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Food Complaints | Page 12

Churches on Gratiot and 7Mile in Detroit MI / service

Gratiot on Sep 18, 2018

As I approached the drive thru to place my order the young lady was very rude. She asked if she could take my order than when I asked her what the specials were she said read the menu. She never told me the specials and when I drove around to the window she said I didn't take your...

Seafood Portside Company / popcorn shrimp

Rashanc on Sep 18, 2018

Seafood Portside CompanyHello I recently visited your store located at barclay square in Upper Darby, PA I just went shopping on 9/13/18 and today is 9/18/18. I went in to the freezer and grab one of the two boxes I have and upon opening it I was startled to see mold. After seeing this i imeediately went to check...

Year / drive thru

MarlenaS on Sep 17, 2018

YearClifton N.J. Burger King. At 2:33 my ticket number is 36. I ordered 2 hamburgers plain, a medium fry, and 1 spicy chicken and one crispy chicken both no mayo. I paid and left. When I arrived home, I opened the bag. The hamburgers were not plain and 1 of the chicken sandwiches was not...

Maruchan / ramen noodle soup

Scavenger1960 on Sep 16, 2018

MaruchanSon was eating the soup on his last bite he felt a hard piece of something in his tooth and when he took it out to see what it was he saw a piece of glass also looked it up and multiple people have found glass also. There needs to be something done as this dangerous and since he bit it he...

Auntie Anne's / unconsumable products

Esand P on Sep 16, 2018

I waited in line behind 2 airport workers who stood there while myself and my grandson waited on the lady that was serving to take their orders and get their orders...I guess I'm old fashioned but I really thought these two men would have allowed me to place my order before theirs as they...

MacDonalds / food not cooked

Elaine 87 on Sep 16, 2018

MacDonaldsI got a take out meal from macdonalds oakenshaw in redditch for me and my boyfriend to get home to find out that the fries were still hard and half frozen, they looked like they hadnt even seen the fryer! who ever had bagged up my food could of clearly seen it wasnt cooked but still...

Catherine Gomes / bournville

Catherinego on Sep 15, 2018

I found stone in your bournville purchased by me while going to me the stone broke my tooth cap and I showed to the store I bought it from I'm in pain I just had root canal done and it broke my tooth cap I'm going to put this on YouTube my what's app status share with everybody on Whatsapp...

Trunature Advanced Digestive Probiotics / product is defective and contains titanium dioxide

Janet2104 on Sep 14, 2018

Trunature Advanced Digestive ProbioticsI bought the Trunature Probiotics at Costco the month of September, 2018. My husband said he was sick after taking them but I felt nothing. They didn't seem to work. I did read the label and was shocked to find they contained titanium dioxide. However, most disturbing was that some capsule...

Steers Golden Acre / original king steer burger and med cheesy fries

Willaamys on Sep 14, 2018

I ordered a King Steer burger and received a burger with one patty, a slice of tomato and sause. I did nit get what I paid for. I was on a train by the time I realized they gave me the wrong burger. I am very upset because I paid 36 rand for that burger. Further more the fries were...

Azamall / cartoon character cutlery set

Joyce chua on Sep 14, 2018

Hi, I paid for a set of cutlery on sep 6 and sent and enquiry to the seller as there was no confirmation email of when my payment was received and when product would arrive. My cart number was- [protected] It has been many days and three is still no response from this seller called...

Employment / employment

Tucker9802 on Sep 12, 2018

Good afternoon From October 2017, my son was an employee at one of your locations in Ottawa 1270 Trim Rd. On Monday July 9th his baseball team won their Provincial Tournament and was off to Edmonton on short notice to compete in the Canadian Tournament representing all of Ontario. He wa...

Shaw’s Supermarket / venus blades

Heather17 on Sep 11, 2018

The venus blades were on a display by the register there was more than two packs there and I grabbed two because they were advertised as 4.99... So they rang up as 17.99 and I told the guy at the register and one lady came up and said no that's not right so she grabbed the other two...

Margaret Holmes / low sodium spinach

Darren Giese on Sep 11, 2018

Margaret HolmesJust ate spinach with some type of grasshopper In it. I still have the can and the grasshopper. I have been eating Margaret holmes canned products for years. I am totally disgusted. Have been vomiting for an hour, just from being freaked out. Im wondering how many times I may have eaten...

Church's Chicken on Buena Vista Rd. / locking up 20 minutes before closing & ignoring customers at the window

Alia Thomas on Sep 11, 2018

We arrived at Church's at 9:40 on the dot. The sign on the door and drive thru window clearly says that the lobby closes at 9:30, but the drive thru is opened until 10p.m. yet they had their front lights out as if they were closed but we pulled in anyways because we still have 20 minute...

Anderson, IN Ruby Tuesday / waitress

Kim S. P. on Sep 11, 2018

Everyone in restaurant had their hair pulled back in nice neat ponytails or little Buns except for the bartender who happened to be our waitress. The name of our waitress was hali . Her service skills were absolutely fine. Our only problem, my husband and I, was that her hair was hanging...

Logan's Roadhouse Hickory Hollow Area, Off Bell Rd, next to Advance Financial 5300 Hickory Hollow Lane Antioch, TN 37013 615-731-4022 / food

David C 331 on Sep 11, 2018

Friday 9.7.18 was at Logans Roadhouse - Antioch, TN - Hickory Hollow location. Ordered full rack of ribs to go and when I got home to have them for dinner, they were RUBBER / RAW !!! I got in my vehicle and drove back to return them in 4:00 Friday afternoon traffic. I asked for a manager...

Camel Light 100's / cut carton

Chase Miller on Sep 10, 2018

I have already spent awhile with someone that was going to send 5 packs or vouchers for replacement. I've never received anything in the mail, phone or email. That was on or about July 14th... I bought a carton, the left side was slit open and ruined. I called and they said they would...

Ronald Monroe / fudge bar

Snikkr dady on Sep 11, 2018

Ronald MonroeI've eaten snicker bars for years i'm 55 Great product in the new fudge bar. Thanks keep up the great ideas 😜 great fudge bar great fudge bar great fudge bar great fudge bar great fudge bar great football great verge bar great fudge bar great fudge bar great fudge bars snikers chuckle chuckle chuckle chuckle chuckle chuckle Marzipan fudge bar d

Smart Ones / smart ones thin crust cheese pizza

Dale Terwilliger on Sep 10, 2018

Smart OnesLast week I baked a thin crust cheese pizza in my microwave oven. Before the time was finished baking, my microwave and kitchen were full of smoke. My microwave is a month old and in perfect condition. After the smoked cleared, I backed something else in it and it was perfectly fine. I...

Ruth Chris Steakhouse / form of payment

Ina Levinson on Sep 9, 2018

I purchased a Visa gift card for my parents Anniversary. They dined at the Ruth Chris Restaurant in Pittsburgh. The gift card was valued at $100.00 the restaurant would not accept the card? Very embarrassing for me and my parents. Can someone kindly explain why a Visa gift card ( same as cash) would not be accepted? Thank you, [protected]