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Food Complaints | Page 3

Woolworths Australia / australian celebration cake

Foyce on Dec 11, 2018

The re-naming of Woolworths' Christmas Cake product to "Australian Celebration Cake" is an act of bigotry against Christians and the wonderful legacy of joy and sense of community that Christmas provides to Western culture across the world. Many people have been offended by thi...

Woolworths Australia / fruit and veg

BJC76 on Dec 10, 2018

Woolworths call themselves the "fresh fruit people", but this statement couldn't be further from the truth. On Saturday I went to my local Woolies in Moorebank and spent around $207. When I got home to make a fresh salad, it became visibly apparent that the salad that I have paid good...

No Name Chicken Broth / reduced sodium

Soobi on Dec 10, 2018

As I was using the last of the No Name Chicken Broth in my stew, I heard something flopping around in the box when I try to get the last bit in the pot. I ripped the box to find some strange round squishy thing, almost resembling jellyfish, but not quite. I did grab my phone camera, and recorded...

Pizza Hut / took my money then canceled my order

VryDisappointed on Dec 10, 2018

Angelica from the Perris Blvd branch lied to me and told me she was the manager then tells me the manager will been in in 2 hours. My card was charged then they canceled my order for no reason at all. They called me and I called right back. I asked for them to re make the order and she...

Aldi Stores / friendly farms vanilla caramel creamer

Gale Gordon on Dec 10, 2018

I have been to 5 Aldi stores in and around my area in PA. Exton, Souderton, Royersford, Pottstown (Armand Hammer Blvd), Pottstown (RT 100). None of the stores have the Vanilla Caramel Creamer for the past 4 weeks. I would ask why and NO One could tell me why. Finally an associate at the...

Woolworths Australia / packing of orders

Rayesa on Dec 10, 2018

I have complained over and over again to my online delivery store, Woolies Yanchep WA, to stop packing bread in with the bottles of lemon lime and bitters but every week they do it. Also why can they not pack the bread, crumpets and pikelets in one bag, the apples, bananas and pears in...

Casey’s General Stores / substitutions on pizza

Mary Ann Thompson on Dec 10, 2018

I believe it is absolutely ridiculous to mandate no substitutions on pizza. Why should I have to pay extra to leave off the sausage members of my family are unable to eat and substitute mushrooms. You can not seriously expect me to believe that you are incuring any additional cost with...

Circle K / mountain dew

Joel Koskinen on Dec 10, 2018

i was poisoned by a polar pop mountain dew in boulder colorado off baseline road. this is being done intentionally by satanic mafia members who are committing treason. all their money should be siezed, before it goes continually to the mafia satan worshipers. this is a real message - with...

Olive Garden / tracy, ca

Happy couple84 on Dec 10, 2018

My wife and I came into the Tracy, CA looking to sit at a booth and enjoy a delicious meal. There was a good amount of time to be sat. A host girl informed us of half off beer/wine while we waited for our table. We sat at the bar top and was helped by the bartender named Melanie. She wa...

LongHorn Steakhouse / food

Longhorn in Oak Lawn, IL on Dec 10, 2018

My daughter and I ordered 2 outlaw ribeyes medium well. As we were eating and cutting into the steak. It became more clear that it was medium or close to medium rare. So we stop eating and waited on our waitress. She did come back for a while. So we stopped the hostess to get her. We told...

Cinnabon / buns

Lisa1073 on Dec 10, 2018

CinnabonMy name is Lisa Machado and I live in Danvers, Mass. I recently visited a Cinnabon at the Destiny, USA Mall in Syracuse, NY and was VERY disappointed. I purchased a 9 pack of the minis and a 4 pack of the Original Cinnabons. The 9 pack was a total mess! They were all different shapes, some...

Real Canadian Superstore, Georgetown / store/meringata/gift cards

KathyParker64 on Dec 10, 2018

Major product complaint of products not being in stock/store a mess/promotion on gift cards ( available to dec 12 ) - on multiple occasions I have been unable to purchase meat, specifically ground veal as recently as this past weekend. Pork unavailable multiple times, chicken unavailable multiple...

The Popcorn Store / shipping problems.

michma on Dec 10, 2018

On Nov 29th 2018, I ordered 2 items to be delivered to my daughter at college, to help her "get" through final exams. Every day I checked the shipping status and it only says that it is "pending delivery confirmation". I sent an inquiry email and never heard back even though the website...

McDonald's / dry stale buns and a dry big mac sandwich.

Jacquelyn cecilia on Dec 10, 2018

Every trip to Littleton Walmart mc Donald's the service is poor. They are either out of stuff or grill isn't working. The Big Macs are cold and dry. The buns crumble and are very stale. Have to Always wait for fries. What's up with this mc Donald's. Afraid to try any other location now...

Taco Bell / food quality

Weslee innes on Dec 10, 2018

Taco BellOrdered online. 2 dorito shell taco supreme. 2 rolled chicken 2 pk 1 large Sierra Mist. Bill totaled $9.80 Paid with credit card. Went to pick up... no Dorito shells... I asked for plain instead. Was supposed to be supreme and they were not. The Sierra Mist had no syrup or carbonation, had...

TGI Friday's / service / food

Avasquez#$$ on Dec 10, 2018

TGI Friday'sGood morning I apologize for complaining. Last night i ordered take out because my 2 daughters wanted to try your beyond burgers, i was told 20-25 mins which turned into 55 mins making me late to work and the food was terrible it was Cold pretty much went to the trash the worse part wa...

Olive Garden / manager service

Brittney Sanchez on Dec 10, 2018

My husband and I went to go eat at the winter park Florida location. We over heard the manager Eric, talking with an employee. He was yelling at him because the young man rang in the wrong order. (We were sitting right across from the alley) Eric's face was beat red and he was very angry...

Takealot / salton - 3-tier food steamer

RFG Communication on Dec 10, 2018

Good Day Order Number [protected] I ordered a Salton 3 Tier Food Steamer on the 21/11/18 a gift for my son - when they received the gift and opened it there where only two tier baskets instead of 3 we were very disappointed please could i ask you if you could please provide the other tier basket...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / lying about being closed and rude when I called the store

KeithHaze on Dec 10, 2018

Just got out of work at 11pm, tired and starving I went to the closest fast food I could find that was open. Went through the drive thru and waited 5 minutes asking the if they were open. I drive to the window and see the employees goofing off. I called the store to ask if they were open...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / the 4 for 4

Elibabe on Dec 10, 2018

My husband picked me after a hard day at work, he wanted to treat me to a nice dinner.and we went to the Wendy's on hwy 544 in myrtle beach was about 10:20pm and I don't know the guy working the drive throughs name but, he was tall and had blonde short hair. He gave us our food and...