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Food, By Most Complaints | Page 7

Atlanta Cattle Exchange / beware!

Do not entertain the thought of trying this company. I was solicited by a business man representing this company - very nice guy - sought out my house after seeing all the kids/toys in my yard - and open garage door! Smart business guy. :) Asked me what kind of meat I buy- how much I spend...

Ben & Jerrys Icecream Webster texas / Restrooms

This facility closes there bathrooms at 9:oo pm and they do not close there ice cream parlor until 10:00Pm I am looking into calling the city oprdinance dept to see if this is acceptable. The owner and Big Huge manager female were rude and un professional. We visit the ice cream parlor...

Kraft Mac & Cheese / Quality

Kraft Mac & CheeseDear Kraft, I purchased multiple boxes of your Mac and Cheese, which I buy often. The noodles in the box had dramatically various lengths. Every single box I made did not turn out in a preferable way. Some noodles were hard, some were too soft, it was just a mess. It frustrated me that I...

Poland Spring / taste

Does anyone else find that Poland Spring's seltzer water gets flat somewhat quickly. I love it, I just wish it alwyas kept that first refreshing taste when you open it.

Blank MSTERCARD / wAS not activated

On 07/19/10 I purchased a $50.00 Pre Paid Master Card from King Soopers at 7984 Alameda Ave, lAKEWOOD Co. I purchased a $50.00 Mastercard Blank. Purchasing it at the Self Serv I specifically asked what needed to be done. The attendant came over and scanned the card for me and said... Organic / food use date OrganicI purchased PediaSmart Organic Vanilla Powder- 6 Pk from at Jul 30, 2010, the package indicated that its expiry should be Oct 2010. However when I opened it, I noticed that the interior surface of the can has some curd or clogging, and the powder is not smooth as usual, and it...

diapers/similac powder recall / Can not refund for similac powder


I have bought 6 pack similac powder in (order no 5772104).Recently, Similac company has voluntary recalled affected powder. I was found that all of powder I bought was in recalled list.I mailed to diapers customer center request to resolve this things, because I have ship...

Atlanta Cattle Exchange / False Information by Rep.

Atlanta Cattle ExchangeThe salesman lied told me that I could post date 2 checks to purchase 100.00 worth meat. They were post dated for Oct. 12th & Oct. 19th. They cashed both checks on Oct. 7th causing my bank account to be overdrawn. Thank you Nathan that sells in Mississippi for the cattle exchange. Maybe...

HyVee / chicken

I went in to HyVee in Windom, Mn. this noon and bought a broasted chicken breast. It was so tough and had no taste and I returned it to the store. It was the first time I had tried the Deli since the takeover of Sunshine Foods. In all the years I had never received a bad piece of chicken...

MOR Marketing / Fraud

We also fell victim to this scam. Ours differed in that we were told we would get 2 $100 vouchers to Target, $200 rebate card and $25 gift card to Wal-Mart along with the $1000 worth of free groceries. I called the MOR customer service number and like the rest of you I was treated very rudely...

Sizzler / mild food poisening

my names Louise Woolmore and I went to Sizzler yesterday with my boyfriend as a treat, I spent 72 dollars on a seafood dish and a steak and chips dish we had the salad bar too, plus a starter of sliders . The salad bar was awsome, we then had the sizzler sliders and from there we felt ill...

Hershey / diabetes

pavodoro on Feb 9, 2011

Please stop telling your clerks to promote the sale of candy at the checkout. I realize that Walgreen's is in the SICKNESS business. Are you urging customers to consume more candy, so that they will become diabetic and increased your profits? I am absolutely certain that you...

Trader Joe's / rude clerks

TJ Disgruntled on Feb 15, 2011

Rude customer service. This store has to have the most adversarial clerks I have ever encountered. I was in the store today and got a cup of coffee. Upon realizing I didn't like it, I asked the clerk whether I should throw a cup hot liquid in the trash can (didn't want to create...

Hamburger Restraurant / Discrimination

Sassafras Tree on Apr 1, 2011

After attending the 5 Guys restraurant, my son and I experience obvious discrimination. From the time we entered the establishment we were not greeted by the cashier. He greeted the three customers behind us, who were white. As we waited for our food, all three white customers received...

On The Border Restaurant / Food Poisoning

YIPES ME THINKS NOT on Apr 22, 2011

The Reston, VA location is horrendous. DO NOT GO THERE EITHER. I have had problems with EVERY TAKE-OUT ORDER. it's always one of two scenarios (1) the ticket isn't put in until I arrive, which defeats the point and I end up looking like a [censored] wasting my time at the bar...

Happy meal for kids / Wrong meal served to kid

Preet on May 7, 2011

Ordered 3 med. Delux burger meals and 1 kids happy meal with only cheese burger without beef patty, due to religious beliefs, and when child didnot finish his burger, I noticed a beef patty and confirmed at the counter. store manager apologized and refunded me $ 2.45. But what about the...

Popeys Chicken / No chicken available at time of request

Louis Baker on May 14, 2011

On several occasions, my family and I have stopped at the drive thru to order a family meal at the store located on Baseline Street in Highland, CA. On three seperate occasions, the latest one being on 5/13/2011 at 8:30 PM, we ordered a 16 piece family meal mld recipe. First of all, the...

Gatorade / bad product

ovianna on Jun 5, 2011

We bought a case of blueberry gatorade, batch number 0218TL118:59 3 at the walmart in Sarnia Ontario, unfortunately one of the bottles that we have opened so far is bad. Not only is there things floating in it but it is also open. We haven't opened all of the case and we hope that...

doritos 6 pack / open a packet and it had only 4 crisp in it

crispman on Jun 14, 2011

brought a six pack of doritos tangy cheese at my local food shop morrises i take a packet to work with me i been buying doritos for a long time and ive never came across this before i open a packet and look in with dis belef there was only four crisp in the packet mine you it was only one packet but i was still disapointed can you tell me why

Cook Shop / Will not refund money

Lhulyd on Jul 5, 2011

Terrible customer service!!! Mistakenly thought a cooking class I registered for was on a Tuesday but it was on the Monday (the day before). Their online calendar starts on a Sunday and when you scroll down you don't see the day of the week for the classes. The school director wa...