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Loaded nachos nothing in them / loaded nachos

Aug 11, 2018

Loaded nachos nothing in themI received loaded nachos from sheets and they were absolutely hallow, there was no taco meet and I was very very disappointed in the food I received because usually it is amazing. I wanted to try something new in hopes I would enjoy something new however I am eating plain tortilla chip...

Plastic Bags / organic food and the new reusable plastic bags

Aug 10, 2018

Plastic BagsOrganic food - while we would like to support your organic food section, we do not want everything wrapped in plastic! Please stop! Put it out fresh and free of plastic please! Coles re-usable bags - we have just seen these along roadsides already - please get real about this problem and...

L. R. Hauer, Str. Eng. / wine pricing

Aug 10, 2018

I am complaining about Vons pricing of wine. It is not illegal because you say "Regular Price", and not use the "Retail" price, but it is certainly misleading to the customer, and I would say unethical, as the customer who does not have a good knowledge regarding the price of wines, think...

Meijers on Grand River & McNichols / produce & parking lot

Aug 10, 2018

The produce sucks it always appears to be on its last leg and common herbs and vegetables continually are not available. Examples ginger root, cilantro, and fresh dill. When herbs are offered as plants like basil and mint they appear they haven't been watered in years. The general...

no chicken at a chicken joint / pulling up car is illegal/beat the clock

Aug 10, 2018

There is a lot of pressure to beat the clock place on staff which causes problems for customers. I witnessed a car accident because kfcstaff told customers to pull into illegal parking spots, handicap spots in other lots because they had no chicken at 5:30 p.m. Customers that refused to...

Demi A Rude Cashier At Southern River Cor Amherst And Warton Roads, WA / demi was so rude and overreacted and didn't want to touch my reusable bags because she says they give her a headache.

Aug 10, 2018

I gave her my 5 woolies reusable bags which were all dry, not soiled either. She goes...what's that smell? So I took bag 1 bag which I used when I bought squids just the other day and sniffed at it. It wasn't that offending but being a reused bag it doesn't smell fresh...

Allen Creek Taco Bell, Grants Pass OR. 97527 / everything

Aug 9, 2018

Long wait in drive-up line. Half way through placing my order I had to stop and wait some more. Didn't get my burrito. Nacho Bell Grande came with chips, beans, sour cream... No cheese, meat or tomatoes. Ordered large Nacho fries, got the small one. Tried calling got the fax...

Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse / food

Aug 9, 2018

Rioz Brazilian SteakhouseFirst, they refused to honor reservations. Ended up waiting hours to be seated. Second, they baited us into the meal and waitress told us that all food brought to table and offered, was included in the meal. Last thing offered was desert, everyone at table got a desert and was billed...

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International-Riffa Branch, Bahrain / plum cake

Aug 6, 2018

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International-Riffa Branch, BahrainI bought a Plum cake from lulu-riffa branch on 31-07-18 (receipt no-289524). while my wife was eating the cake, she broke her teeth (due to a stone mixed up with the cake). Blood was bleeding from the damaged area and she couldn't eat /sleep well due to the pain till now. Moreover she i...

NAN Excella Pro 2 / the product got expired before the expire date

Aug 6, 2018

Hi, Please donot by the NAN excella pro which has only 1 year validity and the product expire more than 6 months, which cause the baby diarrhea and other problems. There was not action taken by the Nestle until they get the samples, after that there was no action or response given by...

LinnCo, LLC / poor resolution of order not filled according to request by tierra and gina at store 354874.

Aug 5, 2018

08/05/2018 at 1:41 pm. Order #0045. Store 354874.When I asked for the manager she said she was working as crew. For a manager, Gina does not show professionalism in the workplace to understand or resolve the fact that my order was not filled properly. She made fun of and light of the...

Food club / food club deluxe mac and cheese

Aug 5, 2018

My kids love to eat your food Club Deluxe shells and cheddar dinner mac and cheese but you change the cheese in it and they will not eat it anymore and several other people have complained to me that they don't use it anymore because you went to a different cheese and it tastes awful I...

Mrs. Frazier / service

Aug 5, 2018

We have went to the south main store in High Point N.C for the last two weeks and they have got our order wrong both time. We will not be going back the person did not know what he was doing and having to wait for over 35 minutes to get our wrong order and as we were waiting another...

