Kids & Baby Complaints


Skype Baby Store 9363 / multicoloured baby play mat

Mar 8, 2019

Skype Baby Store 9363For the 1st time am very disappointed with Jumia. I ordered a baby mat that was retailing at Kshs. 1, 789 but unfortunately they delivered a mat which was retailing at Kshs.1, 350. Sadly am not in a position to return it because my househelp had gotten rid of some papers. This is very...

Zestads Limited / rc power construction vehicles - whole set$24.99

Feb 13, 2019

Zestads LimitedI never received the items ordered! I received two junk little toys (pics enclosed) My grandsons are very unhappy and so am I. I would like, y money refunded thru paypal which is how I paid. Seller info ZestAds Limited [email protected] Invoice ID c7282388205638.1 Purchase... / payment not received

Jan 12, 2019

We "Mamas & Toddlers" were active Seller on's Saudi Arabia Region since April 2018. One of our Customer order our product in August 12 2018 and we forward that product to Wadi's Seller, hence product is delivered and paid by customer to wadi's Account. The due date of payment to...

Sebastian County Child Welfare / removal without trying to help remedy prior

Jan 7, 2019

12/23 cops shower for a welfare check, my daughter stayed...on 12/28 met worker, failed a u.a. had admitted I would. No protection plan, or family plan was made. I stayed and continue to stay clean...12/31, appt with restore hope. 1/2 I woke up very sick maybe an hour or less prior to...

Zestads Limited / winking face flying gyros

Jan 1, 2019

Ordered this product on 12/15/2018 thru Pay Pal. Wanted by Christmas, for my grand children. It is Tuesday 01/01/2019. I has not received the two products ordered. I think I have been scammed for my $40.87 The invoice ID: c7381658271814.1 The Transaction ID: 2LF33370SL3176027 Requesting a...

Things Remembered Menlo Park Mall NJ / sales manager

Jan 1, 2019

I ordered 2 baby gifts online on dec 27th. Hoping to avoid the after christmas rush. Got an email asking me to call due to an issue. I was told by the sales guy that my order was cancelled since one of the gifts I ordered was not available in the store. I asked him if he could let me know...

Zest Ads / rc construction set

Dec 28, 2018

Zest AdsI was overly disappointed when I received two little cheap plastic pieces of junk! It was supposed to be a complete set of RC construction toys😡. I will not let this go as a legitimate sale of what was ordered! I want my money returned to PayPal. $29.99 I noticed in complaints other...

ZestAdsLimited / flying ufo

Dec 23, 2018

I ordered the above product from Zest Ads through Pay Pal for a Christmas present for my grand nephew, and I still don't have it. Now I will have to find something else for him and I don't have enough time to do that before Christmas. I'm retired and have trouble getting around and don't... / snoo smart sleeper

Dec 12, 2018

Even though I haven't received this bassinet yet, I am unhappy with the shipping process. We ordered it on Black Friday and asked for shipping on 12/10 so it'd be here before our due date. When we didn't receive the shipping information on 12/10, we emailed them and they said that we would...

Vista SoSmart / toy pad

Dec 10, 2018

I am completely disappointed with this product. The functions are lame and nowhere near as portrayed on the Today Show Steal and Deals. There is a whole row of buttons that do nothing and the battery cover does not have a screw. They do not accept returns or exchanges. They want a video of...

Zestads Limited / bracelets - these bracelets change from an animal to bracelets. I order an elephant and cat.

Nov 13, 2018

I ordered these bracelets month ago. My payment of 14.90 went through PayPal and you have received the payment. I got my statement today. I want to know why this merchandise has not arrived yet. I ordered it for my granddaughter for Christmas. An order this small should not take over a...

Naugatuck CT Bounce House Rentals - CT Bouncy Houses LLC / ct bouncy houses llc, ruan marinho fake 5 star google reviews

Nov 13, 2018

Naugatuck CT Bounce House Rentals - CT Bouncy Houses LLCCT Bouncy Houses LLC in Naugatuck is getting fake 5 Star Google reviews from Ruan Marinho who is owner of Develomark in Southington CT. Apparently they have no issue making fake 5 star reviews as a way to create false ratings for the business. Ruan Marinho not only does SEO for CT Bouncy...

Southern York (PA) YMCA / child care during special paid event

Nov 3, 2018

My children were at the YMCA for "kids night out." When my husband dropped them off he was told to take them to the pool area, so he did and didn't think twice bc all of our other interactions have been positive. When he went to pick them they were still in the pool area because...

Feng Cheng Yang (Princess Costume Store) / order id: [protected]

Oct 16, 2018

Good afternoon, I ordered and pay for a dress on 12.08.2018 - US $ 9.80. This order was cancelled by the seller. I never cancelled it and wanted this dress. The seller refunded me with US $1!!! Please investigate this questionable behaviour in taking my money. Attached you will find...

Toyota Egypt / corolla break system

Oct 11, 2018

I own corolla 2018, during 10000 km maintenance (Toyota abasia branch) I notes a remarkable wear in break disk and excessive break powder, as well as inconvenient loos sound from the interior tablon, They did not fix the sound due to the bad manufacturer installation, as well as they...

Where Beauty Lies / new huggies gold unisex!

Oct 7, 2018

I am very disappointed with the new huggies hold unisex... it is terrible... it leaks open, it is deffinatly not suitable for a boy!!! My 2yr 10month old, told me, mummy why are u wearing girl nappies for me!!! With the old huggies gold boys, it never leaked once, and even the poo never...

