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Defy Appliances / Defy South Africa / false promises

Kiveshni on Jan 18, 2018
I have attempted through your call centre to secure a technician to come out to my property to look at my washing machine. I have made at least ten calls and keep being told by your call centre agents that the technician will be coming out today (each time I call). This exercise is costing...

Gurmit Vilkhu / car camera illegal spying

truthsihkeers on Jan 17, 2018
Update on Gurmit Vilkhu of 68 Windmill Rd Coventry. The car we are talking about is a black honda civic license plate number ND04 LZH. The camera is in the back windscreen of the window before that he put a bullet camera in his car hooked up to a hard drive via 12volt battery in the boot...

Janice Coston / cleaning crew

Restroom on Jan 12, 2018
While at your location on George bush tollway garland Texas I go the ladies restroom. While in one of your stalls I hear a shack of a trash bag. Then a male voice in the handicap stall next to me. I say I am in here! I flush and exit the stall I look at the handicap stall and there is a...

Coinbase / i'm complaining about a mistake that was made while selling my bitcoin cash.

Adonu Joshua on Jan 9, 2018
This happened on the 08th of January 2018 +2348096620989 Good day, please I have an issue about the last transaction I did. I transferred bitcon cash but it was to a bitcon wallet and it wrote completed, but the money never reflected on the bitcon wallet. Please can it be returned to me back...

gurmit vilkhu. / illegal spying.

truthsihkeers on Jan 8, 2018
Yet again it has been brought to our attention about this individual's illegal activities concerning his neighbour's. Not only has Gurmit Vilkhu of windmill rd Coventry been illegally spying on his neighbour's but has also helped his father install listening device's in the wall's of a...

Bluegrass Gospel and Country Gospel Worship / the new paltalk

were all thinking of leaving paltal because youve taken to much from us and keep upgradding way to much we just get used to one and you change to something else were tired of that guess we can go back to yahoo or some other program Paltalk has just gotten to bad and ive bought a lot of...

EasyJet Airline Company / disregard of visa information from embassy

GinnyDash on Jan 3, 2018
I was due to fly to Iceland from Luton on 12/12/2017 at 0530 am. I had checked your website and there is the following statement "All customers on international flights must have a valid passport and, where required, a valid visa." I have a valid visa to the USA. I was not leaving the...

Olive Garden / service

JaySingh18000 on Jan 3, 2018
To whom this may concern, last week my family and I dined in the restaurant for a late dinner. Aprilrose Gerhardt was our server she was nice whenever approaching the table however was in a bad mood due to us taking to long as we were her last table. Sitting in a booth in the second room...

maraim-msmsignhotmail.com / the supervisor behaviour

Mary111 on Jan 1, 2018
I visited the Tim Hortons that is located in 145 Osborne Street, Halifax, B3N 3j6. I was siting on my chair with my family (4 of us). The supervisor (Lois) came to me and speak to me in front of other "you have to put your shoes on it is not appropriate in public places" I said okay and I...

The Salvation Army USA / discrimination and harassment

Pisces! on Dec 30, 2017
Me and my children have been living in the family dorm at the Austin location for barely 4 months now. Every sense we've been there it has been staff harassing us. And only African American families. There's been a Hispanic family that had a weapon in their room. They cause confusion and...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / entering the store with a teacup puppy

kika87 on Dec 29, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationI was advised at the Costco on hammer lane that i couldn't carry my dog in hand or in my purse to buy alcohol for the company New Year's Eve party. I've shopped with my pup before it's so small no one notices her in my purse. I've gone to different Costco's in different cities with no...

Domino's Pizza / delivery time

Stan Sherman on Dec 29, 2017
I moved here from Georgia 1.5 years ago. I have been a long time Domino's customer. I ordered pizzas the first month I was here and it took for ever to get here and it was cold. I tried again later that month and had the same results. I gave up at that point and started using other pizza...

Greene County Division of Family and Child Services / "unethical behavior"

Paula D Long on Dec 27, 2017
September 2017 I was in a bad place w my life an kids. I needed treatment an mental help. DFCS came in took my kids an gave temporary custody the 2 dads of my 3 kids. They were granted temporary custody until I received evaluation an treatment. Since then I have made turn around with my...

SafeLink Wireless / need phone service restored.

Ann Riesmeyer Osburn on Dec 22, 2017
I have called several times because I was told that I needed to reapply, didn't use 1 call a month. So, I have requested applications twice and have not received. Can't speak with a human at the 800 number. What needs to be done to ensure I get my free service back. I have no other phone...

Sheepskin And Things / muk luk boots

wackadoddledo on Dec 21, 2017
I ordered a pair of mukluks on November 27 on American express. They charged me and never sent the boots never answers to me / So frustrating I just want my boots... I have called and emailed every day since my American Express bill has been charged . I am frustrated that no one will call...

Merrill Lynch / 401k hardship process

Jeanine Vickers on Dec 19, 2017
I applied for a hardship 12/12/2017 to pay for my mother's cremation. Her remains have been sitting in the funeral home since 12/11/2017. When consumers apply for hardship withdrawls there are deadlines, urgency and despair surrounding the circumstances like burial, eviction, ect... People...

Rita Wilkens / being threatened by one of your employees

tshirt contest on Dec 17, 2017
Rita WilkensI am in the process of divorcing reena Quesada's dead husbands father. I have no contact with her. she must have had too much to drink this evening. she chose to text me and tell me to stop talking about her husband and his father. I am calling the sherriff of Larimer couty after I get off...

Brach’s / maple nut goodies

Sharon Sullivan on Dec 17, 2017
I purchased maple Nut Goodies on 12-17-17! This 14oz bag of candy was hard and very dry! I could not chew these without risk of breaking a tooth! I have purchased this candy many times and have never had any like these! The expiration date is07-23 2018! Number is 7J23AA112. The bag say...

Western Union Financial Services / sending money

Jose Francisco on Dec 13, 2017
on Dic.11/2017 I send $60 to galeana, NL MX to Farmacia Guadalaja, MX at the time to pick up the money the system was down to collect the $ at that time I received a message to my cell, that $ was paid. I have been a customer with WU for many years, never had a problem until now! i am very...

DTE Energy / poor customer service

Stephen Pal on Dec 13, 2017
Hello my name is Stephen Pal, I live at 16189 Millar Road Clinton Township, MI (Phone #586-277-9477). I received a phone call today from my wife approx. 9:00 am stating we had no power. She called DTE and was told that we had been shut off due to non payment. My last payment (In full) wa...
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