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Zynga / Hit It Rich complaint

John Skip Avery Jr on Feb 25, 2017
I had over 38 BILLION coins showing and the game "updated", when it came back I found I only had 5 MILLION coins left, I'd like to know where all my hard earned coins went. i was working my way back up yet again and the system "enhanced" again removing a major amount of the coins I had...

Bet365 / On line gameplay

Lisa Douthwaite on Feb 24, 2017
I have played on this site for about 14 months but as soon as l win the game take much longer to get free spins would you like to know how far a part the free spins were 3000 thousand pounds between the first free spins and th amount l put in before l got another free spins this site ha...

Slotomania / Slotomania

Rhonda Hanley on Feb 23, 2017
I keep getting underpaid on slotomania. Just won 22 mil and it pays me 11. I notice this ALL the time. I have a mathematical mind and don't need a calculator to see I'm getting screwed one out of 10 times I win. Lost almost a billion coins this week! Seriously done playing this game. Why...

Sun International / Carnival city

Wayne Prinsloo on Feb 22, 2017
I have been a loyal mvg with Sun international for quite few years.I took my wife to carnival city on Sunday the 19th and was highly disappointed with the state of the parking area and walking area towards casino entrance.Broken beer bottles and glass all over, empty alcohol bottles in pot...

TapJoy / Missing diamonds

Linzy8 on Feb 22, 2017
TapJoyI completed an offer on the 10th February. It was to deposit £10 at Ladbrokes in return for over 20000 diamonds for the game covet. I sent an in game request for the missing diamonds. I've sent proof of the £10 going out of my bank, a screen shot from ladbrokes (whom I've spoken to...

Plakyika, Slotmania / Unethical behaviour, claiming you get cards and not following through

Mary Jarboe on Feb 20, 2017
I bought large packages from them several times and played for hours to receive the same cards over and over. They say bet high you get better cards and when i did a lot still got the same 1 star cards. There ripping us off. They say its random but there is no way to get 1 star all the...

Gameforge / Metin2.ae

thekingoflov on Feb 17, 2017
I contact the Metin2.ae support to complain about GM But they always close my ticket without answer I paid Money in this game ti charge my account with Dragon coins, i have rights an I can complain about anything wrong from my perspective or point of view how can i contact the support to...

Double Down Casino / Doubledown casino / chips taken

Elsa1125 on Feb 17, 2017
02/16 My elderly 80 year Mother who enjoys the game clicked on the highest bet and spent her 1 billion coins yesterday, I have spent $350 this week on coins, I asked the casino if they could reimburse some coin and she will have supervised play, they would not help at all. i received a...

Freelotto / I'm complaining about money been taken from my account

joycelyn jeffree on Feb 16, 2017
On february 15th money was debited from my account. My phone which I usually do play lotto on is not with me and hasn't been for past 5 weeks. I would like this resolved asap thanks and the money put back into my keycard, im due to have a baby in 5 days and I have 2 other children and that...

PA Lottery Office / Pick 2 lottery with wild ball

Yee Yee2 on Feb 14, 2017
PA Lottery OfficeI have written to several organization because the Pick 2 with the Wild Ball appears to be a scam. The advertising states that their will be more winners but when you view the statistics of each drawing, there are less than 140 winners Statewide for the day and/or evening drawing. There...

GSN.COM / I paid for tokens and their sight freezes due to their ads and the owe me over 72 million tokens that some Tom is refusing to put in my acct.

PEDI1017 on Feb 13, 2017
I was in a bad accident that left me where i can't get around right now so i play hours and hours throughout the day and night. I bought tokens twice. On a regular basis the game freezes and takes millions of tokens often and over the last week and a half i have been trying to get them...

On-V Online Technology / Online racing software

Mum and Dad on Feb 10, 2017
This falls into the "if it's too good to be true it probably isn't ' category. This company offers software to improve the odds of winning at the races. We've seen real time demos that validated their claims, we had some wins and some loses but the amount $$$'s required to buy the software...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / William hill ads

Steve Ormond on Jan 29, 2017
Saturation advertising of player odds, how to make a bet and betting options incl after-tennis open options in horse racing. All this was shown in children's viewing time before 7.30pm with no thought of the consequences to young minds. Minature prints issue warnings but this is too...

Slotmania / Slotmania game

deb neal on Jan 27, 2017
I play Slotmania every single day. I have invested at least 10 to 15 dollars a day so I can play for a while. I never get a bonus and very little points. This may not be a lot of money to you but it is to me. At least I should get one bonus with every $5! Very disappointed in my favorite...

DoubleDown Casino / Missing coins

Kendra9n on Jan 24, 2017
A couple of days ago I bought a $99 package when it was 3 times the amount. I got 300 million instead of 100 million. I won 11 billion coins and I was ecstatic. I played until I was down to 9 billion and I logged off. When I logged back on a couple of hours later... I had 2 billion coin...

Freelotto / Payment not received

z.c on Jan 21, 2017
On 14 november 2016 i have received two paid and eligible status notifications my name is also include in these notifications as eligible but there is no further process ;;; Pin no #253099600 zul audrey uwai User id # 101239840 Paid & eligible status notification This is a paid & eligible...

Freelotto / Fast subscription that I never wanted

Alicia Lomax on Jan 19, 2017
Hi I am filing a complaint because I never wanted the "fast service" and yet it's somehow registered me with the fast service now there's been a paymt of 14.99 taken out of my bank acct again and I need that money for the rest of the pymt that will. Be comin out of my acct which is why I...

DoubleDown Casino / Unethical behavior

Mike Fry on Jan 16, 2017
you are about the crappiest online gaming site I've ever seen. You addict your patrons, expect them to pay real money, don't give them a dam of a chance to win, and never give any money back in return. You throw a few chips their way and expect all to be made nicey. You really suck, you...

King.com / Candy crush saga

Christine Pierce on Jan 14, 2017
Twice this afternoon Candy crush saga have said I haven't completed a level when I had. On one level you were asked to score 200000 and I had over that. On the level now it asks to clear all jelly and three cherries which I have but it's saying one more cherry and there isn't one as all...

*optsins / *optsins

pedroboss on Jan 12, 2017
*optsinsi downloaded a game which was never loaded to my phone on 03-01-2017 deducting a N$ 551.92 from my account but which was spouse to be free subscription then again on the 07-01-2017 a amount of N$ 688.93 was deducted again this being the second time in one month . please i would like you to...
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