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Fruit of 5he Loom / everlight men's underware

Sep 16, 2018

Fruit of 5he LoomI bought these underwater at Kohls 2 weeks ago and the stitching is already coming apart on 2 pairs of the 8 I bought. I bought 2 packages of 4 pairs each and 2 pairs are now not wearable. I have been wearing Fruit of the Loom all my life and have never had a pair do this. I don't have my...

SM Calamba / salesman emmanuel john neyra

Sep 16, 2018

Me & my husband was looking for a shoes for our child. I called the salesman to assist us to find another size of the shoes. He just looked us and continued to walk away from us. We're just wearing slippers and maybe he was thinking that we don't have money to buy the shoe...

JustFashionNow / incorrect item supplied and of poor quality. unable to get refund

Sep 15, 2018

I purchased a dress online. I paid in full and received an incorrect and sub-standard item. I requested a refund within the stated 15 day period. The company stalled me by asking for photos of the received package. They did not respond promptly and I was unable to send emails to them a...

Platex / the terrible smell of bras

Sep 15, 2018

I have purchased several bras in the last year or so, size 48D - 50D, from Platex from various Kmarts in Maryland. I notice a very terrible smell and after wearing and then washing them the smell is still there. I am hoping this isn't causing women to have health problems with their breast such...

Valley Girl Carousel / the girl that operates the change room section

Sep 14, 2018

On the 8th of september 2018 was in the shop 4.45 pm and the closed the shutters halfway while everyone was inside picking the rest of the clothes which is fair enough as its reaching their closing time. But how can that girl restricts the 10 people that's left inside from going to try...

Hard Yakka / womens work shirt

Sep 13, 2018

Hard YakkaI ordered several shirts and now that I've had a chance to open all the shirts I've found that one shirt has parks and wild life logo's all over it. Its useless to me! I'm trying to call your office so that someone can fix this order. Please call me on [protected]...

Macey’s / online sales - foolish practices on the part of macy’s

Sep 13, 2018

I am shocked to see how Macy's handles their online sales. I've only purchased in store and this is my first time purchasing online. Obviously, I'll never do it again. I purchased a bag on sale for nearly $200. I knew it was coming to a local store for pick up but I didn't know when and I...

Cherry Cheese Official Store / patchwork skirt high waist plaid women's skirts [protected])

Sep 12, 2018

I buy two skirts in this store but both quality are not so good, quality is not consistent with price. And I couldn't leave feedback after I dispute one of the product, I asked the seller and the seller said he/she would contact with the administrators about this problems. I bought it at...

Standard Express / delivery service

Sep 11, 2018

My order should arrived on sept 24 2018 but it arrived earlier which was a good thing. But my complain is that, it was delivered sept. 1 and it was a holiday here so i was not around at the location. So i told the delivery guy to deliver it at monday w/c is sept 3. I was waiting for the...

International Concepts / clothing/jeans

Sep 10, 2018

International ConceptsI own about 5 pairs of INC jeans. 3 out of the 5 have ripped in the same area. Inner thigh. The tears are the same exact location and in the same fashion. The 4th pair is starting to rip in the same place. I am disappointed at the quality and craftmanship of these jeans. I would like to...

Custom24 / t shirt advertisement

Sep 7, 2018

A product with a label on a t shirt showed up on pinterest. It redirects to the Etsy site. The company is custom 24 and advertises custom shirt prints. The shirt on view reads... My indian name is runs with wine. Please do not support racist ignorant companies. This is awful. I cannot...

Fanzoutlet / nfl jersey

Sep 7, 2018

FanzoutletI ordered a Seattle Seahawks #32 Carson football jersey on Aug 22, 2018. I received the jersey on Sept 4th. The jersey has the Carson misspelled (Caroson). I emailed them at [protected] to ask for a replacement. They tell me that I have to pay for shipping. I told them I would not...

Dupe Gele / dupe gele - uk head tie / gele services

Sep 6, 2018

Dupe GeleI'm not sure if this person is a scam artist, very disorganized, extremely unprofessional or just plain illiterate. Either way they stole my hard earned cash. I booked and paid for them to tie gele for a bridal party towards the end of 2017 and they never showed up. I called so many time...

