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Shenandoa Police Department / Rape Investigation

Rmelissa21 on Sep 25, 2017
Last Year my daughter was raped at the Shenandoah Holiday Inn in her suite. To date no arrests have been made despite video footage of the rapist entering the room. The rape kit is still not available. Repeated visits to the police department have been to no avail. My daughter is suffering...

UnderArmour / policy regarding professional athletes refusing to respect america

Gregory_R on Sep 23, 2017
As a 12 year USMC veteran and someone who still uses your products, I'm appalled that your corporation would stand with the racist, anti-American bigots in the NFL that choose ignorance and hatred over supporting the nation that has given them every opportunity, not to mention grossly...

Nycha East River Houses / transfer and harassment

Tiffany Morene on Sep 21, 2017
Hello I live in east river houses and I'm in a disability apartment witch no one on my lease fits the disability I had move into the apartment do to a Domestic violence situation I went to the police they said go to the shelter with my kids so I went to the shelter I was place in east...

Motel 6 / management and ice notifications

Alawabidingcitizen on Sep 18, 2017
Several customer reviews have chastised Motel 6 officials for providing ICE with guest registries of illegal aliens. Unfortunately, your company caved to these complaints and you now support law breaking individuals staying at your motels. When will common sense and the rule of law ever be...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / delay to restore power

8532610469 on Sep 15, 2017
Florida Power & Light [FPL]My neighborhood in Miami gardens is in complete darkness, it has been almost a week since we lost power. Despite the unconfort, heat, and lack of basic necessities. I was a victim of looters. Looters tried to go into my property and have caused substantial damage. I'm concern about my...

Caledonia Police Department / police officer was rude and unfair

Kim Schultz on Sep 15, 2017
Date of Incident: January 13th, 2017 Officer Number: 105 Officer Name Who I Am Complaining About: Seth Louks Officer Seth Louks's inappropriate behavior at my apartment door by shaking on the knob a lot like he was trying to force his way in. Lucky my door was locked. I have the right not...

Youtube / political advertising of labour of party new zealand

George Pope on Sep 14, 2017
Dear You Tube I do not wish to see Political campaign advertsing from the Labour Party of New Zealand on my home page or You Tube videos which I deem to be offensive from people who promote Abortion and Liberal Anti-Christian views that do represent the moral values I stand for and believe in...

City of Plano / corruption - scam alert!

mommamaria73 on Sep 12, 2017
WARNING!!! The City of Plano has a SCAM going to bilk people out of money for a supposed "red light" violation at Jupiter Road and Plano Parkway Road!! The left turn lane off of Jupiter onto Plano Parkway (going west) has one of those "red light cameras" on it. BUT...the...

sp.com.sa / non delivery of a parcel

11carol on Sep 12, 2017
My name is Carolina Knight. I sent a parcel from Hofuf, Saudi Arabia post office to my daughter in Cape Town, South Africa on 15 AUG 2017. My tracking number is CP050568275SA. But my parcel is still not delivered to my destination. It seems my parcel is still up in the air for more than a week. I...

American Red Cross / shelter in orange texas

Elena Lauren on Sep 9, 2017
On 8/31/2017 my family evacuated by boat in our apartment at the time we had brought elderly neighbors and another family upstairs to safety and waited for the rescue. We got to the shelter and nobody would help us with the elderly people or kids I have my 2 kids one that has special need...

Canada Post / mail delivery

5under5 on Sep 8, 2017
I've lived at the same address for over 12 years. There has never been a fixed address on it. I received at notice saying that they were with holding my mail until the address was put on. I contacted the supervisor whos name was on the notice. I told her I would put the number on the house...

Canada Post / horrible service, refuse to solve problems.

kmarcotte on Sep 6, 2017
I have been having an issue with my mail delivery in that I am not receiving any at all. I have had not one piece of mail delivered to me for almost two weeks, so I contacted Canada Post in hopes of solving the issue and retrieving my mail. The first lady I spoke to was rude and told me...

Canada Post / rude/inappropriate/unethical/illegal behaviour

Rita G on Sep 5, 2017
Hello, My daughter that is just turned 10 years old was a passenger involved in a minor collision on Friday, September 1st, 2017 with a Canada Post truck. The driver himself was fine, however, I'm guessing he called a supervisor to attend the accident. This supervisor's name was Jerry/Gerry...

South African Revenue Service [SARS] / credit payment not received

Trsars on Sep 4, 2017
I have submitted my new banking details, home and postal address 5 times to SARS Doringkloof.With my filing and on 02-06-2017 case number 239344808 (Hazel), 17-07-2017 case number 243738357 (Gertrude), on 28- 08-2017 case number 239344808 and by e-mail on 1 September 2017 case number...

C&J Clark International / soles desintegrated

DeyaDesouza on Sep 4, 2017
C&J Clark InternationalThe sole of my shoes disintegrated while I was walking to a very important meeting. The incident happened on 28AUG17.This is the second time that it happens. I am a great fan of your products and have more than 7 pairs of Clark shoes, but this is the 2nd time that this happens to me. The...

Ohio Unemployment / benefits.

Jerryz71tw on Sep 3, 2017
I was put on a 2 week layoff Effective 7/2/2017 and expected to be back to work on 7/17/2017. On 7/9/2017 I had a seizure and in hospital until 7/14/2017. I was informed then that I was prohibited from driving for 6 months and my job required driving a company truck approx. 4 miles daily...

APS (Arizona Public Service) / need help faulty/incorrect meter reads every 14 days!! or there are one or more underground tap lines for surrounding basement use or other use!!

Meters are wrong, they had been changed out by APS at least times because of corrupting incorrect data, first 5 years paid over $30, 000++ for using two rooms only of cooling and thermostat set between 75-82 degrees for small 450 square foot living space(garage turned into my home)APS ha...

State of Utah Office Of Recovery Services / federal government pays the state, the state then bills parents

Coon Hater on Aug 29, 2017
I was living in New York, while my daughter and her father were living in Utah. An altercation happened that had nothing to do with me. My daughter was taken into foster care. The Federal government gives the county or state government funding to care for children in these crisis. Yet the...

Monterey County Department Of Social Services / monterey county cps is keeping my son from me

robyn “robynl333” on Aug 28, 2017
My name is Robyn Singleton and I am veteran of the US Navy and I am disabled and service connected for PTSD, major depression and minor ailments. I am single, live alone and my son was removed from my care by Monterey County CPS in 2012, they canceled reunification services after 2 year...

Award Notification Center / commission of judging and processing div. ; kansas city kansas

CLAUDELL MARTIN on Aug 28, 2017
Just received a letter & check from the above organization with the name larry hourd (Executor of awards).. Check amt $1, 325, 000.00 & I had won $2, 000, 000. Before the fees taken out but I had to remit payment of $11.89 within 7 days & I would getmy money.. This is a cruel way for these...
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Nationwide Utility Scam Cheating Hundreds of Customers
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