Food Complaints | Page 4 / owner complaint

Dec 20, 2018

dqaltoona.comI was donated a cake for my nephew when I went to pick it up they told me I also won a cake for Penguins game contest. The female manager that was working gave me the winner cake and also donated cake after she decorated it and the next day I got a rude email from Mathew Fownes that wa...

Erim Express / parcel from cebu

Dec 19, 2018

Hi good afternoon.. Just want to ask whom to call to trace my parcel from cebu with tracking number [protected].. It's in lbc. Central exchanged na daw.. I just need to have it kasi flight na namin mayang gabi.. Need to madala yannsa us.. Pls help me contact them so that I can get my...

Silver Spur in Bellville / waitress and manager attitude

Dec 19, 2018

Silver Spur in BellvilleMy sister and l went to Silver Spur on the 10th of December 2018, we ordered our drinks and food a few minutes after our arrival. We then received our orders on time. Our waitress Amelda took forever to come and check upon us. We also wanted to have a dessert, but our waitress was nowhere...

Johny Carinos. / customer service/management

Dec 16, 2018

To who it may concern, Today I called to try and make a reservation and was told by Veronica you no longer accept them and I asked if they did call aheads then being that I not only had a large party but two people in my party are handicap. She rudely responded with Ahh, that's still...

IberoStar Tucan / quality of iberostar tucan in mexico

Dec 14, 2018

Good morning, I will start by saying that this is the first ever that I am submitting a negative review. My daughter and I just came back from spending 5 days at IberoStar Tucan resort in Mexico. The reason we chose this resort over all other choices is that we have stayed at Tucan twice...

Clover Classic Custard / custard

Dec 13, 2018

I always buy ur clover classic yoghurt and ur custard but on 2 occasions ur custard was weak and tasteless. Wen I contact shoprite they said they can't do anything as I do not have the slip. I love my clover classic custard and so do my kids and my kids love the yoghurt. I still buy the...

Market Basket Plymouth MA / rotten meat

Dec 11, 2018

On December 5th I purchased a package of pork Ribs in Cryovac The sell date was December 10th On December 9th I opened the package to cook as company was coming for dinner and immediately smelled a foul smell I thought it was the brine in the package so I rinsed the meat througoughly and...

No Name Chicken Broth / reduced sodium

Dec 10, 2018

As I was using the last of the No Name Chicken Broth in my stew, I heard something flopping around in the box when I try to get the last bit in the pot. I ripped the box to find some strange round squishy thing, almost resembling jellyfish, but not quite. I did grab my phone camera, and recorded...

Real Canadian Superstore, Georgetown / store/meringata/gift cards

Dec 10, 2018

Major product complaint of products not being in stock/store a mess/promotion on gift cards ( available to dec 12 ) - on multiple occasions I have been unable to purchase meat, specifically ground veal as recently as this past weekend. Pork unavailable multiple times, chicken unavailable multiple...

The Popcorn Store / shipping problems.

Dec 10, 2018

On Nov 29th 2018, I ordered 2 items to be delivered to my daughter at college, to help her "get" through final exams. Every day I checked the shipping status and it only says that it is "pending delivery confirmation". I sent an inquiry email and never heard back even though the website...

Wylwood / french fried onions; had too many onion peels (outside of the onion)

Dec 9, 2018

WylwoodI made a string bean casserole, my casserole has never had this problem. Instead of onions, I had onion peelings all in my dish, I had to keep picking the pealing of the outer onion out of my mouth as I was eating my stream being casserole. I been eating French fried onions from save a lot...

Orgreenic Pan / the pan has chipped badly

Dec 9, 2018

Orgreenic PanMy mother purchased this orgreenic 10 inch pan and gave it to me as a gift. She did not give me a receipt with it and did not realize she would have to. The company stated that this pan has a lifetime guarantee and no where on the package did it claim it would be replaced with a receipt. I...

Foster Farms Chicken Thighs / foster farms chicken thighs

Dec 6, 2018

this the second time i purchased chicken thighs at costco here in the city of industry n found embedded chicken feathers on the skin of the chicken thighs along with a grayish discoloration . i am sick to my stomach, i never had this problem before n i will no longer be purchasing your...

Checkers Hyper Sandton City / rotten food

Dec 4, 2018

Friday 30 November I purchased karoo bwors bulk, Monday 03 Dec I opened the pack to cook, and placed it in a pan and the smell that filled May kitchen was terrible. It is so disgusting when I tried to taste it, It was as if the was crushed bones, this a serious health hazard risk for u...

