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Bush's Best Vegetarian Baked Beans / Rusty metal rod in the bowl


My husband choked on a 3/4 inch rusty metal rod that he spooned out of a bowl of Baked beans. The can was marked use by May 2010 and was purchased at a Southern California large grocery chain. Lot #5087A of Bush's Best Vegetarian baked beans.

Quantum Foods Steaks / Absolutely terrible


Quantum Foods - I bought a 3 pound box of boneless frozen beef ribeye steaks at Walmart. They were from Quantum Foods. There address is 750 S Schmidt Rd, Bolingbrook, IL 60440. I bought a 3 pound box of boneless frozen beef ribeye and tbones directly from and sales rept. They were from...

KRD Rice / Affected by dysentery


We (me and my friend) had a KRD RICE which is available in all the stores in chennai. Yesterday (7/29/2007) me and my friend bought the packet curd rice in Ambattur old town and eat that packet rice which is one day old from the manufacturing date in that label they mentioned the DoE is: 7...

Food Bazar / BAGS are ruined by the rats in foodbazar!


On 09th July 2007 I had gone to Food Bazar for shopping of foodgrains and household stuff. Since I cannot take the bags (09 nos) alone like always I went to the security counter for Home Delivery. I got one bag of vege with me and rest 8 bags for home delivery. On 10th July around...

Ultimate DiGiorno Pizza / Bug in the pizza!


CONSUMER BEWARE!!! My family and I were eating the 'Ultimate DiGiorno Pizza' when this mom discovered an 'EARWIG' or pincher bug sticking out from under an already bitten piece of pepperoni. This is totally unacceptable in my opinion. I called the 800# and was told I...

Civil Supplies Corporation of Tamil Nadu - Chennai / Non issue of Ration Card!


I applied for issue of Family (Ration Card) Card on the 14th Feb 2007 in the prescribed form. An official from the Department visited my home and made necessary inquiries on February 21, 2007. He informed me that I will receive a communication from his Office in the next few days and I...

Bennoti / Never got through to Bennoti!


Bennoti has taken my money out of my credit card dec of 2006 was a Christmas gift disaster. Now here i am 7 months latter waiting i could have grown coffee faster in my green house ha ha ha but the jokes on me!i just now found this sight and find i am not the only sucker out there! How do...

2 / 3 Pound Monster Burger / Black grease on bun


My daughters monster burger had black on the bun and she took it up there to ask them what it was all they had to do is replace the bun, but they made fun of her they did make her a fresh one. I didn't appreciate them making fun of her and the assistant manager was kissing his girl...

Hometown Candy / No delivery of products!


I ordered from Hometown Candy, which is linked to Barnegat candy, and have received no goods. They do not answer the phone, nor respond to e-mails. This is blatant fraud.

WineStyles / Poor customer treatment


This complaint is in regards to a wine store in Fort Wayne, IN called WineStyles. My wife and I are wine collectors and will easily spend $200 in one visit if we find nice wines for our collection. This is a new store in town and we were wanting to see what they had to offer. Alas - read...

Bennoti Espresso And Cappuccino Maker / Cannot reorder coffee pods


It is impossible to reorder coffee pods. The phone number on the side of the machine is out of service, emails go unanswered.

Dairy King Delite - Xenia, OH / Ripping customers off!


I am complaining on services received by the Manager/Owner of Dairy King in Xenia, Ohio. On May 6th My Fiancee and i went for ice cream. I ordered a banana split tornado. It was liquid. I complained to the owner in hopes he would replace with a different type. I expected ice cream not... / Credit card charged, no order delivered!


E-Bulk Candy, which is linked to Barnegat Candy and Jordan's Almonds, has twice failed to deliver candy to me. True in the first instance, after a long delay, they did credit my credit card account. The second occasion, when I ordered from Barnegat Candy (not knowing the connection to...

Food World / Food World is consistently inconsistent


Problem: One Grapes Packet = 65/- and All grapes packet weighed differently. Weight range 700 gms to 950 gms. Place: Food World, Outer Ring Road, BTM Layout, Near Udipi Garden, Bangalore-76. Food world Manager: Yashoda and one more person but I do not remember her name. Items: 1 KG Apple...

Brandarama / Deceptive business practices!


A copy of email to Brandarama: R. Bruce Barritt, General Manager, Dear Sir, today I saw an ad on Google saying I would receive 24 bottles of Citrus Water. I was very excited to try because the football player in the Super Bowl had said it was great. We I clicked on the link from Brandarama it...

Chick Filet / No more Chick Filet fo me!


I have avoided fast food due to a cardio diet. However, I did have to eat when I spent hours at a shopping mall. I figured Chick Filet would have a salad 'safe' to eat. They did; I had the chicken on top of the salad. However, the only dressings they offer are all "fat free" fake...

Minimax 319 Massachusetts Buffalo NY / Food poisoning


This is a mini mart serving food that does'nt have a clue on food clean up they serve food that has been left out of the freezer all night. Bathroom door is left open at all times. They have no clue if the food they are cooking is cooked through. They do not clean there areas up with...

Subhiksha Trading Services Ltd. / Poor quality of black channa!


On 26/03/07, we bought 1/2kg Kala Channa from Subhikhsha Trading Services Ltd, Old Faridabad, Faridabad, Haryana. On same night, my wife soaked around 350gm channa in water for overnight to cook next day morning 27/03. To our surprise that in the morning we found that out of 350gm around...

