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Zaxby's Gatecity Blvd / chicken club and nibblers

Nov 9, 2018

I came in thru the drive thru my drinks wasnt ready nor my food and i ask to add something i forgot and they refused to take my order. So i came in and ordered it and my food that wasnt ready in the drive thru was wrong and the order they made me get out of drive thru to order. So i had to...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 2910 / food? order placing

Nov 7, 2018

The popeyes on 40 Empire Blvd decided to give me what ever it was that they wanted to give me, on my expense! I ordered a three 3pc combo with mash potatoes and a regular drink, what they give me was.. a 2pc with fries and a large drink. whats worse is that i could not take it back because...

Shanna LaCaille / I am complaining about the service my husband and I received at the wingstop on 88 burnside avenue in the bronx.

Nov 6, 2018

My husband and I went there to purchase lunch on 11/5/18. When we arrived the employees were taking selifies and talking on the phone. We ordered our food and then wanted to add something else to our order when the 2 employees called another employee from the back of the store where he wa...

Shaw’s Plaistow NH / chocolate milk

Nov 5, 2018

2 wks ago I bought chocolate milk, the expiration date was a week away but was sour when we opened it . Today I bought chocolate milk nov 5 when got home milk again was sour checked expiration date it was oct 28th 9 days ago !! I didn't check date at store but this should have not been on...

Chilis Thomaston GA / service

Nov 4, 2018

My friends and I went to chilis thomaston ga. 30286 friday november 2 2018 we had heather as I waitress she gave us hot tea, took 30 min to actually take out order then after then she brought 2 cups of ice there were 3 of us and a small child I ordered a salad and half slab of ribs. I...

1941 Hampton ga McDonald's / service, product, communication

Nov 2, 2018

Went through the drive thru yesterday around 5 pm and ordered 2 quarter pounder with cheese meals with come for both and 2 Carmel parfah. I waited In line for over 20 minutes so by the time I got to the window to pay I handed the lady exact change $22.03 and pulled forward with retaining a...

Denis Brooks, F-0028, SERCK 24 11:12AM, 11/01/2018 / service was horrible

Nov 1, 2018

Me and my mother were at a medicare town meeting at the Golden Corral 869 in Rocky mount NC, when the meeting was over we decided to stay and have lunch, the lady who took my money and order was great, we got coke and water she told me to put the ticket on the table the waitress would...

Celtic Gold Honey / review written about celtic gold honey / you are wrong honey is not a perishable

Oct 31, 2018

Although this article is from 2017, it casts a poor light on Celtic Gold Honey. I know the owner of the company since it's inception and he's never said honey is perishable, in fact he says the opposite. The following is directly from your website. "Celtic Gold Honey / you...

Powerful Divas with a Purpose / customer service

Oct 30, 2018

Every week I go into the Shoppers in Clinton, MD to pick up Grilled Chicken for my lunch. On October, 30, 2018 at around 8:45 am I made my weekly stop. No grilled chicken was not available, which was a huge disappointment because we have a huge 95th birthday coming up and my mother wanted...

Year / grocery tax

Oct 30, 2018

The Family Dollar stores in my county are charging tax on groceries. Groceries are exempt from sales tax in my state. The manager claimed that it was a new tax passed by county supervisors according to his corporate manager. No such tax has been passed. No other store is charging sales tax...

Nando's Town Square Mall, Richards Bay / chicken

Oct 30, 2018

Nando's Town Square Mall, Richards BayGood Morning. I purchased 1/4 chicken and chips on 29 October 2018 at Nando's Town Square Mall in Richards Bay. When I got home and opened the bag I was really disappointed. What I expected and what I received were 2 completely different things. I expected a proper 1/4 piece of chicken but... / sonic's drive in service

Oct 29, 2018

We had to get an order replaced because the sandwiches were made wrong. My fiancee called and spoke to someone, who told her to come in when possible to receive the replacement. We went in tonight, through the drive thru, and we're told to pull up. I'm assuming the lady who came...

Lucerne Foods / lucerne organic chicken

Oct 29, 2018

I purchased an organic chicken Sunday at the local Albertson store. When I prepared to use the chicken today, I had to pluck feathers out of the chicken. I should not have to do that for a chicken I purchased. This is unacceptable. I have sent an email to Lucerne Foods as it is not...

Trader Joes / frozen croissants and raspberry danish

Oct 29, 2018

Just a quick warning to everyone on the Trader Joes Croissants and a product they call Raspberry Danish. They use to sell croissants in a box and they were amazing. I would put them out the night before when I was going to have a family brunch on Sunday. I would bake them in the morning...