Romans Newton Park, Port Elizabeth / very bad customer service

Dec 3, 2018

On Friday, 30th of November I called Romans Newton Park to place a telephonic order. I was told that I could only collect at 4.4 due to loadshedding. I had no problem with that. When I got there it was pure chaos on the store. They had taken telephonic orders, but had no system in place...

Wimpy Oakfields Center / service

Dec 2, 2018

We waited for a table to be cleaned. The Waitron promptly wiped everything onto the floor. Chips and an empty margarine container. Asking her to clean the floor which was NOT clean we were told they clean at the end of the shift I wanted a burger and were told they have no burger patties. I...

Wingstop 850 W 63Rd St Chicago IL / 2 10 classic combo and bw lunch combo

Dec 1, 2018

Wingstop 850 W 63Rd St Chicago ILI went to this wing stop on November 30 2018 at about 231 PM I had did a Togo order for my family to eat for dinner when I got home to get ready to eat pulled the food out the bag and the chicken was dry the fries was not fully done I could go back to the location cause I had to go to work...

Booths Penrith / shopping

Nov 29, 2018

Hi I just been in booths today was approached by one of the staff and he siad 3 days ago I did not pay for something he got my receipt and then loot at cctv so I said am very sorry I have not been very well had lots of surgery on my back not been myself and this is still on the shop floor...

Bent Arrow / kraft extra old white cheddar cheese

Nov 27, 2018

Hello, I have purchased the large block of cheese several times now at Costco and the cheese is bitter tasting. I am not sure if this is acceptable? I love the cheese when it is not bitter but it is not very good tasting when it is bitter. Should I return it to the store and try another...

Debonairs Dainfern Centre / online deal for 2

Nov 25, 2018

I placed an order at 12. 2 and a half hours later my order arrives, I'm starving and annoyed. I get excited mlbecause my order finally arrived only to find that my drink and side is missing. My side was a death by chocolate, I was super excited about eating it because the weather i...

Bojangles Clinton, N.C. Store / food was cold and old and the morning manager was very disrespectful making racial slurs mentioning the term. "cracker"

Nov 24, 2018

I purchased my breakfast meal. Realizing my order was both cold and old. politely I informed at that time I think was the assistant manager Osheena Monk whom was unacceptably rude. When I told her that the food was cold and old. She responded with "what do you want me to do about it"...

Jewel Food Store #2219 - Glenview, Illinois / item ordered (canned ham) was not available as promised

Nov 22, 2018

The week before Thanksgiving, I was told by Matt from the meat department that he would have canned ham available on the Saturday before Thanksgiving that I could pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday (11/20 or 11/21). It never became available and I had to buy a bone-in ham (because I promised...

Big O Movers / turkey.. meat

Nov 21, 2018

We brought a 21 lb. Turkey from meijers in owensboro, ky we defrosted like your supposed to for Thanksgiving, well after it was defrosted I took the plastic off to clean the turkey and I noticed one of the wings was missing and the stuff your supposed to pull out that has the liver and...

Savemore Supermarket / expired anmum materna concentrate

Nov 21, 2018

Savemore SupermarketHi. Just want to complain your Savemore branch at ARCC Pag Asa. They are selling expired products. I bought 6 pcs. of Anmum Materna Concentrate and 4 of which are expired. I bought it on November 19 and the expiration is Nov. 11! It's already 8 days after the expiration! We returned it...

Betty Crocker / supreme lemon bars

Nov 20, 2018

I purchased a box of lemon bar mix yesterday. I came home and baked them, as directed on the box. I have used this product many times and have always been pleased. Not so yesterday. I had to throw them out. I baked the crust, as directed. While mixing the lemon filling with eggs and water...

Dillons Andover KS / managerial issues needing your attention

Nov 20, 2018

We are regular shoppers at Dillons, Andover, KS and have been forever. We have experienced a seemingly frequent and ongoing problem getting bulk drinking water from the 2 water dispensers. It seems they are routinely out of order for days and days. I have had discussions with "Tom", a...

Sergio's / overcharge for naked orange juice

Nov 18, 2018

Sergio'sOn 11/18/18 at 5:59 am at the Sergio's in the FT. Lauderdale Intl Airport, I purchased a bottle of Naked orange juice. The sign said $2.89; however at the check out the cashier charged me $3.99 stating the $2.89 was for the small bottle. I stated there were no small bottles, and she...

