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Government & Police Complaints

Malaysia Airlines / Last minute flight cancellation notice

Azizul Azhar on Jun 15, 2018

I have bought a ticket for flight MH2542 from kuala Lumpur to Kuching scheduled on 16 June @0800am. As adviced to be early at the airport to avoid missing the flight, I arrived at the airport at 4.15am. Around 4.30am I received a call from MAS employee informing me that my flight wa...

Department of Childrens and Families of Springfield Massacchussetts / Jandel O Calcorzi Bristol Case

Beth RT on Jun 14, 2018

This case was suppose to be dismissed for the past three court hearings. My daughter, Lisandy Bristol (Jandel's Mom) has acomplished everything in order to get her son back, well the problem here is that every time there is a hearing, either the social worker is not present or arrive late... / I keep submitting forms and nobody is looking at them

Lee Ann Sellman on Jun 12, 2018

I have submitted the denial letter from medicaid and they keep sending me letters saying they need documents. There is nothing else to send. Then they say I will have an extra two weeks. I dont need more time to send the same thing again. You cant speak to a caseworker to find out the...

United States Postal Service [USPS] / not receiving my parcel packages

Bruce A King on Jun 11, 2018

I've been told by my local po that they will no longer deliver parcel packages to my rural address, even though they were sent first class or priority mail, based on the fostoria oh post masters orders. I will include several of the tracking numbers so you can check it out. 9405 5098 9864...

California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV] / drivers license

Bhanupreet Gill on Jun 8, 2018

I was mailed a Driver's License renewal form by DMV Sacramento, CA. I approached DMV Manteca, CA on May 30, 2018 and submitted the Driver's License renewal form mailed to me by DMV Sacramento along with proof of required documents to obtain a real Driver's License. To my surprise the DMV...

Youtube / youtube

Kristie Foster on Jun 8, 2018

I am disgusted at the privacy of YouTube my young daughter does videos just like most kids, I didn't no her account was not private until I seen a dirty comment of an older man so I changed all the settings, to be told that on her live some body was making remarks like to take her top of...

King of Queens / being pushed back or even removed!!

Just Me50 on Jun 7, 2018

How dare you! The King of Queens was one of the only clean sitcoms on this channel not to mention reason why I subscribe to this channel and downloaded the app on all of my devices. If you remove the King of Queen at ten o'clock than I am definitely removing tv land from my t. v and...

Topeka Rescue Mission / fraud misappropriation of grants

Hollywood Sucks on Jun 7, 2018

Debra Saab is an African American woman who is the director of the Topeka Rescue Mission located at 600 N Kansas Avenue in Topeka Kansas 66608. She's the director of the Hope Center. The Kansas Children's Discovery Center issued thousands of dollars of funding for families to visit with a...

Canada Post Parcel Delivery / smoking in my face

Farren Dilon on Jun 5, 2018

Canada post Topic: delivery employee feedback Ticket number: 0125978532 Submitted: 2018/05/28 Twice a week I go to physio in new westminster bc, mostly at the same time but not always. Consistently there is a canada post parcel delivery truck parked at a curb, adjacent to community mailboxes. A...

Home Box Office [HBO] / I have had enough of bill maher

Jack Te on Jun 4, 2018

Bill Maher Called American Trump Supporter Crackers do you know what the real Defanation of a Cracker it is back during Slave days when the slave masters cracked their whips on the backs of slaves This should Be the reason for his removal from the network I cant beleve HBO condones thi...

Randburg Licensing Department / total disregard for customers

Shelley1966 on Jun 4, 2018

On Friday 25 May 2018, I took a day's leave to ensure that I renewed my drivers license at the Randburg Licensing Department. Upon entry of the building at 11h15, the man at the front pointedly ignored me and proceeded to help another man. I chose to ignore this however rude it was. He...

Canada Post / demeaning, racist postman at the door

Anticipating home delivery from Canada Post always always make my stomach crawl in dread of the rude, racist attitude of the post guys at the door. They have a chip on their shoulders to see that they are delivery a package to a person they see as not their ‘race', and they seem to sneer and...

Bible classes at public school advertised at a DQ location / the violation of my 1st amendment rights

Alan Vanderford on May 31, 2018

Bible classes at public school advertised at a DQ locationA banner is displayed on DQ property at a main intersection in Philomath, Oregon. I believe this to be a 1st amendment violation due to the fact that the offer includes the bible classes to be held at a public school. I have referred this matter to our attorneys at Freedom From Religion...

CSIS, RCMP, CSEC, local police / bill c-51, bill c-56, bill c-58 and bill c-59

33yt12 on May 31, 2018

I was a victim of hate crimes by csis, rcmp, csec, local police, cable TV news online, radio and social media, mental health, private sector, government of Ontario, government of BC and government of Canada for over 30 years under bill C-51, bill C-56, bill C-58 and bill C-59 which left me...

Canada Post Employee / roberta moon

BrendaLee1926 on May 26, 2018

My local postmistress!! I mailed a document to my legal counsel on May 22. My neighbor approached me on May 25 and advised me to change my mailing habits as she had overheard her neighbors discussing the contents of the pkg that I had mailed. The only possible way that the contents of my...

Skynet Worldwide Express / courier services very bad service

Manje on May 25, 2018

Skynet Worldwide ExpressServis yang amat buruk dari skynet sungai siput perak dan skynet subang..barang saya tidak di hantar kepada saya pada tarikh yang sepatutnya di hantar..barang telah sampai di skynet sungai siput pada 18/5/2018 sehingga harini tidak di hantar kepada saya.saya hubungi skynet sg.siput puluhan...

Rancho Cucamonga dmv / wait times

Niffinyarm on May 25, 2018

I have to renew my license and I've been waiting 6 hours! This is ridiculous! In this day of computers why does it take so long. There are more open windows than ones with people working, the number systems don't make sense, and the building is full of people just waiting! If I did my job...

Florida Department of Revenue Child Support Enforcement / child support enforcement

MomNTruth on May 24, 2018

This complaints about corruption relates to the Palm Beach Court system's handling of funds and fund processed by the Disbursement Unit subsequently deposited into Wells Fargo's bank disappearing. This is several thousand dollars in missing child support. I am seeking contact by 6 parent...

California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV] / driver's license

Lewis Gutman on May 22, 2018

California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV]In January 2018, my license (#N8160151) expired. I went to a DMV in San Diego Co. and after taking an eye exam and photo and paying $35, received a temporary license and a promise that a new license would be mailed to me. I have not received the new license yet: 4 months since I...

The marijuana growers in Calaveras County / political hit piece on facebook

Jack Cox on May 22, 2018

I founding this hit piece on You tube this am: You are being used to further a political campaign by special interests and funded by growers in Calaveras County who want to recall our County Supervisor Dennis Mills who voted to ban pot...