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Slotomania / gifts

kathleen Benick on Apr 19, 2018
I have issues with the slotomania support system. I spend good money but fo almost a year having problems withgetting the coin gifts when other players buy. Support tries to turn it around to me that I have the issues no it is them they fix it for a day or two than poof it is gone again. I...

Slotomania / slots game

gypsiegirla7x on Apr 18, 2018
I have been noticing that my spins have been lagging, freezing up and glitching lately during important times of the game. For example, free spins, bonus rounds and spinning the mega wheel. I thought it was My internet connection so I tested it and its working 100%. So i would really...

DoubleDown Casino / diamond club

Normand Sarrazin on Apr 18, 2018
I play DDC about 4 hours a day at least and my Diamond Club status is Pink. I play only slot machine. I notice that I advance only 12 points a day even if I play for 4 hours. At this rate, how old I'm gonna be to reach 10, 000? Don't you think it's a little too slow. Could it be a little...

DoubleDown Casino / the fact that you have to now win millions of chips just to play.

Pam Hoglund on Apr 14, 2018
I've been on level 16 for about two year's. I was promised 17 million chips when hitting level 17. Two year's is a long time. Also I've played for about 5 year's. And now the winning's don't match what the bet's are suppose to be. In order to win anything, you must have millions of chip'...

Playtika / slotomania/playtika rewards program

mariecourneyea on Apr 14, 2018
slotomania, i have spent a lot because i wanted to get to the next playtika level thinking it would be better instead the quests got harder, expecting more to win. not worth it when quest goes from needing 450 million in gold status to needing 3.5 billion for platinum status in quest. Now...

VegasWorld / signing in

Todd Williams on Apr 10, 2018
I was on your site this morning I was chatting with a friend I have 14 million $ and 12 friends my character name is wormanater I cant log in it sends me to vegas world but my name now is guest something I need to know how I can get back to me and my girlfriend named cheyann plzs help.i...

Playtika / slotomania gold sloto cards

Linda Widner on Apr 8, 2018
I play Slotomania but this time I am very frustrated as I don't get gold cards. I don't understand why. Today it's even more frustrating because you are advertising the ability to get a gold card with every golden spin purchase. Well, I had the golden spin opportunity yesterday so I won't...

DoubleDown Casino / davincci diamonds

Theresa Blanchard on Apr 7, 2018
I am requesting a refund from double down casino. I have spent $500.00 to play their game DaVincci Diamonds, it is definitely rigged - no bonuses - all it does is take your money. I am disabled permantely do not have the money to keep blowing when all I wwant is to have a little fun. I...

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings / want to cash out winnings but no communication

dawn on Apr 7, 2018
How in the world does a customer collect winnings? Several months ago, I had a personal paypal issue with the account. It has been cleared and all good since before the first of this year. When I attempted to continue gambling on your site, I was asked for id. I did complain at first (id...

Slotomania / quest

Debra Skiba on Apr 7, 2018
I am stuck in the quest on the gold knox game. My game has been stuck at 8% for over a week. I have won more then the required 4.7 billion 3 times and my meter still stuck at 8%...I tried going out and coming back in which usually works but not this time. I have cleared my cashe several...

Playtika / slotomania

Desiree Dodd on Apr 6, 2018
I love the slotomania game and I love playing. But I recently did an update and lost over 50 million in coins and 2 days of star dice. Pls help. I play this game every chance I get. And was a little irritated that I couldn't play. As everything was gone. It would be greatly appreciated if...

Slotomania Facebook / cannot play the game, can log in but cant play over a week now and still cant play... does anyone know why...

Lalalisa on Apr 5, 2018
slotomania and scatterslots mainly the worst to try to play, going onto scatters to complain sweet as but you try going to playtika and you will just have to reload and reload the site same as the games are doing, I have windows 8 desktop 4g ram 1.8 cpu 250g of hard drive left, using...

Prostat Wins / sports betting service

Ipkiss on Apr 2, 2018
Prostat Wins (www.prostatwins.com) is a sports betting service operated by a guy named Evan. He sent me e-mails of his results everyday of all the winners and losers. He had a ton of winners and very little losers. So I joined for $79 a month. Evan then called me on the phone to join hi...

Playtika / slotomania slots

Geoff flood on Apr 2, 2018
Hi there I was really enjoying these great slots and have for a while now until roughly 30 minutes ago I was ripped off 127million dollars I rolled the star dice which I received 82 and a half million and about 44and a half million all up I had a balance of 127million dollars just over...

Ladbrokes Betting & Gaming / cash out

Rospy17 on Mar 31, 2018
Ladbrokes Betting & GamingOn the 26 th of march 2018 i have bet 40£ on 6 games, one of them playing that day and the next 5 on the 27 th of march 2018. The first game was a win and i had the cash out option for 71£ but i didnt cashed out. The next day on the 27th of march 2018 as the first game started my cash out...

Supabets.co.za / Portapa / live in play/results

Nkaelang Koikoi on Mar 29, 2018
Good evening On 29 March i bet twice on live in play with SUPABETS name of the bet which said "who wins rest the game". The result at the and of the game was 1 - 2 in favour of Saipa fc (Iran) which was in my favour but their result said it was a draw. I tried to contact them but no...

Playtika / slotomania

airpowr1989 on Mar 29, 2018
I am very frustrated at the constant maintenance going on and since I am a "Diamond" and coin paying customer I'm more than frustrated these days when now I have 8 black wedges and still not even getting anything to complete this next challenge. I realize it is random slots but really. The...

Brach's / maple nut goodies

Sharon Fra on Mar 28, 2018
Brach's7J11BB182. Best By 07/11/2018 Purchased at Menards in Davison MI We bought Maple Nut Goodies Which have been a Favorite of mine since I was a child, The ones we purchased there are so hard we could not chew them, I know after eating them for years they are a crunchy candy but we could chew...

Playtika / slotomania slot machines

Antony Lowery on Mar 24, 2018
As soon as I started purchasing coins all games have been tightened up . Free spins pay very little or disappear altogether .The promote the Bet more and increase your chances of winning, well that's a load of BS, how does one prove the games have been tightened up, well go view the fan...

Playtika / playtika bingo blitz

Patty Myers on Mar 24, 2018
I have summited over 9 tickets this week regarding your promotion in green beans room for completing quest to recieve credits. I paid $200 in credits so I could complete these and I did, every single one but never got the credits for doing so. I want my credit rewards for completing these...

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