Backer Wencel Incorporated / kids 4 wheeler by familygo carts oak camo 350w kids electric, atv gb-monster-oak camo nmfc [protected]

Sep 22, 2018

The brake cable on the right side handle bar is no attached just hanging there, also on same right side brake won't hook up the tire assembly is messed up the caliber on wheel wont open as it should, so wheel does not want to turn. This item is unsafe for a child to ride. Also I can not...

Ryan's Toy Review/Ryan's Family Review / unethical behavior

Sep 3, 2018

Ryan's Toy Review/Ryan's Family review is advertising toys and candy directly to children. This is against Federal Trade Commission regulations. I'm not sure whether youtube is governed by the same rules or not - but it's irrelevant because this is absolutely the WRONG thing to do. I'm a...

Wipes / huggies wipes

Aug 22, 2018

WipesHello I am very upset and concern as I was taking a wipe from one of the packages from one and done wipes one of them had some type of brown stuff as I opened it at first it looked like two small worms as I took pictures I can send them but it looks like it's card board strings I don't...

No Merchandise Received Jcp Will Not Reimburse My Money / order #[protected]

Jul 26, 2018

I ordered baby items costing $28.11 which was charged to my credit card July 4, 2018. I checked with local JCP store and they say they have never received the order so they cannot refund me my money. I called the corporate number and the catalog number and they both tell me they can't help...

माननीय सर,स्टार प्लस / नजर and कायमत की रात सिरीयल

Jul 26, 2018

सिरीयल का फायदा क्या हे माननीय सर, स्टार प्लस, आपने जो नया सिरीयल सुरू की हे कायमत की रात, 30 जुलै से सुरू होणे वाली नजर इन सिरीयल से आम आदमी को क्या सिखणे को मिळता हे उस के बरे मे कृपया जाणकार दिजिया ये वली सिरीयल से लॉग डरते हे बचोमें डर पैदा होता हे ओर अंधश्रद्धा बढती हे

baby_sunshine / baby carrier

Jul 26, 2018

Nag order po ako ng baby carrier last july21, 2018.then ang pinili kong way ng pagbabayad is thru ivview ko ung account ko andun pa rin sya s column n TO PAY.bkt po ganun, hindi nyo pa po ba naricieve yung payment ko which is successful naman ung transactions ko thru...

Trileaf Distribution / supercycle kids training wheels kit

Jul 20, 2018

Trileaf DistributionSafety alert!! This kit omits to provide installation instructions for the included safety bar. The diagram does not show thes two pieces. They must be installed to prevent rotation of the training wheel bracket, which could seriously destabilize the bike and rider leading to...! The...

Makro Montague Garden / raleigh 24"alpine 42

Jul 19, 2018

Makro Montague GardenGood day. I bought i bicycle on the 28th Of June 2018 for my sons birthday. When we opened the box for first time their where a crack in the frame. We had to drive all the way back from Villiersdorp on our own cost to exchange. I feel for all that trouble they could have given us discount...

Time Center, Jordan / flik flak

Jul 1, 2018

I bought my 7 year old a flikflak as a prize for his performance at a school competition. He waited and worked hard for 2 months before he finally got this watch. You can only imagine how disappointed he was. Less than 3 months later the ring came off! And we tried to put it back. Numerou...

Cloud Island / crib mobile

Jun 25, 2018

The Cloud island Mobile I purchased started making funny noises and I assumed it was the battery. But then tonight I laid her down, cut it on, and the mobile came down on her face. The arm was still attached, .but the rest fell on her face and bruised her. I hope there isn't a default in...

Blue bottles / blue toot toot 6 bottles

Jun 22, 2018

Blue bottlesHi I purchased the colour blue toot toot range of tommee Tippee bottles and I have been using them for 6 weeks and all the markings and pitcher on the bottles have come off so I cannot use them as i cant put the correct amount of water for the formula. I think they should last longer than...

Palestine, TX YMCA / childcare

Jun 8, 2018

I took my two small children to the childcare around 6:15pm last night(6-7-18) and left them for about an hour. I was not finished working out but went to check on them because they are new to the childcare and I was worried they wouldn't be enjoying themselves. When I walked in the...

Hasbro / customer service hk

May 17, 2018

Nice Hasbro webpage but when you try to take them up on their offer you only get a phone ringing. After 10 or so rings your call gets canceld! If they do not want to help you they should rather not make the offer or offer an email address. You would not believe something like this would...

99aloewoodstore / refund

May 17, 2018

I purchased an Infant Sitting Chair Nursing Pillow Seat from this company on April 4 2018 with my PNC debit card. I received an email saying it had been delivered. It was not. I then sent an email saying that the seat had not been delivered and received a return email saying the seller had...

Bristol Hippodrome / vip

May 11, 2018

Hello, I was very disappointed whilst bringing my daughter to the peppa pig show. For a children's production there was no choice at all for them. The only thing she could drink was a J20 which she is actually too young for but with no other choice we had to go with it. It then got served...

Papara / children powerful water gun/ toys/ party toys / outdoor games / swimming pool toys / beach games / beach toys/christmas gift

May 3, 2018

Order No is: [protected] Never get my water gun after order/payment in March till now May 2018. Message the seller 3 time but yet to get any reply from them. Purchase Description Cart no. : [protected] Payment Date : Mar 21, 2018 Customer Name : Peter Gu Weng Khuen Purchase List Shop...