Shoppee / undelivered

Sep 5, 2018

Undelivered Trcking num . 1. Your ordered item w/ Ref#[protected] will be delivered today. Pls prepare exact amount of P693.00. For queries, call [protected]. Thank you 2. Your ordered item w/ Ref#[protected] will be delivered today. Pls prepare exact amount of P607.00. For querie... / ordered over a month ago & have not received my custom suit!

Sep 4, 2018

Ordered from them a little over a month ago and still have NOT received my suit. Have been exchanging emails with "chuck Johnson" and he has been giving me excuse after excuse in emails. He kept telling me lies that it was printed, then sewed then sent to sorting center and then back to...

Colin Kaepernick Ad / ad campaign

Sep 3, 2018

I am disappointed to see this great company aligning itself with Colin Kaepernick for the new ad campaign. There are thousands of soldiers who have died as heroes to defend this country. You chose an entitled and wealthy athlete who simultaneously denigrates law enforcement and our great...

21three clothing compa / fraudulent use of credit card

Sep 3, 2018

I am writing to inform you that me VISA credit card has been fraudulently used in the past few days to purchase from your company. This order was not generated, authorised or received by myself. The VISA card concerned has now been cancelled. VISA [protected] A R Williamson 30 Aug 2018...

Zara Newbury Street, Boston / service

Sep 3, 2018

I went to visit the Zara store located on Newbury street this past Saturday. I was walking around the store carrying at least 10 items & not one salesperson offered me a bag or to start a fitting room. The staff was rude, could care less about customers. I saw so many people asking for...

Jetmart King Williams Town / proof of purchase

Sep 3, 2018

my dad came to the store on friday 31/08/18 and requested proof of purchase for his 51" tv that he bought in 2016 on his account. His house has ressently been invaded by robbers and took his tv in his home, now SAPS has found the stolen items and now they are requesting proof of purchase...

Big 5 / customer service

Sep 2, 2018

Today I walked into a big 5 in Palm Springs, Ca . The guy at the front (they wouldn't give me his name) asked if I need help. I am a 5'10 fit female massage therapist, I said" yes, I need a rash guard". He says to me "is it for you", I tell him yes and he proceeds to take me past all the...

Sirens / service

Sep 1, 2018

I went to the siren on Saturday in St Michel in the mall "Le Boulevard", and as soon as I walked in, the person who was working there was not welcoming at all. She did not say hello nor did she acknowledge that I was there. I wanted to try some clothes that were on the higher shelf. when I... / sent wrong size

Sep 2, 2018

I have tried to contact them through email to no avail. They sent a size large when I ordered XXXL I would like a refund and a mailing label to send these back. I ordered on Aug. 10, 2018 and paid $29.88 from my Paypal account. The order number is c4353310425189. Email address given from...

Worst travel bag / worst travel bag with no response

Aug 31, 2018

I brought a hush puppies travel bag on Friday 24 th August at 11 pm from Saudi Arabia from Makkah mall branch And I traveled one day after which was Saturday the 25 th when I reached my home which is cairo egypt at the airport taking my bag I found one of bag rollers lost and not found How...

Sportscene Park central, Johannesburg / i'm complaining about the product and the service I got from them

Aug 31, 2018

My son bought a jacket for me 2 months back on account, I don't wear the jacket everyday I only wear it when I'm going out but the jacket is now damaged, it's like there is a problem with the stitching and so I asked him to return the jacket for me and take a right one, he works around...

UnderArmour - Customer Service / customer service - project rock 1 shoes

Aug 31, 2018

I sent this to customer service on 21st aug 2018 and have at no time receive a reply. Just like the other issues, no communication what so ever!!! I want someone to respond to this as it is completely unacceptable that no one has contacted me in any form. Any complaint should be taken...

Millimandxh seller / Ioffer / stole my money never send items

Aug 30, 2018

I did many transactions with a seller on Ioffer the sells under the name Millimandxh . We did a lot of business for sometime. Then he asked me to send western Union . Of course he earned my trust. Big mistake! He stoles a large sum of money from myself & my friends . We like many other...

Shoe Dazzle / redeemable points

Aug 30, 2018

My Name is Cleo Stinson. My address is 53247 Cason Road Independence, La 70443. My phone number is [protected]. I have been a shoe Dazzle customer for more than three years. I have over 9, 225 points. I wanted to use to use those points to purchase some items. I was told by customer...

