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Telus Communications / Telus home internet

Randynv on Oct 16, 2017
Hi my name is Randyn and I am complaining about my home services that keep being disconnected after I’ve paid the bill on time or early, then charged twice for a reconnection fee of 45$ customer service has not helped nor have I been able to get through to them while waiting 45-1hour and 30mins not pleased and would appreciate some help in this issue

Cablevision / Optimum / Optimum Email

Jeff E. on Oct 16, 2017
I have been a Cablevision / Optimum customer for almost 20 years. I have had my email address just as long. They upgraded the email years ago but always gave the option to keep "Classic Mail", which I did because the new email was awful. Now, they are shoving the "New" email down...

Flynax Classifieds Software / regarding flynax.com

Robert Burnett on Oct 16, 2017
I am one of those people who say: do everything BEFORE starting your business. Don't start it when it's just created. Test it, try it. Hire adequate people to work for you. The Flynax doesn't care about serious things like that. Their customer care team leaves much to be...

Thumbtack / fake and fraud

GrUn on Oct 16, 2017
It's a waste of time and money, I highly recommend you to take your business elsewhere. It's hard to find a job, most of the ads are fake as well as people who post it. I have spent so much on this website and got nothing instead. I am convinced they are very unreliable. No matter how many...

Globe Telecom / globe dsl home internet connection

shahidwaheed on Oct 16, 2017
To, The Complaint Manager, Globe Customer Help Service, 1. I wanted to highlight that, My DSL Home connection was installed on 11 October 2017 through Order No 33043799, which lasted for just one day only and became unserviceable and till yet has not been recovered. My Acct number written...

Smith's Marketplace / st. george wifi

ddjohns on Oct 15, 2017
How many times do I have to go to Lin's? Smith's Wireless (advertised Wifi Hotspot) is not working again. This is a continual problem and is beginning to reflect on the store management and highly vulnerable AccessWireless wifi company. This information is about to be sent to the 28, 744...

Cox Cable / cancelled installation

Kevin Andersen on Oct 14, 2017
On 14 Oct 2017 I waited for a scheduled 0800-1000 first time internet connection to my residence. When no one showed or called by 1100 I called the office which I had visited on 11 Oct to set up the installation with solutions specialist Charles Fowler. After not receiving a call back I...

Primus / internet

AliciaJerse on Oct 14, 2017
I have the internet 16 with Primus. I have been without internet for two days (I work from home) and with really slow (down to 1.8!) for at least a week. I have called in and been oh hold for hours!! Without getting through. I have requested call backs. I have gotten through once and he...

Telkom SA SOC / wifi

riettebernardo on Oct 14, 2017
i applied for WIFI at home on the 21st of september. they installed it yesterday only after how many phone calls. since yesterday I made so many calls with no help. seriously never in my life have I ever experience bad service like this. every time I phone its a new excuse, its either the...

Cox Communications / over the air wi fi

phoenix heat arizona on Oct 13, 2017
At least once a week I have to reset my wifi because it drops the signal down to 5- 6 mb download speed when I am paying for 100 mb download speed. I contacted tec support and said that I would be charged 75.00 for a person to bring out and swap to a new unit. The person that I talked to...

Frontier Communications / activation of my frontier service for tv, internet and phone.

Lyn Baillie on Oct 13, 2017
Contact Frontier ( was Verizon) to suspend services effective May 20th. for 5 months in the summer, was advised that everything was ok and told to call on Sept. 29th. before we leave our northern home to reinstate our Florida service. Conformation no. 067215672 processed, will need to call...

PapersHelm / unprofessional stuff

Victor Lim on Oct 13, 2017
Never again will I deal with these scammers. they brought me nothing but lots of disappointment and worries. When I do the business I don't want to be bothered with small details, I don't want to be worried all the time. It's very stressful. I used them 4 times and each time there wa...

Virgin Active South Africa / wifi

Washington Muavha on Oct 13, 2017
The wifi at virgin active jabulani in Soweto has not been working for the past three weeks and when I inquire from employees and management no one seems to know when it will be fixed. I am of the impression that since they don't know and they are your franchisee, you should know. Thi...

Yahoo! / email refreshing issues

Christian Whalen on Oct 12, 2017
When accessing a Yahoo email account from Google Chrome, every time you try to refresh the page (either by clicking the refresh circle or by pressing 'm') the account time-outs and you need to log back in. Oddly, it does not do this is you refresh chrome (by pressing fn f5 for instance...

SoundCloud / soundcloud go

Nicolapickle on Oct 12, 2017
SoundCloudEvery time my subscription is renewesd, I lose all my songs saved with offline listening. I have paid for my subscription a week ago 6th October . When I click the save offline button, it brings me to the page where I should pay for subscription. But when I click renew subscription it tell...

Safeguard Software / antivirus software, computer tune up, automatic driver updates,

t goodman on Oct 12, 2017
I was contacted by phone on 9/22/17 by this company. The person on the phone took control of my computer checking to see if I was compromised by the equifax hack. I had already checked the Equifax site and was told my information was indeed compromised. the person on the phone after a few...

Cox Communications / internet

Hufford on Oct 12, 2017
Cox CommunicationsWe were promised free internet from Cox by our apartment complex. See attached photo. Apartment came with pre installed router we were told all we had to do was call Cox and set it up. We recieved a bill in the mail due less than 30 days after it was set up for $115. When we were promised...

ATT Uverse / u verse tv acc#131065863

Omar Rodriguez on Oct 12, 2017
I called att 18002882020 (spanish) on October 4, 2017 to add uverse tv service. Jose Luis from Bogota Colombia answered my call. After talking with him for several minutes. He offered me U300 Latino for $75 + HBO/Cinemax free for 3 months + Cash Back cards + $10 per month less on my...

Telkom SA SOC / telkom customer complaint against the technicians and call centre

Mari Van de Venter on Oct 12, 2017
Good afternoon I am very upset with Telkom... This is my 52nd email to telkom about my ADSL line problem and still no feedback?? What's the problem with Telkom that that are not able to come and fix my ADSL line and do the job that they get paid for??? I am going to lay a complaint against...

Checkthem / Don't give them your money

matt52 on Oct 12, 2017
Decided to check my name on the website and found it. Unfortunately, to see a full report you can only after you pay 2 dollars for 5 days. It's kind of for those who would like to see just one report. But you should understand that once you give them your credit card information, they will...
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