Law & Civil Rights Complaints


Mayflower / a person who lied to get money from mayflower...

Apr 14, 2019

MayflowerStay far away from corinne hogg as a socialworker in wy. Bad News Vets!!!Doesn't care about anything but her paycheck. How does one person do so much damage? The government has let thi...

Sudbury Police / professionalism

Apr 7, 2019

Recently I was scammed by a man woman team in a mazda suv licence on chrb 295. They claimed they needed money to go to montreal, started to hand over gold looking rings and chains that where marked 18 k (which they pointed out) to help them out with some cash. I fell for it and got taken...

Social Security Administration Rockawy Park / illegal government negligence

Mar 29, 2019

This Rockaway park office workers/ predators are illegally using the system for mistreating, discrimination, altering, false reporting, illegal questioning through false phone interviews to a fully approved disabled person on a year or less basis causing continuous stress and harm with...

Trump / pension repeal legislation 45 signed

Mar 21, 2019

I am a retired Federal Employee. I was employed by the Social Security Administration. It is brought to my attention that Trump signed a bill to repeal the bill signed by President Obama that prevented corporations from paying a buyout to retired employees receiving company based pension...

Judge Deborah Pratte / superior court judge

Mar 14, 2019

I was amazed at how rude and careless she is in court to the 'average guy'. This is a tricky cat who has got some kind of big power thrill going. She is so obvious about her clueless truthfulness. I warn everyone that is not a cop or a lawyer, etc. that she automatically sides with them no...

Kelsey Battams / blog defamations

Mar 4, 2019

Kelsey BattamsMy name is Kelsey Battams, I can send you a piece of ID to prove it's me. This blog was written by a evil ex boyfriend trying to de fame my character. All this information is untrue and ruining my reputation. I want to taken down ASAP, or I will take legal action. This is very upsetting for...

Strategic Wealth Designers / jason vander pol giving financial advice and he has bankruptcy issues

Feb 1, 2019

Strategic Wealth DesignersMr. Vander Pol has no credibility in giving financial advice. He had Bankruptcy Issues that totaled $89, 824.38. This information is PUBLIC COURT RECORD and is unaltered. 12-30137-jal "Jason Vander Pol"​ Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: No Vol: v Judge: Joan A. Lloyd Date filed: 01/13/2012...

Zone Fitness Lenasia / cancel my membership immediately

Jan 30, 2019

This was my email I sent within my 5-10 days... But till today it hasnt been sorted. I need this sorted asap from: francke nicole (northcliff auto) date: wed, nov 7, 2018 at 2:48 pm subject: refund to: [protected] cc: [protected] good day I have called 2 weeks ago...

Raeford NC Location / harassment and threats

Jan 28, 2019

Raeford NC LocationThe other day I have an disagreement with one of your employees at the raeford office. She threat to affect my income taxes. I said she can get my social security number and look up my information. I recently found out she worked at this offices. And i'm willing to file a lawsuit against...

Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency / a total scam, prosecutorial misconduct, prejudice against defendants

Jan 25, 2019

DO NOT PAY SCTPVA IN CASH IF YOU CAN. Pay your fine online, so there is a computerized record that you can retain. They do not accept personal checks (I understand why), & most people pay in cash. If you do pay with cash, MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR RECEIPT IN A SAFE PLACE FOR A LONG TIME...

Dekalb County Court, GA / cruel and creepy judge, demented clarence f. seeliger

Jan 19, 2019

Perhaps Clarence Seeliger's middle name is "judge"... Clarence F. Seeliger is a demented unfit "judge", undignified idiot, corrupt, bribed, amoral, a cynical senior around age 80 y/o, a bold liar, who can enter 10-12 crazy unhinged orders without reasoning, without citing...

Charlotte Walsh Iceers Leicester University / criminalization of ayahuasca, loser in war on drugs, conflict of interest issues, involved in discrediting police witnesses bad plausible deniability

Jan 16, 2019

Charlotte Walsh Iceers Leicester UniversityCriminalization of ayahuasca, cause defeated in the court of appeal, bans against plant medicines, police raids in associates and sponsors of charlotte walsh's ayahuasca defence fund. Conflicts of interest. Death threats and malicious defamation from plant medicine community losing the war on...

Sara Elizabeth Mills, SerafinaElisaVet, San Francisco SCPA / lawsuit

Dec 20, 2018

A lawsuit was launched against Sara Elizabeth Mills aka Sara Mangus aka Sara Napolio aka Serafinaelisavet in July of 2018. I think everyone should be aware of this because of the scope of this legal matter and how many people this individual has harassed. She has paranoid schizophrenia and...

Computer Systems Institute / business

Dec 13, 2018

I was basically going to school January 12th 2015 and my end date was January 23rd 2015 and I basically have learning issues they told me that they was going to have somebody help me with my work and I would have a tutor that will help me and stuff like that and that was a lie I believe... / denim jacket

Dec 8, 2018 I ordered a Denim Jacket from through Shopee, order number 58 ( see receipt below). The wrong item has arrived and the seller will not send the correct item nor will he give a refund. He wants me to buy something else and receive extra discount which I don't want to...

