Family & Relationships Complaints


Dubai Duty Free Carry John Diano / indecent husband and rude

Apr 15, 2019

I want to complain your staff named cerry john diano for being rude and being Conceited. He is not a good example for the staff. The status of his personal life is affecting also with other colleagues. If you will not remove him from work I will make a complain to the labor. He is an...

Vijay Reddy alias Smith Taylor / expensive gifts and huge gbp currency

Apr 13, 2019

Vijay Reddy alias Smith TaylorThe fraud named Vijay Reddy alias Smith Taylor bearing contact # +[protected] contacted me through Indian marriage website Bharat matrimony and asked for watts app # for further process. Though asked many times to submit his identity he denied to provide and said that he is working with...

Florida Department of Children and Family Services / child protective services

Mar 19, 2019

From my experience with this department they are poorly administered and poorly trained. The field rep comes over to the house with armed guards repeating like he is a machine gun "i am going to take your daughter away from you and put her in foster care" I am going to take your daughter...

Florida Child Support Program / management for customer service in building

Feb 21, 2019

To whom it may concern, Upon arriving at this location attempting to understand my support situation the worker on staff passed my info off to their manager Dowanna Howard. She was to say the very least, extremely rude, degrading and went out of her way to be passively aggressive for...

Rotten food service / food and services

Feb 1, 2019

Rotten food serviceToday on Feburary 1st 2019 I thought I'd treat my son and family to McDonald's. We ordered a 4 piece happy meal ( for a Boy), he got a girl toy instead. I ordered a crispy buttermilk chicken meal and in place of a drink I ordered a chocolate milkshake. When I pulled up for my food they...

Tapenade / sandwiches etc

Jan 30, 2019

There are no prices available for customers to refer to. How is that helpful? Also $14 for a sandwich is appalling and as the audience/ victims are captive there is no way around it as the customer has already committed to the purchase. Rest assured I will warn my friends family and...

Dollywood Scooter Rental / not able to reserve scooter

Jan 3, 2019

My husband is disabled and needs scooter every time I call the are all reserved and in order to maybe get one have to be there before opening, there again that's to long of day to be there to see lights. We always get gold annual passes, but I believe we will not any longer sad that you...

Johannesburg Post Office International Section / please contact me

Dec 6, 2018

On the 8/11/2018 I posted a registered a letter to Portugal at the Postnet at Saxby. Today is the 06/12/2018 and that letter hasn't yet left the country. I here their is a back lock at Johannesburg International Depot. Guys it's unfair to the population to suffer because the post office i...

Year / overcharged hung up on twice

Nov 28, 2018

To whom it may concern, I'm reaching out today to address a customer service issue I spent $300 a day before and the day of Thanksgiving the day before Thanksgiving I turned in some rain checks coupons and use just for you I was overcharged 42% on $100 purchase as a result I was stranded...

Milwaukee Police / milwaukee police lie, poisoned and brainwashed tirrell cotton's mind

Nov 22, 2018

Milwaukee Police lie, poisoned and brainwashed Tirrell Cotton's mind by calling him at his house, telling him slanderous lies about me stalking women!!! Girls and Women be lying and slandering to Milwaukee Police about me stalking them!!! Milwaukee Police are the damn fools who believe...

5 Bowker Rd Hopkinton MA 01748-2584: Karine M. Martirosyan, Paul E. Noroian / alert to the new neighborhood of thieves and armenian gang (karine martirosyan, paul noroian)

Nov 16, 2018

Since August 2018, the unfortunate village of Hopkinton (MA), Middlessex County, has new and dangerous arrivals, Armenian terrorists who have moved from 87 South Street, Westborough, MA 01581 (after they were disgraced in the former address): Karine M. Martirosyan (DOB 10/22/1966), Paul E...

Wicked Wives / dating site

Oct 31, 2018

Have spent £100s of pounds on this site, stupidly messaging a picture at a pound plus per message. Every one you message seems to follow a pattern or even a script ie not messaging any one else, body shaved, wants to try bondage, too soon to meet for a drink/meal, not happy giving out phone...

Amardip Vilkhu / continuing harassment

Oct 23, 2018

It has been brought to my attention of the continuing harassment that Amardip Vilkhu of n0 70 Windmill Rd Coventry is doing. We have spoken to many people about his behaviour and we are deeply saddened and shocked at what he has been doing. Harassing neighbours so that other members of hi...

