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Toys R Us Canada / Free Shipping - False Advertising

George O on Feb 21, 2017
Toys R Us CanadaI was checking out on their mobile website and at the top of the page - really big - it said "Free Shipping on THIS order". My wife said, yeah let's do it! Not only was the product on sale, but also free shipping! Great! I thought at the end of the cart the shipping would come off.. it...

Pottery Barn / Williams-Sonoma / Service from hailey regarding order #070479794262

Why are you asking this on Feb 20, 2017
I ordered six items for a baby shower from the registry for Missy McCarthy, Roberto Tovar, Washington state, order #070479794262. I just wanted to tell you what terrible service I had from Hailey on this order. However, I have had great service from Christine and Linda in helping resolve...

Coles Supermarkets / Coles walker nappies

Zaa Fayazi on Feb 19, 2017
Iv always used Coles nappies for my son but since the product had changes in it, my son had started getting red marks and rashes all over his nappy area which I didn't understand was because of comfy bots but last week a friend told me that it is because of the so called improved nappy of...

Wish / Baby seat for bath and a amine pic

Edie ortiz on Feb 19, 2017
I order these item and the money was taken out of my acc already and now it say I need to do the order again I would like to know what happen with my order I don't think I should have to pay again so can you please help me with this issue I want my order they were a gift for some one one...

Kindercare / Service at kindercare

Ishi Patel-Somani on Feb 16, 2017
Recently I went to a kinder care to entropy my 15 month old son. While I filled out th forms my son and MIL waited in my son's classroom. When I returned to the room to pick them up I noticed my son was chewing crayon ball. He had crayon inside his mouth. I asked the teacher if I can...

Huggies / Huggies little movers size 4

Maegalex on Feb 15, 2017
I have always been a huggies lover and never had an issue with them until recently. A few weeks ago I had a diaper explode little beads all over my floor when I was carrying it to the trash can. I thought it was just the way I wrapped it up but then today I got my daughter out of bed and...

GDex / GD Express / Slow and stupid

Nurzulaikha Azali on Feb 15, 2017
I bought my personal item on Monday and want to use it urgently (seriously yes, very urgent). Target delivery to my office was on Tuesday and there were progress throughout the day. Unfortunately, the day end without i receive the item. i track it and there mentioned that 'consignee...

Huggies / Diapers size 2

AlexandraKanatzar on Feb 12, 2017
The diapers say for 12-18lb babies on the package. My daughter wears size two in pampers but these new "leak proof 12 hour protection Huggies " are entirely too small. So now I am stuck with a pack of opened diapers that I cannot use and have wasted money on. Is there any way that I can...

Kmart Stores / Kmart employee Brianna (Tehachapi Kmart)

Linalove924 on Feb 11, 2017
Kmart StoresAs a frequent customer of Tehachapi Kmart, I would hope this store would start to become courteous and respectful to their customers. One of the team members was very rude - Brianna. She yells at customers and the supervisor Tanya was there to address her and said she will "take care of it...

Huggies / Little movers

bdkelley on Feb 9, 2017
This product is the most overpriced wonderous pile of #### I've ever had to deal with. We normally use luvs, which are an amazing brand, recently upon moving to a new job I've been waiting for my new payroll to start coming through. My grandmother got these Huggies as a gift to...

Huggies / Higgins snug and dry ultra

FloraS on Feb 8, 2017
HuggiesI purchased a box of huggies snug and dry ultra which states on the box "12 hour protection". I used these for my daughter over night and on several occasions she woke up with wet clothes. These diapers did not hold up at all. I am very disappointed. I used Huggies little movers in the...

Huggies / I bought 4 packs of newborn snug and dry and 4 packs of wipesb

Lindseyhawkins on Feb 8, 2017
Most of the tabs was gone on the 4 packs of diapers and this isn't the first time it happen y'all need to fix this. The wipes was dried out and now I'm out of $40 dollars please help me . I'm low on money and I'm having to buy diapers that my newborn can't use maybe y'all need to double...

Huggies / Wipes

Alexis0110 on Feb 6, 2017
I just bought 10 packs of wipes and a pack of diapers and all the wipes were dried out. As the store would not refund my money becuase I opend them. I bought these out of pocket and being a low in come mom it sucked to see almost $20 go to waste. As they couldn't be used and I was not...

Coles Supermarkets / Coles comfy bots baby wipes

GeorjaC on Feb 6, 2017
Coles SupermarketsI bought the comfy bot baby wipes box which has 6 packets of wipes and 5 packets of my wipes didnt have holes in them to pull the wipes out, I had to make a hole myself. Im disappointed in the new style of the packaging and also the new nappies. To thin and my son leeks through, where a...

Pley.com / Auto renewal scam

Joanass on Feb 6, 2017
www.pley.com is horrible!! Please don't sign up for this service, they are the ones with the auto renewal scam! I signed up for Pley and was planning to use them only for about a month, but they charged me without my permission. And the worst part was that they billed me for the next six...

Tommee Tippee / Feeding bottles

Mrs Gohar on Feb 5, 2017
I have just boght ur closure to nature bottles 2 mnths back and within two months the numbers writing on the bottles has gone off. Now i can hardly measure the feed water. I am using tomme tippee sterliser ... it should be built to withstand sterliser anyways. I am really disappointed with...

Babycenter.com / Angry women

Natalie on Feb 2, 2017
What a terrible website Babycenter is!! It is full of angry and nasty women and I did the biggest mistake in my life when I decided to try this site. I left a comment and because my point of view was a bit different from theirs, I received tons of negative replies. They literally mentally...

C Williams / Segway

Carolineerouts on Feb 1, 2017
My children received their segway hover board that was purchased from your company for Christmas. It has only ever been used inside the house and a maximum of 5 times. My son has just tried to use his red one again for the first time since the Christmas period and it appears that it...

Target.com / Apollo the super pup and his racer vehicle

Tammy Joseph on Jan 31, 2017
hello, I am very upset bc I went to 3 diffrent targets and called about 10 all over NV. online it is advertised that Apollo and his car can only be purchased in store and there is no other option to buy this set. It is also advertised that it's a target exclusive item. Apollo and his racer...

Young Explorers / I really need help!

Margaret92 on Jan 31, 2017
I'm quite frustrated and disappointed and have no idea what to do. I decided to write about my experience with www.youngexplorers.com website and maybe someone will be able to help me. I bought a gift for my daughter from this online store and received the wrong item. Customer service rep...
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