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Carroll County DFACS / Child custody

Rhonda Everritt on Apr 25, 2018

My grandson, Jacob Collins, that is 14 years of age now, was placed with a Great aunt by the mother that had her children taken away as a result of drug use . More than a year ago Jacob told the court and his attorney that he wanted to live with his father, and had stressed, to me, and hi...

VCAT Corruption / legal

corruptvcat on Apr 24, 2018

1. have a VCAT Order made by Mr I Lulham. Mr Lulham made a decision that was materially different to the subject matter (concerning a fire safety issue). The other party to the case was a State Government Department. Why did Mr I Lulham sign the order as a VCAT Member, only to be promoted...

Wawa / cleanliness

Lgents on Apr 24, 2018

WawaI must notify you of the absolutely filthy and disgusting conditions at your store located at the corner of Darby and Manoa Roads, Havertown, PA 19083. The attached photo's are only a small example of what I have seen for the past 30 days. Both inside and outside of the facility is alway...

Hold mail at local post office / cost of hold mail

JACashin on Apr 23, 2018

I am a Rural resident in Ontario, with roadside mail box delivery. During this winter, my mail box was totally destroyed by a passing snow plough. Because of this, I went to the post office to have my mail held for pick up. The cost for 3 months for this "Service" is $101.00. Recently I...

Mariposa and Merced County Human Services agency / child protective services agency

Shawna Coats on Apr 23, 2018

Social workers are lying in court and in there reports to the judges. This is what parents need to do to fight back and win.. The key is get your court reporters transcripts and keep the fact you have them to yourselves cuz they cant rember what lies they tell. I got a 388 hearing i filed...

Safeway / the security at minnesota ave in dc 20019 / discrimination

Daquane Johnson on Apr 20, 2018

I was on my way heading in the Safeway at 9:50 and the store close at 10pm and the security have stop me and told me I couldn't come in and they lock doors before time and send a i knew my rights I ask for supervisor to be a pointed to me he didn't so since I knew my rights that's why I...

CPS / cps corruption

NunyaBiz85 on Apr 12, 2018

I would've said that I have a story that no one could ever believe unless you have lived it but, chances are if you got here the same way I did, you're living or have lived something similar. I can't sit here and tell all, it would end up the size of a full novel, but I will tell you thi... / private and unauthorized information is being published on his website

KarW on Apr 11, 2018

Private and unauthorized information is being published on website. This website should be immediately removed. It is causing and effects people who don't want their information to be published online and searched over google and picked up by other search engine...

United States Postal Service [USPS] / poor delivery service

Victoria A Rose on Apr 10, 2018

In the last two months, the postal delivery service to my house address has deteriorated significantly. I have a mail slot in my front door and there is a second glass door with bars that opens into the front door mail slot. If the glass door is locked (very rarely), there is a huge sign...

Pineville Police Dept / false arrest.

James Jones 111 on Apr 10, 2018

Pineville Police DeptPineville Police Officer Rufus Jones arrested News Now Houston (David) for photography outside and off post property in La. He was not violating the law on photography of a mil. instillation. Jones is a reserve office in La. The Louisana Comm. on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice do not...

Omnipoint Miami E License LLC Volp / false representation

Ann Cook on Apr 9, 2018

called and left a message saying they were the internal revenue and I needed to call them immediately. I didn't call, I suspected a scam of some kind. The phone# of this person or persons is 207-313-5477 today's date is April 9th 2017. My reason for complaining is because I get way to...

Minneapolis USPS / certified mail

chnfnk on Apr 7, 2018

The postal worker here who helped me acted suspiciously by repeating loudly how the stamp is not required each time I mentioned the red date stamp (that I think they are supposed to stamp it on envelopes as well as on the green and white receipt for certified mail.) She made me confused by...

Mail Delivery Person, Canada Post / mail found on the ground near intended destination on 2 separate occasions. one was a gov't of canada payment.

Ed Cournoyer on Apr 7, 2018

Earlier this week, as I went over to my neighbor's house (on Louis Riel St.) to take in her mail (house sitting for a few days) I found a letter addressed to her on the ground near her mailbox. Yesterday I received a call from the same neighbor that she found a letter as she was walking... / complaint removal

Shackledlion on Apr 6, 2018

The complaints I have filed with and the ftc have been removed three times for a year. I did not have them removed or put back in. I started filing these complaints and reports in November of 2016. The first time it happened was in November of 2017. The complaints and report...

Ace Hardware / advertising.

Leland Whitehouse on Apr 6, 2018

Laura Ingram speaks only the truth. David Hogg is a young jerk. Davids Father is an F.B.I. Agent that owns a gun and takes it home. Question, Has David ever been to the gun range with his Father. To drop your Ads from the Laura Ingram show shows ignorance of the situation. I will never...

Arizona Public Service Company [APS] / policy on bill migration

energy_user on Apr 4, 2018

Aps migrated me on to a new bill plan, when I saw that I called right away. I did the math and the plan aps choose for me will increase my bill at least 25%!!! I called to change my bill and was told I can't until the next bill cycle. That is completely unfair, aps moved me to this plan...

Tibor Production Services / security guard

vickie whitten on Apr 1, 2018

My boyfriend and I were trying to help a friend get his stuck Uhaul out of the Santa Ana Riverbed. A Tibor Protection Services agent drove up, starting driving in circles, and when our friend started walking towards the vehicle, he took off. He then came up another path right where we were...

Expedia / advertising

Dee Bra Beanass on Mar 30, 2018

I am a Silver Rewards customer who will no longer be using your company. I found out today that Expedia is pulling advertising on Laua Ingram's show so I will be cancelling my account with your company. I am a believer and supporter of ALL of the Amendments and I feel Ms. Ingram had just a...

United States Postal Service [USPS] / mail delivery


I have talked to my local post office and the mail carrier herself, and have not received any help. I was told the action I am upset about is a rule the post office has. You have to change this rule, especially when the customer ask for it to stop !!! The problem is that when the regular... / re: renewal of firearms permit

gaschamber on Mar 27, 2018

We did not use your service, but we are charged for it on my credit card; We went straight through the police dept. The date was March 14 and the phone number that was given was 1885269691, when it called that number they said they were not taken any phone calls only on Internet. Tran...


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