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Hughes Network Systems / internet and phone service

Marsha Grant on Feb 21, 2017
I order a 24 month internet and phone service for a total of $62.15 and had to use my bank card to pay for what I was told was an installation charge only. Instead, HughesNet used my card information to set up an automatic payment plan WITHOUT my permission. They also raised my rate to...

Telkom SA SOC / Extremely poor service

Preshni on Feb 20, 2017
We haven't had internet access in my home for the last few months, there is a problem with the actual telkom line. The technicians that were assigned to come and sort it out, but they never came, they never fixed the problem and they flagged the case as resolved and completed. My husband and...

Digi Telecommunications / Digi coverage

Pitsabah on Feb 18, 2017
Digi TelecommunicationsI experienced everyday weak signal in my house.. i seldom get 4g signal except when im at second floor which is also rarely. It turns out that when i check the cell tower using opensignal apps.. our area is far from any digi tower. Please add one tower at our area soon as possible because...

Telkom SA SOC / ADSL line cannot go faster than 4 mp line number 021 981 9140

Ddddddddeeff on Feb 16, 2017
Can you please adjust the exchange of of my ads line number 021 9819140 in order for me to in crease my ADSL from 4mp to 8mp. According to my service provider axxsess the line to my house can go to 10 mp speed but Telkom must first adjust my line at the exchange. Line number 021 981 9140...

Private Residence / Wireless internet

Toycrusher on Feb 15, 2017
I'm a new customer. Hooked dish wireless internet up on 3 Feb. Internet not working. I called and the tech was nice but said some other company turned it off and they can't check why till tomorrow. I use internet NIGHTLY for my online college courses. I don't live in town to go to Internet...

Skype / Skype call phones

jjmac5507 on Feb 15, 2017
I have often used Skype to call phones in the USA from the UK. Suddenly I was unable to do it. I was pretty sure I had credit left (I usually buy in £50 chunks) but it said that my credit was not "activated". I followed the instructions to reactivate it and then bought another £10 of credit...

Telkom SA SOC / ADSL

Saabir Mohamed on Feb 15, 2017
Telkom SA SOC10 February Telkom erroneously canceled ADSL line claiming that it was because I have moved ... this is obviously a mistake and must have me confused with some other customer. My request is simple: due to their clerical error kindly re-connect my line as soon as possible. I should not have...

Shipito / Money not refunded

bassam.alturki on Feb 14, 2017
Send some money to them for an assisted purchase that they could not complete, then I've made a refund request to get my money back but they didn't respond for my request, every time I talked with them they extended the wait times, they ignore the support ticket and email, the online agent...

Vodacom / Caledon network & loading time + email services

Antoon on Feb 14, 2017
It seems when overcast in Caledon, Western Cape, the signal from the network is poor and loading takes forever. My data is probably used for loading and I cannot cope with 5 gigs a month probably because of the insufficient network capacity. Can you perhaps increase the signal strength and...

Telkom SA SOC / Account cancellation

C736608 on Feb 13, 2017
I have submitted the form for Account closure and cancel all it's services in the month of december and traveled back to india. Even though the bill for the amount of R1400 which was due on 9th Jan already paid. But they generated the bill for the month of feb 2017 of R350 as which i have...

Gmail / Not safe

Jack on Feb 13, 2017
I have a Gmail account and recently I get a lot of errors stating that someone is trying to break into my account! It says that it comes somewhere from Hong Kong. I changed my password but I still keep getting these messages and I don't know what to do! This is my second Gmail account...

Cox Communications / Internet service

Reg Burks on Feb 12, 2017
Since June of 2015 I have had Cox internet service and had a bundled package set up for the premier service. Over the course of the last two years my internet service is consistently up and down daily and at times slow. Today 12 Feb 2017 a technician came out again to check my service and...

Globe Telecom / Plan 1199. Globe is a crap network

globeisshit on Feb 12, 2017
I thought upgrading my internet connection from plan 999 which has 2mbps and 2gb per day limit to plan 1199 which has 5mbps was a lot more better. I thought plan 999 was unlimited and the limit is only 2mbps. Now, my internet is running at up to 25kbps. They said the plan was unlimited but...

Rogers / Internet

Mohammed Eugene-Muzdalie on Feb 11, 2017
I called on 11/02/1979 about my internet ( I couldn't Connect to the Internet). I spoke to a lady who said she can't do anything to help, She connected me to the tech expert department, they hung up the phone on me. After that, my account babe disappeared from the wireless network. I called...

King.com / Candy crush saga level 1874

ShariLM on Feb 11, 2017
When playing level 1874, after all the timed candies in the upper portion of the board are played, there are no more timed candies that fall with cascades. I have played this on my iPad, iPhone, via Facebook on my Macbook Pro laptop, and via Facebook on a PC laptop. Please repair the game...

Blizzard Entertainment / Unauthorized charges

Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn on Feb 11, 2017
Hi, I am Quynh Anh Nguyen, from Vietnam. I am writing to you to inform about a recent fraud order made at your website. They use my credit card information, which somehow got hacked, to place order. Below is the detail information of that transaction: The credit card number: 4129……..5796...

Globe Telecom / Slow connection

Rille Smooches on Feb 10, 2017
This happened a few weeks ago. I'm subscribed to Plan 1299, yet the net speed is around 35 kbps as the maximum at the moment. A minimum of a hundred kbps can do, instead of 256, but 35 and below is too much. The month isn't at its near end yet for the service to give us a maximum of only 35...

Tinder / Tinder plus service we paid for it and, it never worked they wont refund us.

Fox Hayes on Feb 10, 2017
I have paid Tinder $75 for plus service which did not work at all...They charged me the first 6 month & they continue charging me for the rest of the year. I submitted an E-mail asking the service never worked, they refunded me only half what I paid for, , , Customer service are only copy...

Globe Telecom / Low data

Christine Pabillo on Feb 10, 2017
I am currently registered to go sakto unli surfing and still I have very low data connection. It does not refresh at 12:01am and I have to add another 50 pesos just to use my data again. I am just concerned because I paid almost seven hundred pesos just to use my data again. I already...

Transfast.com / Identity theft due to data breach 2017

D. Parrish on Feb 10, 2017
Before you decided to choose Transfast for transferring money internationally you should be aware of the possibility or your identity being accessed and stolen! On January 28, 2017 a data breach of the Transfast client database occurred which resulted in a full scale identity theft. The...
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