Lakeview Bakery / Terrible customer treatment!


Completely horrifying experience when trying to place an order for my second extremely overpriced priced cake. Walked in happy and excited. Left shaking and furious. One of the owners, a male, must have been having a bad day or off his meds. He proceeded to be snide, condescending, sarcastic...

Subhiksha Department Stores / Insect infected Channa!


I had bought a 500 gram packet of small Channa (dry), costing Rs.45/- from Subhiksha Department Stores, Siripuram, Vishakapatnam, A.P., India. This was in the 2nd week of Jan'07. I had not opened the pack and stored it in air-tight container. Today when I wanted to open it, I...

Seattle Direct Coffee / Excessive charges


Like the other person listing on this site, I foolishly signed up for two lbs of coffee and a grinder for $9.99... imagine my surprise when, like that other person, I was charged $34 and, like them, have received two more shipments in the space of one month. The base price is reasonable...

International Bakery - Hawthorne, NJ / Terrible experience!


I went into International Bakery on Thursday 1/24/2007 and ordered a half-sheet Sponge Bob Square pants cake for my 6 yr old daughter. I need the cake for Saturday 1/27/2007. On 1/27/2007 I picked the cake up for the party and left the store. But when we cut the cake at 6:45 p.m. I noticed...

Falcone's Sesame Bread Sticks / This product need to be recalled!


Falcone's Cookieland Ltd.,1657 61st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11204-I recently purchased this company's Italian Style bread sticks, the sesame flavored variety at a Dollar store in Newark, NJ. As I was trying to eat them I crunched down on what I thought was sand or glass. I spit that... / Poor customer service!

I placed an order for delivery for a Valentines Day gift on 02/13/07. I maneuvered through the www.zchocolate website, I made a few modifications, saved all changes and entered my credit card information. I received an email confirming my order. I made the order the day prior to...

Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Ltd / Half eaten/rotten chewing gum in sealed packet


I purchased a pack of Protex Happydent Xylitol Sugarfree Gums (pack of 6 gums) Gum made by Perfetti Van Melle India Pvt Ltd. When i took it out from the packet i saw a half broken/ eaten/ rotten chewing gum is packed in the sealed packet. I also went to the website of the company to log a...

See's Candies, Inc. / The price is to high!

I was buying a box of chocolate lollypops at the same price of a box already made up. The price went up to $.60 from $.55 when sold separately. But seeing I eat one a day to keep my craving of chocolate to a minimum, I buy the whole box. Last time I paid $13.75 for the made up box, and...

Dave's Gourmet Albacore - Santa Cruz, Ca / Fishy fish company


I ordered 30 cans of gourmet salmon and tuna from Dave's Albacore in Santa Cruz, Ca. When the box arrived (in perfect condition), and I opened it, I found 26 cans were dented. When I called to tell them and to ask for a re-shipment, they said, "We don't ship dented cans!" I wa...

Lindsay Large Pitted Olives / Cans opened in plastic shrink wrap


We live in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan and when we were recently in Green Bay, WI, we shopped at Sam's Club. We live approximately 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours away. When we got home and opened the shrink wrap the cans were punctured and open. There was no way to tell with the...

Encore Foods Chopped Onions of Canada / Live maggotts in the food


Heads up. I am letting you and the public know of my experience. On three seperate occasions, after purchasing Encore foods chopped onions of Canada, I discovered live maggotts. The first two times I pitched them. This latest container I took to Big Lots in Sterling Heights, Michigan, and...

Southern Foods Corporation / Store Closing Sale - something else for me to watch out for!

I seriously doubt this situation is "news" to most people, but it did shock me! Tarrant, AL is a very small town, and I'm only aware of two grocery stores in the city. One is Southern Foods, and it is closing. They were having a Store Closing Sale, with everything 40 to 50% discounted...

Rival Crockpots / Don't catch your kitchen on fire

Today as in so many days of my life, I was putting ingredients in my crock pot so dinner would be ready when we got home. I first put in a box of stuffing mix, about a cup of onions and celery frozen, and then chicken drumsticks from the fridge. The chicken was completely thawed and the...

SugarCraft / Lack of Customer Service

This company is a piece of work, I was a loyal customer for the past 5 years, who will never ever order from them again, and will make sure I tell every single person I know about my experience. I am going to do this complaint in a timeline: Friday, December 1st, 1:00pm, I place an order...

Favourite Fried Chicken / Potential risk to public health!


I purchased some food from the above chicken take away outlet on 20/10/2006 at approximately 14:35. I was disgusted to later find out that my friend ( Mr Philip Towersey 0 who was present when I purchased the food said he saw the guy who served me was picking his nose as I placed my order...

Natural Light Beer / Strange smell


Hello i am a individual who bought 2 cases of beer for my brothers birthday party and needless to say the beer was no good it was flat and had a strange smell to it. Like beer should not have i can promise i will not be buying this product again it ruined my brothers 26th birthday party...

Farmer Jacks Supermarket / No more pork chops


Whole ( in bone ) pork loins $0.99 lb. I have shopped Farmer Jacks for many years and was very disappointed when I asked the butcher to cut a pork loin into chops for me. I was informed that they were only sold as pork loins, since when for many years I have had pork loins (whole in bone ...