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Applebee's Restaurants / Michelle's customer service

Vandora Seshat on Mar 16, 2018
Applebee's RestaurantsHi. I came to your Jamaica District location for happy hour. Ordered the absolute and vodka. I received horrible customer service from Michelle. No eye contact. No smile. No introduction. She simply placed the menu on front of us and walked away. When I ordered the drink, I was told, it...

Super 8 Shelby NC / room and service

Wendy A Norkett on Mar 14, 2018
Super 8 Shelby NCWhen I checked in I was given my room Key. Upon arriving at the room the housekeeper was still cleaning the room. I went to the desk and the gentleman advised me. Sorry that's the only room I have you just have to wait. So we waited Upon enwtwring the room we found the carpets disgusting...

Myler Disability / legal services

Sparkygai on Mar 14, 2018
Waiting over 2 years based on my husbands cardiac history, now with terminal cancer. This company is nothing but a call center. Not allowed to speak with attorney, lost paperwork time and time again, no return calls, case worker change about every 4 weeks. Have a new attorney and we will...

Youtube / you are shutting down truth channels with many subscribers

benderbefore on Mar 14, 2018
Your sponsors will loose a lot of revenue without the viewership. Your viewers will be following these people to whatever other platform or website they will be using. The modern day book burning that You Tube is participating in is not in the best interest of humanity. You guys are now into...

AIESEC International / sesame street english lies

Luminita Popa on Mar 13, 2018
This Chinese school, along with many others that have opportunities available on the Aiesec website, lie to people that it is ok and legal to come to China with anything else but a work visa. They told me that an M/F visa would do just fine and always avoided giving me any further information on...

Florida Department Of Revenue / child support services jacksonville fl

Mommad1 on Mar 12, 2018
I have a general complaint about the whole system entirely. This process for obtaining child support and actually receiving the child support has been painful and tedious. Why is this a cumbersome process? I can't imagine what others are doing if they don't have adequate income to maintain...

Harvey Norman / I am complaining about false marketing

Omar081216 on Mar 11, 2018
I bought a laptop from Harvey norman cannington.salesman name was Kaman and he told me he is fromPakistan. When I want to buy the laptop he told me if you rent it for 2 year then you need to pay a monthly installment and after 2 year the laptop is yours. But yesterday the rent and buy...

Scott McMillan Attorney San Diego Brings Meritless Lawsuit / san diego attorney scott mcmillan loses blockbuster case

McMillanLawFirmLaMesa on Mar 9, 2018
Scott McMillan Attorney San Diego Brings Meritless LawsuitScott McMillan, La Mesa attorney, thought he could play with the big boy law firms of NYC and was eviscerated. Recently, while Scott McMillan attorney in San Diego, was making an effort to get involved in the Blockbuster bankruptcy case, he brought an action trying to get in on some of the...

Hobby Lobby Store in Lake Havasu City Arizona / falsely accused of shoplifting

Daymon Smith on Mar 6, 2018
On the 5th of this Month, December 2017 I was shopping at My Lake Havasu City Hobby Lobby in Arizona.I had several items in my shopping cart and had asked for assistance twice from two individuals who seemed to be hovering busily around me and acting strangely, they were very helpful and...

Tinder / illegally used photo

Anathema87 on Mar 4, 2018
TinderFew days ago one of my frieds saw on Tinder a profile with my photo described as: name Ewelina City ToruĊ„ Age 27 I have naver used Tinder in any way, never installed the application at all. Someone has probably stolen this picture from my Facebook profile, the only place where it wa...

Wish/Geek / not able to checkout on either wish or geek

Buchanan69 on Mar 3, 2018
I have tried to purchase on both geek and wish but was unable to do so. I then had a message saying they needed to see a copy of my bank statement which I'm not willing to do as you never have to supply that when you buy stuff from other companies. I am not going to do it for this one...

Crunch Fitness / billing/cancelling membership

Shea Mullin on Mar 2, 2018
I have been dealing with these issues for 3 weeks now. It started when I wanted to downgrade both my acct. And Mark sextons acct. I spent $240 from jan. 8th to February 5th. I was refunded $40 after many phone calls and after multiple employees didn't know what they were doing. After I...

LetGo / suspicious seller

FrankyG on Mar 2, 2018
A few months back i noticed a stihl leaf blower for sale on letgo that looked like my missing equipment, but the picture was poor quality. I contacted the seller and asked for some more pictures of the unit. Weeks went by with nothing. Then i get a response finally from a different number...

Bank Of America Corporation / fraud analyst has discriminated against me and is reporting false information in her notes.

Self87 on Mar 1, 2018
2/15/18 I received a call from a fraud analyst named Latecia Nelson. I was told my accounts were frozen for opening a checking account and a fraudulent joint account. I informed her that I had proof and she stated that I needed to fax all proof. I did and I asked her when would my account...

Global Migrate / Visa Embassy / visa application

MaBC on Mar 1, 2018
I registered with Global migrate mid 2017, I was promised that it would be no trouble at all for them to find employment for me in New Zealand, my case manager Yasmin, was certain of this. Funnily enough even on the first interview, the person I spoke to at the very start, Nick, had no clue...

Gamestop / false advertisement

Jon23356 on Mar 1, 2018
I recently bought an xbox one x during pro day sale the flyer never said limited quantity, while supplies last or anything like that it was supposed to come with a controller and a code for player unknowns battlegrounds I still haven't received a code for the download I been calling for 3...

Hertz / nra

Pete Buchler on Feb 27, 2018
Hertz is totally wrong to enter politics. The 2nd Amendment is vital to the survival of the USA and by dropping the NRA, Hertz has now become an enemy of the 2nd Amendment. I can personally guaranty that I (nor my family, friends or close business associate) will ever again rent a vehicle...

Google / gmail

das9887 on Feb 19, 2018
Pertaining to G Mail, my complaint is that email not correctly addressed to me at "davidsmith9887@gmail.com" is being directed to my email account. Most of this is unwanted advertisements and are directed into my spam folder, some days with up to a hundred or more. One example is sent to...

Pepsi / truck drivers

Leon Howard on Feb 15, 2018
A truck driver from your company in Renton Washington at 13:00 on the intersection of shattuck & 7th almost ran me over. I was just walking through crosswalk. It ridicolous and the gentleman looked at me and raised his middle finger, i love Pepsi and i think you should hold your employee...

CRST / customer service

Trucker67 on Feb 12, 2018
I am a tractor trailer driver and one of my favorite things to do once I park for the night is enjoy a good meal. A fellow truck driver and I just so happened to be in Oak Creek, Minneapolis and we decided that we would eat at Applebees. I ordered a meal and a glass of sprite, but to my...

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