A&W Ingersoll / service complaint

Oct 29, 2018

Hello there i went to Ingersoll A&W location today on Highway 401 closer to Pitapit . i had a coupon on my mail box. i redeemed coupon on same location 2 weeks back. today Manager on duty said we cant accept coupon. i asked for vege burger last time they were out of beyond meat burger...

Snickers Candy Bar / half eaten snickers fun size bar

Oct 29, 2018

Snickers Candy BarWhat additional information do you need? Box barcode: [protected] Expiry 05 2019 My kids and I were shocked to find a half eaten Snickers bar in our box of Fun Size 95 piece pack. Bought at Walmart Abbotsford, B.C., Canada. It was disturbing and completely turned us off from Mars product...

Morrisons, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. / cafe

Oct 27, 2018

I am a regular customer at Morrison's for my shopping each week in Kidderminster. Every Saturday morning we go for a breakfast in the cafe. This last few weeks have been horrendous we have been given a 20min to 30min waiting time for food when actually it's been an hour and over. The coffee...

Sav-A-Lot, Washington C. H., OH / deli — deep fried foods

Oct 26, 2018

Before our store changed to a Sav-A-Lot store I, and many residents in our community, visited the deli counter for deep-fried foods such as chicken parts, perch, etc. We were delighted to hear that Sav-A-Lot would preserve this deli section for their ready-to-eat, take-out foods. However...

Popeyes#2033 / service

Oct 23, 2018

My nane is keisha I went to store #2033. I place my order when I recive my order my biscuit was in the box. I tell the cashier liz she didn have a name tag on so I told her my I didnt get my biscuit she tell another employee u didn put her biscuit in the boy the other lady said o wellso I... / very poor service by manager

Oct 22, 2018

We are regular customers at the Roxbury NJ Fuddruckers, enjoying the food and because they can accommodate a dietary restriction of a family member. When ordering today, the manager (Mauricia) came over and informed me, VERY rudely and nasty, that she won't accommodate the special...

Mrs. / customer service / member service counter

Oct 22, 2018

On 9/11 I came home from Sam's and realized I had been charged for a watermelon I did not purchase. I called the store and CS told me to bring the receipt back next time I came so I took it today 10/22/18 to get a refund. I stood in line at "Guest Services" for 13 minutes while 2 CSR...

Steers Springs Mall / rib & cheese pita burger

Oct 22, 2018

Steers Springs MallYesterday as whe ate at steers my daughter took a bite and her pallet got cut open on something sharp we did complain to the manager but as whe attend to my daughter to get the bleeding stop one of the ladys that work there took my dauhters food away when whe ask where is her food to she...

Pringles / Kellogg's / half time, 90%, crumbs bad service

Oct 22, 2018

Pringles / Kellogg'sTo whom it may concern, I have had about as much as I can take. We buy pringles at least 3 times a week and every single time it is half full and predominantly crumbs. No one ever answers the call centre number or responds to any emails. These chips are one of the more expensive chips on...

Nando's Waterfall / full chicken and chips

Oct 21, 2018

Good day. Last night I placed an order for a full chicken with extra sauce and spicy chips. It tool 1 and a half hours for this delevery to reach me only to find out the chicken was extremely dry with no sauce and 4 chips and space on them the rest of it was plane. The cold drink was warm...

Wangkanai Sugar / imsva and services lab support

Oct 20, 2018

Wangkanai SugarI am a wngkanai administrator in Bangkok and there is a problem. I send an email to Gmail and attach Deferred IMSVA, but if I bypass send email to gmail through TMG send it normally. The emails I attached to Deferred IMSVA will forward after the time. 1-2 hours. I open the case to the...

Georgia Gold / sauce.

Oct 19, 2018

Why can I not longer get the Georgia gold on the original recipe chicken or anything bigger than a four piece meal in the Georgia gold. Oh my God its so tasty. I think the original recipe with the Georgia gold was a fluke due to not having any extra crispy when one of the recent storm...

A&W Restaurants Carlyle Saskatchewan / old onion rings, and missing product after going thru drive thru.

Oct 19, 2018

On the evening of October 18 th 2018, we went thru the drive thru and received one less drink than we had ordered . So I went inside to collect the missing drink. Apon getting home to my family and sitting down to eat we were supersized to see that we were also missing a burger ( uncle ), a...

