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Jet Clothing Store / Jacket

Apr 23, 2019

On the 17th April 2019 I Irmela de Koker, paid a jacket of R199.00 and left the store without the jacket. That evening I remember about the jacket. The next day on the 18th April 2019 I flew to Namibia, I had to ask my husband, Wim de Koker, to pick up the jacket for me at the store. Now...

Phyllis Melton / a basketball necklace from grandma to grandson. order#gb_e4cab0c939ae3571

Apr 22, 2019

I have had this necklace ordered for two months and received an email that it has been shipped a month ago. I was wanting to give it to my grandson for Easter. I have not received it yet and when I track it it says: In Transit. Order was placed on 3-3-2019, received shipped notice on [protected]...

San Francisco Premium Outlets / employees

Apr 21, 2019

San Francisco Premium OutletsWow, this store is famous for BAD customer service. The woman asked us to leave the store only because my husband left his jacket on a corner of the display table when he was trying on a jacket. This woman said we are not allowed to put things on their table, it's store policy, when my...

7th Avenue / pay by phone

Apr 20, 2019

I tried to pay my bill 4 (four) times through the automated service it is way too wordy she asks you for something then she cuts in and then it says I'm sorry I didn't understand we'll wait until I finish and then you will understand it's way too wordy it just needs to be clean and...

Beyond inn / ordered clothing thru beyondinn... sent 7 emails to query status update no reply

Apr 19, 2019

This company took $200 I have reported to Facebook fraud I have reported to MasterCard fraud No response to 8 emails sent thru customer service in website menu No phone number to call No product received Nothing but a SCAM Fraud rip off scam that steals money and provides no product and no...

Bright Forest Technology / skecherd

Apr 19, 2019

Brought two pairs skechers - 1 ladies and 1 man's money came out straight away from credit card however was surprised because thought it was Australian company not Singapore items have never arrived but a random pouch arrived which must have been from them because when I track the parcel...

Dress Barn, 1901 E State Road 240 / 0822940 [protected] db did navy xl button-up cardigan received by mail order

Apr 17, 2019

The garment as shipped was in stretched out, misshapen condition. It was Not in new condition. The XL looked like it had been worn by someone who needed a 2X. I was able to wash and dry and reshape it, but I now know not to order anything by mail from my local dress barn again. The dre...

Bright Forest Technology / wrong shipment

Apr 17, 2019

I ordered two pairs of hunter boots and I received a scarf of Louis Vuitton instead of my boots. I paid $68.84 CA by credit card (visa) on March 20th, 2019. Payment No.: PS1903210546347590 Tag: 100345 Tracking No.: LL062234487CN Women's Original Chelsea boots, 1 Women's Original short back...

Pop Curvy / bras

Apr 17, 2019

I ordered the special buy of buy two get a third for $11.50. After two months my order came. I opened the package and took out one bra to examine it. It is obviously way too small and cheaply made. I have contacted the company four times asking for a return process and a refund on my...

Dalbo SGJ-YD / buying boots

Apr 16, 2019

Ordered a pair of Scarpa boots from an advert on Facebook. Paid via a debit card. Several weeks later a small parcel arrived with a red bag containing a bracelet. (at the time I thought this was unconnected) I contacted the seller to say the boots hadn't arrived. The seller sent...

Bright Forest Technology / salomon shoes 3 pairs

Apr 16, 2019

ORD ID: 1606767 MERCH ORD ID: YJR1904081809472281 ORD AMT*: 84.21 SGD ORD Time: [protected]:09:50 From: This is the email received, but my order, god knows where is it. In the advert from Facebook, it said 85% reduce, to salomon shoes, and free delivery for at least 2...

Jc penny’s / boot cut khakis and black pants

Apr 15, 2019

The JC Penny's store in Washington, MO has stopped carrying your boot cut khakis and black pants. They are now sateen and skinny pants. They are very short and do not give at all in the knees. I've been wearing these pants as work pants for ten years now and they've been perfect for what I...

Bright Forest Technology / producto diferente al requerido

Apr 15, 2019

El 15/3/2019 realicé una compra ONLINE en la tienda Timberland Oulet gracias a una publicidad aparecida en Facebook. La página en cuestión es y ofrecía precios muy accesibles con 80% de descuento. Decidí finalmente comprar dos pares de botas de senderismo por un...

