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Candy Crush Saga / candy crush saga

Peter Sih on Jul 19, 2017
I achieved level 1970 without unearned aids and I am pretty proud of that. But when I beat one of the challenges and in attempting to claim the prize, I was tricked into PAYING for some gold pieces. The pace of play and the change in the interface tricked me into paying. I feel this i...

Sharaf DG / product I am complaining about my playstation 4

brettf99 on Jul 19, 2017
9 months ago for my 17th Birthday my parents bought me and a PS4. I have not been able to play my PS4 for the past 3 months as it won't let me into the PS4 itself. The reason why it won't let me in is because I am behind on the software updates. I have asked PlayStation and they have been unhelpful so I am asking if I can get an replacement PS4? MOE

Courts Malaysia / Courts.com.my / ip20525 fridge/pay full amount/salesperson haryanti bt aripen 01650

Loges on Jul 19, 2017
On 04 july 2017 (logeswaran kanesan 0169059503) im buy fridge courts in larkin johor bharu. until now I never received my fridge and any letters or info from you guys and I my self come down ask "about my order then only they start to recheck and tell me that no more stock. ask me to...

Taco Bell / not preparing order correctly

Sanjay Patel on Jul 18, 2017
Taco Bell 032083 Order Number: 211079 We order the food asking substitute bean for beef. Screw up the order and made everything with beef. This is not the mistake that can be handle with sorry. You are screwing somebody's religious belief by making food as not intended. Please give some...

Tomtop / 7018b car stereo

dudeman2044 on Jul 18, 2017
Better hope you don’t have to return something!!! Ordered a tomtop 7018b car stereo that does not work. The screen won’t turn on and the buttons flash different colors constantly. The fuse was bad so I replaced it and then the screen just flashed white. So, after an hour of searching I finally...

Costco Wholesale Corporation / kirkland battery

Robert James Irvine on Jul 18, 2017
Costco Wholesale CorporationI just had a Kirkland signature AA battery explode in my headphones. Was listening to music and heard a pop sound. Took the battery out and it was leaking fluid all over my earphones and hands and this morning woke up to find I have a burn on my thumb after I washed it up last night. My...

Sharaf DG / lack of support service to install newly bought router

Sujit Jose on Jul 18, 2017
I bought a DLink Router DIR 879 from the Sharaf DG store in IBN Battuta. When I was buying it, I requested the Sales person that I would need support to get it configured and install it at my residence. I also put in an additional request to see if one of their Technicians can help me to...

HoverboardCloseouts / Hoverboard

Tiff31any on Jul 18, 2017
HoverboardCloseoutsBought the hoverboard aroud Christmas wanted to know about the warranty he haven't had a chance to ride it seens April what do we do when I got the hoverboard for him on Christmas we had a piece of it was chipped an we didn't return it cause his dad said it was ok it's nothing to return it...

Family Dollar Stores / the store manager

Paola831 on Jul 17, 2017
Family Dollar StoresHe was super rude !i was their to do a return and my son had gotten a 50cents candy and he made me pay for it first before going in the store and after I called a family member to tell him how rude he was being with me he told me I had to leave the store because I was talking about him!!im...

LG / refrigerator

Mary Fabian Rosenau on Jul 17, 2017
In July of 2015 I purchased a LG refrigerator. In March of 2016 the freezer stopped working. Ice cream and popsicles turned to mush and the meat started to defrost. So I moved everything to the basement freezer. I called the repairman and he came to look at it. He had no idea what wa...

AVG / virus protection ~ overcharging.

jeananneham on Jul 17, 2017
They have been charging me to the last year, on things that I don't even know what it is. I sent them 3 letters, to "Customer support" and they came back as undeliverable" They have all these names that they go by. "SlimCleaner". "Safecart". Avg" They have given me refunds before, but in...

Letgo / buyer bad review on seller

RPrather on Jul 17, 2017
A buyer failed to show for time and place scheduled, when I repeatedly texted him he kept saying he would be there shortly but never showed. I texted him stating that I was leaving and he said he was very close, I waited again but still didn't show. He texted me with vulgar language (have...

Leons / oven

Harris5 on Jul 17, 2017
Our samsung oven has a shelf that allows you to use it as a double oven or a larger single oven. It also has a self clean facility that when used ( following instruction manual) does not allow the shelf to fit back into place. we have used the self clean 4 times over 2 years and it happen...

Target Brands / I tried to return a hamilton beach product

Virginia Estrada on Jul 16, 2017
I wanted to return a product I bought on January 7th of 2017 because the product is not working. The associate at target said I couldn't return it because it was over the 90 day period. The supervisor even told me the same thing, but I didn't like the way she approached me. Her body...

Cash Crusaders / no customer service lack of politeness

On going into the Cash Crusaders Edenvale Sunday 16 July, they lady at the desk where items are handed in for exchange for money, was not interested, she was in the process of dealing with a client with a lenovo IPAD. I asked the staff what time they closed and was told 1pm... On my return...

Makro Centurion / microwave is not working

Naomi Cloete on Jul 15, 2017
I have bought a microwave oven a year back, then it stop working. I took it back for repairs. I have waited almost six weeks, I didn't receive any feedback. After six week weeks I went to find out what is going on, when I came there, the microwave was back, but I was not informed. I am an...

LeapFrog / leapfrog table

Stacey Meardon on Jul 15, 2017
Hello, I am writing to file a complaint in regards to my son's LeapPad Ultra Tablet. We purchased this in December of 2015 or January of 2016. The screen became non-responsive in one very small part of the screen. This appeared to be a calibration issue, similar to what I experienced with...

Samsung Electronics / french door refrigerator model rf23hced8sr/aa

Ritu Agarwal on Jul 14, 2017
Will never buy any Samsung product ever again ! Horrible product and no customer support to speak of. Bought the French door refrigerator May 2016. The ice maker unit does not make more that 1 cup of ice even after 48 hours. Problem not resolved even after replacing motherboard, ice maker...

Carrefour / complaint about service in carrefour burjuman dubai

Mabrouka on Jul 14, 2017
2 days ago i went to yoir branch in burjuman to purchase airfryer, we approached one staff and asked for airfryer he advised one item which is moulinex we directly purchased it and left, when i reached home i read the booklet and found out that this machine is not airfryer but its a deep...

Angel ricardo carreon / rebate denied and refund being delayed

footgoolfan on Jul 14, 2017
The deal was to send any cellphone worthat least 20 dollars.send it and they foung a operating/software problem with my cell phone that was 3 years old and had been thru the normal use of calls, texts, and internet downloading app, stuff. The phone was working and being used and of course...
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