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Job & Career Complaints

Kroger / management, dillons stores hutchinson ks

Tyler Strange on Aug 13, 2018

I recently was employed here. I was told to break numerous saftey codes in order to complete my job and "meet standards" which are completely unobtainable. I was also harassed by my supervisors and laughed at in a group setting and told I was "so fucking slow" I was also not given the...

Winn-Dixie Store in Crawfordville / manager conduct

Samoredecai85 on Aug 13, 2018

On 8/8/18 there was an interview performed by one of your managers Named Kourtney Durden. During this interview she question the future employee asking "Do you have a brother?" Employee replied "yes" Kourtney replied "Is his name ..." (do not wish to disclose his name but she knew...

Dollar Tree / employee language

RachelH88 on Aug 12, 2018

I was waiting in line when a worker walked past the registers and said "eenie meanie miney mo catch a nigger by the toe". She then said "oops that's how I was raised, guess that's not the right word." The customer ahead of me said no that's the right word, so that's when I said no that'...

Chutiya BC Company / fraud fraud fraud

Mannu Bhagat on Aug 11, 2018

Ye bekar or fuddu cmpny h wha ka owner nepali sala chutuya chhitr khayga sade to innu pta ni sada apa j ihde sale di mar ti pta ni chlna ihnu eh sale nepali, saurav nd aliya chutiye sale fraud krde h, ina nu bhut vjania kite hath a ge te sare kathe ho k jan te ihna di maa bhen ek kriye...

TGI Friday's / waiter

Girlsout on Aug 11, 2018

Waiter did not ensure we were satisfied. never refilled our drinks ;patrons that came long after us were served there food be fore we even had out salads the salad lettuce was a weird cut. When the entrees were bought out they mixed two of them up so we had to trade our salmon at the table...

Domino's Pizza / my wife's employer

Christian Vance on Aug 11, 2018

James at Domino's Pizza in Saint Mary's PA was refused a brake after being scheduled to work over 5 hours yesterday she worked 2- close with no Break. She also shows up 1 hour early and stays late willingly. Earning more hours but he said he's cutting her hours because she...

Chennai Trading And Supermart Pte Ltd, Singapore / foreign job cheating company

fortsdsd on Aug 11, 2018

Dear sir / madam, I myself is a singaporean, I have some courage after getting singapore citizenship to make spread the fraud activities of chennai trading and supermart pte ltd, 25, campbell lane singapore 209898. This complaint also I write from singapore soil. I am very thankful for...

Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. / pine ridge at crestwood, whiting nj 08759

Anna Marie Luber on Aug 9, 2018

I have been living here for 3yrs, currently purchased my home. The problem here is the lack of tree maintenance. The last big storm we had and branch from a tree hanging on my roof came thru the ceiling scared the you know out of me. Luckily no one was hurt. There are dead and broken limb...

My Perfect Resume / resume making website

David Smithé on Aug 8, 2018

My Perfect ResumeHello, I am writing to formally request a refund of the $209.70 AUD that was debited from my account monthly from to 16 January 2018 to 2 July 2018 (16/01/2018-02/07/2018). I am also requesting you completely remove my account: General Account Settings Account ID: 176896511 Email ID... / customer service and possible scam

BenOrtega on Aug 8, 2018

Do not trust this company, they run a scam where they will take your money for training, then not issue the physical card you have purchased (that in some cases is required by law to have) claiming they sent it out and will offer a reprint for $ card can cost that much to reprint...

Ace Sharper Rental / shaprs fitness gym on 38 st saint petersburg fl

sandy lee on Aug 8, 2018

Shapes closed the pool for a fix we got a week notice so all that uses the pool that's all I go there for so we was all put on hold they still took $42.43 for July and August I went there and told them I won't be back so they want to keep a month because I didn't give a 30 day notice are...

Kroger / truck driver

cole_goodwin on Aug 8, 2018

KrogerThe truck driver cut me off and was swerving through multiple lanes around Roanoke Texas, he got within a foot of my bumper and almost hit me more than once. The man flipped me off and cussed me out multiple times at a stop light and thought that driving like that was the best way to solve...

Odessa Texas / managing

camrie on Aug 6, 2018

I used to work at red lobster . I quit due to the fact the hostesses smoke blunts in the restroom all the time . I recently found out that one of our service pros & one of the QB's where smoking marijuana & weed in the freezer & where caught by the main manager . We have a manager that if...

Monster Worldwide / / job ke liye 42500rs liye aur paise maang rhe h

Anshul Kapse on Aug 5, 2018

Monster Worldwide / Monster.comDear Candidates i would like to inform you that you have to paid here 2500+7200+12800 Rs for your job services this is your payment Id Product Name Amount ID Resume zapper 2500 UBK12676k Documents verification 7200 USH128745H Agreement Latter 12800 UBR12636G we are working on your profile and...

ResCare in Reedsville, WV / stress

katiemarie1998 on Aug 4, 2018

I started working at ResCare in Reedsville, WV on June 26th thinking it was going to be an amazing job. Well, I have been puking blood since July 1st due to the stress. I love my job and my clients but the overtime, new area supervisor and etc.. this is too much. The new Area superviser...

Roc Search - Austin, TX / do not use this recruiter firm

Michael Fletcher on Aug 1, 2018

Matt DeMario was, without a doubt, the worst recruiter I have ever worked with. Was super hot about a position he contacted me about, although didn't have a job description to provide me. Recommended I get a couple references to him ASAP. Two days later, having not heard from him, call to...

Lastman's Bad Boy Superstore / tv stand

2Brown21 on Aug 1, 2018

These people are disgusting they sell you broken parts and pieces and don't tell you that it is no refund, beware they are SCAMMERS. Went in to speak to Christy S the sales manager and he says he can't do anything sorry. Christy S from kennedy and lawerence location is very disrespectful...

Dollar General / my job

Toni Monroe on Jul 29, 2018

I was demoted from my position after a year and a half of working! Always coming to my shifts always doing what is asked of me and was the hardest worker, I have my all to that place. The reason I was demoted from assistant manager and my keys were taken from me is because I have to... / jobs scam from hyderabad

sweet son on Jul 29, 2018

Hi, my name is kunjan from ahmedabad, gujarat. One day, I got a call from from wisdom jobs. She told me that we provide national and international recruitment to job seekers. But she added that if I needed earlier and front respond, then I had to take their paid services. I was searching a...

My Perfect Resume - bills even after cancellation / unauthorized credit card charge

AMW18 on Jul 28, 2018

I signed up for a trial period, looked at it one day, and then clicked "Cancel Subscription" at the bottom of my account page. Three weeks later, I was charged $24.95. I called and spoke with a customer service representative who sounded very suspect to me. He assured me my account would...