SGJ_YD / rm williams boots

Apr 14, 2019

I ordered 2 pairs of RM Williams boots, 1 mens long boots for $69.99 and 1 Ladies short boots for $49.99 - totalling $119.98. I was charged $129.36 + $3.88 transaction fee and did NOT receive either pair of boots - instead I was sent a scarf. As RM Williams is a well known & trusted...

Creation Watches (REDSOL PTE LTD) / fossil watch (fs5325)

Apr 12, 2019

Dear sir or madam, It has been almost 10 months that I purchased a fossil watch from Creation Watches, but i have not received it yet. Their mail states that the watch has been shipped, but I have not received anything. I have contacted them more than 15 times via the email, but each time...

Bright Forest Technology Singapore / gucci scarf

Apr 9, 2019

Bright Forest Technology SingaporeToday, 10 April I received a parcel from the above supplier with a Gucci Scarf in it. There were no details. It was sent to my work address. I looked through my credit card statement and saw that it had been debited for $68.77 on the 28th March, 2019. The parcel was sent from DMM... / order salomon trainers

Apr 8, 2019

Salomonsas.onlineI order trainers from which looked a ligitamate site .more money was taken than expected. Trainers cost £15 and£27.98 was taken. I thought this a shipping charge .When they had not arrived I tried to track my order. The money taken went to Bright Forest Te hnology Singapore...

The Children’s Place Outlet / dangerous practice of staples in shopping bags

Apr 7, 2019

The Children’s Place OutletToday 4/7/19 while shopping at The Children's Place outlet in Canutillo, Texas my daughter cut her hand with some sharp staples the shopping bag had. I notified the sales associate my daughter had cut herself with the staples and she didn't say anything. When asking the sale associate what...

Bright Forest / converse boots

Apr 7, 2019

Purchased a pair of Converse boots in March through Instagram and which appeared to be genuine site. Received an email with tracking info in which also explained they might take a couple of weeks to arrive. Checked tracking info periodically to which couldn't get any info. Today have...

Ring Deluxe / customer service

Apr 6, 2019

Ring DeluxeThis is a chinese company. That will actually ship out your product which is great! But when it's lost in shipping they are literally no help! They told me I will not receive a replacement or refund. I skipped trying to email them so I dm'd then on instagram. Let alone the ignored my dm...

JustFashionNow / clothing

Apr 5, 2019

Be warned!!! I have been waiting for a response to my request for a refund for 14 days now (and I he email everyday) I have heard nothing!! I was more than disappointed with the garments that arrived. They were nothing like the photos shown on the website, a gross misrepresentation infact...

Just Fashion Now / poor quality items

Apr 4, 2019

I ordered 3 dresses totalling £95. Despite at least 30 emails requesting their return and refund details from just fashion now, this company has ignored my requests and therefore I am unable to return the items. This company is a disgrace and is conning genuine consumers. This is a large amount...

OM Custom Tailors Bespoke HK Men and Women Hong Kong Tailor / poor quality and awful service

Apr 2, 2019

OM Custom Tailors Bespoke HK Men and Women Hong Kong TailorNever Pay in advance there! I was a Bit uncertain, the salesman Nishant Sadwhani said, no worry so i took a chance and i warned he is very snaky! i ordered a Long and a Short jumpsuit/Overall.. the offered Fabric was very Poor Overall, but lets see.. i Paid. One fitting i Said Him... / no delivery

Apr 2, 2019

Avoid buying at!! It is not the first time, I was buying there. Any always, without any exemption, delivery is late, but this time, it hasn`t arrived at all. I have ordered in febrruary, now it is april.!! It does not matter, how patient you are, they just play with you. No...

Nike Thailand / golf shoes

Mar 30, 2019

Nike ThailandI buy Nike golf shoes model zoom at Blueport in Hua HiN in desember 2018. I pay 5000 thb. Arter using them 3 weeks there was a hole in the polstration, SEE picture. I did go back to the shop. They send the shoes to headoffice in Bangkok. The answer was that they do not have a warranty for Nike...

Clothing / I have booked a kurti and they have sent a old saree

Mar 28, 2019

ClothingI have booked a kurti and they have send a saare. Which is very very very old And they have taken 550 inr(rs) and they are not picking my phone and not refunding and not any taken and message I am sending is not going there Pls see my request and take some action Pls pls pls pls Those...