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Law & Civil Rights Complaints

Cable News Network / CNN / reporting by navarro

rofa on Jan 22, 2019

I don't watch you but just heard a disturbing comment that apparently was tweeted out about the Catholic School boys being Outed by Navaro (or whatever her name is). That is terrible for a news org (even a fake news org) to put all this hatred toward a school and boys in the school. From...

Topix / fraudulent posts / discussion connersville in

Tylor Lakes on Jan 21, 2019

Over the years, many ignorant, bored with no obvious direction, uneducated, opinionated, jealous, manipulative, and maniacal couch potatoes have been legally able to post any type of slander about anyone they choose, anonymously, from the comfort of their own lazy-boy. The shocking part...

Dekalb County Court, GA / cruel and creepy judge, demented clarence f. seeliger


Perhaps Clarence Seeliger's middle name is "judge"... Clarence F. Seeliger is a demented unfit "judge", undignified idiot, corrupt, bribed, amoral, a cynical senior around age 80 y/o, a bold liar, who can enter 10-12 crazy unhinged orders without reasoning, without citing...

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International / charging items twice

Navn on Jan 19, 2019

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group InternationalToday i was shocked to see this billing mistake done by the cashier in my bill wherein she puched 2 times for buying 1 pack of yoghurt. Since i bought a habdful of items so checked my bill and found this error ... now i just wonder how many times i would had been charged ... i never...

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / / my rights as a mother have been violated.

Rebecca Utz on Jan 19, 2019

Alabama Department Of Human Resources / Dhr.Alabama.govThe father of my child who has no established paternity kidnapped my child. Law enforcement stated it was a civil issue until I had located their address. That changed when I finally located the home and the conditions. Upon being invited in the house by the homeowner an 80 year old man...

Budget Suites of America / denied services

JRC7825 on Jan 17, 2019

I was turned away and denied a room because I had once been charged, and wrongly so, with assault. Not convicted which I never was but simply charged for it. It was thrown out and never ever got close to an actual courtroom. I believe that I was treated illegally and disgracefully by your...

Mylife / defamation of character

Rickie Burleson on Jan 16, 2019

We have run a business for 19 yr now. The info on Mylife is false. It also hurts our business to make mylife a few bucks. I am ready to join a class action against this company. I have the money and time and I may just sue them myself. This company should have been taken down a long time...

Charlotte Walsh Iceers Leicester University / criminalization of ayahuasca, loser in war on drugs, conflict of interest issues, involved in discrediting police witnesses bad plausible deniability

Marie Riley on Jan 16, 2019

Charlotte Walsh Iceers Leicester UniversityCriminalization of ayahuasca, cause defeated in the court of appeal, bans against plant medicines, police raids in associates and sponsors of charlotte walsh's ayahuasca defence fund. Conflicts of interest. Death threats and malicious defamation from plant medicine community losing the war on...

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL] / gui gass ka metre m takheer

Sadaqat hussain on Jan 15, 2019

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines [SNGPL]Assalam o alikum sir bad salam eraz ya ha ka m na 19.04 18 ko sui gass ka metre ki application submit Kerawai thi.23.10.18 ko urgent base ki application submit kerwai thi.or kaha gya ka ka ap ko call ya sms aya ga gass office sa.21.12 mjy koi call or sms na aya.21.12 18 koi sui ga...

Elizabeth Gallo Court Reporting / marina noble aka marine noble aka marina zaven mkhitaryan: criminal, stalker, hacker, fraud, illegal alien now charged with multiple severe felonies

Elizabeth Gallo Fraud on Jan 13, 2019

Elizabeth Gallo Court ReportingMarina Noble, who is stalking multiple professionals (including Dr. Naira Roland Renault, MD, MPH, PhD, JSM, MSJ), is suffering terrible unrest. In an attempt to clear her "reputation" and collect money from her victim (Ms. Renault, FKA Naira Matevosyan) via the collaboration of the...

Copart / delivery and service

Lalit Chhabra on Jan 10, 2019

This is the worst company I ever seen in U.K. I bought two cars on 19th of Dec 2018 and today is 10th of Jan 2019. still I am waiting to be delivered my cars. whenever I called to ask the delivery date they extend one week again and again. I send email to manager & complaint department but...

The Pep Boys / managers

John Music on Jan 9, 2019

This company don't care about their employers or customers i currently work for pepboys and the biggest problems in the company is not having proper management managers are allowed to treat their workers like slaves and use their positions of power for the better of them not the workers or...

LabCorp / Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings / lab tests

Laura McLean on Jan 2, 2019

I brought a lab order to LabCorp and they did not inform me that most of the tests would not be covered by my insurer, Medicare. So I signed no waiver, or if I had been informed, would surely have declined any that were not covered. Then I called to obtain the results and was told there wa...

Dollar General / the employee

bill braecklein 3 on Dec 21, 2018

Me an my wife went to the dollar general in walterboro SC the other day I sat in my vehicle never got out. Next thing I know how have cops surround my car bc your employee called the police an told them I went in store stole something an went back to my car an I never got out my car then...

Sara Elizabeth Mills, SerafinaElisaVet, San Francisco SCPA / lawsuit

JennyJen9 on Dec 20, 2018

A lawsuit was launched against Sara Elizabeth Mills aka Sara Mangus aka Sara Napolio aka Serafinaelisavet in July of 2018. I think everyone should be aware of this because of the scope of this legal matter and how many people this individual has harassed. She has paranoid schizophrenia and...

DriveTime Automotive Group / repossession at 14 days past due

Ruquaiyah Harvin on Dec 18, 2018

I purchased a car from Drivetime on 11/06/2018. I attempted to make my first augment on 12/05/2018 using a bank account. As i learned on 12/18/2018 I unattentionally entered the incorrect account number with a typo error. My car was repossessed from my place of employment 14 days after the...

Morgan & Morgan / I was injured in car accident in 2009 and morgan and morgan, out of memphis tn filed my case wrong and have pushed me to the side

casey Ainsworth on Dec 18, 2018

2009 i was a passenger in a car and we were rear ended near wilson ar. Highway 61 and it messed my back up l4 l5 buldging and purdruding disk and ect. i couldnt work i didnt have a car anymore it was totaled . well morgan and morgan filed my case wrong. they filed against the man that rear...

Union Pacific / rail transport and illegal detainment of us citizens

abramsa3 on Dec 13, 2018

Please note that 210 E. 7th Street, has been used for decades in coordination with Tucson High School, the 7th Street underpass and the railroad Union Pacific-Southern Railroad, Tucson Police Department, and Tucson City Council, to deport and kill thousands of non-combatant USA citizen...

Computer Systems Institute / business

Cbarton on Dec 13, 2018

I was basically going to school January 12th 2015 and my end date was January 23rd 2015 and I basically have learning issues they told me that they was going to have somebody help me with my work and I would have a tutor that will help me and stuff like that and that was a lie I believe...

Village Inn Restaurants / assistant manager rami zieter at the location on broadway and centennial blvd in littleton co.

Sue Cawthon on Dec 11, 2018

This situation took place on 12/7. I spoke with the General Manager, Nur Nobi about it on 12/8. I want to ensure you are aware of it also, just in case the GM doesn't take any action to rectify it. I was eating dinner at your restaurant between 4pm - 6pm on 12/7. My server, Krystal was doing...