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Domino's Pizza / Brooklyn style pizza/ parmesan bites

Ozelia on Nov 19, 2017
I placed a mobile order on the dominos app for delivery from the Watertown CT store that cost $33 and I was highly dissatisfied. I ordered a large pizza half red pepper and pepperoni pizza and it tasted so bad I literally did not even finish my slice and same with the parmesan bites, and...

DS Enterprise / Profanity/Inappropriate content

Susang49 on Nov 18, 2017
I'm glad to see that Im not the only one who is disgusted with the show Teachers. I don't appreciate hearing profanity on a family channel or the disrespect you are showing to law enforcement. Stop calling them pigs, it is extremely offensive and not the least bit funny. What are you...

Chuck M LaDoux / Information on me is a lie

LaDoux04 on Nov 18, 2017
I don't know a great deal of the people you put me related to. My wife is Jane Richard LaDoux an she is 50 years old. I am no way associated with this Tatany Demetria Jennings or every Ledoux you linked me with. You have my whole life as a lie on the internet. I want it to be delete or...

Kmart Stores / Bethany

Bobby Pentagrass on Nov 17, 2017
Ok you have 2 managers 1 is the big boss I guess the the mid level but the big boss her name is Bethany she is a bully I over hared an employee talking about another manager there named Alexis she said Bethany treats her like a dog makes her work when she wants her to work changes her...

LBC Express / parcel containing raffle tickets

jara81 on Nov 17, 2017
LBC ExpressI sent a parcel of raffle tickets in Bohol LBC branch last November 7, 2017 for my son from Markina City. They said that my son will receive it on Nov 9, 2017. But until now he didnt receive it yet. I have been calling the branch and still no parcel has reached my son's address. The document i...

Rich Chilleri / EXPOSED Domestic Abuser Drug User Austin TX

KtGd on Nov 17, 2017
Rich ChilleriHow well do you REALLY know Charles (Rich) Chilleri? Charles Richard Chilleri has shown explosive rage and violence. Rich Chilleri is someone with little regard for his own family/house members and is an avid drug abuser. What does that say about a person? Rich Chilleri has violently beat...

Ashley Madison / Ridiculous

Andre on Nov 16, 2017
This website is a huge rip-off and nothing else. They want money all the time and soon you will realize you paid too much for sending messages. Because their quantity is limited, all you can do to get more of them is to pay more. I was shocked when they asked for more money after I sent 20...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / worker at canon city, colorado location

Madison Rhode on Nov 15, 2017
Autumn Korn, a worker who knew my boyfriend and called him a "little [censor]" and said that he couldn't use the soda machine jokingly but It was very unprofessional and caused me and my boyfriend to be very upset with her. It was very unprofessional and I work in the food busine...

Sam's Club / boxes not available at check out

Alejandrina Orpineda on Nov 14, 2017
I am a 60 y.o. women, who loves to shop at Sam's Club, and I have been doing this for almost 20 years. I am now living in Yuma Arizona. Yesterday, when I went to do my shopping I found out that the boxes to accommodate my merchandise at the cashier were not available any longer. This boxes were...

Tim Hortons / they took my food but never refunded me

Hannah jesso on Nov 14, 2017
Tim Hortonseven the workers made a note on their copies of the receipt because I didn't get any of my order right and some stuff was even missing, I ordered an extreme italien and got two cold cut sandwiches, ordered bacon and received none, ordered 2 chilli (they managed to give me one. I just...

motel 6 / staff sleeping with guest

Coodle hoo on Nov 12, 2017
On Friday Oct 6 2017 my estranged husband checked into your Roseville Mn location rm #303. On Sunday nite he (Kenny Mccadney) became violent causing me to leave hotel urgently with your manager (blonde hair caucasian) lady and your security guy assisting me with loading things into my...

Yahoo! / slow and no response in emails & writing emails

robert veatch on Nov 11, 2017
Date is 11-11-2017 acc. robveatch@ymail.com Trying to write e-mails, the writing is slow & inconsistent with yahoo stopping & not responding to letters being typed. As I am typing letters don't show up for 10-30 sec. and sometimes the page freezes and yahoo stops responding all together...

Letgo / the allowance of minor children being allowed to sell their property on let go without parental consent

Yvette Dorsey on Nov 11, 2017
My twelve year old grandson has created an online account with this company without my permission. He has been selling his belongings, such as his gaming systems for a lower fraction of the cost to actually purchase them. My complaint is that, because he is a minor, why isn't your website...

Dhr.alabama.gov / dhr

LaTonyaHarrison on Nov 10, 2017
Dhr took my daughter away from me back in October 2016 because they said police officers said i put my daughter out of my car and said I didnt want her anymore. The police never wrote up a case and have told me they never told dhr anything like that...My daughter has been abused by social...

Food Network / michael mckean

Rachlon on Nov 6, 2017
I am a huge Food Network fan. However I was recently extremely offended by Michael McKean's comments, on Twitter, in regard to the mass shooting at the church in Texas. I understand his right to free speech, however 27+ people were killed. His comment was very offensive, insensitive, and...

Hostess Brands / hostess donettes

Connie Harris Jespersen on Nov 6, 2017
Hostess BrandsWell, while shopping at my local grocery store, I spotted the Hostess end cap. I decided to grab a bag of donettes, as they have become a tradition with my 3year old grandson to share with grandma. There was plenty of time before the expiration date, as I usually check for freshness. Upon...

Eurodate / SOL Networks / another scam

Colin on Nov 3, 2017
Don't fall for this scam and don't talk to anyone on this website. Ideally, don't sign up at all. Why? Because it's full of fake profiles and scammers. Yes, the support team will say it's not true, their app is a decent thing. But let m disagree. What I encountered was terrible and i'm not...

IHOP Restaurants / concerned employee

Jennifer Olive on Nov 2, 2017
Hello my name is Jennifer and Im a regular at ihop on little road. I'm writing about the incident Tuesday 10/31/17 Yes there was a wait at the door. The customer who had the problem was already upretty about the wait. When it was her time to be seated my party was sat as well. WE HEARD...

Dhr.alabama.gov / child care services

Jesssewife4always on Oct 30, 2017
Monroe county AL. On June 8 2016 a call was redirected by the after investigating our home i was told case would more then likely close. I asked Mr frye prior to departure if it was OK to leave state to go to TN for will with kids and husband. He said yes. I spoke with frye while in TN. A...

Badoo Trading / fake profile

Kaunis Asia on Oct 30, 2017
Hi i have never joined badoo since a year ago when i got married i try to find my name on the web search suddenly i found out that someone made an account using my name and picture on this profile.these are totally lies. I do not like my details and picture being online like this when i...
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