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KuuNa / kuuna tantra

naaog on Sep 25, 2017
KuuNa - Kultur und Natur Carmen Kwasny Eisackerstr. 7 67734 Katzweiler Tel.: 06301-60 966 40 E-Mail: info@kuuna.de aKa carmen eagle is the chairwoman for Native American Carmen Kwasny claims to be a Lakota pipe keeper and keeper of the Lakota sweat lodge she said the sweat lodge wa...

WigSis / realistic

Irene Candice on Sep 23, 2017
I really didn't want to buy a wig as I thought that I was giving in. My lovely friend said I should at least give it a try and on the first attempt with guidance from this wig. I am getting back to the old me. It sounds mad but my hair loss effected me more than the cancer. Now I have thi...

Poshmark / lady selling apple watches - and taking money

jwicker on Sep 22, 2017
spoke with lady about watch and she is lying about her account /watch/etc. she is stealing money from people. She disconnects her phone - websites/etc. don't deal with monaejohn2219@gmail.com or mailynmedina223@gmail.com 860 area code -- state of Connecticut (CT). She communicates with...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Betty Carr on Sep 17, 2017
Someone on your site is using my profile picture in all my information except for that the city is wrong saying that they are me. I need this profile took him down as soon as possible for I am a mother of children and I cannot afford for my name to be slandered origin for information of me...

Lulu Hypermarket / LuLu Group International / draw

Afifayez@gmail.com on Sep 17, 2017
I want complaint about 16th september 2017th draw lulu hyper market jiddah. They used to kids for the choos the winners coopen. The choosed some arab kids. This kids are choosing arab writing coopens. They are avoiding english writing coopens. In this case non arab people can not the...

Letgo / about brandon thai this was his name.

Brandon Thai on Sep 16, 2017
He meet me in grand saline for me to buy 2 rings he took my money and left with the two rings.He lied to me and me the ring was 10k gold but they were 18 k gold plated.I told him I wanted my money back and this when he had my money and took off with my money and rings. I tried to text him...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / a fake account used with my pictures

Jess Buffington on Sep 16, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishCarla_onabeach is a fake account that is using my pictures. I have never had a Plenty of Fish account and last night my friend saw this profile and he to has notified you guys that it's fake. I need it taken down immediately. I work in the community here in Minot. I need your guys help to...

Indians Driving Licences / fake indian driving license floods in australia

Badmashi Bund on Sep 12, 2017
Australia Flooded with Fake indian Driving licence. Australia is Flooded with Fake indian driving licences. Peoples coming from India on a visitor /Student Visa from India are equipped with Fake driving licences that Fake licence will permit those who are on a student visa for a certain...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

Dilekalp on Sep 11, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishI have been made aware of a profile that has images of me, however I have deleted my account. I would like the IP address to this account please as someone is pretending to be me. This profile is using my images which I don't give permission in any way. I will be taking this matter further. I...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / reporting fake account

Jessica Courteoreille on Sep 10, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishHello I'm reporting Peekatchu567 .. I do not have POF & someone is using my photos . My name is Jessica Rae Courteoreille & I would like the account removed & do not want my pictures used on a dating site . I have multiple people screen shorting the account and sending it to me.. I'm not 31...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake profile

lindab1963 on Sep 8, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishI was on POF till a year ago My ex was also online and still is. he had contacted me with 3 different profiles One Todd_Beau which I believe he has deleted and LukeMagyar which also has been deleted but I see he still has "agman7" the picture that is attached to this account is not him it...

Meetville / Meetville is a fraud I want my money refunded

Robbie Meulemans on Sep 7, 2017
99% of the profiles on here are fake want to know how I know? You have profiles from women from Kaukauna WI on here and there's probably 50 the population of the town is 200 so 25% of the women here are all hot and have no kids [censored] really!! I used to live there... Their all fat...

Twoo.com / fake twoo profile

Butterfly Goddess on Sep 6, 2017
Good Morning, My name is Schian and I have discovered a profile of myself on twoo.com/Netlog.com I did not personally create this profile and I requesting this to be deleted and removed ASAP. I would like this to me actioned immediately or I will be forced to take alternative...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / fake identity

duffy77 on Sep 5, 2017
djeep78 He is not who he says he is (Jose Santiago). He is claiming to be in USMC & is stationed in Nygeria, Africa. Says he is from Washington state. He also has a KIK account going by Super Santiago 103 (I made a report to KIK also. He is using someone else's identity! I looked up name in...

Lazada Southeast Asia / account being hacked yet customer service team took ages to investigate

Prince Naveyafluz on Sep 1, 2017
I am from Singapore, but I received 2 emails from Lazada Malaysia on 30-Jul. One is my registration with Lazada Malaysia was successful, and another one is to complete payment for the stuffs "i" purchase. It seems like someone is using my email account to register and make purchases because...

Pof.com / Plenty of Fish / Fake account

Rainbow391 on Aug 31, 2017
Pof.com / Plenty of FishThis person liamdaws123 is a fake account I no the real person who's pictures have been stolen they have messaged me on this account and I've been in contact with the real Liam and I can verify that this is a fake account and it needs removing they are pretending to be my friend they have...

Tradesy / bought a stolen item

Michellewirth on Aug 24, 2017
TradesyApril 2017 my gucci purse and sandals were stolen in excalibur las vegas nevada. The purse that my husband bought in tradesy came from pawnshop in vegas. An inspector checked it out for me and he said the purse ans sandals were pawned 4 days after the burglary. We already contacted the...

Supreme / did not got the parcel

kingrules14 on Aug 23, 2017
ordered a supreme wallet from the seller name minduoy505, they took more money out of my credit card than promised, I suppose this website is just a fraud and no one should order from this website, I wish I would have checked the reviews before ordering anything from this fake website, I...

Dollar Tree / manager

Joetta A Warner on Aug 23, 2017
Aug 8, 2017 I was in your store #5603 Orem, Utah 84058. I like the dollar store and it's fun to go into. It was a little busy and the man who was working the front Sales associate Michael was waiting on customers and keeping his cool He was about 65 Years . He called the manager to have him...

Twoo.com / I never created a twoo account!!!

Babe99 on Aug 21, 2017
Yesterday my girlfriend broke up with me because she got a message from me on a site called Twoo... Never have I ever signed up for such acount nor did I send her message's from this account or anybody else... My girlfriend thinks I'm lying to her and I'm actually telling the truth... How do...
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Nigerian Internet Scammers Disclosure (Part 1)
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