Fake & Novelty ID Complaints

Octels Technology Solutions / octels technology solutions fake certificates in octels technology solutions thoraipakkam

Mar 18, 2019

Octels Technology Solutions in Thoraipakkam chennai is a fake certificates issuing company. I lost my job because the company did not handle my verification even they charged 25k money for verification now they not refunding my money please be aware of that company. No: 2/176, Balamurugan...

RFtronics Group of Company (MNC- C for cyber criminals) / cyber criminals

Mar 1, 2019

RFtronics Group of Company (MNC- C for cyber criminals)Dear all, Hereby I attached a photo of a pysco escaped from mental Hospital his name is Mathew Rajesekaran he joined with another two pysco's Mathioli Nagarajan and Sankar Nagappan, three pysco's started a fraud company called Rftronics by which they are selling a cracked...

1st Class Fakes / id

Feb 4, 2019

I have worked out the scam that 1st class fakes is running. Having ordered before and received my IDs I could not understand how people were saying it was a scam company. However having ordered 2 IDs before Christmas and having seen the mock up IDs and approved them I sent money for them... Fake ID & Vendor Discussion / beware of fake id & vendor discussion scam fake reviews

Jan 24, 2019 is the the biggest list of fake unverified and untrusted fake id vendors list. This is a fake community created by a fake fake id review site promoting their own fake id sites... So the real fake id scam list is the their own websites. owns all the sites with... / customer service

Jan 10, 2019

I ordered from this company and never received my order. They were slow to respond to my emails andstated if I paid an extra$20, they would track it down.They stated that some customers received their orders on time while others did not. It was just random, they stated. I questioned their... / complaint

Jan 1, 2019

fantastic site always fast delivery and real identity Be careful of propaganda contact any site before ordering to see if they respond These sites below recruit id people asking them to post bad reviews and get a free id so that is scam any site who disses another site watch out it is fake... / fake review site

Dec 16, 2018

Please avoid this review site. It is owned by the same people who own the scam sites like IDHurry and GreatFakeID - which are both scam sites. The owners set up a fake review site to give bad reviews to real vendors and good reviews to fake vendors. If you'd like to see real ID...

Betha Jenner Psychic Website / harassing emails ; negative

Nov 26, 2018

I am not sure how this women even got my email. I have had numerous negative harassing emails from her site. She is a dangerous, reckless, con artist. She intimidates the public, to purchase her items for fame and fortune. The other scenario is a curse was placed on you. No true psychic or... / illegal passport production in operation

Nov 22, 2018

This is all scam! Avoid at all cost! The people running this website are based in, Doula, Cameroon. Website is registered with Godaddy US. Web developer based in Pakistan, Whatsapp number is from Germany.. Possible real names of people operating this illegal website are: Jackson...

Cymraes Corner / beware scam run by lesley jackson derbyshire disowned wicca worldwide

Nov 9, 2018

States weird and wonderful blogging from the welsh marshes is in macclesfield lol Total fake Do not give lesley jackson a dime Run from macclesfield 30 cents a month value Lesley ann jackson stalker Derbyshire occult lesley jackson multi troll fraudster Acow denoumce her fraud and probe...

Dawood Group of Companies / is this valid email/job?

Nov 3, 2018

Hi, I got below job offer from your company. Is it valid or fake? Dear Zaheer, we are hereby to inform you that you applied for a job on job seeking website, we went through your resume, because of which the ERT (Etihad Recruitment Team) are highly impressed with your background and approach...

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani / Bottega Veneta Fashion Designer / Antonio. / fake jacket, and giving a hand

Oct 30, 2018

Emporio Armani / Giorgio Armani / Bottega Veneta Fashion Designer / Antonio.He is in vancouver now... I just finished my work located in coal harbour, at 1:00 p.M. And I headed to hannam mart, and I met this italian guy on the broughton street. He was riding a bmw xg or x6 something like that and he wanted me to show me the google map. Because his phone data just...

IDTop / fake ids

Oct 30, 2018

Idtop is a scam! Around 6 weeks ago, they scammed me out of$140 cash they'd instructed me to mail to zhenqi dong, guangzhou, china. Once they had the money, I never heard from them again. Here are the sad details… My friend and I had decided we wanted to get high-quality fake driver... / fraudulent

Oct 11, 2018

Dear sir I am Rupesh Kumar Saini Customer of hdfc bank my account no. is [protected] sir I wanna purchase online mobile so I pay 8490 rs. on 29-09-2018 site now I have check this is a fraud site .Now I call its customer care no. then nobody pick my phone I have try to another...