Berrylook, a division of Qandies Limited, London, England / merchandise not received after 36 days

Aug 30, 2018

Order of 3 ladies dresses not received. Paid on July 24th, and extra for expedited shipping 3- 7 days. After numerous requests for updates, was told one of the three items were out of stock, which was holding up the order. Canceled the order, because the event that the clothes were...

AA Cargo / clothes and technical accessories

Aug 29, 2018

My name is Okundia Precious based in Nigeria, I was sent goods from united states by mr Ayokunle, I got the message on friday that my goods has been delivered to Nigeria. So I called a number on d message for home delivery, I started communicating with them fully on monday, so I was told...

Masso Corp / items sizes are too small

Aug 29, 2018

How do I get a return mailing label ? The shirts are nice. Happy with the quality surprisingly, however the size's are off. I normally wear a 1X - I figured your sizes would run small so I ordere 2X. Wow are they small. I need to return my items and want a full refund back to my credit...

Green Man Leather / did not receive products that were paid for by credit card

Aug 28, 2018

Seller name: Stephen O'Ceallaigh W- E- [protected] Mobile- [protected] Youtube Channel: Leather Order: A homemade leather belt and two leather tool holsters. Total $211.15 Order date: 3/31/2018 Contacted seller on...

Pentecostal / rip-off

Aug 28, 2018

My name is Candice Stevens. In My 2017, I owed Home Choice R16 385.00 When I queried on 27 August 2018 I was told that I owe them R12 000.00. I pay them R1 200 each month. I was furious and told them that this was impossible and rip-off, I pay them every single month so how was thi...

Three Little Birds Tees/ TLB Tees / stolen intellectual property

Aug 27, 2018

Three Little Birds Tees/ TLB TeesThis site allows sellers to steal content and data from Etsy sellers and probably other sites on the internet, I have seen several of my designs and customer photos on this site being used without my permission and underselling my shop. The photo is of my Etsy shop and I have seen photo...

Gzgog1 Store / ladies fur hooded jacket

Aug 27, 2018

My item was supposed to arrive Aug 2nd. I am yet to receive it. I cannot get in contact with the seller and I'm extremely annoyed. This is a ridiculous amount of time to wait. They have closed the transaction but I have not yet received the jacket so they need to contact me with a... / mbt shoes

Aug 26, 2018

mbtoutletonline.storeBought a pair of mbt women's sandals for $94.00 and received a pair of beach shoes instead. We emailed back and forth. They told me that the factory person who made the mistake would get punished. That the owner was very tough. They offered 10% back. A total rip-off. Don't buy from them...

Cute trends Huntsville. Alabama. University drive / cute trends. huntsville alabama university drive

Aug 26, 2018

I place a layaway at city trends in huntsville Alabama. The told me $3.00 and some cents down I payed that I went back to pay on my layaway 2 weeks as needed I ask again what do I need to pay the clerk replied and looked it up she said again 3.00 and 46 cents so this were done went back 2...

Buckaroo / shoe lower pasting uprooted

Aug 25, 2018

I had purchased a shoe from reliance store at Allahabad before 5 months and it sole pasting has started getting uprooted. By this it is very clear that there is some problem in pasting process that's why it has given way. I would request you to look into the matter and do the needful. Their...

Leaving The Building (UK) - / alleged fraud: fake brando jules black | failure to refund | site down afterwards

Aug 25, 2018

Leaving The Building (UK) - I ordered: 1pr Brando Jules Black. Here's a copy-paste from my actual Order Confirmation: 1 x Mens Brando Jules Leather Oxford Dress Shoes in Black (SKU 5899) = AUD$157.1 Size (Euro):42/(US):8.5/(UK):7.5 Order Number: 735 Merchant I ordered from: Leaving the Building (UK) Merchant'...

Grunt Style LLC / Graphic T-shirt

Aug 23, 2018

Grunt Style LLCI ordered a t-shirt from Grunt Style LLC a couple months ago. I wanted a shirt that is " Made in the US " and suppose to promote pride and unity in our country. I emailed a complaint about how long I have to wait but I never got a response until last week saying the item is on backorder. I...

Wish shopping online / my orders I never received

Aug 22, 2018

I sign up for a wish account and I chose to sign in through Facebook it's just easier for me. I had made alot of orders probably I would say about 10 items. One day I was going on to my face book and a screen popped up said I had to log back in for security reasons and verify my identity...