Expired Cake / black forest cake slab

Aug 5, 2018

Expired CakeFriday August 3, 2018 I picked up cake for family celebrations.When I got home there was ice frost around cake.The cake was cracked and cherries dried out.I was not happy because I brought cake sister brought steaks cake could go clearance or get rid of from store.Reinburse my money for...

Meijer Forest Park/Fairfield Store. across from Forest Fair Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio / fresh meat/fish cooler

Aug 4, 2018

My wife and I are partially crippled and I just got out of the hospital after having a stroke, so I was instructed to be on a lo cal lo colestrol diet, so my wife went to the fish cooler and saw some fish on sale, she stumbled, and had to touch the front of the cooler to maintain her...

Jello / chocolate mousse

Aug 3, 2018

I have been trying to find the Jello Chocolate Mousse mix for about a year. No stores carry it and I can't even find it on line. That mix was the most delicious mousse ever! But saddly it seems that you stopped making it. You need to tell me how to get it or bring it back if it wa...

Joyce Malunes / pepero chocolates

Aug 3, 2018

Joyce MalunesI ordered peppero chocolates and they said i will recieved the item on july 31 through jrs but i have not yet recieved it so i extend my shopee guarantee and said by august 3 i will received it but there is still no package had arrive to me by yesterday so when i am planning to rrquest a...

Lutheran Church of Prayer / the chicken

Aug 3, 2018

Last night bought an 8 piece chicken dinner, I was so looking forward to the chicken. I haven's had it in a while. So disappointed, the chicken out side (skin) was so old and tough. You could even eat it. It was the original choice. The chicken on the inside was fine, but you just look...

Camel Cigarette Brand / camel menthol cigarettes

Aug 2, 2018

Camel Cigarette BrandI have been a camel brand smoker and have always been happy with them . Recently however I have bought many packs that have a the filter paper fall peeling apart to where I can not smoke the cigarette. Being that cigarettes are not cheap I'm not to pleased that I have wasted cigarettes. ...

A&W Stansbury / hostile work environment

Aug 1, 2018

I am the former GM of the Stansbury Park, UT location and I have never ever seen a company so mismanaged! I was fired today for no reason at all. My daughter who was an assistant manager also filed a complaint for sexual harassment against another employee and she was asked for her key...

Marketplace / food service

Aug 1, 2018

Date: sunday, july 29, 2018 Store id: mcdmkt01 Location market place in airport in orlando fla, ordered two sandwiches, water and tea. At 1 pm there were very were few items already made to choose from. Waiter: 386702, name deshawn. However, not his fault, the entire staff and restaurant...

Hardee's Restaurants Hardin MT / the workmanship and food service

Jul 30, 2018

Okay I am a resident of Hardin Montana I have lived here for quite a while and the only other restaurant that was here was McDonald's so we talked to city council and everything trying to get another restaurant in so as the years went by now Love's Truck Stop bills out here at...

White Lake / domino's gm

Jul 30, 2018

The general manager at Pinellas Park Florida dominoes shouts at customers and workers. Throws fits and hurts everyone. She lets drug deals knowingly go under her watch. She had all her children working there and talks to them like they're at home. She's yelled at customers and fired...

41813 Outerloop Louisville KY / food

Jul 30, 2018

On Sunday July the 29th. My wife and I visited the Longhorn Steak house located at 4813 Outerloop in Louisville it 40219. The service was horrible our waitress was very rude and took way too long to bring my wife's salad. After waiting 30 minutes she finally beings her salad with some kind...

Burnt egg rolls / I ordered the 3 egg roll order and all 3 egg rolls were way over cooked, burnt.

Jul 29, 2018

Burnt egg rollsI went to the drive thru.. Got home and found 3 burnt egg rolls. To top it off they did not give us a receipt. We ordered the 3 piece egg rolls and a #4 meal. I was so in the mood for these egg rolls and I get burnt ones. I have attached a picture. Please make this right. I don't...

Springhill Suites Hotel / bagel

Jul 29, 2018

I went to your new west Mifflin pa new store to buy a bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich, I went to work about a quarter mile away, when I went to eat it the bagel was so hard I could not break it with my hand, could not return it could not leave work, called but nobody answers the phone...

Home & Health Argentina / home & health argentina, program "locos x el asado"

Jul 29, 2018

I have just watched with my family "Campo y asado", the episode 4th from the first season of this program "Locos x el asado". At one moment, the host injects a marinade into a piece of meat before sending it to the grill, jokingly the camera man "faints" because he gets scared of needle...

