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Gambling Games Complaints


Peter Brown / mega millions on instagram

M61 on Feb 23, 2019

This guy claims he's giving away prizes and he's got the mega millions logo on his instagram and he's basically saying that he's giving money and cars etc. He sent me a message and said that I am a winner of a Mercedes, brand new. I looked him up and found other scams that he has run...

Slots Affiliates / affiliate partnership

GCPortal on Feb 20, 2019

Slots Affiliates ( is very new, they opened in November last year (2018) and they are boasting 100% revenue share for the first 6 months of the partnership. We joined up with them late November and actively advertised them from December the 1st. During December we sent...

Klaus Gruenbeck / slotomania free game

klaus g on Feb 15, 2019

"Help My account got high jacked by facebook. I saved over 1.4 Mio coins and facebook comes up with lousy 300000. what a rip off. I do not like facebook accounts had those problems before.. I play for many years now and like to stay where I was. Pleas help to restore my old account again...

Backgammon / online game

Purmilou on Jan 31, 2019

It happen to me twice... losing your coins that you pay for or win by playing the game. I almost played this game and everyday. Love the game but I deleted the game again. Left a balance of about 7000 something they took 30, 000 coins yes... [protected]... I'd... V2.99.311. That's all I had...

Rock You / Bingo by Ryzing / money owed

Jeri Sanchez on Jan 26, 2019

Rock You / Bingo by RyzingThey just out of the blue shut down the site and took everybodys shortcut off our devices they owe me #1, 500.00 and lots and lots of other people money as well they are buying other companies right and left but cant pay all of us what is owed to us some of us have spent years playing to...

Playtika Games / house of fun slot video games

Justin Wren on Jan 21, 2019

I have been treated unfairly first by the endless issues in which I've had to go through the past several days preventing me from completing the legends challenge by a day when I should have easily completed it days ago and the biggest problem was not able to get gifts or make coin...*Banana St / charge on account

Jesus Casado Lopez on Jan 16, 2019*Banana StI used this company's game online but never ever put in any money and now I found a charge of 40 € on my account, and not even ever gave them my account number. Denuncio un cargo no autorizado de esta compañia a mi cuenta. La cual nunca use ninguno de sus servicios de pago online...

Slotomania Free Coins / the support is neg, there isn't any, I can't even get in. to slotomania. I finally got in to ace game. few minutes and then it won't open again.

Mona Wanous on Dec 16, 2018

I have been reporting all the stuff for over a week but no one is there. Nothing . I was able to work up to 2, 000, 000, 000, 000.And, everything went wacky. Couldn't into any I wanted. things just stopped and that was it. over over and over, just took the money and coins. And, out it...

Neil O'Brien / gambling adverts

Neil Obrien on Nov 21, 2018

I am truly sick of seeing 5 second gambling adverts, i do not gamble, these adverts are a waste of my time, i do not want to see or hear anything to do with gambling, the reason I started to watch YouTube is because of how many ads are on TV, and now I have to put up with 5 second gambling adverts stopping the video I'm watching 30 seconds into it.

Club Player Online Casino / casino slots/and withdrawals

Tommystahl on Oct 8, 2018

On july 23, 2018 I won 2997.00 with club player, I requested my withdrawl at this time. Sense then I have spent countless hrs trying to collect my winnings. I have every email that has been sent and received from and to them. I have all the live chat messages saved and copied. I have...

Billionaire Casino / purchased chips bit not received

Amazing chicken on Oct 3, 2018

I have made purchases many times from them and always have to wait and beg for my purchases. I am now tired of this and would like to put an end to this... I did send them the receipts for my purchases... I cannot see why I have to wait for what I have paid for. Its an in app purchase so...

Gin Rummy Plus / about suspended

Hussain Nacyr on Sep 18, 2018

Gin rummy plus is a interseting game I ever played but my gin rummy account was suspended, I bought a packages but I don't know why my account was suspended. Sad that my all accounts are suspended now, can you please tell me what is the actual problem or why your suspending all the...

Poker Heat / language, abuse, and racism

Kimberly Wieloch on Sep 6, 2018

Players are allowed to call someone a b****, to say that a person suck someone's dick, to call somebody a N****, to call somebody a f** and other homosexual slurs. All of this is allowed, and there is no number to call, no one who can be reached, and the abuse continuous daily. I would...

High5 Purchasing Program and Games / allowing me to purchase points

richardcoburn501 on Sep 4, 2018

I purchased a 50.00 dollar gift card to put on my games I always do it on the first and play because I am handicap and have no legs I live in a nursing home I use $50.00 of the $100.00 I receive every month I recently deleated an account I was on for five plus years and opened a new one so... / slot machines

dodger5847 on Aug 23, 2018

Hello, I am writing to tell you how disgusted I am about your slot machines. I at one time was buying credits to play your games and won over 400, 000000. After that I have not been able to get one winning hit on your slot machines. I have lost all the money I spent to play your machines, plu...

Billionaires Casino / paid for packages.. not received

Cool hamster on Aug 20, 2018

Billionaires CasinoMade chips and tickets purchases that went off my bank account but not added to my player account... It has been long time that im waiting... I contacted them in app and also sent email. Still no reply from them.. Every time I made a purchase it says payment successful.. Then it went off...