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Begroup.co / Unauthorised use of ID/Profile

elizabeth hagan lawson on May 28, 2017
Begroup.coI have just noticed a profile of myself on the 'Begroup.co. website that I have never set up, and has no affiliation with me whatsoever. I would like this taken down as soon as possible as it is fraudulent and not related to me. Begroup seems to have set up a fake account using my google...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / Hacked! Profile is fake!

Terene Davis on May 27, 2017
A stranger called me on fb messenger to tell me that he is about to meet me at a restaurant in a state that I don't live in. He was very persistent that it was me, even tho I told him I have no idea what he is talking about. He screen shot the whole conversation, and I could not believe my...

Badoo Trading Limited / creating a false identity for a dating website

Yasmin Esack on May 22, 2017
Badoo Trading LimitedBadoo, listed as a UK company on their website, is stealing emails and records from people's facebook accounts and creating false websites of people for their dating service. I believe they operate in South America as the person who constantly harasses me is called Perez Marante. see message...

ProxiBid / online auction fraud

W. Anthony on May 20, 2017
I purchased several items for $700-$800. During the auction via live chat I questioned the specific auctioneer (Omega Auctions) regarding the authenticity. They replied that if they were not as represented they were returnable but shipping was on me. I was good with that. The items arrived...

People Finders / I'm a peoplefinders member/ incorrect alias.

Wilma Eiseman on May 19, 2017
My name is Wilma Eiseman. I live in Kirkland Washington. I'm 58. There's an alias in my profile that clearly is no one related to me or that I have any knowledge of. As a result of this, I would say there are about 25 people you have related to me that I have no knowledge Of. Please let me...

Ack Infrastructure Services Pvt Ltd / fake promises of employment

rajiv bhargab on May 18, 2017
This consultancy is totally fake, bogus, they only know how to lure candidates & take money & make fake promises. They are completely worthless. & When ask for refund then they try to hide themselves. But beware, god is seeing he will do the unsafe. He will not spare you, scoundrels. They...

Tim Hortons / scam recruitment

Ronald Pinto on May 16, 2017
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Ronald Pinto and I'm an Indian citizen working as a chef. Couple of weeks ago I was looking for a job and received a job offer at your company from an online job portal trough the Rochon Genova llp barristers. I wanted to confirm if this is a genuine job offer sent...

Twoo.com / False account

Ioana Strilciuc on May 14, 2017
Hy there. There is an account uși g my personal Informations, as my name, my birthdate and all of those, without my permission. I want that account to be erased! What can i do? The account is named ionutza_dulce. Help me please, or i will form a complain with an attourney to the Romanian police. I don't know how to rezolve this problem! Please help me!

Youtube / a video that make big problem

Aboudy osama on May 13, 2017
Hello, it is me abdelrahman osama, i am requesting youtube customer service to delete a video on you tube that makes a big problem to my father at work this video some people use it for bad ways and they are damaging our life so please get in touch and help us to live safe and secure...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile of me, giving out my personal information to multiple guys!

Victoria Francis on May 12, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishSomeone has created a fake profile of me on POF. This person has been giving out my number to all the guys and I have been receiving alot of messages from guys being harassed. Kindly resolve this matter as soon as possible as this is creating a problem in my personal life. Thank you! p.s. My...

Kalau Lumpur Puchong Police Station / Illegal stay & work of vietnamese girls

jaymuseu on May 10, 2017
Kalau Lumpur Puchong Police Stationdear sir, I would like to complain about some Vietnamese girls which holding fake student pass and fake document to work at PINK PUB which near Jalan Banda 17 at Kalau Lumpur Puchong. These girls stay at Unit A-9-2 Kinrara Condominium, Jalan Mas 1, Bandar Kinrara, 582000 Kalau...

FinjIndia / Job providing consultancy

Mitul12334 on May 7, 2017
Worst consultancy don't go. Wastage of time and money. Fake promises and dirty business they are playing. They are playing with job seekers money and wasting their time. I suggest you to do not register in this consultancy. After registration they will not pick your call and will show you...

Nicobasson / I am complaining about a fake account

Nico Basson on May 7, 2017
According to your records I have a outstanding tv license since I was born I never had a license before and would like one but how can I owe almost 7000 rand my name is nico basson and I have send you al the police documents and papers to proof it please can someone help me id number...

Letgo / a fake customer

Kristen N on May 6, 2017
LetgoHi there, I'm contacting you because I had to report this guy two times. His name was manny and he had a picture of himself. He messaged me about a swimsuit I was selling and asked me to try it on for him. I told him no. Then he asked again so I asked if it was for himself. He said yes. I...

Mohammad / Sneakers

Jonathan camastro on May 2, 2017
This guy prayed on my 13 year old son. He told my son he wanted to trade my sons velvet 11 Jordan's for his black yeezys. Of course this sounded like a great idea to my son. And of course gave my son fake sneakers and is now not contacting him to return them!! This is the second time my...

Wish.com / 2.1 tb, fake usb memory modules

David Mackey on Apr 24, 2017
Wish.comThese memory modules are FAKE. They are advertised as 2.1TB USB memory modules. They are NOT. The real memory chip inside is somewhat smaller and the control firmware has been modified. While the chip will format and answer up as a 2TB module it is really just looping back and over writing...

Pam Trout / Never received an item

weezerbailey77@gmail.com on Apr 19, 2017
In march, I ordered several squishes. I received all but one. I have ordered from them before, with no issues. I never received my puni maru classic ice cream cone in chocolate and vanilla. I have sent countless emails, and never received a response. I am out my money and my product, and...

AdvanDate / advandate

BillH22 on Apr 19, 2017
I bought this software with high hopes.The instructions were horrible (worthless actually) and when I would try to resolve a problem it was clear that the people at Advandate were more interested in deflecting blame or laying any fault on you. We were told you didn't need any coding experience yet...

Tim Hortons / received email for job

nileshdp84 on Apr 12, 2017
Dear All, I am from India, yesterday-11/04/2017 i have received one email regarding job from leetechcenterusa097@gmail.com this email Id. i was searching Tim Hortons email Id on website but I couldn't get. I just wanted to conform whether that email is true or not. If not then somebody...

Yahoo! / Yahoo mail

Peter Teo on Apr 12, 2017
Yahoo!Dear Sir/Mdm, I received the below email regarding my yahoo account. Please help to confirm this email trustworthy. Best regards Kenneth Wang +6587145518 Dear User, We received a request to terminate your account and the process has started by our Mail Team, Your account will be finally...
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