in oldsmar florida

Jerome P. on Oct 27, 2018

10/27/2018 Sean Flood is the manager of Dollar Tree in Oldsmar Florida. My girlfriend (whom I am not mentioning as she is worried she will be fired over this) currently works there. We share a car. I work in the same shopping center and shop at dollar tree regularly since this location...

Bank of Baroda / importance to language

Atagara on Oct 24, 2018

Bank of BarodaHi, In Karnataka you people have several branches and ATMS, but we have observed that In ATMs there is no option in Kannada to do our transactions. if this will continue the same you we will not let you ppl run your band business here. first respect local language and keep our Kannada...

John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK Airport / inhumane treatment of person with disability

Muses12 on Oct 23, 2018

While flying from JFK to Chicago O'Hare, I had a most disturbing experience. For some reason all of the TSA employees were in vile moods and barking orders to people trying to make it through security and to their flights. I am a frequent business traveler and had never seen such hostility...

Nextdoor / harassment/

Melissa N. Walker on Oct 22, 2018

There was a post made about 2 dogs being a nuisance. Photos were provided by another neighbors security cam. The post said "they're a nuisance and peeing on people's mums"... I replid "could you contain them and call a/c - a little compassion goes a long way. Then one of the dogs wa...

Yes! Communities / security deposit

LindsayAO on Oct 19, 2018

Yes! CommunitiesMy name is Lindsay Oliver. I moved out of The Breakers from 9115 Ramiro Street Lot 387, Jacksonville, FL 32221 on July 31st. I spoke with Shelley, the property manager, on September 13th, in regards to not receiving anything from them regarding my move out. Shelley verbally confirmed...

US Bank / US Bancorp / overdraft coverage and protection

Onestunner on Oct 19, 2018

Usbank never had consent to opt in on overdraft protection nor coverage. They than decided to hold 6 transactions that never reflected the available balance when I went in the same day to do a transfer that the teller failed to mention that available balance. What really was taker was I...

Grabcar Malaysia / impolite driver

Ahmad Al-Miaraj on Oct 18, 2018

Grabcar MalaysiaAm a forgenier I had a bad experience with a grab driver, I ordered a Grab pick up from the mall today in Kuantan and got into the car and the driver was screaming impolitely and telling me that am disrepcful for no reason at all and I quoted he said " who do you think you are ? " Driver name...

Kroger / the whole store

Abby1455 on Oct 17, 2018

I bank at Fifth Third Bank. There is a branch located inside the Kroger near my house. Every time I go into that Kroger to visit my bank, I have to hurdle my way through a dozen carts full of clearance items that they have placed out in the middle of the floor. This is a fire hazard...

Family Dollar Stores / discrimination/ gender/ assumption

user1929062 on Oct 15, 2018

Family Dollar StoresOn my way from work I decided to stop at the family dollar located at 13817 s post oak rd. Houston, tx 77045 for a few items. Do to me making my travels on a Moped/ Scooter I have to carry a backpack with all my personal things. As I walked in the store I was immediately stopped and wa...

Aaron's / complaint reference numbers hsc0246078 hsc0274942

Mary miles12 on Oct 15, 2018

I have been dealing with the Arron in Huntington West Virginia for a little bit this time and the manager Larry there has been holding a grudge against me over a woman that's been deceased for 3 years he called me some almost 9 years ago wanting information as to the whereabouts of my...

Iowa DHS / elder abuse charges

Maxi 5 on Oct 14, 2018

. My husband has end stage dementia. I am the sole provider and caretaker of him. We have been married 32 years.. He has been, hospitalized 3 times from June to Sept. For various issues. The 1st time was related to a medication He was given that caused an acute kidney injury. While in the...