Markos Family / child support

Oct 23, 2018

I have been waiting for 10 years to receive proper child support from my ex. Here's the problem the department of revenue has failed on a yearly basis to even begin to establish the back child support owed to me and my children. It is not like my ex has limited income in fact he has an...

Sebastian County DHS / the whole shebang

Oct 4, 2018

My friends 2 kids were snatched from her because she refused to let the dhs worker in the house since it was 10 oclock at night. Since then they have made up multiple lies and continue to create issues. The foster home her children are in, we believe they are being neglected. Apparently a...

Strongsville Ohio / room quality

Sep 30, 2018

I checked into room on September 25, 2018 for e nights. The first room I was in the ac unit was stuck on 86 degrees. I was moved to a 2nd room. This room had spiders everywhere. I was then moved to a 3rd room. This rooms ac unit was also not working. Being a disabled senior I stayed in...

DFCS Gwinnett County / child concerns

Sep 12, 2018

My spouse and I have been assisting a family whos children where removed november 2018. We were asked as close family friends to step in and assist when the paternal grandmother was meeting resistance gaining placement of her grandchildren in her home despite meeting all familiy tie...

Netcare, Kuilsriver, Cape Town / poor services - head human resources and general manager of hospital

Sep 10, 2018

With reference to an email dated 31 August 2018 to Ms Chamberlain and several other emails from Old Mutual, Ms Zeeman, forwarded to Ms Cleo Clark regarding the permanent disability claim. Further, to my visit at Netcare Hospital, Kuilsriver on 6 September 2018 requesting the completion of...

Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms / broken condoms

Aug 29, 2018

I've used both and have had them both break 50% of the time. This is the third time in two hours. I just checked the condom and it broke so now I have to go buy plan b. Very annoying because they are not supposed to break and now I have to go and spend another 50 dollars on plan b. If I...

Waterford Mi Store Highland Rd / the managers hiring staff

Aug 22, 2018

My daughter put in an application then asked to come in for and interview. Then was told she got the part time job.My daughter who is a mentally challenged adult was so excited so much that she told all the relatives. She then was told to come in for orientation which again was told she...

Lucknow-based lawyer Roopa Aggarwal / unethical behaviour: charging money both from client and client's opponent

Jul 23, 2018

In October 2017 I approached Roopa Aggarwal in her office at B-105, above Central Library, Diwani Courts, Lucknow. I had marital problems and was living away from my husband for six months. As Roopa Aggarwal is said to be helping out women in their legal problems, I approached her to get...

Ilton Carlos Kautsky / gillette fusion

Jul 18, 2018

Ao departamento de qualidade, Comprei a alguns meses atrás no S'ams club de Vitoria estado do Espirito Santo Brazil, uma embalagem de Gillette Fusion contendo 8 cartuchos para barbear, e desses 8 cartuchos 2 deles vieram com defeito na trava, pois não consigo trava-los no cabo e com isso...

Ster Kinekor Watercrest / birthday movie ticket

Jun 25, 2018

I was told that to qualify for my birthday free movie. I must watch what they think I should. Not a 3d or a latest movie. What is the point of giving me a free movie for my birthday if I can't watch I want since its my birthday. Service sucks and I will never support your company again...

Stop deleting Tommy Robinson videos / whoever decides not to allowed

Jun 18, 2018

You as a private company should never allow the uk or other government to make you do as the bbc and sky please you tube do not allow them to shut you up as they are on fb twitter ect. Why are fb one of your companys closing doing like tommy robinsons accout but you allow hamas and the...

The use of the term "dilly, dilly" in your beer commercials. / advertising slogan

Jun 8, 2018

I am very offended that you are using the term "dilly, dilly" in your beer commercials. This term is used in an endearing children's song from the 1700's from England called "Lavender Blue." I have been singing this song to my Grandchildren since it was featured in the 2015 live action...

LBC SM City San Lazaro / package

May 28, 2018

LBC SM City San LazaroNagpadala po ako noong May 22, 2018 sabi sakin nung nag assist 1-2days recieve na siya sa Batangas, tapos hindi man lang ako inin-form ng May 24, 2018 na hindi pala nila na-deliver, in a rush kasi yung package dahil by May 28, 2018 aalis na yung magrereceive babalik na ng Switzerland...

