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Freelotto / Payment not received

z.c on Jan 21, 2017
On 14 november 2016 i have received two paid and eligible status notifications my name is also include in these notifications as eligible but there is no further process ;;; Pin no #253099600 zul audrey uwai User id # 101239840 Paid & eligible status notification This is a paid & eligible...

Freelotto / Fast subscription that I never wanted

Alicia Lomax on Jan 19, 2017
Hi I am filing a complaint because I never wanted the "fast service" and yet it's somehow registered me with the fast service now there's been a paymt of 14.99 taken out of my bank acct again and I need that money for the rest of the pymt that will. Be comin out of my acct which is why I...

Doubledown Casino / Unethical behavior

Mike Fry on Jan 16, 2017
you are about the crappiest online gaming site I've ever seen. You addict your patrons, expect them to pay real money, don't give them a dam of a chance to win, and never give any money back in return. You throw a few chips their way and expect all to be made nicey. You really suck, you...

King.com / Candy crush saga

Christine Pierce on Jan 14, 2017
Twice this afternoon Candy crush saga have said I haven't completed a level when I had. On one level you were asked to score 200000 and I had over that. On the level now it asks to clear all jelly and three cherries which I have but it's saying one more cherry and there isn't one as all...

*optsins / *optsins

pedroboss on Jan 12, 2017
*optsinsi downloaded a game which was never loaded to my phone on 03-01-2017 deducting a N$ 551.92 from my account but which was spouse to be free subscription then again on the 07-01-2017 a amount of N$ 688.93 was deducted again this being the second time in one month . please i would like you to...

Slotomania / Slotomania.com

Brody 2 on Jan 11, 2017
Someone or the company is stealing millions and millions of my points. I will go to bed with 92, 000.000.00 and wake up all my points are gone. I have enjoyed playing with Slotomania for a couple of years now but I have reached the end. I refused to keep dealing with a company that steal...

PurePlay / In regards to inconsistant pay-out times.

Lazr-1776 on Jan 9, 2017
I have been a member for 6 years. Not until recently have I had winnings not being processed & sent seemingly done excessively slow. They use to be prompt & efficient. I would also like to comment on all the negative postings about playing on this site. Seems to be a lot of crybabie...

Pokerstars.com / Account frozen

waelhaidar on Jan 9, 2017
To whom it may concern Yesterday i logged into my laptop and opened outlook.com to send an email to pokerstars support to delete my account. but my mistake i sent it from my father email which is assigned to another account at pokerstars. now they have blocked his account instead of mine. but...

Riana Janse van Rensburg / Carousel

Riana Janse van Rensburg on Jan 4, 2017
We went to Carousel on Sunday the 1st of January 2017. What a big disappointment. Before going we phoned and was informed the tables will be open till 3 o clock the morning. Once there, first it was a struggle to hand in a firearm, then the information boards at all the roulette table...

Pokerstars.com / Rip off

Dave Perry on Jan 1, 2017
I joined Pokerstars.com on Christmas day 2016 deposited £100 through PayPal and my account was not credited with the funds and I contacted Paypal. Who stated that the transaction was fine and it was ok to proceed. Yet Pokerstars have said there was a charge back by Paypal but have not retuned...

Pureplay Poker / Online poker

jbradt on Dec 29, 2016
This site is so full of bs and rigged players. I am a semi-pro player and have played on and off for 15 years. Just trust me. I will post more later. Do not pay to play here!! Trust me, now or later after you lose your hard earned $25/month.. Just to give it to losers who are paid pp...

Doubledown Casino / Chips

ToriGiGi on Dec 20, 2016
This happened at about 9:00 pm 12/20/2016. I just entered my code for today and I had over a million chips. When I went to play the games. I had only a little over 500. What happened to all my chips. I love playing these games but come on. It takes a long time to make any chips and when...

Ladbrokes / Customer service / bet

Mark a cochran on Dec 18, 2016
LadbrokesI went into one of your shops and put a £5 bet on a scorecast which won. I went to collect this morning to collect the winnings only To be handed a lesser amount than just was supposed to Win, I put a £5 bet on a 22/1 and only had £69 return and the reason being is because the woman behind...

Blizzard Ent Online / Unauthorized debit card charges

drwiemeri on Dec 12, 2016
12/11/2016 a charge of $49.99 was made on my debit card. Upon looking up the name/phone number, I discovered that there have been numerous complaints about fraudulent charges on Blizzard Entertainment Online, which appears to be a gaming site. I cannot find where they are located, but...

Ladbrokes / Ladbrokes/betdaq

Lenny77 on Dec 10, 2016
I had a ladbrokes online account but wasn't happy with them so I self excluded from them.later down the line is opened a betdaq account.I won a few quid (£1500) which I won off other members, but in small print term and conditions it says as I had self excluded from ladbrokes I can't claim...

Playtika / Slotomania

Jules Rocks on Dec 6, 2016
I am so angry with slotomania. I was gifted the artic tiger a few days ago, and had nearly 3billion coins!. ... The first bit of luck I had had for months!. I did not play that day, my mega bonus was due, so I collected it, then, bam! In an instant, my coins disappeared, all I had left...

Doubledown Casino / Games spinning

lilfootz on Dec 4, 2016
When I first go into a game - Any game it spins fine for the first dozen times, after that it gets long spinning, slow and jerky!!! I just went to High Speed Internet and this doesn't happen on any other app!!! Just one more way to rip us off I'm figuring!!! Think I'll stick with High 5...

King / Candy crush game & candy crush soda

Lois King on Dec 2, 2016
Since I updated these games they are not loading and always crashing if they do load. I used to look forward to playing these two games but now I hate the thought of even trying . I researched the Internet and discovered that there are a lot of people with the exact same complaints. If it...

Church's Chicken / They gave me anything

Wud Grain on Nov 28, 2016
They must've been out of white gravy they putmashed potatoes gravy on my country fried chicken it was red stuff on my coleslaw my jalapeño poppers was half cooked. I was pissed when I got out parking lot. I try to stay down as a loyal customer but they just make it so hard for me by doing what...

Doubledown Casino / My game will not load for past month, vocab play on other people's accounts on my computer

Heather Renaud on Nov 27, 2016
was playing nov1.logged off and have not beem able to play since. It is not my computer as I can play and load other peoples account on my computer. When I contact ddc zendesk they say don;t know why and lookinginto it. This has been there answer each time. Did they lock me out of game or...
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