Johnson County Family Services / services and improper investigations

Nov 16, 2018

Family services investigated a complaint about my husband abusing our daughter. This is a serious alliteration and it should be investigated. Children's safety should always be a priority. However, since they became involved, they have caused my children unnecessarily anxiety and offered...

Bank Negara Komuter Station / card

Nov 6, 2018

Bank Negara Komuter StationHi Whom to be concern, Please take note that, why do i have to buy card for no reason and not always taking the train to Batu Caves. Yesterday(6/11/2018), from Batu Caves manage to get token to Bank Negara. Now, my question is why need to pay extra for the card. This is unfair. It is not the about money but cheating. Let's take this consideration

Iowa DHS / elder abuse charges

Oct 14, 2018

. My husband has end stage dementia. I am the sole provider and caretaker of him. We have been married 32 years.. He has been, hospitalized 3 times from June to Sept. For various issues. The 1st time was related to a medication He was given that caused an acute kidney injury. While in the...

Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court Lacks Intelligence of Judge / justice neena sharma supreme court dumbest canadian judge

Oct 9, 2018

Justice Neena Sharma Supreme Court Foolish Decisions Made By A Judge who lacks education The association and the city, which provided some funding for the program, appealed that ruling to the B.C. Court of Appeal. On Wednesday, George Cadman, a lawyer for the association, told a...

Chambers/Randloph County DHR / worker for childsupport

Sep 5, 2018

My husband has two cases with child support one through randloph and one in chambers county on 09/04/18 he went to court in randloph county I went to court on 09/05/18 for him in chambers county i walked up to Mrs Baldwin to give paperwork and said you seen him in randloph county yesterday...

MSN / msn home page 9/04/2018

Sep 4, 2018

MSN Home page 09/04/2018 -Did not find one objective article worth ones time. Woodward article was a pathetic attempt to do something -pretty much saying the president of the United States's personnel did not jump high enough when Woodward said jump so he was releasing a book skewed the...

Department Of Human Resources / 2 year old complaining about abuse

Sep 4, 2018

We have reported to DHR 3 at least times about my year old grandson complaining about his father his father hurting him and no one wants to do anything about it because he's only 2 years old. We have submitted pictures and audio of my grandson, but that's not enough. The only way someone...

CPS West 11 Eugene Oregon / placed my children in foster care behind my back with them at a babysitters text me the court document

Sep 3, 2018

Ever since I recently had my earliest child oct, 17, 2017 cps has been trying to find reason to take my kids they accused me of using drugs while pregnant, my daughter came out perfect and scored above average on all her test, they took more than one sample from each of us all 3 days we...

Michelle Volk JW Howard Attorneys San Diego / law michelle volk jw howard attorneys san diego

Aug 26, 2018

Michelle Volk JW Howard Attorneys San DiegoMichelle Volk San Diego attorney worked for The_McMillan_Law_Firm_La_Mesa, operated by Scott McMillan San Diego attorney, and is at John W. Howard Law Firm in San Diego. In her bio Michelle Volk looks like she failed to mention several concerning issues. For example Michelle Volk state...

International Media Investments FZ LLC / content license infringement

Aug 23, 2018

The YouTube account is generating videos from our content ( The owner of the YouTube account has no license or permission to be republishing our work. It looks like it is some kind of bot that i...

TCP Mediation Economic Crime Department / threat made to me by cindy richardson

Aug 14, 2018

I received a call from Cindy Richardson on [protected] at 930 am on 8/13/18, who said she is from TCP Mediation Economic Crime Department located at 19825 North Cove Rd., Cornelius NC 28031. She said she was calling me about a mattress that I rented from Aaron's Rental Co 2 yrs ago, when...

CPS/Prosecutor / fairmont west virginia

Aug 9, 2018

I am 26, And back in 2016 my son drank some kind of cleaning mixers and was put in the hospital so while I was up there with my son cps come in and took my kids from me AGAIN yes I said again cause I have just gotten them back from them taking them from me in 2015. After cps took my...

Não / order placed in this company

Aug 7, 2018

NãoThe person indicated on the receipt would have to send me a package with documents and so far nothing. Confirmed by email as I extract: " Good evening Madam, We are Yaminra Diplomatic company. The Company charged with the sending of your package with registration number A TSD 098, From...

McMillan Law Firm San Diego / law scam

Aug 3, 2018

McMillan Law Firm San DiegoSan Diego attorney Scott McMillan, The_McMillan_Law_Firm at 4670 Nebo Drive, La Mesa, lost two major lawsuits he appealed to the Ninth Circuit. During oral argument a Ninth Circuit judge called his lawsuit "silly", resulting in Scott McMillan pursuing a case that was lost when it wa...