Cracker Barrel greenbrier #629 / manager

May 25, 2018

Cracker Barrel greenbrier #629Manager Stan clavenger was very rude when he came to my table after we'd brought to his attention that our steak was way over cooked he smelled badly of cigarettes and me and my husband were shocked to see him smoking cigarettes in the parking lot when we were leaving this is not the type...

DHR / unidentified dhr social worker

May 5, 2018

A blonde lady in her 20s came to a house I just happened to be visiting at the moment. After a different DHR person already came out to the aunts house and OK that the child stay there and she knew the aunt was going for custody of the child. So this blonde lady who would not give us her...

Florida DCF investigation worker / unprofessional and inappropriate behavior. lying and falsifying records. inappropriate abuse of power

May 3, 2018

My daughter who is 17 had issues with cutting herself at 13. Due to schools being involved and Baker Acting DCF has been involved on several issues. She was seeds counseling. She has now been doing well at 17 years old she's almost ready to graduate it has not been cutting herself. Had a...

Richard Johnson Family Attorney / family attorney

May 2, 2018

I went thru 14 years of embattling custody of my daughter and Mr. Richard Johnson, an attorney in Sacramento near Sac State area represented my daughters mother. During one of the mitigation meetings, my lawyer yelled out to them "Their in a relationship". I warned my lawyer about this for...

Nandos Sandton City / full chicken meal with 4 sharing sides

Apr 8, 2018

We purchased the sit down meal as above today which was very disappointing. 1. The service was horrid. I repeated my order at least 3 times to the cashier and each time she repeated it incorrectly. 2. The waitresses were slow and unhelpful. When asked for glasses ice and straws they were...

Randy Spurgeon / carpet cleaner

Apr 7, 2018

On 04/07/18 I rented a carpet cleaner from Food City West in Newport Tennessee. I didn't inspect it assuming that it was ready to be used . When I got home I found it to say the least filthy . The brush was clogged with hairs and the tank had dirty water in it and hadn't been washed out ...

MatchMaker Michigan / scam artist

Apr 4, 2018

Do not let this company fool you. They will use that your vulnerable to their adavantage!! They take people looking for love, as easy targets to lie to give false hopes and make financial gain. I spent 3000.00 and was matched with 3 men which did not fit my critera, one of the men had...

Doornbult Privaat / channel 167

Apr 2, 2018

Good Evening, we are very upset for not renewing GLOW Tv channel, big followers of this soaps, not just me and my family but my fellow friends also have been watching the soaps non stop. Our conversations was always about our soaps. Just made my payment, and I have to find sitting ready in...

KL Central / rude staff; service

Apr 2, 2018

KL CentralI would like to make a complain about staff that working as ticket checker at Gate C in KL central today, 2 April 2018 for ETS schedule at 11 am. He was so rude when I tried to ask his permission to send my mom to her seat. my mom age 72 and of course she is not familiar with the way to...

Manager at Lakeport Ca. / conflict of interest

Mar 27, 2018

Someone needs to look into the conflict of interest going on at the Lakeport Ca. Store. The manager has his sister working there and giving her more hours than anyone else. Also no weekend work for her and she comes in when she wants. Employees have quit over this. She also quit last fall...

Child Protective Services / parental rights

Mar 24, 2018

Why was my daughter taken for the wrong reason? My thyroid levels was too high and left me disoriented. My job is gone. Child is gone home is gone my life is interrupted because of not knowing about area. Where is help when you need it. I needed help not to be left blowing in the wind like...

Jacki Feild / christopher front counter 22nd ave/34th st st. pete

Mar 23, 2018

Jacki FeildI came to this store when it opened, from Eckerds. In Jan of 2018 Christopher seduced me with talk of love & dating & although was not seeking relationship said daily he was in love with me and working on it and when I finally caught on I asked him why he wanted me & He said sexual...

Gurmit Vilkhu / cohershive behaviour

Mar 13, 2018

Latest update Gurmit Vilkhu of no 68 Windmill Rd Coventry. As the police slowly close in on gurmit vilkhu's illegal behaviour, He's going around people's house's after dark to coerce people into his illegal bullying behaviour against his neighbour. Telling people what to say passing around...