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Fake & Novelty ID Complaints

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USAFIS / fake company that steal your card information

kky. on Feb 15, 2018
When I was talking with my friends about the green card lottery, the couple sat next to us interrupted us and said that they won the lottery through this company, USAFIS. Without second thought, I believed this couple and input my debt card information to pay and subscribe their service...

Walgreens / you're unable to keep ladies and little girls save.

2outraged on Feb 9, 2018
I heard on the radio that Walgreens is now allowing "MEN" in the ladies bathrooms. I applaud the sales person and the manager that refused to allow a transvestite who was not in costume, to go into the ladies room. My understanding is this MALE identifies as a woman. So Walgreen, if a 15...

Apnatvzone / miss busra bibi launch a complaint in fia cyber crime circle lahore about her fake and personal videos on youtube.

Rizwan FIA on Feb 7, 2018
ApnatvzoneHi, This is Rizwan Arshad Senior Investigator FIA Cyber Crime Circle Lahore pakistan. A complainant Miss Busbra Bibi comes to the cyber Cirme Circle Lahore Pakistan. She said in her complaint that some anonymous person uploaded her videos and pictures on youtube. due to that my social and...

Tophatter / cn led robot — education robot-sku jds520cn1

Deanna Kier on Feb 3, 2018
This was a piece of junk — went straight to the trash-I could have bought this at a dollar store — never any directions with items-last time ordering anything that comes from china — I should have expected this after the junk I bought for christmas — never again-the items I received at...

Tagged / sorry. the account for that email address was canceled and can't be accessed

Allosh Aloshy on Feb 3, 2018
My Email is cool84boss@gmail.com My account has been canceled for no reason mentioned or even been notified by Tagged Management, Please look up in my issue and try to solve it ASAP, I need my account back, the account am using to contact all my friends all over the world, some times am...

Candy Crush Saga / someone else is using my photo as theirs to play this game... can you put a stop to this?

Felicia Forest on Feb 1, 2018
In Candy Crush Saga, When checking the results of a recent "Contest to Collect Stars", I noticed another competitor was using my photo as theirs. Can you do anything about this? The contest ended on 1/30 or 1/31. I ended up #7 with 170, he/she came in #1 with 1490. What can be done to...

Barclays Bank / swift transmission

Hugo Del Aguila on Jan 31, 2018
---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: BARCLAYS BANK PLC To: benjamin.brown@cibc.ca Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 18:24:50 +0100 (CET) Subject: SWIFT CONFIRMATION ATT. CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE(CIBC) ADDRESS:7310 2ND ST, GRAND FORKS, BC.V0H 1H0 CANADA CC: MR.BENJAMIN BROWN. DEAR...

Yahoo! / email assigned to two users

Omer Ahmed on Jan 27, 2018
Hi, I made new yahoo account ( omer_ahmed95@yahoo.com )in 2017, however same email ID is being run by someone else too. I am using this email in many places and afraid that someone can access my mails too due to same email ID. I can't even make a facebook account on this email which is ...

ViralStyle / dogtag necklaces

klcrdh1994 on Jan 27, 2018
I received these items. They are of very poor quality. I simply wanted to return them, which as a customer shouldn't be a problem. They have sent automated responses and said won't return unless they are damaged. I have done exactly what they said, sent order number etc, but still no help...

CNDirect / fingerling /happy monkey

Kalib395@gmail.com on Jan 25, 2018
Long story short I ordered a fingerling off of cndirect website. It showed the actual company Wowwee, Fingerling Momey with actual pictures and description. I ordered it on Nov 25 and paid for expedited shipping (6-12) After the 12th day I emailed the company and got a bunch of crap from a...

Yahoo! / hacked email address

tpike on Jan 25, 2018
My daughter has an email account that was hacked and all things were changed accept for a phone number that she no longer has so she can't get in. I have tried going on to the help section and nothing there helps me I try to get a phone number or be able to chat with someone to no...

Youtube / delete my old account

ziggy123412 on Jan 23, 2018
Hi, I have noticed that my old youtube account appears in google search, and I want to delete it as soon as possible, but I cannot delete it because I forgot my email and my password. It is very important for me to get rid of that account. The adress of my old youtube account i...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43m22fwr2Fk / miss bushra bibi comes to our o

Rizwan FIA on Jan 23, 2018
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43m22fwr2FkHi, this is Rizwan Arshad Cyber Crime Circle Federal Investigation agency (FIA) Pakistan Lahore. My official E-mail address is rizwan.arshad@nr3c.gov.pk Miss Bushra Bibi comes to our office and requested i belong to a religious family. some anonymous people start malicious campaign against me...

Craigslist / file a complaint

Al f on Jan 22, 2018
Someone that put my picture and number on men for men and I'm not gay and I wish you can contact me to get this thing's so I'll give me off this site cuz I'm getting too many text messages please contact me at 870-718-0265 my name is Al I have never been on Craigslist in my life and plu...

Twoo.com / my old netlog account which I want to delete it

ziggy123412 on Jan 21, 2018
Hi, I have noticed that my old netlog account appears in google search, and I want to delete it as soon as possible, but I cannot delete it through my twoo. It is very important for me to get rid of that account. The adress of my old netlog account is: (http://ur.netlog.com/coeck). I...

Unisa / email from unisa soliciting bitcoin particulars

Pierott on Jan 19, 2018
UnisaReceived from: 56151276@mylife.unisa.ac.za Recipients, customercare@natwestonlb.com Dear Luno User, We are currently deactivating non-active Luno accounts from our system admin, to confirm your account is running & active kindly reply with below credentials to avoid Luno account...

KMC Solutions / reporting stolen identity

Xxxxxxxx12345 on Jan 16, 2018
I would like to report thay my identity is being used by someone and this person is using my pictures for on that acct. I received a report and I can attach pictures of it but this person wont tell me what the exact name that is being used in skout. This poser is using my pictures undr...

Max Novelty / payment taken and product not received

Lisa G. on Jan 16, 2018
I placed an order with this company on Nov 25, 2017. Payment was received by them on Nov 27th. Because I live in Canada, I spent $81.26 due to the exchange rate on two items. After waiting 35 days for shipping, I contacted James and was given a tracking number, which was false. I have...

Max Novelty / paint by number cabin in the woods

christy52 on Jan 12, 2018
Hey christy, James here - owner of Max Novelty store. I just saw your order come in a little while ago and I wanted to reach out and say thanks. As a way of saying thank you, I want to offer you a special 24 hour "while you wait" gift. For the next 24 hours, you can get a 30% discount...
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