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Letgo / account suspension

Joey Cangelosi on Apr 25, 2017
I was logged in as my Facebook account and my email address. I was suspended within only a couple days of use. I have not violated any regulations or policies I was just suspended for no inappropriate behavior once so ever. This is insane and wrongful for I have followed every rule and I...

Live Nation / Police officer turned away

Jessica Stover on Apr 20, 2017
I am deeply concerned about the policy regarding texas peace officers not being allowed admittance into concerts. It is texas state law that requires and states texas peace officers shall carry their weapon with them at all times. Police officer, deputy, constable in the state of texas and...

Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Boksburg / refund of deposit

Janette Swanepoel on Apr 19, 2017
good day I moved out of the rented house i rented on the 02 Dec 2016, I informed the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality Boksburg of same and since then i am struggling to get my deposit back, after 5 months they eventually told me I will get my refund back on the 19th April 2017, I have...

USPS, Union NJ / Non delivery of mail

grace42 on Apr 18, 2017
I moved to Union, NJ 07083 in December 2016. I kept receiving a ton of mail from various individuals that do not live in my apartment. I put 'Return To Sender' on all of the mail and even crossed out the address only to have them put the mail back in my box. This has also caused my...

Sbcounty.gov / complaint is against claudia cardoso from cps of san bernardino, ca

Marissa Diaz BEAUTIFUL1 on Apr 17, 2017
Sbcounty.govI have three grandkids in the custody of San Bernardino CPS for the past year. I have been trying to see and get custody of my grand babies I have emailed this woman and called her with no response throughout the year. I was always either she was going on vacation or she was just not...

Canada Post / how to create a ticket on canada post website

Zatoichi Mori on Apr 14, 2017
Within the last 3 months, 3 packages sent to me are missing . They are small packages and normally would be put in the Super Mail boxes. Canada Post website is horrible, it goes around and around and gets you nowhere. Trying to create a "Ticket" and even used Canadapost.caticket but it...

NTTA / case id - 179303 unauthorized charges

rosasalas24 on Apr 13, 2017
Today is Thursday, April 13, 2017. I received an email from John Bannerman, Customer Care Director. His email stated the following "NTTA will be unable to credit or refund any charges you may have incurred. You originally set up your TollTag account as a credit card backed account, and I...

George Becker Police Chief / disgusting talk

Braad Jones on Apr 12, 2017
George Becker Police ChiefPolice chief George Becker absolutely the most crooked, despicable, dirty cops in Flemington, Nj. He is a victimizer, a predator of women and children and I’m absolutely shocked that he is able to retire with a pension. This punk should be in prison. His reputation is unanimously associated...

George Becker / unethical behaviour

Billy Miler on Apr 12, 2017
George BeckerFlemington, New Jersey is just like any small transient town in this state; it’s blue collar, we all go to the local high school football games and the only real restaurants are the franchise types. One thing unique to this part of NJ is a seedy underground of crooked cops who...

Facebook / You have blocked me for posting political rally pictures

On 4/4/2017 I opened my Facebook page to see a complaint about image with nudity. The images were of protesters, fully dressed and being very civil. I'm not sure if you guys have gotten political and use the term of nudity as an excuse to block people without reason. I have send several...

Florida Department Of Revenue / Child support/ can never talk to a live person

Bianca Williams on Apr 5, 2017
You can never get in contact with a live person, ever! If you have any specific questions about your case, that the automated recording doesn't cover​ about general problems, then you're just on your own. My son's dad paid his child support on the 1st, which was saturday. Here it is wednesday...

Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) / Compensation not received

Vallerie on Apr 4, 2017
I had been injured at work on the 11/10/1016 and had two spin operations done the last operator done on the 14/3/2017. I submitted all the required documents to Rand mutual and to date no payment has been made to me. I call the call center everyday several times and they keep saying...

Big Lots / Assault by a store clerk

Melissa Anderson Simmons on Mar 23, 2017
I was in the Greer store location yesterday March 22, 2017. I had lost my $20.00" s it was the last money I had for the month. I am mentality and physically disabled and I have severe panic attack disorder and I was in a frenzy trying to find my money to buy the items that I had. I wa...

US Census Bureau / harassment from abigail triana regarding completion of census survey

Adrian_G on Mar 23, 2017
US Census BureauAbigail Triana came to my home multiple times knocking and demanding I complete a US census survey. On March the 9th she knocked several times after being asked to leave, and stated "This is a warning and that she will return." On March 18th she returned and threatened if I did not fill...

Representatives Adam Schiff (D) and Devin Nunes (R) / Are two zionist jews after Trump

Moishe Nunes on Mar 20, 2017
Representatives Adam Schiff (D) and Devin Nunes (R) Are Two Zionist Jews After Trump Their nonsensical “investigation” hearings commenced today on March 20, 2017 is nothing more than a Zionist witch hunt against President Donald Trump as he intends too dismantle the Zionist Occupied...

Taylor Post Office / Delivery of mail

Christine McEachern on Mar 19, 2017
I put some mail in my personal mail box on Tuesday, March 15 to be delivered in the area, cards. None of them have been received as of Saturday, March 18. On Wednesday, March 15, I took 10 cards to the post office mail box and mailed them at 930am, not have been received, as of Saturday...

City Of LA Parking Violations / Collecting for a ticket i already paid for

Dean Ivener on Mar 19, 2017
I paid a parking ticket by telephone (866 561 9742 ) ticket # 4301875863 confirm # 192379802 the ticket is 68.00 & 2.00 $ for phone service now I received a notice by mail 3/19/2017 to pay the ticket .The new notice wants action by 3/24/2017.The ticket was paid in full 3/11/2017...

Big Pharma Industries / Child porn and big pharma industries married under the department of homeland security?

John O'Toole on Mar 17, 2017
American Family Courts literally staff their courts with judges, law clerks, child support magistrates, law guardians, and child protective service workers who are bona fide pedophiles who feed these kids that are "legally kidnapped, " directly into the child porn industry by cutting...

Canada Post / Poor service

michael sodeinde on Mar 14, 2017
my international tracking number is RS650872700GB The worse service in the world. Honestly, Canada Post has gotten worse by the minute. I recently ordered an International parcel to my home address in Windsor Ontario. Unfortunately, the shipping address was not correct, after contacting customer...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / Report a crime

remko on Mar 12, 2017
first. once in my life. then. contacted jour compagnie earlier in my life. warnings neglected still here. now you people can still help. now nitrition de eggs. me to. my monney not still back. chicken. casei (that probiotc stuff) first. ask the coolnessen. scharlie sheen also there leader...
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