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PR / Cream cheese

pooja r on Feb 23, 2017
Brought 4 bottles of Kraft White cream cheese spread from Sharjah UAE. It is not expired but the product does not seem edible as it has become watery & There are small balls formed like in the case of a spilt milk. All four bottles have gone waste. disappointed..! Not expected that from a...

National Family Solutions / I paid my $100 havent heard nothing since

channing1987 on Feb 9, 2017
I'm just a mother trying to get help for my daughter visitation agreement I spoke with troy 2/7/2017 I was told how the program worked, I agreed to do the program, I paid my $100, 2/8/2017, I was told I would get a email to start the next step, no email. I have been calling and now no one...

Brach's / Brachs maple nut goodies

rayw453 on Feb 3, 2017
I purchased two bags of the maple nut goodies from two different stores about a week apart and both dated July 2017 as the best by date for freshness. I was very disappointed with both. They were very hard and crispy. I have never had bags like these before and I have been eating thi...

Metropcs / Overcharged for three months

rosalynparks on Feb 1, 2017
In the month of October 2016 we had five phones with Metro pcs. but only four phones were working. We let them know in the store and tried to get the phone to work in the store but the phone still did not work. So we took the phone off the account. Now for the next two months we were...

Lincare / Trying to reach you

Reed Banet on Jan 27, 2017
I've been trying to reach your billing department to let them know that my Insurance Carrier has changed. I been waiting on hold 4 times for over 1/2 hour, each time, and never gotten through. Obviously customer service is a low priority. Should they want to have this information, please...

Zoosk / False advertising

Erin Davie on Jan 21, 2017
I can't believe after reading comments from 7 years ago, nothing had happened to this company. They are liars. Quite obvious too. Who advertises they are free...Then quite obviously once you site up, you can't do anything unless you pay...Yet this company hasn't changed a damn thing in...

Portrait Innovations / Family photos

Fender Lopez on Jan 16, 2017
I would normally not say anything but the man who took our photo I believe that he was rushing us and told us with the 29.99 package and the disc we spent little over 300 bucks and yes we have a large family but when appointment was made it was told that there was 25 people in it and it...

GearBubble / A memorial mug with my grandfather's photo whom we lost in August and this was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

Christie1975 on Jan 11, 2017
THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST! I ordered a mug for my father on Dec 2nd with the guarantee of delivery by Christmas. I have sent countless emails to have my money refunded. Instead I get an email with a "preshipment" tracking number. My mug still has no delivery date. I called the customer...

Skype / I can't see my girlfriend

andrew charlotte on Jan 10, 2017
Please sort skype out its been f###ed up twice it wont let me see my girlfriend and see cant see me it annoying 10/1/2017 is when i she lives in henley and i live i cornwall so please fix it asap your a good company but this is stupied the great thing is shes comeing to see me on friday so...

Hai Barbi / Son of Israeli gangster

aviben on Jan 3, 2017
Hai BarbiHai Barbi is a nice and sweet guy, but his father is a very dangerous man from Israel. His father Shimon Barbi is a known gangster and money launderer operating in Israel's diamond exchange. Shimon is rumored to have murdered people and works with the mafia to launder millions of dollar...

Kwik Trip / Holiday hours

mary.j on Dec 12, 2016
I heard around the block that kwik star are all about family and provide as much help for them as possible in times of need. As I walk into one of my local stores i noticed a sign that said all hours for christmas and christmas eve will not be changed but if you're all about family im a...

Woolworths Australia / Woolworths owned poker machines

Petition started at Change.Org Did you know that Woolworths Limited 'Woolies Supermarket' is the largest hotel and gaming poker machine operator in Australia? With approximately 75% share in 12, 125 poker machines in many of our working class and poorer local communities? They...

Ancestry.com Operations Inc. / DNA tests

Denise Michele on Dec 8, 2016
I submitted a sample to be tested for my ancestry and a seperate one for my mothers. Mine came back 100 % European. It's been long past the 8 weeks they said it would take for my mothers. The commerical shows a pie or breakdown of your nationalities. 100% European could be many different...

Costco / Employment protocols

Anon0630 on Nov 26, 2016
I recently learned that if you date anybody who gets hired or works in the same department as you while you are on probation or are seasonal, you both will be immediately terminated. As an employee of Costco with friends inside the business, I believe that is a bad protocol. Promotion of...

Western Union / Receiving dollar

Lailani on Nov 17, 2016
Western UnionI want to receive the money that my husband send to me for receiving dollars because he send the money dollars to dollars and he pay for the tax when I go to western union I want to recieve dollars they said they don't have dollars because it was maximize the dollars how come my...

The Home Depot / Pit bull dogs in the store

all are already taken on Nov 15, 2016
Good morning my name is Willie Surry and my complaint is about a young man bringing a pit bull dog into the store it was at the cascade store on 11/15/2016 at 8:00 pm I had my grand child with me and she is very afraid of dogs now I know that some customers have service dogs but this young...

Velma Mcdonald / Package delivery to london, ontario

Velma McDonald Guignion on Nov 10, 2016
Velma McdonaldOn November 1, 2016 I went in to the Post Office on Donegani, in Point Claire, Quebec to send a package to my son in London, Ontario. I was served by Roberto, who took all the information from my package and charged me $12 for 4 day delivery based on the address which he verified in the...

Georgia Power / Service disconnected while on life support

Jackie3001 on Nov 8, 2016
Georgia PowerHello my Name is Jacqueline Morris and I have a six year old daughter who was born with a muscular dystrophy. My daughter is trach vent dependent. Along with her ventilator my daughter has a lot of medical equipment, such as a feeding machine, oxygen, a humidifier for her vent, etc. I lost...

Vodacom / Wiping of numbers

Beppie Beernaert on Oct 19, 2016
Hi, I went to Vodacom Menlo Park repairs and asked Tim to clear the e-mail accounts on my mom's phone so that she can add her own e-mail account. He also cleared all my mom's telephone numbers. Imagine all the numbers she has accumulated over the years, she is 80. He clearly did not care...

24-7 Ride / Limo service to airport

jobattle on Oct 17, 2016
I made my reservation for round trip from Pasadena to LAX for a trip to Beijing, CN. They never called or EMAILed me the night before I was to leave at 0530 the next morning. I got my car prepared just in case, but the guy did show up to take me to the airport. However on the return trip...
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