Cheshire / night shift cheshire name sam singh

Oct 7, 2018

I was in the store on 10/6/2018 10:20pm to 10:35pm I forget my money at home I need to by the milk I have the winning scracher try to cash Cheshire told me Loto machine not working he was on the phone headphones very disrespectful rude . I call the state Loto they told me they sign off the...

Sharon McLoughlin / spreading hate and false accusations

Oct 7, 2018

There is a woman by the name of Sharon McLoughlin, who is spreading false accusations of sexual predators and business owners. She has created a fake profile a.smith.65 to make a false complaint against someone. Please remove this from your board. This woman is using the #metoo movement to...

DG Services / form filling.

Oct 6, 2018

Dg services gives job for typing 3000 application in 15 days. Will spend 5 hrs daily and do..but after submitting theyl tell its wrong. Soo u should pay money. If you not pay money I take legal action.. im a student I cant pay money..soo the advocate will send notice and theyl send theyl...

Jessica N. Blanco Branch Manager Howell Office 4015 South Howell Avenue / discrimination

Sep 28, 2018

Jessica N. Blanco Branch Manager Howell Office 4015 South Howell AvenueWill coming to cash a written check on a usbank check at the location on Howell and Norwich I presented the clerk with my allodial national American tribal I'd card that meets federal regulations of what an I'd is, and explained that I have been cashing my checks with us bank for some months she told me that I could not use my id here at this locat

cymraes corner more lies just keep coming run by lesleyann jackson / cymraes' corner – ~ weird and wonderful blogging from the welsh... fraud

Sep 22, 2018

cymraes corner more lies just keep coming run by lesleyann jacksonFacts about cymraes corner and more proof of lies! These statistics are here so check out this fraud yourself: CYMRAES.WORDPRESS.COM Report Summary is the 9989329:th largest website within the world. The website i...

Sameer Pervez Sheikh S/O Shahid Pervez Sheikh / fraud.

Sep 17, 2018

Sameer Pervez Sheikh S/O Shahid Pervez SheikhSameer Pervez Sheikh S/O Shahid Pervez Sheikh his Work permit (Iqamma) number of Saudi Arabia is [protected] His passport no is EH5199231 his Car plate number is KAJ 4808 and his email is ([protected] And his mobile number is [protected]. Please don't come in to hi...

Burberry Classic Perfume / burberry classic perfume

Aug 20, 2018

I order Burberry classic perfume of worth 4100 PKR. As I received the order I was glad that packing is good it should be original, but when I checked I got shocked that the perfume is totally fake and even no fragrance.. and 4100 Rs go in vain that most ever worst online shopping... / fakes id cards

Aug 20, 2018

1stclassfakes.comHi guys, Actually I had a trouble with (scammers), I placed my first order on 14 August 2018 then day after cancelled without any reason, as you know the fake id price is £50 by bitcoin so I bought £55 bitcoin by Paypal and then I placed my second order on 15 August 2018...

Royal Enfield / online website fraud

Aug 16, 2018

Royal EnfieldRespected sir, Myself Sanket Devendra Kapote from Sinnar, Nashik. We were looking for Royal Enfield dealership in Sinnar, just while searching I came to know about automobile dealership website (e-mail id- and I got myself registered on the website. Initially I...

Ahmad Khalifa -scam user / Not associated with SOLACE RECRUITMENT

Aug 15, 2018

Claiming to be part of SOLACE RECRUITMENT -Fraud /scam account . Has been reported to local legal authorities for identity theft of some random professional . The person is not a part of the organization - a person who wish to find employment did not qualify and pissed him off . He is using... / hacker using my email name.

Aug 10, 2018

See the attached email sent from a friend of mine. Please put a stop to this idiot. Hi Randy, This is the email. I have no idea what you can do except report this to Yahoo. Good luck! If I receive any more of these, I'll forward them yo you. Take care, Dick From: Randy Mastricola Sent...

RICH Chilleri/Jena Sadler / personal slander

Aug 5, 2018

Good afternoon, Attorney Jeffery Roberts here, I have been hired to represent Ms. Jena Sadler in a case involving your site. My client has been falsely accused of speaking to her ex husband whom she holds a restraining order against. Two individuals are being personally degraded and...

Fake ad / fake ad in someone else's name

Jul 15, 2018

14 July an ad was seen for 12 week staff puppy for sale at £450 This ad was in the name of Lauren Osullivan with a pic of what looked like her white pup. The ad was fake as it wasnt placed by Lauren Osullivan at all and wasnt her pup. This has caused a lot of issue distress and bad feeling...

