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Brach's / Maple Nut Goodies

Porterboy on Oct 21, 2017
My Wife and I were wondering what happened to the Maple Nut Goodies they are not the same anymore. This will be the fourth time we have purchased them and they taste different. The texture of the product is different. They seem to have a more harder toffee crunchy inside and the maple...

las vegas metro police department / police officers who give tickets and false statements

Clair Banks on Oct 20, 2017
las vegas metro police departmentDecember 13 2016 making a left turn on a green arrow with proof from eye wittiness's who wrote affidavits as to the fact that i had a green arrow and was hit head on by a drunk driver who ran a red light! the drunk driver was sighted for running the red light and sighted for being drunk...

United States Postal Service / package storage mailbox for residential client

dabywong on Oct 17, 2017
Every Public Mail box suppose is to have additional 2 keys from Post Master when they delivery package and put it in this safe storage box and give this storage box key in the client mail box. I have called to USPS one time reporting that that package storage box is broken and needed to repair...

Texas Workforce Commission / excuses instead of help

LB24 on Oct 17, 2017
Been having some problems at my job with harassment and other things. Management refuses to even acknowledge anything is happening, much less do anything about it. I've been told by a couple of other employees that this harassment has been going on for several years now, and management just...

Malaysia Airlines / cabin crew

Amal Sh on Oct 16, 2017
I was flying MH 2607 departed from Kota Kinabalu towards KUL Friday 13 Oct 2017 1645pm I was greeted NICELY by the lady crews upon boarding (lovely ladies). However, as I've approched my seat I wanted to know if there's any more storage available even though that I do aware that it can also...

SJV and Associates / criminal background screening

Kylie2179 on Oct 13, 2017
This company is so unrealistic and misleading! They probationary period is very misleading. I was told I had 90 days to learn the position I got hired for. The training was very vague and after only 1 week of training, I was told I had to do a presentation and take a final exam and get...

David Harry / consultant

Knock2 on Oct 13, 2017
Dan Charlier, (a former client of mind) and now currently with World Financial Group. Dan was following me while I was in the Denver International Airport on my way to Montana. When I was using the restroom, I saw what I could clearly identify as Dan Charlier. Dan with someone else, took my...

Garbage Lying At Home / garbage lying at home since 10 days

Prakash Singh on Oct 13, 2017
Dear Sir, Garbage lying at home since 10 days but the nagar nigam vehicle didn't come till date. We are very much unhappy from the service of government & also i have seen that the vehicle comes to near the main gate but didn't come inside the colony to take that garbage . So, kindly do...

iOffer / lots of stuff lv bags lv shoes jewelry make up etc

Dana adam on Oct 12, 2017
I have been waiting 2 months now and still all my items have not came the worst thing about this was it was for my 3 girls I'm a single mum I think it absolutely disgusting I mean surely ioffer can get in contact with the people who are not sending people goods out I don't even get any...

CWS California / child welfare service california

_CR on Oct 11, 2017
My daughter, aged 3.. My now ex-boyfriend's two kids aged 7 and 3 were detained on september 15, 2017 from our custody for allegations of abuse against my former boyfriend. On september 13, my ex was coming in the front door of our home and his 6 year old daughter was bent down in front of...

Florida Kidcare / kids health payment error

CricketRae on Oct 8, 2017
This past September my sister filled out the KidCare online application. After her application was processed a customer service rep contacted her and said she had to pay an upfront premium of $400 because she had too much income. She paid the $400 immediately using her credit card. A few...

Vastiline / services

MichelleGoss on Oct 6, 2017
My company has been trying to get its COR39 changed by CIPC, Company Intellectual Properties for the past nine weeks if not longer. Each time it is declined for an incorrect reason and we are told to re-submit. Which we do. To date we have complained to various staff of CIPC and have not...

YMAX Communications Corp. - WA / irs impersonation

dctanz on Oct 5, 2017
Left a digitized message on my answering service. Crime investigation unit of IRS. The reason you are receiving this pre-recorded message is to notify you that IRS has issued an arrest warrant against you. Right now you and your physical property are being monitored and it's very important...

City Of Tshwane / electricity account

Marc Emile Oosthuizen on Oct 4, 2017
I received an account today of just under R20 000 from the municipality. Apparently they have made a calculation error for the last 16months and have undercharged me for electricity. I should now pay in the R20 000. This is an impossible task. How can such mismanagement lead to me a...

Vodacom / poor service and no feedback

Morne Kemp on Oct 1, 2017
On 2017-09-16 I visited Vodacom Colonnade and requested assistance from several sales persons. Eventually after being transferred to the 3rd sales person (Lindi), I got the time to explained that I was interested in obtaining a new contract. I told her I was an existing client and wanted an...

Anheuser-Busch Companies / nfl sponsorship

Marc Headington on Oct 1, 2017
I am a sheriff’s deputy and have been in law Enforcement for the past 24 years. I am currently part of my agency’s color guard. My wife is a 911 dispatcher. My grandfather served in WWII, and my sister had recently retired from the U.S. Navy after 20 years of service. We are a patriotic...

VitalCheck / birth certificate order scam

angie010 on Sep 29, 2017
I recently adopted two children from foster care and needed to receive new birth certificates for them in order to enroll them in health insurance. I paid for the expedited service at $70 through this company and my birth certificates came back from the State of VA incorrect. I called...

Health Professions in South Africa / no feedback received up to date

GloCell on Sep 28, 2017
I had been trying to ascertain toxicology results for the sudden death of my son who I had to do a Autopsy on and still up to date no results Madeline Kwele Secretary to Senior Manager – Legal Services HEALTH PROFESSIONS COUNCIL OF SOUTH AFRICA 553 Madiba Street, Arcadia, 0083 PO Box 205...

Youtube / advert complaint

Anon miss on Sep 27, 2017
You tube are allowing a racist advert to be played in South Africa. A paid ad from BLF TV ...calling the white monopoly thieves. This type of advert spreads hate and causes to separate an already divided country. It does no one any good. If another racial group had placed this advert it...

Shenandoa Police Department / rape investigation

Rmelissa21 on Sep 25, 2017
Last Year my daughter was raped at the Shenandoah Holiday Inn in her suite. To date no arrests have been made despite video footage of the rapist entering the room. The rape kit is still not available. Repeated visits to the police department have been to no avail. My daughter is suffering...
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