Ansari Estate Pvt. Ltd and Bel Traders / cheating company

Nov 18, 2018 Ansari Estate company located in chennai and cheating buyers near about 11 lacs for sending low quality of materials. Also he has submitted dublicate documents to the bank. We understand that not only in India, aborad also cheating lot of company. Please be careful while doing...

Starbucks New Providence, NJ / rude customer service

Nov 17, 2018

The young person making my drink was very rude when I inquired about my drink as other people behind me had already been served and had left the store. He did not look up, nor did he respond to me. His colleague responded and said it was coming right up. The drink maker proceeded to made 2...

Der Weinerschnitzel / cashier receipt - special promotion offer

Nov 17, 2018

11/17/18 - Store # 672 - 10:15 A.M. - Had cash receipt for special promotion (buy one chili dog, get one free) - Wrote down the validation code number - Receipt offer expires in 30 days - Employee would not honor it though - Told and showed her that this was the last day - She went into...

Spar South Africa / contaminated inhouse delicatessen food

Nov 16, 2018

April 2016 Contaminated food from SPAR inhouse delicatessen nearly killed my wife and I. We both lost around 20kg in weight in 3 months and were treated with several courses of antibiotics. We took it up with SPAR who have left us to deal with their insurance company and their legal team who...

Steers Shell Ultra City at Umgababa, KwazuluNatal, South Africa / very poor standard of service

Nov 16, 2018

On Wednesday 14 November 2018 my family and I stopped over at the Steers at Umgababa on the KZN South Coast, South Africa. We ordered our food and then sat down to eat. I opened my Coke Zero and placed a straw in the dumpy bottle and after a short while for it to sort of "Explode" and ruined...

Fazoli’s / food/ restaurant

Nov 15, 2018

Fazoli’sI love fazolis ! But I'm very upset at the food tonight. I order my husband the ultimate spaghetti and ordered myself the baked spaghetti. When o get home I notice there hard any to no sauce on the spaghetti. All I pretty much had was pasta and cheese. Since my home is a bit of ways away...

Copper Chef / 10" copper chef frying pan

Nov 13, 2018

Bought this pan after seeing the commercial about the non stick and not having to use oil or grease. Unfortunately, the first thing I cooked was eggs, they stuck. I read the instructions which indicated that when cooking eggs a little oil may be needed. I tried again with oil and the egg...

Dollar Store in Radcliff Kentucky / maple nut goodies

Nov 12, 2018

I bought two bags of MAPLE Nut Goodies on Nov. 8th at Dollar Store in Radcliff Kentucky . They were rock hard and didn't really smell right. I tried one and couldn't even bite and when I finally got it to break out it didn't taste right. It was also very hard. I have enjoyed...

Pekin Dragon Gungfu / racists american behavior on tv

Nov 12, 2018

You already know the details of your racists incident Mos store, well my family has been eating at your locations in Peoria pekin area since before i was born, every trip across country we take we look for steak and shake first, this s the most volital time in the history of the united...

M&M's / family size bag - my m&m's peanut butter

Nov 9, 2018

M&M'sReally excited to share my bag with coworkers.. Bought a large bag of peanut butter m&ms... Omg they were terrible!!! 30% smashed and had a ruff texture.. Old candy??? Not fresh at all.. I was embarrassed and disappointed... I bought a small bag before and was in heaven they were so...

Cawangan Petaling Jaya New Town / manager tidak sopan serta trainee yang sangat kurang ajar

Nov 9, 2018

pada 10 november 2018 siang hari saya telah pergi makan bersama kawan akan tetapi layanan perkerja sangat lah kurang memuas kan trainee sangat lambat serta kurang peka apa yang saya telah order, akan tetapi saya nampak menenger asyik main phone serta kehulur dan kehilir, sewaktu manenger...

Zaxby's Gatecity Blvd / chicken club and nibblers

Nov 9, 2018

I came in thru the drive thru my drinks wasnt ready nor my food and i ask to add something i forgot and they refused to take my order. So i came in and ordered it and my food that wasnt ready in the drive thru was wrong and the order they made me get out of drive thru to order. So i had to...

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen 2910 / food? order placing

Nov 7, 2018

The popeyes on 40 Empire Blvd decided to give me what ever it was that they wanted to give me, on my expense! I ordered a three 3pc combo with mash potatoes and a regular drink, what they give me was.. a 2pc with fries and a large drink. whats worse is that i could not take it back because...