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Fake & Novelty ID Complaints / fake review site

JohnSnow22 on Dec 16, 2018

Please avoid this review site. It is owned by the same people who own the scam sites like IDHurry and GreatFakeID - which are both scam sites. The owners set up a fake review site to give bad reviews to real vendors and good reviews to fake vendors. If you'd like to see real ID...

Judge Clarence F. Seeliger, Dekalb County Superior Court / corrupt judge clarence f. seeliger, dekalb county superior court, a criminal, liar, cynic senior 81 y/o

MarinaNoblePlaintiff on Dec 7, 2018

Judge Clarence F. Seeliger, Dekalb County Superior CourtPerhaps the middle of Clarence Seeliger''s NAZI daddy would be "judge". Clarence F. Seeliger is a demented unfit "judge", thief, over 80 y/o, cynical, a bold liar, undignified corrupt, who can enter 10-12 crazy unhinged corrupted orders without reasoning, without citing...

Tagged / fake profile

RealKaren on Dec 4, 2018

TaggedHi, I've received word that there is a fake profile one Tagged, pretending to be me. The name is Karen Gaffney on the account. Whoever they are are giving out information of my Instagram username, Snapchat username and also using my photos from my Facebook and Instagram. Also they are... / Plenty of Fish / I have evidence of a fraud imposter on your dating site and I have all of his messages as well as profiles

nonalynn on Nov 29, 2018 / Plenty of FishAdrian Fort Myers is his username and he is a serious imposter from the UK apparently or who knows and he is preying on women in the severest ways such as pretending to send Parcels of gifts and sending misspelled invalid information of names addresses phone numbers and using the wrong...

Teechip / hallmark christmas sweatshirt

Kim Marie Roth on Nov 28, 2018

I ordered the sweatshirt on Oct 30, 2018 and is over a month later and no order number, no shirt, or shipping information. I ordered through Paypal and have filed a complaint. It should not take over a month for a shirt. When you call the TeeChip customer service line it just disconnect...

Betha Jenner Psychic Website / harassing emails ; negative

Chance73 on Nov 26, 2018

I am not sure how this women even got my email. I have had numerous negative harassing emails from her site. She is a dangerous, reckless, con artist. She intimidates the public, to purchase her items for fame and fortune. The other scenario is a curse was placed on you. No true psychic or... / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Ladyj502 on Nov 25, 2018 / Plenty of FishFred Patterson 111 is posing as a person in the military and has been in contact with my cousin. Fred's address is 1908 E 19th St Lot W39 Lawrence-Kansas 66046. I know this bc I went with my cousin to help him send Fred $100 via Money Gram at Walmart. I told my cousin not to send this guy...

Buzil Rossari / complaint against individual

Your Well Wisher on Nov 23, 2018

Buzil RossariDear Team, This is to inform you that Mr. Vinay came to our place for the meeting in Rajasthan. He told us that all the working distributors would be closed in coming few month and he is appointing a new Super Stockiest in our zone. He introduced himself as Regional Sales Manager. After...

AliExpress / fake bratz dolls

Just Me on Nov 23, 2018

AliExpressI am regular customer! and I send many family and friends to shop on Ali Express BUT... I recently bought 2 dolls from Happy Cow Store advertised as bratz dolls these are fakes I collect REAL bratz dolls not fakes see photos of the genuine bratz and the fake sold to me it is illegal to sell...

Facebook / fake account

Jai Kumar Singh on Nov 22, 2018

Facebook This person make fake account and upload my pic and send Bulger msg to my friends and relatives name of me, this I'd created by Seema Singh name, this person annoying me last 1 year by make such diff type Facebook accounts I report... / illegal passport production in operation

James B Mason on Nov 22, 2018

This is all scam! Avoid at all cost! The people running this website are based in, Doula, Cameroon. Website is registered with Godaddy US. Web developer based in Pakistan, Whatsapp number is from Germany.. Possible real names of people operating this illegal website are: Jackson...

Radaris / unable to remove info for text codes from non us.

Lakelover18 on Nov 20, 2018

Like a trillion other people, I am unable to remove the fake information on It even says I own 1 million dollars in property! ( I wish). I had to create a profile (which they want) to try to remove this info and then you are supposed to enter a code for a text to verify your...

Tinder / impersonation

Sania Thite on Nov 18, 2018

TinderIt has been brought to my attention by a friend that a fake account under my name has been created on Tinder. I have never had a Tinder account. The name is Sania, 21 years old female from India, the last user location was Mulund, Maharashtra, a place I do not visit. My bio is wrong, my...

Etihad Group Of Companies / fake job offers

Inayat Isd on Nov 18, 2018

Etihad Group Of CompaniesHello sir.. I received a job offer from etihad group of companies, for the post of civil engineer, they are offering me 5500aed. With all facilities provided by company.. They demanded me passport copy and photos to upload on their website for the further process.. Kindly tell me is it...

Etihad Group Of Companies / job offer complaint

Zikku on Nov 14, 2018

Etihad Group Of CompaniesHello sir.. I received a job offer from etihad group of companies, for the post of ACCOUNTANT, they are offering me 4000aed. With all facilities provided by company.. Kindly tell me is it fake or real... I received email and also sms on my cell number about job offer by etihad group of...

Etihad Group Of Companies / it's totally fake

Learner Boy on Nov 11, 2018

Hi There all, Please away from "etihad Group of companies", its a complete fraud, here are the proofs, i have some little bit cyber security knowledge and i spend my 3 hours to unmask their evil face. 1-) On their website they said that their company establish in 2001 but actually if...

Cymraes Corner / beware scam run by lesley jackson derbyshire disowned wicca worldwide

Medusa the great on Nov 9, 2018

States weird and wonderful blogging from the welsh marshes is in macclesfield lol Total fake Do not give lesley jackson a dime Run from macclesfield 30 cents a month value Lesley ann jackson stalker Derbyshire occult lesley jackson multi troll fraudster Acow denoumce her fraud and probe... / fake id/ money sent but card not received/ scam!!!

hannah12345x on Nov 6, 2018

I'm absolutely furious as ordered and paid for my order 8 days ago, as it states on the website the order should be complete and back to you within 7 days . Despite me sending several emails, not a single one has been replied too and I've not even received an email to say it has been...

Grabcar Malaysia / someone use my number for grabcar account

safinas on Nov 6, 2018

someone use my number for grabcar account!! hampir setiap hari atau oun selang dua hari akan ade grab driver yang call saya cakap dia dah sampai...!!! walhal saya tak de pun apps grabcar mahupun daftar account for grabcar ni...macam mane system boleh jadi macam ni..? please tolong alert...

Dawood Group of Companies / is this valid email/job?

Zaheer888 on Nov 3, 2018

Hi, I got below job offer from your company. Is it valid or fake? Dear Zaheer, we are hereby to inform you that you applied for a job on job seeking website, we went through your resume, because of which the ERT (Etihad Recruitment Team) are highly impressed with your background and approach...