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Law & Civil Rights Complaints

RHP Properties / RHP at Millenium Estates in Las Vegas

kcckwilson05 on Jul 13, 2018

In around April or May of 2018 the manager at the time improperly had my neighbor, whom is not a tree cutter or maintenance man by trade, trim a tree that eventually on May 12th split with the heavy side falling on top of my owned home. We documented everything and was told it would be...

Youtube / Online Website Memberships

Warren Worthington on Jul 13, 2018

hello ] while using something like the email or i made videoss for youtube while living at pasa alta manor in pasadena by impact and the mtv rehab all of my videos were stolen and all of the video materials they have been defaced and altered people...

Wells Fargo / Securitas Staff

dakgbonafeko on Jul 12, 2018

12th July 2018 WELLS FARGO BANK I was on 14th street today and decided to make a business appointment using to bank's Wifi at 1934 U street, NW Washington DC 20009. The Wifi was very slow and I have bearly been in the lobby floor for less than about 5 minutes when I was rudely insulted and...

The Salvation Army USA / 71832 manager

Shirlene Daniels on Jul 11, 2018

I went to our 71832 store in need of help with lodging voucher when I arrived and asked the saleswoman whom did I talk to about them she went into office and came back and said you will have to let her finish eating ok I said that's fine I will wait 45 minutes pass and the woman comes out...

Dillard's / Your management

Rozalyn lester on Jul 11, 2018

I was in your store on July 11 2018 in Jacksonville fl at the avenues mall when the power went out the back up lights came on so I proceeded to go to the restroom to use it and to change my 3 month year old babies diaper before walking to the exit door to the parking garage when one of...

GetDivorcePapers / they are pointless!

Emma Carter on Jul 11, 2018

I've paid this so-called "trustworthy" company at least $144 for filing my documents for Uncontested Divorce and also I've paid extra $89 for guiding the proceeding. Ok, it isn't a huge price, BUT!!! They did nothing!!! I waited for almost a month and they were in silence all this term!...

BW3 / service, price and food

Sarah Wall on Jul 10, 2018

My husband, daughter, grand daughter and I visited the greenwood location tonight against my will but that's where my daughter wanted to go. I waitress was covered in tattoos and piercings. We ordered winds, 2 hamburgers and chicken tenders the bill was a ridiculously outrageous amount of...

Public Storage / storage unit

Gina Bear on Jul 10, 2018

I recently sent a detailed email about my account information being shared to an aquaintance of mine, details of my account balance, due dates, lock change, and auction dates... She is friends with employees there and they feel it's OK to divulge my personal information and she still...

Dollar General / store temperature

MainLay3344 on Jul 10, 2018

The DOllar store on Route 21, in Masontown Pennsylvania is extremely hot. It's nearly impossible to shop for more than 5 mins without getting over heated. It's at least 25 degrees hotter inside than what it is outside. So, when it's 80 degrees outside it's nearly 100+ inside. It is even...

crtv / all advertisements showing upon my subscribers' posts

dovii on Jul 7, 2018

I am SO offended by the advertisements from the CRTV. Youtube is earning money by permitting this company to broadcast it's slander and lies on Youtube. This is NOT a company selling a product. There is NO airline, bedding, soap, beer, byscylcles, jobs, books; this company is selling...

Sun Communities / confidentiality

Robert C Settle Jr on Jul 6, 2018

Pheasant Ridge - The manager and her support staff lack the ability to practice confidentiality in regards to residents personal business. These corporate staff need refresher training on the importance and legal responsibility of being in compliance of maintaining confidentiality of...

Budget Suites of America / my deposit check

Esaj1992 on Jul 3, 2018

It's going on almost two months since I haven't received my deposit check from Budget.I have been calling the Budget where I was staying at (They keep giving the run around saying something everytime I talk to them)I called the regional manager and still haven't gotten a call back or her...

Youtube / user buying view and likes from third party

Manjit Singh Sahota on Jul 2, 2018

Hello YouTube team, i would like to complain about this user name Jass78 "" this user been keep purchasing his video views and likes from third party. And also lately he been encouraging Sikh community to attack on sikh priest " RANJIT SINGH DHADRIANWALE " I...

Florida Department Of Revenue / child support issue

erickcolon on Jul 2, 2018

I have called on a couple of occasion trying to rectify an issue that has come up with my licence, only to have the issue still persist to this day. MY licence was suspended by the department of revenue for failure to pay a child support order. the problem is that there was never an order...

Union Pacific Corporation / volunteer

kassie68134 on Jun 30, 2018

Train blocking two main intersections to get into my neighborhood. Blocked intersections for at least 30 minutes. This happens often where they block two main intersections. Why should there be any reason for a train to block two intersections for this long? I believe if the train is going...

Academy Bank / checking account

Sammy Bagdady on Jun 28, 2018

Dear sir, I am contacting you because I am devstated and I am beeing harned by a big bank academy bank and I am a small consumer against the bank and u am seeking refuge under the law to protect me from high possibility of damages against me due to bank actions with my money. In summary...

Fond Du lac Police Department / harassment

Community Street on Jun 27, 2018

Fond Du Lac police illegally put a GPS in my car, we had our car recently serviced and we believe that's when it was installed. We are law abiding citizens and I'm shocked this is actually the norm. We have a police vehicle around us at random times including but not limited to unmarked...

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal [VCAT] / vcat owners corporation list money trail - documented - vcat is corrupt

DavidNotBoooming. on Jun 27, 2018

Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal [VCAT]Obscured Conflict of Interest - See the attached image 1. OC managers takes OC trust account 'interest' 2. OC managers deposit interest to VIC Property Fund (Managed by middleman Consumer Affairs Vic) 3. Vic Property Fund give money to fully fund VCATOC list Result - VCAT is fully funded...

Family Dollar Stores / hiring

Brandi Cruz on Jun 24, 2018

My grand daughter was turn down on an application near my home. I understand why ? But if your HR would take the time to find out the real reason then i would n't e mailng. Brandi Cruz has lost her mother and brother and is only be trying to find a decent job. Yes she be has a felony...

Chevron Corporation / I work for chevron through abm. I was accused of stealing, and kicking products!

Youngmike1 on Jun 21, 2018

I was accused for stealing! I came in to use the restroom, and wash off a drink i brang with me. A asked several times to use the restroom and finally was allowed back. As i started to walk to the restroom i see lots of totes and boxes blocking the path... so i moved them with my foot.( I...