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Viagogo / Reselling tickets bought from Viagogo

Poj on May 22, 2017
ViagogoI purchased two tickets for Roland Garros - unseated, not realising it was for the qualifiers. I received confirmation on 4.4.17. It does not highlight qualifier on the web. First of all the final selling price was much higher that the original price because of tax and handling fees. -...

Viagogo / Over priced hidden costs to tickets

KRwfc on May 22, 2017
Bought two tickets for The Cranberries. Ticket price of £90 each was advertised on their website. When the tickets arrived there were priced at £45 each!!! I was then charged an additional £60 for them to be delivered!!...plus VAT. How can they charged VAT when they are based in Switzerland? I went back on line to complain and I can't even contact them.

Rama Deals / High Pressure Power Washer

Chester Adkins on May 22, 2017
I ordered a high pressure washer on April 3, 2017. My order number is 201735. The email said there was a huge volume sale and I would receive the item in 1-3 weeks. Still have not seen it. I received an email on April 23, 2017 wanting to know how I liked my product. I replied that I had...

Tomtop Group / Keep wanting more money for delivery

Christiaan Lensly on May 22, 2017
I bought 6 WiFi controlled Robots from them on 2017/05/12. According to the shipping it will take 3 - 6 business days to get to South Africa. Order Number: RAN17E12M3124-0L4WV6 Payment was done and confirmed same day. Order was only processed on 2017/05/18, 4 Business days later. On the...

Letgo / you!!!

Susan Kenney on May 21, 2017
The site sucks. First of all I requested I do not want any bogus fake notifications saying someone "favored" my item. They clicked on!!! That's. It!!! You lie when you send out notifications saying someone favored your site. Who the # cares if they click on and look at an item. That doe...

NewChic / sexy floral printing lace bra's

Eastiegirl on May 21, 2017
I ordered 3 bras and haven't received nothing. order date was 04/18/2017, Order number is #27250492. SKU451108 total amount charged 45.91. I want my money back or send my order overnight, I am extremely upset you have not sent me what I paid for, if I don't receive my order I am reporting...

Ajarn Koh Of Pattaya / Phra inn sihuata

Billy Vichy on May 20, 2017
I m adding that if people like us had faith if u a good thing I still hAve faith on spiritual help otherwise it shold be nightmare. ..if people had sent faith on him he of I don't know because I paid on a u k own person...but exist because they collect money.they said...they can still go...

Thailandblackmagic.weebly.com / Ajarn Koh of Pattaya / Phra inn sihuata

Billy Vichy on May 20, 2017
again I must said here that they asking again mi they to send the amulets..and I ve paid already...it seems only me .how can people lime this be on the planet claiming to help people? . I loose money bug at least one word of explanation because the site is written that it is guarantee. ...

Tomtop Group / Drones

Joble John on May 19, 2017
Tomtop GroupI Bought a DJI phantom 3 standard drone on 18/05/2017 through tomtop.com . As the payment of Rs 31524.53 was made and after few hours i got a mail a that the product cannot be shipped, as India's coustom have forbidden it. I mailed them back as to what about the refund procedure. It has been...

JustFlowers.com / Unethical and dishonest business practice. Non existent customer service

Susan Page Giberson on May 19, 2017
My poor teen-age daughter tried to order me flowers for Mother's day and exactly like so many other of the hundreds of documented complaints, was overcharged and the order was not delivered until 2 days later with no notice. I carefully read their delivery policies, which they clearly...

DressLink / My account

Krenda Marie Webb on May 19, 2017
I have zero access after creating it after i ordered clothing i want access to that account w my personal info krenda webb janesville wi it has my address and phone number this is complete bs i want the issue resolved and i want it resolved fast as this is also my account info my name...

GDex / GD Express / My parcel go around the whole borneo land

andrew890 on May 19, 2017
19/05/2017 11:13:26 Undelivered due to Misrouted Between Station Kuching 19/05/2017 11:07:54 Outbound from KCH station Kuching 19/05/2017 09:09:22 Inbound to KCH station Kuching 18/05/2017 15:08:58 Outbound from BKI station Kota Kinabalu 18/05/2017 15:08:58 Outbound from BKI station Kota...

Shoespie / Worst shoes ever with the highest price, please stay away from Shoespie

damagedCustomer on May 19, 2017
I finally got my shoes after waiting for almost 4 months, I opened the package, got shocked. 1, the shoes are like more than 3 years old with dirt and marks. 2, they are made of cheap plastic, they are unwearable. 3, I can barely call them shoes, they are more like cheap toys. They labeled...

Wadi / Disgusting customer service

LalaOne11 on May 19, 2017
I tried to order on this site but the system wouldn't register my details as I'm a woman living in UAE. Apparently only men and non western women can order directly from wadi.com. When I contacted customer service I was met with nothing but the same chauvinism, racism and disrespect. If...

Shopaaz.com / Fraud e commerce site

Chetan Devikar on May 19, 2017
I had ordered a mobile phone from www.shopaaz.com on 09.05.2017 by paying Rs. 8499. It was a bit fishy that the payment was accepted through Paytm account. the statement of Paytm account is also attached. shopaaz.com had sent a mail to me on 12.05.17 stating that since they are unable to...

Light In The Box / agreed full refund for cancellation not honoured

KyleUK on May 19, 2017
Order no. 1704300022651359 On 30.04 I placed an online order for 2 items for around £20 plus about £5 for P&P (25% of the cost of the items) and paid by Visa Debit. On 04.05.2017 I received an email telling that one of the 2 items was out of stock and that they will reimburse me the price...

WebWatcher / misleading and not a reputable company

Salana E Thompson Yarger on May 18, 2017
WebWatcherREAD the reviews - this company is NOT professional. They discreetly HIDE the details of their web monitoring service leading the purchaser to believe they are getting the full scope of features. When it's discovered that their software, and the way its described on their website i...

Jackson & Perkins / bareroot hybrid teas dead on arrival

Gary Schwartz on May 18, 2017
This spring I ordered ten bareroot hybrid tea roses from Jackson & Perkins. Over 40 years of growing hundreds of roses I had ordered many fine plants from this nursery, but haven't ordered bareroot roses from them in a number of years. The plants that arrived were spindly in the extreme...

CanvasBees.com / Canvas prints

adamrhoten81 on May 18, 2017
I ordered a canvas from them and it was to be delivered in a 3 day window of 5/15-5/17. After I made my order I did not get any info from them but I was billed. I ordered on 5/7 I was told on 5/12 that my order was shipped and it was on the way and I would get a tracking number later that...

NewChic / 4 pairs of shoes and backpack

Mchele Dunn on May 18, 2017
I order four pairs of shoes and mini backpack which was just delivered to me. Three weeks ago I received a message saying that they did not have what I orders. I even received an e-mail three weeks ago showing me pictures of items I did not place I cancel the order. But yet I received...
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