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Computers & Accessories Complaints

OutletPC / Sales/Shipping

frankt1795 on Jun 16, 2018

Stumbled upon outletpc while shopping around for parts for my pc build. Prices looked good and ordered some parts from them. Since I saved a little with they're prices I paid $20 for 2 day shipping so the parts would arrive the same day as the ones I had ordered elsewhere. The parts then...

Time Warner Cable / Spectrum Netgear

Liese Behringer on Jun 14, 2018

Elderly disabled female wants to simply change her password for Netgear to prohibit compromise by former roommate. Can't get an answer, can't read the font on info page (instructions do not get larger for vision impaired and no manual available to use with magnifier). Please help me. I am...

Harvey Norman / problem with a hp pavilion 570-a101adesktop (product code 2cb99aa)

Michael Holton on Jun 13, 2018

This equipment was purchased 29/05/2018 (tax invoice 2101469101). When start initiated I get a screen message indicating a fan problem and the equipment immediately shuts down as to continue will damage the computer. As such the equipment is unusable and although only installed since the...

Carnival Cruise Lines / dining waiter

Mr.JS on Jun 13, 2018

Just want to bring to you attention that a waiter name Walter Babias on Valor, before 2 months ago when my family and friends were on vacation, was serving us and he smell alcohol every night, we also see him inside the working pantry with bar waitress giving him shots to drink during...

Norton / customer service

Joanna Stephenson on Jun 13, 2018

Rang today for VPN support. I was asked numerous personal questions by your service person such as my address my marital status how many children i have and how many family members i have and where they live. I explained politely i did not wish to answer personal questions the man verbally...

Aarons in Midland Michigan / returning a product

Babygirl1997 on Jun 13, 2018

I owe back pay. I'm trying to return a product and have been since the start. Tried calling. My call was never answered. They won't hear my side if it. They won't come get it. They won't accept it back until I pay the back pay. I lost my job. Do they have a right to do this to me?!? I...

Epson / don't buy printer & scanner epson l360

Tarek Abou Elhouda on Jun 13, 2018

Printer & scanner epson l 360 I have bought this printer from"grand stores - dubai" in a new launch ceremony from epson during "gitex" show in dubai... I bought it 2 years back with a price around 1000 aed it's like ($ 275). The first time I used the printer it didn't work properly, and I... / Certegy / check cashing at walmart

Mitzmitz on Jun 12, 2018 / CertegyWent to cash a check for 2000 at Walmart which is there limit and you denied it saying it was over there limit which it is not, now when I go to speak to agent which Walmart advised me to do because the check is good and they do cash up to 2000, it does not give me a option to speak to...

Premium Techie Support / computer support

lin12 on Jun 12, 2018

I contacted this company on April 10th for help. My computer was running slow and wouldn't update. I paid them$604.65 for support and software. Then contacted them on 5-09-18 and stated nothing would work. Contacted again on 06-04-18 and told them computer was still not working. Nothing...

Game Store Bayside Centre / canon pixma mx494 printer not repaired, and returned

Strand on Jun 12, 2018

I bought a canon pixma mx494 printer on 11 february 2018. The printer started giving problems: the automatic feeding tray pulled pages of a document in skew, and more than one paper was pulled in at the same time as well. I phoned game store bayside centre in table view, and explained the...

GDex / GD Express / delaying delivery! empty promises!

Jefferry Cool on Jun 12, 2018

Delaying to deliver item, delivery date promised 12th june 2018 and promise can deliver by today but end up nobody call claim only will deliver by tomorrow. Reason : undelivered due to sorry card But promise will call but end up nobody call! 1st time using gdex, and I promise this is the...

Tomtop Group / product

Hemang Patel on Jun 11, 2018

I bought Bluetooth headphones on 26/05/18 this is 4th week still waiting for it. When I contacted support.tomtop they replied we are not responsible for your courier your product is dispatched to courier company now it is your responsibility to collect. Surprisingly saying courier company i... Team / computer virus repair

Peter Coppola on Jun 11, 2018

A Popup appeared on my computer screen which could not be removed. It was accompanied by a message telling me I had a virus and gave me a phone number to call for repair. Trying various ways to get rid of the popup that followed me to every site I entered, I gave up and called the number to...

No Response To About 4 Emails Stent / headphones

P Key on Jun 10, 2018

I ordered some headfones for xmas for my grandson as he plays on his xbox & talks to other people I don't understand anyway they never arrived I wasn't overly bothered as I say I don't understand them anyway he kept asking me where they were I sent emails but I never got any reply at all...

Georgia Power / outages

Nicksods on Jun 9, 2018

We have underground power lines in my subdivision, yet we have numerous outages . I have lost food twice in my freezer in the garage due to these outages and should not have to risk my insurance increasing because of your inability to keep my power on. My bill is paid on time each month...

Microsoft Corporation / office 2013

Don Kubicki on Jun 8, 2018

Three years ago I purchased Office Home for three devices. Today Microsoft updated my desktop and uninstalled my programs without my permission. How do I get my programs back on my computer and other devices? I paid for the Microsoft Office Suite with permanent installation and now...

Digital Watch / digital watch is not working

Saad Diwana Yar Da on Jun 8, 2018

Digital WatchPlease exchange this watch digital watch is not working i am your old custmer please exchange this watch press this buttan butt not show time and very poor replace my order Sir . Kindly plzzzz exchange My name is SaaD Next time other shoping and colour exchange Yellow digital watch sorry...

eGlobalCentral / no replacement for lost package besides paid for the insurance

nadeemmalik on Jun 8, 2018

It appears my package is lost by the delivery company. I had taken insurance and despite that, eGlobal Central BE is not answering my email for resolution. This is now over 10 days that no answer while their FAQ says that claims should be escalated within 10 days from the date of order. I am...

Space of Taste Co. Ltd / antminer s9 14th/s bitcoin miner sold by named romanov igor of space of taste co. ltd

Dan Khant on Jun 8, 2018

I purchased Antminer S9 Bitcoin miner last 8 May 2018 and Spent $1050 US Dollars along the process but I was scammed by your seller. He did not deliver and asked me to pay anything more. Seller information: Company Name: Space of taste Co. Ltd Operational Address: Hang Dong, Chiang Mai...

Optimum / internet

Stella Ioannou-Zipoli on Jun 6, 2018

Once again I am having connectivity issues with Optimums internet, this has happened several times in the last year, once for 4 months straight. This is unacceptable especially since my husband uses the internet for work. Well I just about had it, today we lost complete internet access and...