Sanjay Tea and Food Street Food Stall / dirty filthy food prepared for public-garbage thrown in public drainage-flies mosquitoes and bad smell

Oct 18, 2018

Sanjay Tea and Food Street Food StallSector 5, B-74 और B-75/76 की बाउंड्री वॉल(चार दिवारी) पर संजय टी स्टॉल ने दुनिया भर का गेर क़ानूनी और दुनिया भर का गंदा खाना आम जनता को खिलाना शुरू किया है सारा मलबा झूट सरकारी नाली में डाल कर मच्छर मखनी और सो क़िस्म की बीमारियों का पालन चल रहा है कृपया इसकी रोक थाम करें बंद करें

The Lambworth Pub / breakfast

Oct 18, 2018

My wife and I visited 18oct 9.47am for breakfast. We went to get the meal no one was there to take tickets or serve plates we were stood for about 10minutes before I had to attract a kitchen member by going to the door. After getting the plates we found there was only empty and semi empty...

Zhengzhou Ruile Machinery Co., Ltd / chocolate machines

Oct 17, 2018

Zhengzhou Ruile Machinery Co., LtdWe purchased two chocolate machines from this company in China. We dealt with Grace Wong. They sent us 30L Machines instead of the 60L machines that we ordered. The products were defective and missing many parts. No electrical hookup, no glass for the water, no springs for the vibrator, no...

Vons Rancho Bernardo, CA / meat dept.

Oct 16, 2018

Vons Rancho Bernardo, CAA long-time Vons shopper, I recently purchased pre-packaged veal scallopine and discovered that the meat was in very unusable pieces, not "scallops" at all. See the picture. The ultra skinny pieces would shrink to nothing in cooking. This looks like scraps!! This is unacceptable. Since it...

Lakeside Spar / food

Oct 15, 2018

I have purchased food from Lakeside Spar and have been admitted to The Bay Hospital. I have had severe vomiting and diarrhoea after eating a french salad and chicken from Lakeside Spar, I had only consumed food from this Spar only on the day . I support the same Spar every week as I...

Del Taco N. Decatur, North Las Vegas, NV / dirty, no service, food sitting not serving, manager filthy

Oct 14, 2018

October 14, 2018, tried to get lunch at around 2:20 PM in dining room. Order was taken although it sat waiting with a full tray of food. Dining room was dirty, manager was filthy (man without badge, three colored ponytail, with black shirt). Kept asking if food was ready, no response from...

Lucerne / ice cream sandwiches

Oct 14, 2018

This is my second box of Lucerne ice cream sandwiches I have bought in the last two weeks and the paper is all stuck to the cookie part of the ice cream. upc# [protected]. expiration date Mar/02/2019. I love all your Lucerne products and I buy them at Shaws in Hooksett, n.h. Could you look...

Trader Joe's / frozen mac and cheese

Oct 14, 2018

Trader Joe'sLast week, I bought a box of frozen mac and cheese. After nuking it in the microwave, I began to eat it and suddenly bit into something hard. Turned out to be a scary, jagged shard of glass. Wth? Wonder if I swallowed other pieces. They better do a recall pronto. This is the second time...

LongHorn Steakhouse Wareham MA / dinner

Oct 13, 2018

LongHorn Steakhouse Wareham MAMy family and I love to eat at longhorn steak house . Tonight October 13, 2018 we came out later tr han usual but my youngest had a late nap. So we decided to do some shopping a d get dinner . We arrived at Longhorn at 9:35 PM we were seated right away at the back wrap around booth. We...

Movement Mortgage LLC / deli

Oct 12, 2018

Needed a caterer for today and spoke to your deli last week to make sure they can do it. Perfect. Picked it and was told 24 hours in advance. Done. Walked in and ordered yesterday with Mike at the deli. Told everything set and would have the 'Italian Picnic' at 11 AM for my lunch event...

Von's Poway / local store

Oct 12, 2018

Post in General Amy, Tustin Hills Chik-Fila Anyone know what is happening or not happening to get you on Chikfila in Poway. It was in the news for months now don't hear or read anything. 6d ago · 42 neighborhoods in General ThankReplyReply Tiffany x, Garden Road North·6d ago I read it wa...

Kentucky Chicken in Mary Esther Florida. / size of the chicken pieces was laughable

Oct 12, 2018

Kentucky Chicken in Mary Esther Florida.Preparing for hurricane Michael I ran to Kentucky to get chicken for five hungry men helping us put up shutters. I grabbed the largest bucket I could and left. I'm from Texas, helping my sister who just had surgery. I was trying to take care of things for her. Imagine my surprise to...

Steers, Lavender Road, Wonderboom Junction, Pretoria / 500 gram riblet feast

Oct 12, 2018

Steers, Lavender Road, Wonderboom Junction, PretoriaOn 11.10.2018 I called the Steers Branch inLvender Road Wonder boom Junction Pretoria. I Placed an order over the phone for us to collect at 17h55. The lady who took my order was friendly and confirmed that the order is in already. I ordered Two Rib Feast's (500 Gram Ribs) with medium...