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Michaels / manager at the richmond ave location in staten island, ny (sidiik)

Maddyp on Jul 19, 2017
This is a verbal complaint in regards to the manger(sidiik)maybe spelling it incorrectly of your store on richmond ave. in staten island ny. I go to michael's all the time for crafts and this time on sunday July 16th, 2017 was an extremely disappointing visit. I came with a lot of item...

Best Global Gadgets / dial vision adjustable glasses

Danny ldv sade on Jul 19, 2017
Best Global GadgetsI have received useless glasses, they are 1$ glasses which totally distorts vision in a way you can not use it. It is made of a very very very cheap plastic not even close to what they advertise. You pay about 50$ for 1$ plastic even worse from those sold for kids in a toy shop. The addre...

1stclassfakes.com / scamming - beware - honest review

P3ttZ on Jul 14, 2017
Thought as this is one of the only places where there seems to be reviews on the website / Company I'd post mine. I'm after a novelty ID for my own personal purposes, looking round the internet I came across these as they are at the top of most search engines. They get you to email in...

Huntington Bank / fraud

Ray Zuniga on Jul 12, 2017
Huntington BankSocial Security information was stolen from the US government in 2015 (OPM -Office Of Personnel Management breach) The US government provided affected personnel with ID monitoring services. On December 27, 2016 the service reported to me that a business bank account was opened in my name on...

Letgo / bogus

Wrinkle2 on Jul 7, 2017
I would like to talk to someone that can be contacted because of a seller selling something that is not the real thing. In Joplin Mo let go there is someone selling a hat that they said was worn by Demi Moore in the movie A few good men. The hat as pictured can not be that same hat. In the...

Wish.com / I didn't order anything from wish

Radziewicz on Jul 5, 2017
Wish.comI think somebody might have ordered something from wish I don't Know how they got my information because I know I did not order something from wish and on the package it said it was a bracelet I opened the package and it was a balloon So I work like the situation rectified if somebody...

Omegle / the verification message is coming before we connect to new chat

phanikumarcs528 on Jul 1, 2017
OmegleWhen i hit verification message, the omegle site checks the code and connects me to a partner and when im disconnected and i have to connect a new partner, but omegle again asks the same verification code before connecting to a partner, this is the issue i want to tell you. Please check...

Omegle / breaching identity

Vish2322 on Jul 1, 2017
OmegleHi, this is Vish Kassere. Yesterday, June 30th, 2017 11:14pm I received some messages on my Whats-app from a stranger claiming that I have talked him on Omegle and gave him my number for further interactions and I was shocked to know that someone whom I don't know is saying I met him on a...

Huma Ahmad Adnan Foodstuff / scam

Modus operandi of frauds on Jun 28, 2017
Huma Ahmad Adnan FoodstuffWe Aliana Trading LLC challanged to Al Khalil Meat Trading Sharjah or wherever branches world wide that they show us any bill unpaid for the goods purchased and received by us since 2005 we are here and running 3 companies even a single company is not closed not suspended its license by...

Third Baptist Church of Philadelphia / church

2cyclerider on Jun 28, 2017
The address of our church is 2400 South Broad st. Philadelphia Pa. The name of our church is Third Baptist Church. Our web address is: libcphiladelphia.com There is a party using faithstreet.com as a counterfeit of our church. They are using our address and the bogus name Lighthouse...

Sonic Drive-In / bacon cheeseburgers

Out17$ on Jun 20, 2017
Sonic Drive-In Today I ordered 3 single bacon cheeseburgers plain "just the meat, cheese and bun" at the Drive thru in Salisbury NC. When I got home I opened the bag to find 3 cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise on them. My children refused to eat them. I rarely complain to management about...

Wish.com / all deliveries

Dina Kessler on Jun 20, 2017
This has been going on beginning May 2017, You on your own have decided to ship to my old work address. Mind you I was not working there at the time the order was placed and never input my old address only my home address. I alerted you to this error in May you began shipping my order that...

Yahoo! / yahoo mail.

Alfred Eshun on Jun 20, 2017
Yahoo!Dear Sir/Madam, I received the following email (in mail and also attached) in my spam. I want to know whether it is really from Yahoo. What do I do? ====================== chamunorwah@gmail.com Dear Valued User, Our records indicate that you recently made a request to disconnect your...

Hi5 / account reactivation

somebody2lovesU you on Jun 19, 2017
Hello, I used to have a hi5 account and i just notice it was susspended or something, to recover acces you send a code on my email, the problem is i dont have acces to ! I was 16, for dear Lord, i can't remember what i eat yesterday, im 23 for God sake.. anyway, please help me recover...

Begroup.co / unauthorized using of my personal information

Guilherme Barboza on Jun 7, 2017
I would like to raise a complaint about the begroup.co website that seems to have allowed the creation of a fake account with my personal information http://begroup.co/Guilherme-Squissato-Barboza/102969559813641605535# The reason I found this was to test a internet search with my full name...

American Staffing Company / company name vsiontek

Sara recruiter on Jun 6, 2017
This company has been giving fake consultant to vendor one of the prime vendor is us. They have been faking opt candidate as H1B and doing the process and cheating us and again not giving the candidates. Please look into this and rectify something such that there won't be any company like...

OkCupid / some one create my fake account on okc

SG12233 on Jun 4, 2017
OkCupidHi guys sheetal ghevande here. Someone creating my fake profile on okc And they mention my personal no on that account I got a many call now getting irritating Please close my account Full name : sheetal ghevande Email id: sheetal.ghevande2012@gmail.com Contact no : 9768257422, 8169883967...

Twoo.com / fake account

Mond Abrilla on Jun 3, 2017
Yesterday, i searched my name in google and I saw an account that has my pictures in it when I was young, never in my life that i registered in twoo.com before. and this is very alarming. i hope that this will be deleted/fixed as soon as possible. please see below the link of the account...

Tinder / there are men who are fakes on your site.

Chris Lawson Svensson on Jun 2, 2017
I was corresponding with a guy who seemed nice. And I asked him questions about his name and his Facebook site since most have to have a FB account to sign it with. Tinder. He gave me his FB name and info. and he has no friends and it was obviously a fake account on FB. They all of a...

Tinder / application

Vipul1987 on May 31, 2017
I had tinder app on my phone and few days back i had deleted this app from my phone. Now suddenly my gf asked me whether i am on tinder and she thinks i am using it which i am not . Can you please check how it is possible that my account is still active on tinder. Is there any...
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