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Food Complaints | Page 10

Eggberts / argumentative/refusing service

Rachel Nicole on Oct 11, 2018

At 9:15 me and a group of lady's came in to eat. Tess, the lead at the time, told us they were closing at 10:30 to clean carpets and told us another group just came in and we would not be able to order in time. We advised that we would order quickly, but Tess said "I doubt that because the... / alpha male x

Libse19 on Oct 11, 2018 are numerous who are experiencing upsetting sexual lives.  Some individuals are normally experiencing sexual issues and some are themselves in charge of it.  Bad way of life, drinking, smoking, drugs are a few reasons why men are not ready to fulfill their accomplices sexually.  If...

Remedyrealm / choking on a sharp peice inside burrito

Liviwoolbright on Oct 9, 2018

RemedyrealmI went to the Del Taco on 2320 E Serene Ave Las Vegas, NV 89123 on 10/9/18. I Odered a bean cheese and green chilli buritto with french fries since i am vegetarian. I was almost half way through my meal when all of a sudden i nearly choked on a sharp peice of either wood or bone about an...

AliMall Cubao 4th Flr. / customer service

GeorgeG1019 on Oct 9, 2018

Hi I am george a filipino citizen with a small business and been sending my pacakage's thru lbc for long time. We went to ali mall cubao to process passport to dfa and after that we went to lbc ali mall 4th flr. Around 11am-11:30 the incident happen. Initially my wife dealt with your...

Jewel / brew pub lottza motzza frozen pizza

Michaelene McCann on Oct 8, 2018

Jewel in Crown Point Indiana is the only place I can find Brew Pub Lottza MOTZZA frozen sausage pizzas. I bought 8 of them about 2 month's ago. We ate them all up. When I back yesterday to get more I see they no longer carry them. WHY? No one I could find could give me an answer. One...

Hostess Zingers Chocolate / chocolate zingers

Theresa Pascoe on Oct 9, 2018

Just wondering why every time I buy a Zinger chocolate, the chocolate sticks to the wrapper. Tired of licking the wrapper for the best part of the Zinger. It has been three months or more that I noticed this happening to every Zinger that I purchased from many different stores. The...

Donatos Pizza 101 W Cherry St Sunbury Ohio 43074 / wrong order/ poor service/absent from counter

m1m5m9 on Oct 8, 2018

At about 7:45pm on Sunday 10/07/18 my husband and I went in this restaurant. A girl waited on us at the counter. I ordered 6 boneless garlic wings and a side salad. My husband ordered a medium pizza with sausage. mushroom and pepperoni. They brought my side salad right away. Then my...

Lyndhurst Spar / victim of abuse is banned offender free

Banned Victim on Oct 6, 2018

In Lyndhurst Spar A woman with a hand basket pushed into back of another woman forcefully and rudely causing her pain. She was attacked from the back totally unaware.When questioned her she screamed out 'VOETSSACK" with hand signals.The store was not busy neither was the woman being...

Bunbury Strickland Street / about the burgers

Zela on Oct 6, 2018

My husband and I took my mother who is90 when we got our order it was stone cold Which we took back Reluctantly we got replacements they were a bit warmer but not really hot This is actually the second time it has happened They really did not seem to organised in doing this There were a lot...

Eureka Costco Northern California / complaint

Rosemary Holifield on Oct 5, 2018

On October 4th, 2018 approx. 3 p.m. I went to the Eureka Costco to shop. One of the items on my list was dental floss. After a 10 minute search with no luck I asked 2 different costco employees to help me. They were just as baffled as me as to why Costco did not have dental floss easily...

Fin / food

NiceJ Martin on Oct 4, 2018

FinBought tortilla pack glued together. Asked for replacement within 2 - 3 days refused by brand new inexperienced manager. Other dollar tree manager said would replace if was her store. Called corporate 3 times left 3 messages, opened case 2 times, no call back no response. The worst...

Hardee's Restaurants, Piney Forest, Danville, Va / product

Dureluhcs on Oct 4, 2018

Went to get a slider 5$ meal which had less than others and cost six dollars. It was 4:30pm on a Tuesday night. Drive thru, started down road and started to eat. BURGER was dry and COLD even the cheese did not even start to melt. I have always gone to this location and was very pleased...

Pizzahutt / pizza, service

Joshuasebo on Oct 4, 2018

No pizza on the buffet had to wait 17 mins for pizza. Then pizza was nasty. No plates. Had to use a salad bowl. The service was rude and incompetent. I don't know how they are still in business honestly. I will not be coming back for a while. Maybe things will change. The salad was bad...

Byers Ice Cream / oreo ice cream that has 20% more cookies

Genine larson on Oct 7, 2018

Byers Ice CreamWe have been enjoying the Oreo ice cream with 20% more cookies tonight we bought some still packaged in 20% cookies we opened it only to find hardly any cookies at all. We buy Bryers ice cream all the time in other flavors also. Oreo cookie with no cookies should be labeled "vanilla" with...

Louisiana Kitchen / mash potatoes

Robtivia on Oct 3, 2018

We came to the popeyes in palatka fla, and we brought a family meal with mash potatoes and red. Beans... We left to go home and when we ate the mash potatoes we instantly got sick we called and someone mentioned that the water pipe had bust so they are serving mash potatoes... Why would...

Sonic, 4439 N. Harrison, Shawnee, OK / foot long cheesesteak

Jay L. Stewart on Oct 3, 2018

Sonic, 4439 N. Harrison, Shawnee, OKFirst, let me preface this with that about 95% of the time I'm satisfied with my service and purchases at Sonic and unfortunately those go untold until now. So there's that. Today was a let down. First time purchase of a foot long cheesesteak. Looked nothing like the pics. Girl at the...

Gamma's Deco Mesh Wreath Shop / drive-thru

Jules59 on Oct 3, 2018

My husband was in the drive-thru behind 1 car. He called me at 6:29pm to see what I wanted and his order was taken at 6:37pm. He then had to wait while everyone working in the restaurant came to the window to speak to the car and one employee came out and to get a child out of the car. He...

Stater Bros Markets on Ramsey and Highland Springs in Beaumont CA / out of stock on product I need

Blakesg on Oct 1, 2018

For the last two weeks this store has been out of trumoo whole chocolate milk, my husband is disabled and really loves that milk, I end up going all over to find this milk. I checked again today and it's still not there. Every time I go to this store the shelves look very sparse. I...

Bws. Whyalla / manager

Racist2 on Oct 1, 2018

The Manager (Kelly) was totally rude/ racist to the customer in front of me almost to the point where I was going to call the police. She accused the lady of stealing, she went through her entire bag to find nothing I felt embarrassed for myself let alone the poor lady in front of me . Honestly...

1074 N. Washburn St. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904 / local chicken noodle soup

Tanya Betts on Sep 29, 2018

1074 N. Washburn St. Oshkosh, Wisconsin 54904My family and I order from Panera Bread about 2 to 3 times per wk most weeks. We spend close to $30 per order when we do order. The only thing we have ever requested is to have more noodles and chicken added to the chicken noodle soup. Otherwise, I end up getting 2 bites of noodles and...