Alaska Lodge, Seatac Airport / food and service

Jul 29, 2018

We (4 adults) were on our way home from an extended vacation and needed to have dinner prior to boarding our plane. It was somewhat busy so I guess I could understand the delay in our order - perhaps 20 minutes, but there was no excuse for the quality of the food we received. There was no...

Coronado, CA Domino's / pizza was not cut!

Jul 29, 2018

Coronado, CA Domino'sI ordered a gluten free sausage pizza and I requested it to not only be cut in squares, but I also specifically requested for them to make sure that the pizza was cut all the way through and the employee on the phone said it would be no problem. When I received the pizza, there were...

Beth Stickler / food

Jul 28, 2018

Beth SticklerI went to the Dairy Queen this evening July 28, 2018 and ordered 4 chicken baskets to go. I was very displeased with them. They had no where the food in them that I have gotten before, the fries were cold and chewy and the pieces of chicken were very small. If I am going to be paying 5.99...

Complaint about a workers attitude / attitude

Jul 28, 2018

Rachelle Piotto has an issue with attitude and people tinier than her. She's from store 0335. I'm fed up with these children asking for so much respect. Blah blah but can't give it to save her life. I do Bot care in the slightest. Her attitude actually pissed me off more than I would like...

chicken licken denlyn mamelodi. / poor service overall.

Jul 28, 2018

Placed and order at this branch. After a while of seeing other customers come and go, I enquired about the length of my order and I was told that they were still busy with it. 45 minutes later, I went and asked again, this time I am really getting annoyed and that's when they told me that...

Your workers / customer service

Jul 28, 2018

We wait 40 minutes in line for our food so when they give it we asked her if all our food was in there and she just starts laughing your workers need to go to a training how to treat customer or be polite to their customers and if they can't comuicate with customer to look for an other job...

Suffix / ordered a large peanut butter sundae and got a small. they made it wrong and acted like it was my fault

Jul 27, 2018

Massillon dairy queen on Lincoln way. I ordered a large peanut butter sundae and got a small. They didnt want to fix it acted like it was my fault. The date is 7-27-18. And they were rude and would not give me names of who was serving me. Even the management was rude and acted like she...

Salad works / poor customer service

Jul 27, 2018

Salad worksAs i arrived to the front counter i was ignored for several minutes as 2 employees talked among themselves loudly about a boy. As she began our order she was blunt and mixed my zalad with next to no dressing after sat down to eat hoping i could make the amount spread on my lettuce but it...

The Real Canadian Superstore (Brampton) / selling expired simply lunch boxes

Jul 26, 2018

As of 26 July 2018, BRAMPTON Superstore has expired Simply Lunch boxes sitting on their shelves. My son already ate it so nothing can be done, but please get store assistants to check all Simply Lunch packs immediately. Very disappointing as these lunch packs are eaten by children. Our box...

Tyson Farms / tysons 10 lb bag frozen chicken breasts

Jul 26, 2018

Tyson FarmsWe purchased a large 10lb bag frozen boneless, skinless chicken breast last week at Costco, Huntington Beach. Almost all of the breast were larger than normal. So large in fact that after being thawed they were difficult to cut in half. When cooked, difficult to chew! Toughest, leathery...

Macro Nelspruit / today chicken and beef mini sausages roll pies

Jul 26, 2018

Macro NelspruitDuring my monthly shopping I bought a box of chicken and a box of beef mini sausage pies. Yesterday 25 July 2018 5pm. On opening them this morning, the chicken was a congealed mess and the beef looked ok till I ate 2. My stomach is not doing well. I did notice, that freezer unit was not...

Jewel foods on 75th Stony Island / deli department

Jul 25, 2018

Visited this store on July 25th and purchased a pound of seafood salad once I got it home and started to eat it I began to feel physically I'll I was nauseous and almost through it up went to check the remaining salad and noticed it had a spoil order. This is not the first time I have...

Bad Service at Steers Pan Africa / steers restaurant

Jul 25, 2018

Good Day I hope you are well I ordered at steers Pan africa mall for delivery at past 6 only to receive my order now at 20:35.. I had to wait over 2 hours for my order to be delivered which is really bad service from steers.. Please see my points below: * I ordered at past 6 *...