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United Parcel Service [UPS] / broken contents in package

ParadiseBarclay on Dec 8, 2017
United Parcel Service [UPS]On 12/8/2017, I received a package from my neighbor down the street. It was addressed to me at 5616 N HILLS DR; RALEIGH, NC 27612. But it was delivered to my neighbor at 5516 N HILLS DR. Upon opening the package, I found the contents (a nice ornamental outdoor snowman) was broken. The...

JC Penney Company / product in home flyer that is disgusting

Heckdwxh on Dec 7, 2017
JC Penney CompanyGoing through the most recent flyer we got in the mail a day or so ago I came across, on page 8 a "deer bottle opener". This is totally inappropriate, and disgusting to have in a family store flyer. I seriously am considering not purchasing ever again from your store. JCP has always been...

Wigsbuy / unethical behaviour

Missrepresent on Dec 5, 2017
WigsbuyThe same hour I received the Ashley Benson wig I purchased I started my trail of emails. My first email was placed on their website stating my dissatisfaction for this thing they sent me. It looked nothing close to resembling the picture on their site. The description is a medium length...

CNDirect / fingerlings

Dana Schieber on Dec 4, 2017
CNDirectI ordered Fingerlings as they were advertised, when they came they were Happy Monkey. I want a refund now! On the receipt on my email they list as fingerlings, but on their website they just say finger monkey, but that is after you already bought them. When they came today all the boxe...

TeeChip / a cup I ordered

Sandra Becker on Dec 1, 2017
Ordered a cup for my daughter with daughter saying on it, They sent me a Dad cup. Cup came in box with no paper work. Just a cup in a box. Called their 800 number and it seems I have to put in an order # Dont have one. Just a cup in a box. Bought it thru paypal. Also on their web site it...

Yang / led flash stuffed plush bear has not been delivered.

Phyllis Murphy Froman on Nov 29, 2017
On Oct. 25, 2017 I ordered a LED Flash stuffed Plush Bear. The order # is 41172296. The delivery date was Nov.14, 2017. The tracking # isPostNL-International. When I try to track this package I am told that it is in transit. I bought this bear for my great granddaughter for Christma...

Max Novelty / diy paint by numbers

Cheryl Hinson on Nov 26, 2017
I ordered the diy paint by number invoice #mn5233-44964 on oct 27th i still have not received my order... I emailed the owner james alderman on nov 7 with him resassuring me my money was safe and i would receive my order..I sent another email on the 24th but no response... It is nov 26 and...

Twoo.com / account blocked

Popa Ionut Marian on Nov 21, 2017
I been using my account for couple months now, always been decent and never harassed anyone or posted nudity or any other things to break the code of conduct, but this morning when I did try to log in, my account was blocked and couldn't log in, it is blocked now still and I don't want to...

Golden Corral / the food

Redmond Dale 123 on Nov 20, 2017
redmonddale8@gmail.com Golden Corral 6129 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612 To whom it may concern: I was at a Golden Corral in October I been food poisoned twice at Golden Corral. One of these times was on a school trip to Spring Field. It was not fun going home on the bus with food...

Rama Deals / laser fairy light

Judy Grayburn on Nov 20, 2017
Yet again lyndylyn Another person answering my rmaim Another person addressing me incorrectly therefore Another person not reading my emails Another person sending the same proforma email Another person not acknowledging that to send back a sub - standard product would cost twice as much ...

Funkyclock.com / entertainment

Arleen12 on Nov 19, 2017
They offered a iPhone for $1 then went into my account and took 80.00 cancel any contract return my moneythey took my last bit of money from my account I did not authorize them to go into account and take this money. Please cancel all contracts and return the funds you have left me with no...

Truworths / my id was used for an account opening

Zwinazwo on Nov 18, 2017
Good day Please note that there is a person activated my Truthworths account, I have never been in Truworths and I do not have an account with Truworths. My probroblem is when I phoned regarding phurchased that was done on my name, I was told to bring Affidavit from Polistation with my ID book...

OurTime.com / unethical behaviour

Peggy Newkirk on Nov 18, 2017
OurTime.comProfile was Roberto Francisco, 63 year old widower from Los Angeles. First contacted Nov 14, 2017. His profile was taken down after He contacted me. He did not ask for money or account information yet. His picture was found on YouTube as a known romance scammer. Information he gave was he...

POF.com / Plenty of Fish / someone is using my phone number illegally and I am getting calls

sf2 on Nov 17, 2017
Hi, I am submitting this complaint because someone is using my phone number on plenty of fish.com. I do not subscribe and do not want to subscribe. They are illegally using my phone number and I am getting calls from a lot of people and want this to stop!!! My number they are illegally using i...

OurTime.com / fraudsters

Glenda Chabowski on Nov 16, 2017
I have, on more than one occasion, but today about three hours ago a 'Catfish' account. I was expecting that Ourtime uk would close his account down quickly in order to protect legitimate subscribers but NO he is still active. Potentially he could have succeeded more than once to con some...

Danbury Mint / MBI / the perfect gift!

lexirett on Nov 13, 2017
I cannot explain how upset I am over two (2) of my personal friends that received a postcard for "the perfect gift" within two days of each other. Both of these women are mourning the death of a loved one and I am 100% certain that danbury gets their information to put on their "postcard"...

Tinder / fake account / photos

Novemberkilo on Nov 12, 2017
Someone has used my photo to create a fake tinder accoubt by my name only, that is Neelam and over that picture of mine on dp, that person have edited both of my mobile numbers too and have written to whatsapp me or call me. This person is not me but pretending to be me. Since last...

Domino's Pizza / the pizza and customer service terrible

Lisrod on Nov 12, 2017
Domino's PizzaToday I went to go buy our regular favorite pizza. Came to the park to enjoy it and we all take a bite and it is doughy like it is not cooked right. The taste is no taste at all. The dough is skinny and puffy at some spots like they could care less. The manager is rude, he is yelling at...

Carnival Cruise Lines / employee

Roland Ali on Nov 11, 2017
A guys by the name Fabian Alberto claims to be working for you cruise lines is friends with my friend and claims to bought gifts for her expensive stuff and cash in package that he is sending for her and all she has to do is send $600USA Western union so he can pay the duty for the...

Zoosk / is this your children, @derrickheckman546, @derrickheckman567 or michael clarksman @mikeclark972 (twitter account) or larssonoilsolberg017@gmail

Rhegan Joy on Nov 10, 2017
Zoosk Is this your children, @DerrickHeckman546, @derrickheckman567 or Michael Clarksman @MikeClark972 (twitter account) or Larssonoilsolberg017@gmail? Is a fraud! He has multiple accounts and names as you can see. He claimed to be an engineer on oil lines. He was talking to me for several week...
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