Sue laing / fake ad placed under someone else's name

Jul 15, 2018

Yesterday an ad was placed on gumtree for a white staff puppy, 12 weeks old for £450. The name on the ad was Lauren Osullivan but it wasnt placed by her although she had just had a white staff pup. The ad was withdrawn very quickly after posting . The result was that the person who had given...

Lesley Ann Jackson aka Cymraes's Corner / stalker thief and multi-troll hate accounts

Jul 2, 2018

Lesley Ann Jackson aka Cymraes's Cornerwe did warn you lesley "Lesley ann jackson it has lol usually it goes either to the group or page - first time it's come to the admins that I know of with out saying where it's from - confusing! April 29, 2011 at 11:11pm · like Remove Daniel knaggs I meant me being right...

Deah Betts / rings, key chain and ect..

Jun 7, 2018

Every time I have ordered something it never comes in time when u say 2 weeks it comes in 2 months I like ur product just hate how long it takes to arrive to only complaint is how long it takes it needs to be here when u say it is other than that I Have no prob I just don't like...

Renee Adams of Stockton CA is a Rotten and Deadbeat Customer and an Internet Troll / fake business reviews on yelp

May 26, 2018

Renee Adams calls auto transport companies on behalf of a service that she works for so that she can pretend to be a customer and ask for an auto transport quote to ship a vehicle. Unbeknonst to the company, she is an internet troll hired by the company's competotors to gather information...

Amazing Club / very bad customer service, do not buy

May 21, 2018

Extreme bad customer service. You only get automated replies. When asked why we didn't receive shipment, they told us we had to pick it up at the post office, even though that instruction was not given to us at all, and last month was delivered at the door, so it was returned. No...

Sathivelbalaji Export And Import Company - Mr Balaji +91 99423 61576 / fraudulent copy paper buyer/collection of documents

May 2, 2018

Sathivelbalaji Export And Import Company - Mr Balaji +91 99423 61576Dear All, Beware of the Following Persons, who have patronized the Global market claiming to be Buyer of Office papers; He requests Invoices for reasons not related to purchasing; probably for cheat a third party he calls his buyer. He never releases the third parties Information, he...

Fabian Alberto / employee carnival cruise

Apr 17, 2018

I am adding to previous comment about Fabian Alberto. He did the same thing to me claiming he worked for your cruise lines and that he was a officer who helps navigate the ship. He is on his way to Finland and Australia from Poland. So he claims. He decided to send me a package full of...

A Person / bad treatment, and false review

Apr 13, 2018

A PersonThis person replied to my listing, was very rude, and I also brushed off that he kinda harassed me about my girlfriend. he left me a very raunchy and undeserving review. He did not buy my item, and I was not a bad business man about my item. Then I dig into it... His real name is not...

VedicGrace / fake astrology services

Apr 10, 2018

Fraud Astrologer Vinayak Bhatt - Vedicgrace promoting themselves on google it seems they've created fake and have generated fake upvotes on their own answers. fraud and world waste cheater astrologer. Fake astrologer, money minded astrologer Vinayak Bhatt. he always encourage...

Ponnaganti Venkata Narayana / created multiple voter id`s for the same person & manage the local authorities

Mar 25, 2018

Ponnaganti Venkata NarayanaVoter id No. ABI0959504 his name is ponnaganti venkata narayana s/o late Ramakrishana R/0 d. no:5-65, mamillapalli village, ponoor constiyuency But he created managed the local authorities new voter id with changed his surname that is new voter id no. SGI1108240 name is ayinavolu...

[email protected] / email spam

Mar 21, 2018

I am getting spam email from [protected] constantly, it's some sort of get money from you type of email but this gives yahoo a bad name. see below, mar 21 "compensation fund (beneficiary)" when wednesday, 21 march 2018 07:00 am to 07:00 am (gmt) greenwich...

HSC America/ Brandon Reed / home security consultant

Mar 20, 2018

HSC America/ Brandon ReedI also like many others fell for the scam of Brandon Reed and Home Security Consultants. I submitted a request for a refund in July of 2017. I have yet to hear from the loser, Brandon Reed. I'm shocked his website is still up. Which means he is still pulling the scam. Bandon Reed, I want my...

Fake Id Reviews Are All Fake Reviews / fake id reviews are all fake reviews

Mar 14, 2018

Do not rely on the reviews as competion sites are posting bad reviews about their cmpetitors Iu was offered a free id for posting bad reviews against the competition and after doing that I am sorry so all the reviews are fake Best wy is to contact the site and if you get a response fast it...